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100 Komentarze
Blits Riderfield
Blits Riderfield Minute ago
the guys face when she said 13.4 percent lol
Sara Michelle Stirrock
Also, where do you guys get the cherry taste? tastes more like prune juice with other flavors!
The Man
The Man Minute ago
They should get a bigger room and put all of them in it
fatalrob0t Minute ago
Corn glucose is what most American sodas are made with. Sugar sodas were the wsy they were originally formulated until corn sugar was used due yo it being a bit cheaper to make the sodas if I recall correctly. Sugar tastes ten times better than the normal corn sugar.
Sara Michelle Stirrock
Being a diabetic, the diet Dr Pepper is the closest tasting to the original flavor, diet Mountain Dew is a close second! why diet Coke and diet Pepsi and any other diet soda tastes like chemical hogwash! not even close to what the original tastes like!
Deborah alford-thompson
I find it funny I watch these and all keeps going through my mind is they sound American most of the time.
fatalrob0t 5 minut temu
What are you trying thst tastes like cherries? I've been drinking dr. Pepper for much of my life and I've never tasted cherries.
Burger Kong
Burger Kong 10 minut temu
Watching the girls was sorta hot
J Fez
J Fez 17 minut temu
I love it! "Now made with sugar." It reminds me of the McDonalds ad when they started saying, "Our new quarter pounder. No made with 100% real beef." I remember screaming WTF was it made with before?
daliOtter 19 minut temu
Are all of the best people they had on this thread gone now? If so, disappointing.
AugDawg 27 minut temu
Yall need to do some GA beer. Get some Sweetwater for them
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams 32 minut temu
Salt and Vinegar are the fucking best!!!
Peter Kinkead
Peter Kinkead 38 minut temu
Jack and Msn Dew...
Em Liz
Em Liz 40 minut temu
Top five channels on 4Strefa
Shannon E Lacey
Shannon E Lacey 42 minut temu
The Try Channel should watch old Dr. Pepper Commercials
Rich Lewis
Rich Lewis 45 minut temu
I love the Irish!!!
Mike B.
Mike B. 51 minute temu
You need a sweepstakes for a day to hand out with the gang from the Try channel!
benkraken 53 minut temu
I love that they all get displayed with name tags that are accurate until you get to irish jesus
La Bella
La Bella 53 minut temu
Dr Pepper is an ALMOND cola. How do I know this? We mixed amaretto liquor with Pepsi and it tasted like alcoholic Dr Pepper.
heavymetal111x6 55 minut temu
This mixed with kraken rum is amazing
benkraken 57 minut temu
Shannon and John are my favourites on this channel.
Svans Brossley
Svans Brossley Godzina temu
these are some puss ass irshmen
Micah Sanders
Micah Sanders Godzina temu
Kyle Howard
Kyle Howard Godzina temu
Niall! You're looking quite fit, fella!
Micah Sanders
Micah Sanders Godzina temu
the guy in the hat next to the leather jacket guy woke up when he said knob creek lol. OH THERES A KNOB CREEK?! LOL
Erimeraz Godzina temu
someone tell this poor soul what rose is
Mike Jergens
Mike Jergens Godzina temu
krissayre13 Godzina temu
I cant believe they didnt send you Vanilla Dr.Pepper!!!😪
Madame Salamander
Madame Salamander Godzina temu
Get shitfaced and barf up an all-purpose marinade. #lifehack #kitchenhack #dinnerpartyofthedamned
Delaila Falcon
Delaila Falcon Godzina temu
Try Dr.Pepper cocktails and mixed drinks next. it goes with most liquors.
john moquist
john moquist Godzina temu
Dr Pepper is a prune cola
FreeBandzMilt Godzina temu
I had my first four loko last night. I was drunk but I wasn’t completely wasted. Idk if I can just handle my liquor but it just gave me the regular feeling of being drunk🤷🏽‍♂️
ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ
Should have them Try hangover cures like the Prairie Oyster. Get them drunk the night before to see if they actually work.
Pizzachu22 Godzina temu
Flannel guy just up and lost is accent
ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ
I'm drinking Dr. Pepper right now, the Canadian version from Canada Dry Mott's company in Mississauga, Ontario. Pretty sure it tastes exactly the same as the American one.
Adam Dean
Adam Dean Godzina temu
The diet Dr Pepper is one of the best diet sodas out there.
Adam Dean
Adam Dean Godzina temu
It is prunes, actually. Not cherry.
Rachel Larrabee
Rachel Larrabee Godzina temu
When Irish people can say Wisconsin better than Americans outside of Wisco...
Ross E.
Ross E. Godzina temu
Lol I was expecting they'd throw lucky charms out there! One if my all time favs. Captain crunch, and Reese's are my favs too. 🙂
Snake Man
Snake Man Godzina temu
You are eating oats from a instant cereal box. Not even my dog would eat that junk.
jbass66 Godzina temu
Dr. Pepper with pure cane sugar ice cold from a glass bottle is the elixir of the gods.
AlunaRosa Admora Melullaby
3:40 he just quoted one of the Irish commercials in the world.
Joseph Link
Joseph Link Godzina temu
Ciara is the baddest chick on here!! All the dudes cringing after every shot and shes straight faced hardcore!!! Puts them all down like water
suzie seabee
suzie seabee Godzina temu
Im surprised none of them exploded. It gets my husband every time. It's a very fizzy pop (soda).
Devon Subia
Devon Subia Godzina temu
Warm Dr Pepper & lemon juice when you have a cold.
Handy Kapped
Handy Kapped 2 godzin temu
Ya'll are fucking nuts, they all taste different!
Lisa White
Lisa White 2 godzin temu
Diet Dr. Pepper for me, always. I agree with Michael Coleman too. There's always been a prune juice taste, not a cherry taste. Love it with peanuts in the bottle.
kennyg64 2 godzin temu
I really like Squirt and grape flavored Mtn Dew.
jivesublime 2 godzin temu
American been jerky is on the run food , like camping. It used to be bar food here before it got 6 dollars a dinky bag. This Australian beef jerky is bar, food like pickled eggs, salted peanuts and pretzels. They are like that to make you want a big Foster's Lager beer to go with it.
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 2 godzin temu
So Jesus is, coming back, in Ireland, as a man - wolf? It's a start lol
Rebekah Murphy
Rebekah Murphy 2 godzin temu
OMG I'm freaking dying 😂😂😂😂😂
Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist
Should have another group who did not comment or watch react to this video
Prodethius Williams
Prodethius Williams 2 godzin temu
Doctor peppers flavor is "spicy cherry" xD so they aren't wrong
Jonathan Lewis
Jonathan Lewis 2 godzin temu
For the riddle of what can be found In the middle of March and April. But not in the beginning or end of any month. The correct answer is not R. Unless of course they are not counting DECEMBER as a month
S0uthp4w68 2 godzin temu
Water is probably the worst thing to drink for spicy foods.
Ryan 2 godzin temu
obligatory "I'm In love with Ciara" comment.
Chet 2 godzin temu
Put on more lipstick, MC.
me !
me ! 2 godzin temu
irish jesus is high AF
Steve Campbell
Steve Campbell 2 godzin temu
Bronson Pinchot needed to come on and tell Dermot to do up his shirt.
Corinne George
Corinne George 2 godzin temu
I need a book of the guy in the leather. Jacket’s sayings.
Steve Campbell
Steve Campbell 2 godzin temu
I love how everyone has become so inured to Lolsy belching that there is no reaction.
me !
me ! 2 godzin temu
cory6266 2 godzin temu
No cherry vanilla? For shame.
I V 2 godzin temu
poor mans coke lol
JMP Joshua Palermo 0122121988
What's with fur coat woman looks like a ghost
Chet 2 godzin temu
You like our Bawls
me !
me ! 2 godzin temu
@paddy paddy gets redder and redder as the alcohol takes effect. more red then the red drink they have. hes like an irish stop light, they should tie him a top light houses during storms to guide ships in he is so bright . is that an irish thing? turning blazing red like a gasoline plastic factory fire? good person to take on a hike on mt everest. love this channel as an american i rarely get to see irish in their natural habitat- try channel is like national geographic or animal planet but with Irish... how bout that shark week? fuck that did you see "we gave irish people unlimited bar tabs and hand guns week"?
Corinne George
Corinne George 3 godzin temu
That first one is like a normal American teenager’s night
Dave C.
Dave C. 3 godzin temu
Diet Dr. Pepper is by far the most superior diet soda analog.
LIFE SUCKS 3 godzin temu
Please make 'that's lovely, isn't it?' Merch! Leather jacket guy seem to say that to everything
CorpseOfficialVEVO 3 godzin temu
Real Pennsylvania chips are called “goods”
DownSouth Don
DownSouth Don 3 godzin temu
I've never seen pr heard of these in my life wtf
Re Ho
Re Ho 3 godzin temu
Really enjoy watching ya'll.
Abigail Ulrey
Abigail Ulrey 3 godzin temu
.....I drinked this alone when I was 16 and it had no effect on me.
Tim Carder
Tim Carder 3 godzin temu
ave never seen the berry one, or the sugar one, here in Canada...but i have seen Black Cherry, as well as Vanilla (don't like vanilla in my sodas...or booze)
DownSouth Don
DownSouth Don 3 godzin temu
They pussy or have no tastes buds if they cant handle that
John Whitaker
John Whitaker 3 godzin temu
How in the world do you give them all these “flavors” that even Americans don’t eat but you don’t give them WHITE CHEDDAR??????
Kristy Hughes
Kristy Hughes 3 godzin temu
I approve of the Purple Rain tshirt!
kingsmen 2018
kingsmen 2018 3 godzin temu
For Irish people that loves alcohol its pretty sad you couldn't hold down clamato juice lo!.
kywy1984 3 godzin temu
Chew wintergreen ones in the dark and see sparks in your mouth.
americanfairy 3 godzin temu
As soon as I saw the Clear Spring bottle I said, "Oh, f**k me!" Then, one of the guys in the video said the same. 😂😂 By the way, green sweater girl and black leather jacket guy scare me. I can't even fathom how they are unfazed by all of this alcohol.
Snake Man
Snake Man 3 godzin temu
She spilled the drink on the table.. That's alcohol abuse.
Pale Girl
Pale Girl 3 godzin temu
They ruined UK Dr Pepper :(
Stephen Lowe
Stephen Lowe 3 godzin temu
Cotton is the most used natural fiber in the world. In growing it depleates the nitrogen in the soil. Peanuts fix nitrogen in the soil better than most other plants. As a result the U S grows a lot of peanuts making them cheep. Cheep produce is profitable if a way is found to sell it. Threrefore many produces with peanuts or peanut byproducts.
Snake Man
Snake Man 4 godzin temu
I'm a bit jealous, you guys drink way much and I'm not invited.
Maureen Roy
Maureen Roy 4 godzin temu
Can you try different poutines from Canada - regular, smoked meat... I'd watch that. Best to do it on a cold day.
hardwire 4 godzin temu
oh i know what yall should try next flaming dr.peppers its got fire its got booze what could go wrong?
wretched100 4 godzin temu
Try RC cola, and Cheerwine.
hardwire 4 godzin temu
see now what you make me want to do is send yall some dublin dr.pepper its made with pure cane sugar its the oldest bottling plant in the world i live here and its in a town named DUBLIN and yes we go all out for st patrick's day. fucking green shamrocks all over the damn place.
The wells fam Wells
The wells fam Wells 4 godzin temu
alex mercer
alex mercer 4 godzin temu
"Ghost pepper shannon!" "Whats ghost pepper?" "You're aboit to find out!" That had me in stitches 🤣
Angry Ocelot
Angry Ocelot 4 godzin temu
Dónal 😍
Hairy Mo
Hairy Mo 4 godzin temu
Dr Pepper is not flavored with cherry!! It's flavored with prune juice! Everyone knows that!
o0musique0o 4 godzin temu
Wearing the Prince tee is just a reminder 😉
Thrizzeat 4 godzin temu
I've been saying it forever: regular Dr Pepper tastes like a cherry cola!
XpodX 4 godzin temu
Eat each other out.... the fuckkkkkkk
flon57 4 godzin temu
It's just cherry coke........which I hate, give me Diet Coke anyday.
Thrizzeat 4 godzin temu
I swear I'd love to go on a pub crawl with Lolsy, Brian, Ciara, Irish Jesus, Mary-Claire, Donal & Leather Jacket Guy. But especially Lolsy, she seems like she'll be the low key funniest person
Kron in time
Kron in time 4 godzin temu
Original Dr. PEPPER is prun flavor which has a cherry hint to it and had a peppery bite from how it is carbonated. Not new 32 DR. flavor whic is cherry and has more of a smooth flavor profile, this swich was to compete Mr Pib and sweeter cola products. They brought back, the original as Dr. Pepper TREX for a short time. Which sold out as fast as they could stock it.
Tom Boyte
Tom Boyte 4 godzin temu
Had my first Dr. Pepper about 1950. Back when they were sold in glass bottles, my grandma who was born in 1900 said " Dr. Pepper was the only doctor in town with a glass neck"...guess it was funny about 1920. Still like Dr. Pepper though.