#62: Demaryius Thomas (WR, Broncos) | Top 100 NFL Players of 2016

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Demaryius Thomas, WR for the Denver Broncos. He takes the #62 slot of the Top 100 Players of 2016.
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May 26, 2016




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Komentarze 509
jonathan ruiz
jonathan ruiz 5 miesięcy temu
Anyone watching this highlights because he signed with New England... I’m excited to see him in a pats uniform 💙❤️
Taylor Bettencourt
Taylor Bettencourt 12 dni temu
He gone now lol
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor 5 miesięcy temu
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor 5 miesięcy temu
jonathan ruiz yeahhhh
JayDub Wasted
JayDub Wasted 10 miesięcy temu
Stupid Broncos
LuckyBoss069 Rok temu
Underrated like damn this dude a boss
Josh Jackmen
Josh Jackmen Rok temu
Wish he played like this in 2017. Now he just forgotten. He drops open passes way to much. It's like he dont even care angmore
Savage_ Donkeys
DT is really good! But the quarterback situation made him drop.
Skelter Games
Skelter Games 2 years ago
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 2 years ago
Most underrated receiver in the league
Wiley Hawkins
Wiley Hawkins 2 years ago
One of the most underrated WR's in the league. Joins Jerry Rice and Marvin Harrison for only three WR's to have 4 consecutive years with at least 90 receptions and 1300 yards. His down years are better than nearly all WR's in the league except perhaps 4
Manny Dclxvi
Manny Dclxvi 2 years ago
he's there best wr
Colten Chase
Colten Chase 2 years ago
Love Thomas
Charles צ'ארלס
Demaryius Thomas will take a screen pass for 50+yards(YAC) But drop a 50 yard pass :/
Christopher Thompson
"In 2015 DT joined HOFER's Jerry Rice and Marvin Harrison in recording 4 consecutive seasons of at least 90 receptions and 1300 + yards" Dropped a lot of passes last season but still... Jerry Rice and Marvin Harrison is dope company.
Is Ww
Is Ww 2 years ago
Is Ww
Is Ww 2 years ago
donaldbradleyammon 2 years ago
Love DT, but why did he drop? I really like what Charles Woodson said at the end.
isis guzman
isis guzman 2 years ago
demaryius Thomas is the best receiver
SebT 00
SebT 00 2 years ago
Anybody else hear "Conthecutive theasons" at 0:55? 😂
Mason Roberts
Mason Roberts 3 years ago
He should be in the 70's
Top_Notch_Sport 3 years ago
Have him as my second wr behind aj green. I think he surprises people this year and has a great yr. get him some high pct throws and he will break tackles and make plays
Gabriel Morales
Gabriel Morales 3 years ago
DT should be higher tbh
Time Shakes
Time Shakes 3 years ago
Seems a little high. He is always seeming to drop passes.
Alex Young
Alex Young 3 years ago
That thumbnail makes him a qb
Luke Becker
Luke Becker 3 years ago
hes gonna be better next season!
Lyndale Myers
Lyndale Myers 3 years ago
Gimme your ring
petochi07 3 years ago
What's the name of the song that starts at 1:45?
Young Cash
Young Cash 3 years ago
68th then 49th then 20th to 62th they got it right only once
Hwong Kwong
Hwong Kwong 3 years ago
Dropped more passes than all the other receivers combined!
ThiccAsABiscuit 3 years ago
The one thing that has bugged me about him since he signed with Denver was the way he carries the ball after the catch. For goodness sakes HOLD ONTO IT! Bring it into your body!
John Morstad
John Morstad 3 years ago
top ten wide receivers 1 Antonio Brown 2 Julio Jones 3 DeAndre Hopkins (could have been way higher if had better qb) 4 Allen Robinson 5 Brandon Marshall 6 DT (could have been way higher if had better qbs) 7 Odell 8 Fitzgerald 9 AJ 10 He-Manuel Sanders(could have been way higher if had better qbs) reason why dez isn't on here is because he didn't play that much so we wouldn't really know how good he would play this year
Ron 3 years ago
DT was trash this year
J Gildarts
J Gildarts 3 years ago
And the last catch
J Gildarts
J Gildarts 3 years ago
The first catch is what madden needs to put in their game
Diandre Miller
Diandre Miller 3 years ago
Only if they showed the drops
omar s2002
omar s2002 3 years ago
it took time for him to adjust to Osweiler when Peyton got hurt. Osweiler threw the ball really hard while Peyton would throw it to where Thomas was used to it
brian flo
brian flo 3 years ago
he should at least be # 50 or close but in the 60s really
MuchxMore 3 years ago
If he didn't drop the ball so much probably would of been his best season. Season before he did the same in the first 4 games then went beast mode
Brandon Brody
Brandon Brody 3 years ago
Coming from a packer fan. He is a crazy good Reciever
gwillakerz 3 years ago
Tebow too Thomas
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez 3 years ago
They should've put a (legendary safety) instead of just safety on Charles woodsons name
Mr. Pork Chop
Mr. Pork Chop 3 years ago
Go Denver
Dominic Mallano
Dominic Mallano 3 years ago
Wayyyyyyy tooooo low. Just because of a overrated rookie quarterback throws 200 yards/game he shouldn't suffer this much
kenson pierre
kenson pierre 3 years ago
How is the world is Dez ahead of him on the list this season..................
Nicholas Pollmeyer
Nicholas Pollmeyer 3 years ago
Dez is better than Thomas
Hydrax 3 years ago
von miller should be top 3 for sure 100%
omar s2002
omar s2002 3 years ago
He gonna be #1
jalen mckenney
jalen mckenney 3 years ago
top 60? lol did the have like 1 catch or something in the SB
Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman 3 years ago
DT: # 62 Emmanuel sanders: # 61
Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman 3 years ago
Am i the only one who thinks e sanders is better than this guy.
Schecter 7
Schecter 7 3 years ago
Lol @ back up QB beating the cheatriots
Trevor Tong
Trevor Tong 3 years ago
Im a broncos fan for life, but I think DT drops way too many passes.
Just a guy
Just a guy 3 years ago
NFL be like top 5 best receivers of 2015 1.odell Beckham jr😍 2.odell Beckham jr😰 3. Odell Beckham jr😰 ....you get the point 💩
Cjbroncos25 3 years ago
1300 yards on a bad year enough said
dont look at this channel its been taken down
I wish they would make top 100 player of 2016 rob gornkowski that would be royal
Daniel Libuy Mena
Daniel Libuy Mena 3 years ago
Post to DT. Aaaaand DT has it.
NaeAutoWorks 3 years ago
he's good, feel like he disappears in alot of games tho
John Martson
John Martson 3 years ago
DT is a very inconsistent receiver. Drops too many balls that should be caught
Simon Lee
Simon Lee 3 years ago
Anyone know the title of the horrible track @ 0:20?
Hamzah Ali
Hamzah Ali 3 years ago
I live in Colorado so I usually watch a lot of their games, he dropped some really easy ones...
timbronco1 3 years ago
he's going to be a rookie qbs best friend
um52 3 years ago
I hope the super bowl ring increases the chance of Thomas's probability in regards of making the hall of fame, he's such a physical receiver who is so consistent every year. It doesn't help he had his break out season(s) at a later age and stage than other receivers/players.
Eleazar Zuniga
Eleazar Zuniga 3 years ago
Yeah he is good but damn he had so many drops this season it's crazy
Khalel Esmany
Khalel Esmany 3 years ago
Anyone know the song that starts at 2:00?


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