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Alex Meyers
I make cartoons and sometimes video essays about movies and TV Shows mostly, but sometimes I tell stories about my weird life.
My dog Charlie is the cutest dog in the world, fyi.
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1 million subscribers

7 miesięcy temu
alex meyers compilation

alex meyers compilation

10 miesięcy temu
98 Komentarze
Official CosmicSnail
Official CosmicSnail 5 godzin temu
You better take this back Alex
Elijah Valles
Elijah Valles 5 godzin temu
That's my book fair
Ella Judge
Ella Judge 5 godzin temu
do “Let It Shine” next
Nerdy Watch
Nerdy Watch 5 godzin temu
That is Velma from the real life movies and that is Kimberly from the new power rangers and that is the older sister from good luck Charlie. I don't know how I actually know this but uhh yeaaaaaah.
Ben B.
Ben B. 5 godzin temu
Dont say that abt lemonade mouth 😔🤘🏻
Puffin Purple
Puffin Purple 5 godzin temu
Then she kills a grandma 👵 Stella Rose 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
rocky4ever 5 godzin temu
We call are tall dude tree and stick
faleigh k
faleigh k 6 godzin temu
yaaaaaaaassssssss thank you!!!!!!!
KyleTafoya 6 godzin temu
I lost it at 4:35 😂😂😂
jungle master red
jungle master red 6 godzin temu
The music was pretty good.
gage piller
gage piller 6 godzin temu
Okay but like, the reason why this movie is better or seems better than a lot of disney original movies is because its not. Its based off of a book. Yeah they changed a few things here and there but its core was still the same. So its not a fully original story like they try to do with other movies
Javi Iglesias
Javi Iglesias 6 godzin temu
Can you make one about #realityhigh ?? Pleaseee
Peach_Tree 123
Peach_Tree 123 6 godzin temu
When I saw the title i freaked the frick out!! Until you said Lemonade Mouth was a good movie and yes I do agree!! ^^
Christy L. Riley
Christy L. Riley 6 godzin temu
Convenient plot twist that the main character can also drive a car too.
Steph 6 godzin temu
I really love this movie, even though I hadn't watch it many times. It's just... well, I really like musicals and sensitive stories, and this movie does pretty well both of them. And, of course, there's this John Hughes feeling in it, so it's basically impossible to not like it at least a bit. It's light, heartwarming, and doesn't treat like a dumb, unlike many teen movies.
Christy L. Riley
Christy L. Riley 6 godzin temu
I skipped thru bits of the movie. Oddly enough the tv series I liked better.
Luke Lightheart
Luke Lightheart 6 godzin temu
I'm 13 and taller than her smh
Annaliese Olesen
Annaliese Olesen 6 godzin temu
7:02 um well no we dont have fire hydrants in australia like anywhere ever
Brandon Sims
Brandon Sims 7 godzin temu
@3:52 i`ve been wheezing for 5 minutes straight
Outertale 7 godzin temu
Do “Let It Shine”
Celia Ross
Celia Ross 7 godzin temu
okay but what movie is a masterpiece then
Gglitch 77
Gglitch 77 7 godzin temu
Alex Meyers we need you There’s a high school musical show😱
Gglitch 77
Gglitch 77 7 godzin temu
Alex Meyers we need you There’s a high school musical show😱
Amber Pillar
Amber Pillar 7 godzin temu
Who comes up with these names? Fizzle rocks, Jelly Bean, Jingle Jangle? I can't take anything serious with names like these
The Wondering
The Wondering 7 godzin temu
How I would’ve responded to 3:27 : *Me: And yeah b*tch and at least I don’t look like Dora The Explorer*
Jules 7 godzin temu
Am I the only one who watched both series wondering where tf these mermaids were when the H2O girls were being turned into mermaids?
Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams 7 godzin temu
if you wanted to keep watching that show, just stay with the first 5 Season, it's those they planned from the start and is a natural end point... after that it's clear they don't know where to go and just keep going because show is popular
Lexi Kline
Lexi Kline 7 godzin temu
The second I see/hear “lemonade mouth” and “dumb” in the same sentence... let’s just say there’s a dead body that I had nothing to do with
Jules 7 godzin temu
LOVED this show as a kid it was my FAVORITE thing ever
Just Dont
Just Dont 7 godzin temu
8:52 If you need to take the time off, you should. We're not forcing you to do any of this and all we want is you to be happy. Please, take all the time you need to feel happy and we'll be waiting happily.
kat elena
kat elena 7 godzin temu
K.S.Lawrence 3
K.S.Lawrence 3 7 godzin temu
You should review zapped 😝😝😝
kit 7 godzin temu
im gonna pee myself after relizing the guy who plays hades also playsin american horror story let that sink in...
Sebastian Lopez-Carrillo
do high school musical the musical the series when it comes out tommorow cant wait!!!!!
Lana Morse
Lana Morse 7 godzin temu
You should do One Day at a Time. Also on the Netflix.
Erin 7 godzin temu
the first like 5 episodes are awful - i'd honestly forgotten how bad they were.
Paula Gonzales
Paula Gonzales 7 godzin temu
0:35 because its freaking good
Ben Sheppard
Ben Sheppard 7 godzin temu
You know you love this film. Don't lie.
Victoria Rizo Cubillos
stig had the same sweater as jodie wtf
Jules 7 godzin temu
Never watched this movie or had an interest in it but I do really like the question authority shirt and kinda want one
Madison Green
Madison Green 7 godzin temu
Mmmkay WHY didn't Elle just wear tights or stockings or something? LIKE TF?!??!
Jking Westbrook
Jking Westbrook 8 godzin temu
Why does the main girl look like lena Rhodes
Lord Robloxia
Lord Robloxia 8 godzin temu
😂 i watched it and I enjoyed it! Idk why but I binged the 2 seasons.
Daniel Gandy
Daniel Gandy 8 godzin temu
I live in Indianola Iowa
Shiro 8 godzin temu
Friendly advice to anyone who is going to see it . If you are thinking objectively, critical,you can recognise good shows-good actors and like to see the characters haveing a development well... Clarke is gonna ruin every single moment of this show and a dead pigeon could act better than Eliza.. The plot is amazing and tho it looks like a teen drama it gets more bloody ,more violence ,more sick in some points because of what some people do,but as I said,Clark is gonna ruin everything. You also have to accept that for 6 seasons they'll try to convince you really hard and by using every way they have that she is a 'leader' ,and you know why? Because she can't convince you by herself. So they have to force you to believe it by using everything they have.
H͛o͛l͛o͛ - S͛t͛a͛r͛
Who honestly read the whole book series?.. Just me?... Ok..
Margot Wyman
Margot Wyman 8 godzin temu
do victorious
HolloMoo 8 godzin temu
It’s confirmed. Ben is a furry
Thunder Thug
Thunder Thug 8 godzin temu
2:57 are you saying Edward has a foot fetish? um I dont remember him liking feet
Devin Godwin
Devin Godwin 8 godzin temu
Rory solo film in progress
J Sharp
J Sharp 8 godzin temu
Just your average teen rebellion that Tisha Campbell??
Amy Nicole
Amy Nicole 8 godzin temu
Thank you! It’s one of my fav disney movies lol
Princess Manasse
Princess Manasse 8 godzin temu
Big red flag moment was funny asf 💀💀
Michael  Favre
Michael Favre 8 godzin temu
I remember hearing about legacies as a rumor and then it got confirmed and I love the show.
Nugget Chicken subway
Nugget Chicken subway 8 godzin temu
I thought this movie name was fake bruh
Abbie Røse
Abbie Røse 8 godzin temu
i stopped watching the actual show because i couldn"t handle it anymore (aside from the first ep of s4, which i agree with you was very well done) but i love your videos so i decided to keep up with what was happening in the show by watching this series. love your sense of humor <3
Meowraculous UwU
Meowraculous UwU 8 godzin temu
*I literally thought that Stig was a girl when I first saw this*
Kayln Downey
Kayln Downey 8 godzin temu
Does no one realize that Mal is getting married at 18
Dracona 9 godzin temu
I love glee and yes I like Rachel. She is so sweet.
Russell Halfar
Russell Halfar 9 godzin temu
I'm not saying any of the shows you talk about aren't weird but people are going to do what they want regardless of what anyone says and it is ignorant to make vid after vid about the same stuff
Russell Halfar
Russell Halfar 9 godzin temu
You need to stop it is annoying that you target shows for being weird. That is life their are other weird things to talk about like that whole thing where this girl sold her bathwater and ppl actually bought it .
Osman Bilal Lee
Osman Bilal Lee 9 godzin temu
Am I the only one who saw the thumbnail and thought it was Henry Cavill?
BloodMinecraft 9 godzin temu
*24 frames of nick wants to know your location*
Elisa Kistemann
Elisa Kistemann 9 godzin temu
What is wrong with you? Why don't you do a video about how nice a movie is or something? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Sienna 9 godzin temu
Review Dexter!!
Bonzey 99
Bonzey 99 9 godzin temu
It was the only one in cinema here in Ireland
lauren hartwich
lauren hartwich 9 godzin temu
Wasn't the band arrested in the movie
AzureAnie 9 godzin temu
Wow I feel so old, that detention music teacher lady looks familiar, like from Martin? And I had no idea the dad was dating some GIRL IN COMMUNITY COLLEGE THAT'S BASICALLY ME DATING MY DAD
lauren hartwich
lauren hartwich 9 godzin temu
Please react to teen beach and teen beach Disney musical ever
purple paradise
purple paradise 9 godzin temu
The difference between the vampire diaries scene and Veronica Mars scene is that the teacher from TVD was an a$$whole that’s why they cheered for Stefan
Violet Chandler
Violet Chandler 9 godzin temu
Hey you should watch good omens
Garou 9 godzin temu
The Beast, is the one who knocks.
sophia lippert
sophia lippert 10 godzin temu
im telling you these things make my day! thanks you so much alex
Mr & Mrs Forrester
Mr & Mrs Forrester 10 godzin temu
*When Archie's Abs have better plots then Riverdale*
The Schultz's
The Schultz's 10 godzin temu
Platinum 10 godzin temu
Wheres the part where they morph into Power Rangers????
McKenna Henderson
McKenna Henderson 10 godzin temu
Do the Disney Movie Starstruck
David Anguiano
David Anguiano 10 godzin temu
For December you should do Santa Hunters
Crystal Holliday
Crystal Holliday 10 godzin temu
Descendants killed Ever After High, biggest tragedy that Disney created
m Drb
m Drb 10 godzin temu
why..just why..? dead!😂😂
Crystal Holliday
Crystal Holliday 10 godzin temu
Amazing job, this show is insanely ridiculous, I can’t believe this was aired on TV
Melevainuku Lolohea
Melevainuku Lolohea 10 godzin temu
Do day break
itsyunji 10 godzin temu
Ecklectic 10 godzin temu
that child molester shit is straight netflix promoting pedo shit. shame yo fr
Madness 10 godzin temu
4:42 i couldnt stop lought lmao
kayla killiebrew
kayla killiebrew 10 godzin temu
But there was no season 2
Hannah Grant
Hannah Grant 10 godzin temu
React to liar liar vampire or I’ll sue you :)
Seb Bagley
Seb Bagley 10 godzin temu
Nobody: Linda: I do yoga
Arielle Julia
Arielle Julia 10 godzin temu
Nobody: Alex: pro tip, kids
Mama UwU
Mama UwU 10 godzin temu
I have a movie that really bad and I’m hoping you can make a review on it. It’s called Sleepover and you can find on 4Strefa movies for free
Rethinking MyLifeChoices
Omg Fin bro bro All of these people at the beginning my opinions are so different than now
brawny girl
brawny girl 10 godzin temu
Did i just heard Bulgaria ? OMG sombady knows we exists , this is a miracle . Greetings from Bulgaria !
Tabitha Domino
Tabitha Domino 11 godzin temu
You missed the best quote the movie had to offer “You think your life is hard? I’m a high school junior wearing size 13 nikes. Men’s size 13 nikes. Beat that!” So glad the internet decided to collectively bully that line
GuardianOfMoon 11 godzin temu
Would love you to cover the Disney Channel movie: The Color of Friendship
Livingwithlay Queen
Livingwithlay Queen 11 godzin temu
Everyone: Oh the TEA LADY Me: 3:51 TF WHAT WAS THAT SMILE
Kimberli Morton
Kimberli Morton 11 godzin temu
do Disneys The Swap Its stupid and i know you will make it even... better
Jessielouboo 11 godzin temu
Omhgggggggg thankkk youuuuuuu