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New Paint - SNL

New Paint - SNL

10 dni temu
Sauce - SNL

Sauce - SNL

Month ago
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George Johnson
George Johnson 5 godzin temu
Alex McGillvrey
Alex McGillvrey 5 godzin temu
I still love the part where the Merryville Brothers killed the ride operator.
UGA Dawg
UGA Dawg 5 godzin temu
The girls who play Cecily, Vanessa, Nasim, and Noel are gorgeous! Even Kate McKinnon looks great in this video!
TheMysterious Number9
TheMysterious Number9 5 godzin temu
The suspects should have been very handsome Hollywood movie actors not Jason Statham Ian Someehalder or Robert Pattinson. But ones like Leanardo DiCaprio should've played the victim dressed as the Red Batman , Kevin Spacey Bruce Willis Andy Serkis Willem Dafoe Luke Evans and Jude Law. So jokingly victim and prosicutor would not want them arrested because to handsome 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Haley Burrill
Haley Burrill 5 godzin temu
What a warm hug from Coldplay <3 they know what humanity is needing and this song is that hopefully message for sure
Uncle Anon
Uncle Anon 5 godzin temu
I got tired of getting tired about black race baiting 20 years ago. Maybe you Should go back to africa after all, you seem lost.
Ali Paloba
Ali Paloba 5 godzin temu
I love how Pohler has acted with BOTH Obama's.
aussiejubes 5 godzin temu
I forgot that when I was in my twenties I used the men's bathrooms at clubs all the time (super quickly) because the women's line was always too long. Basically no men complained. Occasionally a guy would come into the women's loo if he was busting & his line was too long & if he went straight to a stall nobody said anything then either, we usually said something in Solidarity, nobody was hanging around for a perv. Times have really changed. I miss the 90s when logic ruled a lot more. Everyone complains about everything, & votes down antidiscrimination laws now.
Onyx Helena Ember-Graves
I used to sell so many fucking boxes through my mom's work until some other bitch was selling them for like her sister and someone else for their daughter and they BANNED SELLING THE COOKIES AT HER WORK (so my mom would sell them for me on her lunch break out in the parking lot like all good buisness models.)
Akecheta Lahpay
Akecheta Lahpay 5 godzin temu
"Upper deck that bitches toilet" *🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣*
Jennifer Rosio
Jennifer Rosio 5 godzin temu
I'm definitely one of the people who bumps Enya
David Johnson
David Johnson 5 godzin temu
I live in Maine. As usual, just another example of the ignorant Hollywood wannabe left wingers making assumptions about the people they have never met...assuming of course that, unlike them, they must all be ignorant racists. Naturally, they will get no negative feedback, as those of us who actually work for a living don't go online and cry about SNL and other left wing dipshits.You people will get your payback later, when you burn in Hell.
Broly the sarcastic savage
People in the past preferred small penises.. Women in the present : no wonder it was called the dark ages.
UFO IODO 5 godzin temu
Why are they wet?
KT Lindelani
KT Lindelani 5 godzin temu
Still kills me lol
Angus Luke
Angus Luke 5 godzin temu
Did Julio Torres write this?
TheMysterious Number9
TheMysterious Number9 5 godzin temu
They should've had the one victim be in a red colored Batman suit and the one guy should've sounded like chef from South park before he went Darth Vaderish
Noble 5 godzin temu
D3L74 F1V3
D3L74 F1V3 5 godzin temu
Kenan is such a great game show host!
Stefanos Nickoloff
Stefanos Nickoloff 5 godzin temu
So how many dudes checked their penises after this?
Charming Mommy
Charming Mommy 5 godzin temu
Fred seems able to play anyone
David Carter
David Carter 5 godzin temu
Holy shit! I thought that was really Whoopi at first.
K L 5 godzin temu
The ancestors part is one of the biggest laughs I've ever had to something on SNL.
Captain John Price
Captain John Price 5 godzin temu
My name is Scott and I’m really bad at geometry sooo.....
wat 5 godzin temu
TRUST ME I personally know a privileged white girl named GRETCHEN and her name was only the beginning of her issues 😂 go ahead, try yelling it, "GOTDAMMIT GRETCHEN!!!!" its easy to blame her for everything
E. C.
E. C. 5 godzin temu
That is funny! I'll bet that's how Zuckerberg really laughs. More of that please.
Chuck Nelson
Chuck Nelson 5 godzin temu
I’m beyond words at how funny this is
Victor Araújo
Victor Araújo 5 godzin temu
One of the things I love the most about Coldplay is that they have songs for all types of moments. If you’re sad you can listen to Fix You, The Scientist, Everglow but if you’re at the party or you just want to listen to something really exciting, you can listen to A Sky Full Of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend or even Something Just Like This.
Poonam Regmi
Poonam Regmi 5 godzin temu
1:10 that's scarlett johansson lmao
John Shadoe
John Shadoe 5 godzin temu
Mathilda grew up well...
Trish Gray
Trish Gray 5 godzin temu
Best song ever...they should release it I know I would buy to get Barrack back....made my day... Barrack if you are listening to this song come back!!!
DOA VENOM burrah
DOA VENOM burrah 5 godzin temu
both helry nd trump suck my dick
elvalle89 5 godzin temu
I see Bill Hader I click
Ser Garlan Tyrell
Ser Garlan Tyrell 5 godzin temu
They've got to do one of these where they try to break Cecily, but so far she's too darn Strong.
Krohmel 5 godzin temu
I wish women faced the same consequences when abusing men. They don't. That is also the world we live in.
shadrach 5 godzin temu
Flaccid Outreach Group Doctors without Boners! Love ii
carme153 5 godzin temu
SNL still perpetuating stereotypes of black people I see...
Antony S. Trujillo
Antony S. Trujillo 5 godzin temu
"My baby tunnel and my gravy tunnel!" 😆😆😆
Bella Blue
Bella Blue 5 godzin temu
This is so true, when you live in LA all you ever talk about is traffic and people think they're supreme freeway navigation experts. You make plans entirely depending on traffic conditions and parking. Driving is like half your life and the ONLY thing that unites us all. Traffic and food trucks.
Margarita Peggy Schuyler
“Your changing bodies are pumping out so much sweat, and now you’re tryna cover it up with Axe Body Spray! ......It’s not working! You stinking pockets!” “AND IT STILL SMELLS IN HERE YOU CLAMMY LITTLE BOOGERS!” This girl- 😂
Marilyn Merino
Marilyn Merino 5 godzin temu
1:25 We stan the cutest couple
Anna B
Anna B 5 godzin temu
What the he!! is up with Seth's hair???????
mario Trance
mario Trance 5 godzin temu
mario Trance
mario Trance 5 godzin temu
molly shannon is hilarious
{Gacha Honey}
{Gacha Honey} 5 godzin temu
my mom is best friends with tina and my mom cuts tinas hair in my home lmao
Bot 5 godzin temu
Retards don’t know how to delete text messages
ShadAndShomer Smith
ShadAndShomer Smith 5 godzin temu
MsElisMom 5 godzin temu
When did Sprite become the black soda ?🥤 🤔 💭 😂
John Otto
John Otto 5 godzin temu
Is this 2016 or 2020 ?
David Johnson
David Johnson 5 godzin temu
Hey, thanks so much you hypocritical far left wingers, for sharing your values with us normal Americans. Classic example of Hollywood portraying what is 'normal' to them.
6655321 5 godzin temu
Aah another pizzagate sketch I see
Tᴏʙɪᴀs Rɪᴇᴘᴇʀ
So uh... what where they talking about? I wasn't listening...
;flor 5 godzin temu
This is so good omg 😂😂😂😂😂
Kelly ann kanye
Kelly ann kanye 5 godzin temu
The trump administration has certainly given SNL plenty of comical, but true material.
Aimee Shaw
Aimee Shaw 5 godzin temu
When Amy tore off a piece of the podium I laughed so suddenly and hard it put me into a coughing fit for like minute.
Ruby S
Ruby S 5 godzin temu
cecily strong is a powerhouse. i say trajesty to this day
David Johnson
David Johnson 5 godzin temu
More of the usual hypocrisy of the left. As usual, the far left wing tools on SNL consider it fair game to portray anyone with a southern accent as totally ignorant, and a hillbilly. This is a classic example of left wing hypocrisy. Now, should conservatives portray the ignorant, low hanging fruit that lives in NY as the low IQ leftist morons that they the cries of 'racist' or 'hate' come flying in from these ignorant bitches. Go fuck yourselves, you leftist lying bitches.
Emily 5 godzin temu
why does she remind me of hilary clinton
Audree Gousse
Audree Gousse 5 godzin temu
This was me from kindergarten-3rd grade until I realized that the teachers don’t do anything when u tattle but tell u not to tattle
Quintusblake 5 godzin temu
At a certain point he’s partly to blame for still talking to them, right?
Seb Ko
Seb Ko 5 godzin temu
ok boomer
Pencil Boot
Pencil Boot 5 godzin temu
Why the fuck did I ever like this. It’s not funny at all
yuri tarded
yuri tarded 5 godzin temu
pete’s forehead my god
Carlos Venegas
Carlos Venegas 5 godzin temu
Ben Rifkin
Ben Rifkin 5 godzin temu
25 years later...this is real life.
nm mc
nm mc 5 godzin temu
i will never ever think of aliens in a serious way ever ever EVER again
Adam Giesken
Adam Giesken 5 godzin temu
Back when snl wasn’t just “tRuMp bAd” and it was actual good comedy
Sun :3
Sun :3 5 godzin temu
the last video was blocked in my country ;-;
Klara Stern
Klara Stern 5 godzin temu
it's f*ed up how close this was to the actual hearing... :(
Kageryu 5 godzin temu
"Life,Liberty in the pursuit of Brown Sugar"
Ayurilda Amalia1
Ayurilda Amalia1 5 godzin temu
I love Zachary Gordon-Levitt 😍
charlinda 5 godzin temu
"I feel Like timothee chalamet" I LEGIT DIED
Mind YourOwn
Mind YourOwn 5 godzin temu
bleep bloop
bleep bloop 5 godzin temu
How wasteful. .paper, makers. ..
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen 5 godzin temu
taylor just WRAPS her in her LIMBS omg leggy queen
Andrei Andreev
Andrei Andreev 5 godzin temu
This is definitely a nice enough song by itself :)
StarDino 5 godzin temu
Why am I just seeing this now.
Celeste 4 Humanity
Celeste 4 Humanity 5 godzin temu
Super Jew-y 🤣🤣🤣
Vince Russo
Vince Russo 5 godzin temu
My parents got this same guy as a motivational speaker funny thing is he overdosed on a speedball in his apartment so he didn’t really live in a van down by the river like the fat bastard said.
IslamIsRightO nasWomen
Women need to stick to house chores
Isabella W
Isabella W 5 godzin temu
‘It’s hard to be in love with you’.
Miles Camden
Miles Camden 5 godzin temu
ok boomer
Matthew Kreider
Matthew Kreider 5 godzin temu
Genetics lab or McCormick Place convention center in Chicago?
Scarlet_Widow 5 godzin temu
2.7 GPA here... but I’m maintaining 3.0 in college, and that seems to be going up this semester. I feel like it just depends on the courses. Math and science is horrible for me, but all the English courses I’m taking and my theater electives are great. I know this sketch is a joke, but not all low GPA’s are bad students! They just need something they like
thatdude tigah
thatdude tigah 5 godzin temu
Oh but wait hes black so its fine
lawrence taylor
lawrence taylor 5 godzin temu
2 guys i have a man crush on and would love to be bros with 1.) Joe Rogan 2.) Shia.
thatdude tigah
thatdude tigah 5 godzin temu
People would flip over this now
Vergina Simpson
Vergina Simpson 5 godzin temu
Lmao we need more Kate as Devos
Charlotte Larson
Charlotte Larson 5 godzin temu
Possibly the best snl skit ever.
Grant Trent
Grant Trent 5 godzin temu
In 2019 that pairs guy would be arrested for sexual assault and sued in civil court. Not saying he shouldn't be - but alots changed in 5yrs. For the better.
Ernubac 5 godzin temu
He would also have been sued in 2014, things weren't QUITE that different 5 years ago
David Carter
David Carter 5 godzin temu
Kate needs to stop fake kissing in skits, she is very bad at it lol.
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith 5 godzin temu
"It's just...the ball's not mine."
Klara Stern
Klara Stern 5 godzin temu
Kavanaugh needs to lose his position!
Denni Miles
Denni Miles 5 godzin temu
Laughing out loud in 2019
Melissa McCarthy is not funny.
Equalizer 6 godzin temu
Sadly this shit exists also in non-western countries. In my school, they have a club.
AnnaSun27 6 godzin temu
Ice G
Ice G 6 godzin temu
Colin can't write racist jokes for Che because whites don't get offended by racism
Keith Callen
Keith Callen 6 godzin temu
Wow, SNL is so rarely funny. But this one made me chuckle a little bit.
domushen 6 godzin temu
My high school's mascot was a laser cat lol