A$AP Ferg - Jet Lag (Audio)

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Aug 16, 2019




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Komentarze 945
Jesse R
Jesse R 10 godzin temu
Harlem flow every fucking time, I love Ferggggggggg
Eviticus Savali
Eviticus Savali Dzień temu
Nobody:... Ferg: Thats. RIGHT! YEA! Rooo! OOOO OOOOOO!
yale smith
yale smith Dzień temu
Ight.......ima get my Bmx out.
Alejandro Dzień temu
Jet Lag > Floor Seats, IMO
Cloudy Cash
Cloudy Cash 2 dni temu
msBelizean D
msBelizean D 3 dni temu
Richard Hammonds
Richard Hammonds 3 dni temu
fucking logical. Tacoma Washington
The Emans
The Emans 3 dni temu
Isn’t this the “full size” beat?
Latasha Israel
Latasha Israel 4 dni temu
Tha RealDon
Tha RealDon 4 dni temu
Penguin 6 dni temu
Awesome party song
Legendary Wolf
Legendary Wolf 7 dni temu
Who else came from crayator?
Jonathan Enloe
Jonathan Enloe 8 dni temu
New Orleans West bank
Man, I have two kicker Solo-Baric 15's fuckin Krazy dumb bass🔊🔊
Young Bul
Young Bul 9 dni temu
Ferg better than rocky don’t @ me 🗽
AK 4o
AK 4o 6 dni temu
Rocky who
jozif 7 dni temu
Young Bul that’s RIGHT!
BG Resjek
BG Resjek 9 dni temu
This song got me a 600 dollar speeding ticket for going 92 in a 45.. Ferg man 😭 I'm fr fr this shit make me wanna just goooo
Jay Cummingz
Jay Cummingz 8 dni temu
Hell yeah lol
Irving Vela
Irving Vela 9 dni temu
wtf is up with these unskippable adds
12234d 10 dni temu
Did he just reference Steven Universe?
K E F L A 11 dni temu
Plane Jane vibes!!! 😎😎😎😎😎
Dream Chaser
Dream Chaser 13 dni temu
6YGHTHANG9L 13 dni temu
Szymeeex 13 dni temu
Moja ulubiona nuta❤️
SkullKid 13 dni temu
Nobody: Ferg: "That's...RIGHT!!!!!"
Lil Sleep the Sandman
this is helping keep me alive right now
LazerFish {narnia squad}
This has to be in gta 6 radio.
Hrvoja Tusun
Hrvoja Tusun 16 dni temu
No1 cares sym
bossman bm
bossman bm 16 dni temu
Music video fucking needed asap drop wigs music video drop wam video now !!!!!!!! Ppl sleeping on this fucking ep
Ahmet Demir
Ahmet Demir 17 dni temu
lan dinlesenize şu adamı ohh mis şarkı
410 Kane
410 Kane 17 dni temu
I bumping this on my mobility scooter♿
Kλαρίνο Γύπας
I listen to this while riding my piaggio scooter.. suddenly i feel like driving a hayabusa :P
markysharky 17 dni temu
Is it just me or does this sound like an nba 2k song🔥
TheWaqman 17 dni temu
THATS RIGHT. Whew ferg got some of the best ad libs
Kyle Nussberger
Kyle Nussberger 17 dni temu
Made a lot of millions off of Plain Jane haha
ATINY BIGBODY 18 dni temu
That’s RIGHT
Willian Santos
Willian Santos 18 dni temu
i´m like a$ap
Beast verse
Beast verse 18 dni temu
and when people thought he could top plane jane..... they are both equally good tho
daddycassie21gaming ,
This song made tell Karen to have the kids
Phillip 18 dni temu
Need beats? 🦋
Akshay Soni
Akshay Soni 18 dni temu
That nipslip
Amir Hodges
Amir Hodges 19 dni temu
Who the fuck is on that beat.
victor murphy
victor murphy 19 dni temu
he go rough as fuck but it works good
Hunter Thomas
Hunter Thomas 19 dni temu
Ferg recorded this album on a spaceship 💯
Eddie Duran
Eddie Duran 19 dni temu
Does amybody else hear the sample from 50 cent's il whip yo head boi
Michał Calik
Michał Calik 19 dni temu
Jest git nuta
Paul Dev
Paul Dev 19 dni temu
ohkay, now finally ferg deserved his personal attention and appreciation. it's official. he's not rocky shadow anymore. he's unique & authentic. album is as good as ferg was never before.
LosoCrazy 19 dni temu
This makes me wanna hit 100mph on residential
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 20 dni temu
This that bangahhhhhhhhhh🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Savanna M
Savanna M 20 dni temu
The only rapper I can count on for constant bangers 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🙌🙌🙌
Amdy Bodian
Amdy Bodian 20 dni temu
Neba 20 dni temu
this song makes me skip first mom call for lunch
imp3rus 20 dni temu
best beat amanakoi
Bode Larsen
Bode Larsen 20 dni temu
fly in a bitch
Justen Galacia
Justen Galacia 20 dni temu
Why the hell is this album not on Apple Music in the US... yet I was listening to it on trip to Europe two weeks ago.
Богдан Василев
One of the best songs i have ever heard! ❤️💪🏼🤩
Pauli Tonteri
Pauli Tonteri 21 day ago
very niicee
mark su
mark su 21 day ago
this beat remind me of rick and morty
Pam S
Pam S 22 dni temu
Neely Zuhal
Neely Zuhal 22 dni temu
Follow me on instagram- neely_zuhal
TweNty2 22 dni temu
this so hard man
Michele Powers
Michele Powers 22 dni temu
Ur wack blood for tryn to diss King Kendrick but be all on scHool bOyz nuttz
A$AP Ferg - Jet Lag (Audio)
Mach-Hommy  - "Floorseats"