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Space Heater Nonsense

Space Heater Nonsense

8 miesięcy temu
The Time-Lapse VCR

The Time-Lapse VCR

8 miesięcy temu
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immrnoidall 5 minut temu
i bought a charger / inverter. they have large charger built in and some have a power saver option which monitors for use over .5 amp to reduce the drain. it is the monster UPS system.
Cheryl Anne
Cheryl Anne 16 minut temu
Thank you for explaining the technical stuff - I knew I was confronting a bunch of baloney when I was comparing space heaters. I finally went with a combo if an oil filled and a medium ceramic tower to heat my unconventionally insulated 16' x 16' treehouse I live in. It got down to 6 degrees last winter and 2 space heaters kept it warm - the several I brought home and compared all provided the same level of warming to my senses regardless of grandiose claims on the box. The choices are between noise, profit, and safety, not heat output. Heat output IS all the same.
Emery Premeaux
Emery Premeaux 38 minut temu
as always I love your videos. I think you are minimizing the effect the adult video and budget movie studio (art house, B-horror, etc) industry had on the early home player market. With non-tape formats, there is always a significant investment in "printing" a disk. The disk production facilities are in the hands of large corporations and the costs per title are high (so they expect high production numbers). Small companies cant afford the licensing and production costs for a few thousand disks. Not to mention the convenience of being able to film and then edit directly on tape. Sure it takes a lot of time to duplicate a movie, but a duplication studio can be built in your living room. 1 master machine, 20 record machines. Perfect for local distribution or niche content. That sort of convenience pretty much guaranteed that a tape based product was going to win the market. Tape INVENTED "direct to home video" production studios and gave lots of budding directors a chance they never would have had otherwise, and a voice to underground / alternative creators. (Of course options like 8mm existed, but still, not nearly as "easy" to work with and distribute cheaply as tape) None of this is possible with laser disk , etc where the content had to be baked in during production (and for a LONG time, not possible with DVD either).
Guillermo Glasgow
Guillermo Glasgow Godzina temu
Surprisingly informative video, and I'm not even looking to buy a space heater. Love that 80's sounding outro music.
Maxim Arduino-Radio
Maxim Arduino-Radio Godzina temu
У нас на лифт недавно повесили голосовое оповещение. А до этого о приходе лифта символизировал громкий щелчок контактора на чердаке
Guitargreat 2 godzin temu
Lol “I don’t wanna say it but I’m going too” here it comes, you ready? Ok, I’m really gonna say it!!!!! Gosh darnit!! There I said it, I’m so bad
Waimate TV
Waimate TV 2 godzin temu
1:20 foreshadowing of the flux capacitor :O
David Beaulieu
David Beaulieu 2 godzin temu
I xould have made a fortune with this thing back when black and white was all there was.
Ralf Parlour
Ralf Parlour 2 godzin temu
You make a homie want to get his high school science man
ConsecDesign 4 godzin temu
You look tired. Get some rest.
Imperial Waltz
Imperial Waltz 7 godzin temu
When you got to the plush car, and starting calling it gray I saw purple lol.
CliftonRX7 7 godzin temu
Well done.
Ed Winters
Ed Winters 7 godzin temu
Something to consider too, is the quality of some CD mastering resulted in off-set, 'wobbly' tracks, or being so out of balance the vibration would cause tracking errors no matter what player you used. And then there was the matter of 'pin-holes' in the aluminum substrate, and later on down the road, oxidation, (everyone thought aluminum would last forever). It's great that you are re-visting this subject, but it's my generation that spent the amount of several months paychecks as early adopters, based on the supposed longevity, and sound quality, before actually being told of all the short-comings. Sony had it right by the time they started making the 1 bit converters, those decks where an amazing leap in sound quality that pre-dated better outboard DAC's as well as ushering in the ill-fated 1 bit SACD decks. I could have saved thousands, but I never would have imagined my entire collection the size of a living room wall, and now comprised of lossless files, would eventually fit on a 400GB chip smaller than my pinky nail inside a pocket sized player or smart phone. I wish Sony and Phillips would consider offering a refund to all of us that "Beta" tested their digital audio systems all these years.
Farhi Rosley
Farhi Rosley 8 godzin temu
Should hv watch this before I bought one. 😭 Everything he said is true!
tinylilmatt 8 godzin temu
You can tell that the people watching this channel want to learn something by the comment section. Those so called science channels where the presenters speak really loud and fast, jump cuts every 3 seconds, zoom in and outs, flashing an image up for half a second and pointless sound effects always have the comment section full of kids who think they’re funny coz they obviously haven’t understood the video so they type something completely unrelated
Diamond Jub
Diamond Jub 8 godzin temu
the switches beat up goblins that connect and disconnect the wires on demand
John Smith
John Smith 8 godzin temu
The term "Superheterodyne" was coined by Armstrong to describes the use of a 'super-audible frequency' in its signal processing. The 'Beat Frequency' is not meant to be heard but used as an intermediate continuous frequency that can be enhanced thru one or more stages of amplification. Previously the Heterodyning process was to render a CW signal into an audible sound output, or demodulation thru direct conversion. Homodyne does much the same this with AM/FM radio be cancelling out the Rf by combining(beating) the carrier with an identical unmodulated frequency 180 degrees out of phase.. . . Whew!
MKA667 8 godzin temu
Hi: first of all, thank you for the video: I really liked the part about the batteries! I'm not an electric engineer, but I want to add my words about pure sine wave. Even though that's what good UPSs do as well, and buying a pure sine wave inverter/UPS is a sign of good quality, computers and almost anything else powered by a switching power supply works just fine with modified sine-wave, and even better in DC. I power my computers thru a full bridge rectifier and filter capacitors (which can also avoid spikes and noise, like those caused by the generator), therefore at ~330-340 VDC (be sure to switch the PSU in desktop computers to 220/240V rather than 110/120V) Besides, using pure sine wave with capacitive loads will lead you to another well known problem: power factor ( When Nikola Tesla invented AC, it was a great invention, which solved (and still does) many problems for distributing electricity thru higher voltage wires carrying a much lower current (and therefore causing much less losses), for then reducing the voltage thru transformers. Nowadays the power factor problem is a big trouble, and some power companies overcharge their customers when using lower power factor devices: while overpriced electricity is not something you should care about, since you're drawing it from your inverter, you're stressing it. By the way, I'd have bought a 24, or even 48V inverter, and 2 to 4 smaller batteries respectively, therefore reducing the current by a factor of 2 or 4. Of course, that would require a different charger.
Richard Vetter
Richard Vetter 8 godzin temu
I actually had a Enterprise Appliance in 2001 that used DVD-RAM as its storage and archive at the 4.7GB disks as an option. It was super reliable but you know what all that was a big nothing because you still needed backups to the DVD-RAMS so we switched to less reliable and more expensive disk storage on a NAS because we could easily back those up with tape and quickly unlike DVD-RAM.
Steve Silverman
Steve Silverman 8 godzin temu
Sound was also converted to varying width or intensity tracks on optical film and film projectors used light and photodiodes to reproduce the sound from these recorded patterns. You might want to cover this topic in the future.
Kellanium 8 godzin temu
"on these discs the letterboxing is unfortunately part of the video" It is a crime against humanity that the highest quality copy of The Abyss i can buy is a letterboxed DVD.
Carlos Martínez
Carlos Martínez 8 godzin temu
Your videos are amazing! 👌🏼
speciesofpositive 9 godzin temu
They used to carry these at flying j in Montana. They didn’t last very long.
The Hard Drive Guru
The Hard Drive Guru 9 godzin temu
What would happen if the type of cassette selected on the player is different than the one being played? Like if you have it set to Type IV but have a Type I inserted?
SuperCookieGry 10 godzin temu
i mean they could have used a laserdisc instead. it would make the console huge but having that large disc would make coping impossible as laserdisc-r weren’t a thing. and the pressing machines were already there. The disc would store more data but I’m not sure laserdisc had good enough error correction. so it would have required making a laserdisc-rom standard which would be expensive. but a fun thought experiment
Rozrywka Channel
Rozrywka Channel 10 godzin temu
This is crystal clear
Pajama Sam
Pajama Sam 11 godzin temu
That ED joke killed me
Benjamin Cronce
Benjamin Cronce 11 godzin temu
Strangely large number of ex-RCA engineers in the comments.
Yesmanna 1997
Yesmanna 1997 12 godzin temu
Nobody Not a single soul Granted
Mister Mystery
Mister Mystery 12 godzin temu
Just started watching this channel and I'm really enjoying it. I love clear concise informative stuff.
Андрей Борисов
Great work! Thanks! Save this video to my favorite for answering next time on question "why three RGB LED not used for lightening?")
Stuntzii1 13 godzin temu
You're awesome man. How do you know all this stuff. I always loved Sony tv's altho i only owned one. I did have a NEC monitor with the tech that was crazy good for its time. I think the max res was 2048x1536 before hdtv was even a thing
Billy Kaelin
Billy Kaelin 13 godzin temu
I agree with you except for one argument. If a brake light is out it is illegal to drive so it is the drivers fault not the bad design
Ivan Dmitriev
Ivan Dmitriev 13 godzin temu
I am so glad somebody has also noticed those canned vynil rings! It's so annoying. And the wrong rings for the wrong phones as well.
Takahiro Karasawa
Takahiro Karasawa 14 godzin temu
I was molested by a television.
Miles Axelberd
Miles Axelberd 14 godzin temu
I know right! Why are we so clicky clacky all the time!
Brassic Gamer
Brassic Gamer 15 godzin temu
Hmm... My 1997 minidisc Walkman had mini Toslink. It was particularly useful for recording music digitally from my Sound Blaster's optical out ports using Creative Labs' dedicated software for the task. I haven't seen it on anything else tho, so I'll let you off.
Sheryl 15 godzin temu
Great video! Thanks so much for posting.
Brassic Gamer
Brassic Gamer 15 godzin temu
Looks like I picked the wrong week to buy a VCR...
Jan-Victor Björkqvist
Jan-Victor Björkqvist 15 godzin temu
I don't think it is strictly true that two samples per cycle can reproduce the only signal that lead to those samples. If you sample (with 2 Hz) at 0 s, 0.5 s, and 1 s you will get samples 0, 0, and 0 from a perfect 1 Hz sine wave, i.e. y=sin(2*pi*x). Still, you would obviously also get constant zero samples from having no signal at all, and there is therefore no way to reproduce the original sine wave based on the three samples.
ReaktorLeak 6 godzin temu
You're correct. The theorem states that you can only capture frequencies below the Nyquist frequency (1/2 the sampling rate). It's often misquoted.
carlyleroad 16 godzin temu
I love your channel and you really make me laugh with your dry humour. You said that Oki say they had the first laser printer in 1991 but I worked in Peterborough, UK in 1988 and a company demonstrated a laser printer to us for printing courier labels. I was amazed at the quality because my previous job had been in a rostrum slide production company and the only way to get what we now call laser quality was to do it photographically on a typesetting machine or by using transfer letters.
Joe Troutt
Joe Troutt 16 godzin temu
I have hated switches ever since I was whipped with one when I was young.
James 16 godzin temu
Please decrease the rang of the audio That ringing is awful
James 16 godzin temu
James 16 godzin temu
When I was 7 I was smarter than to tell people my age
James 16 godzin temu
Jk I'm not that dumb
Trolleroskar 16 godzin temu
To anyone saying this fake, Sadly no. I put RGB lights in my room *NOROGRET* Other than the fact I have no fucken clue what colour my table is
James 16 godzin temu
Attempt a collab with someone who is amazing with whatever you are covering
Crysis Contained
Crysis Contained 16 godzin temu
Sounds to me like we could have had digital music well before the early 2000s. Records with skip functions, increased fidelity and a complete play through without flipping it, everyone in the 80s would have flipped their shit. Cassettes sucked for at home use.
London Grace
London Grace 17 godzin temu
I just bust out laughing at 1:16
Michael Angelo Apostol
Michael Angelo Apostol 17 godzin temu
Robert Turner
Robert Turner 17 godzin temu
It is possible that I am remembering wrong.. I am a tad old, but my first memories of VCRs were in the form of separate units - there was the VCR (VTR?) that recorded the tape and the VCP that played the tape (maybe this was in the days of beta?) The combo units followed shortly thereafter. As I said though, I could be remembering wrong. The only CED discs that I kept from my collection were the old LOTR cartoons: Hobbit, etc. I gave away all of the others. I still have most of my laserdiscs and I still enjoy watching them but many of mine suffer what is known as "laser rot" and are now useless. I've got a giant DVD collection but these days they sit in storage as I watch my various streaming services. I could never have imagined technology would reach this point but I'm glad it has.
Lilly like da flower
Lilly like da flower 17 godzin temu
When you were doing the whole a switch joke... I thought I was watching a ytp
FDK 18 godzin temu
I would say the colors is every so slightly more vibrant on Beta 2 but it's really hard to tell. Apart from that they are practically identical
Bill Talker
Bill Talker 19 godzin temu
The first minute was hilarious 🤣
Whole family had trinitron tvs. HD of the 90s
hamsterboy56 19 godzin temu
In the UK I've only known these (the ones in the box anyway) as RCCBs, or Residual Current Circuit Breakers. Best of both worlds in terms of a name if you ask me.
SlyNine 20 godzin temu
My can will auto shift into neutral if the drivers door opens.
James Garlick
James Garlick 21 hour ago
I have a chinese made e-ink smartwatch (which hardly works with my phone) and despite it's downsides being a USA consumer, it is awesome!
Mike Rhodes
Mike Rhodes 21 hour ago
Are you gay?
Kusane Hexaku
Kusane Hexaku 21 hour ago
The Witness Greenhouse in a shellnut
Kewl Ken
Kewl Ken 21 hour ago
Let’s not leave out the pertinent facts concerning the PAL standard: it was invented by Walter Bruch, a former NAZI electrical engineer. He designed PAL after first reverse engineering both the American NTSC and French SECAM TV standards. So PAL wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the foresight and accomplishments of the older established broadcasting systems. Bruch was also the inventor of the very first CCTV system...which the NAZI bastards used at the Peenemünde V2 Rocket launch sight. Any PAL advocates still warm ‘n fuzzy about “your PAL” now? Historia is too often glazed over. People should be aware of the truth and origins behind various technologies. The first version of NTSC was established in 1941. Color/colour was retroactively added in 1953. Development for SECAM didn’t even begin until 1956. PAL wasn’t shat out until 1962. The UK went onto adopt PAL in 1967, and eventually, much of the world.
Faisal Kadal
Faisal Kadal 22 godzin temu
Audiophiles can hear your hair growing on your head, sorry your arguments is invalid...
andywolan 22 godzin temu
Now I understand why vacuum tubes need so much electricity and burn out over time: they are pretty much just lightbulbs. This video also explains why the invention of the lightbulb a far more important invention than just being the first reliable electrical light source.
Angutimmarik. Kristensen
Why are all your videos so long?
Alex T
Alex T 22 godzin temu
This is an excellent video.
Alex T
Alex T 23 godzin temu
It occurs to me, and I got a headache thinking about this, that the sound could be put on the tape with a spinning audio head if the tape were looped around the spinning sound heads and separated from the intermittent motion of the video recording. Much like the way sound is played back on a film projector in a constant motion while the picture part is stopping on each frame. Granted the sound would be rather poor, but it would be there and it's not supposed to be a musical recording. I'm a little surprised that such an easy fix wasn't used. Money?
Alex T
Alex T 23 godzin temu
"Oh! There's a circuit board in the way." Hahahahahaha!
deathbydevice 23 godzin temu
Toaster "master, what's by purpose?" Me "You're here to burn bread" Toaster "oh"
Juan Solo
Juan Solo 23 godzin temu
Countryside electrical grid reliability is never good. I don't know what it is... every time I've lived more than 30 miles or more from a town or city, simple rain could cut the power for *days* and I don't understand why it took so long to locate and remedy the problems. One winter in the mountains of Virginia, back in the late 90's I lost power for over two weeks and couldn't open the front door because of the deep snow. I had to burn my dad's collection of rare books to keep warm and to make food on the wood stove.
2009G8Gxp 23 godzin temu
Im going to a IEEE conference in a couple of days and im going to get kicked out of working groups for saying it like that lol
Claro Hernandez
Claro Hernandez Dzień temu
Me: 3:00 AM... I need to sleep My brain: No, you need to know why switches click.
Glenn Hamblin
Glenn Hamblin Dzień temu
Yup. I never noticed. Thanks!
Charlie K
Charlie K Dzień temu
It is great to be able to view a video about a real technical matter. Can we have a video about a high end Tandberg power amplifier too?
keithc728 Dzień temu
I still have my HP lightscribe writer and only can use it for writing disks and not making a label
Chaxinitus Dzień temu
Man that jingle sent me on a nostalgia trip. Not because i know it from CED's or anything RCA related, but because my school played Pictures at an Exhibition back in my 8th grade year and it's always stuck with me. Hadn't heard Promenade in so long that it's taken me like, 12- hours to work out where the heck I knew it from.
BUX BE Dzień temu
I had one of these for 25-years. I wish we still had it. Why did they stop making this? It's so cool.
tpodole Dzień temu
For most of this video you were "300 MEGABYTES"
T W Dzień temu
Where do you obtain all of these quirky examples of retro electronics equipment? Seriously, there can't be very many of these things still around - and the same can be said for a lot of the items you review. How do you come to possess them?
ThatOneGuy006 Dzień temu
4:57 GET OUT OF MY BRAIN! I made that Airplane reference in my head the same time you made the joke.
Joseph Jabin
Joseph Jabin Dzień temu
Hi, Please make a video on io mega zip drives. Love to see it. Thanks
bingola45 Dzień temu
More and more interlocks needed to keep up with the relentless rise of stupidity. I need a detector on the seat of my pants, to make sure a chair is present when I go to sit down.
wifebeater69 Dzień temu
In the clip at 9:00 you can also see that the actor reacts to the ring just a split second too fast. Or rather the sound was dubbed over a split second too late.
Light Maleski
Light Maleski Dzień temu
Nice Hawaii shirt! Let me know if you plan a trip to Maui.
harobikes3three3 Dzień temu
No comment about DisplayPort being opensource vs HDMI being proprietary...? O.o
Peter Rabitt
Peter Rabitt Dzień temu
Oof, I'm 40 but I can hear that screaming tone just fine.
caboseBvR Dzień temu
i wish all outside lights were made of these. the halogen or whatever those brightt ass white light that is extremely blindlingly bright and i hate it
Glenn Hamblin
Glenn Hamblin Dzień temu
Excellent video. In the same vein as a short post I did on LinkedIn about PTC (Positive Train Control).
Adam Gronvold
Adam Gronvold Dzień temu
I've been really interested in getting an EV. Bolt being one of the main ones I've looked into. Glad to see you have videos on this.
Leonard Hindmarsh
Leonard Hindmarsh Dzień temu
The false RGB white looks too much blue.
Nye Gøld
Nye Gøld Dzień temu
I can't watch this without the thought that I have the same exact heater sticking with me.
Jordan Scherr
Jordan Scherr Dzień temu
How much do one of these things cost on ebay second hand? I've been looking at getting a small CRT for authenticity sake, and this strikes me as a 2 in 1 bargain! Black and white or color, my choice which.
yurifm Dzień temu
great ending!
Dat random catto with a bird name
For some reason I forgot arching existed and would freak out when my light switch made a what I like to describe as a sputtering noise when you slowly turned it off. Sometime I wonder why I’m such an idiot.
Robert Chewter
Robert Chewter Dzień temu
flux capacitor so that is where it gots name from
nin1ten1do Dzień temu
MOST IMPORTANT INTEL WAS NOT MENTIONED! ALL (invented) RADIO WAVE WAS INVENTION OF GREAT MAN... NICOLA TESLA!!! marconi was faking roberr and COURT what run 50 YAER after N.Tesla funeral say CREARLY! N.TESLA was FIRST and marconi was a faking robber! WTF... how you can impact too many people without shame,,, without REAL FACT on table... but stupid story abour robber with full of dirty shit! you may feel guilty! for bad impact of 454K people what you screw up.. serving lie.. instead of TRUE!
Matthew Bartlett
Matthew Bartlett Dzień temu
This is a great video!
wrench monkey
wrench monkey Dzień temu
I had the one line version, SD250, and the modem to use it as a serial printer. It should have just had a standard serial port built in. Anyone know if these were made in Cortland? My great uncle was a manager at IBM Binghamton when they made typewriters, but moved to Xerox who were going to move into 'computers'. doh. Daisywheels are simpler to make than the selectric head and only one letter had to engage at once, rather than the whole head. I also wrote some hs reports on mine, in 1990.
ThatMontmorency Dzień temu
At 0:56: a missed opportunity to show that teleprompter is actually in klingon...
Matthew Berry
Matthew Berry Dzień temu
Question, unless used for buissness purposes, Does it REALLY matter how fast a printer is?
Rollin Coins
Rollin Coins Dzień temu
Let's drop a props 2 a retailer in Canada called Loblaws who is filling all of their stores with E Ink shelf tags each tag has around a 5-year battery life and that's based off of the price changing 50 times a day holler updated by a Wi-Fi router connected to the backend for price changes. Europe has had this technology for a few years now for the retail industry quite cool stuff if you ask me!!!
Paweł Kuśmierek
Paweł Kuśmierek Dzień temu
Thank you for this video. As a European transplant to the US I hate the red/combined turn/stop signals. When there is a car just in front of and next to me on the highway, I mostly see only one of their rear corners in my side window. Every time they tap on the brakes I get a minor hear attack because I think it's the turn signal and they are about to turn into me having failed to see me in their blind spot. Speaking of blind spots, I am wondering if you ever made a video about setting up side mirrors? The typical driver's ed-recommended version which creates huge blind stops and the only "advantage" is seeing the back of your car (in case you forgot what color it was), vs. SAE-recommended version, described for example here