Baker Mayfield isn’t a scrub, but he is overrated - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on whether Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield is overrated.
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Oct 8, 2019




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Komentarze 1 500
Hiram Vazquez
Hiram Vazquez 5 godzin temu
The irony is that Max won't call Baker overrated yet because it's too early, but he is comfortable saying Zion Williamson is already a superstar without playing a regular season game. Hypocrite.
Bakugo's Rage
Bakugo's Rage 12 godzin temu
The difference from last year is that they have film on him now and see what he can and can't do and exploits it whenever they play him. He is s number overall pick playing like a career backup and 3 of the other quarterbacks in that draft is balling or getting better game by game. He is regressing because he is a college quarterback.
Joe Hewitt
Joe Hewitt 22 godzin temu
What talent does baker have in the NFL? It's not throwing or running.
Reuben Ahmed
Reuben Ahmed Dzień temu
But Baker did shake his hand, why did Richard Sherman lie?
kenneth miller
kenneth miller 2 dni temu
johny football2.0
Whip Gaylick
Whip Gaylick 4 dni temu
I dont listen to Sherman to much but he was right. NFL most talented are gonna shut Mayfield up. Respect the game, respect your brothers in NFL.
kevin johnson
kevin johnson 4 dni temu
Bro the man has thrown more pics than td hez a scrub
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 4 dni temu
Baker is a scrub he overated pushed by ESPN as being good after accomplishing nothing and he a cornball.
King Cecil
King Cecil 4 dni temu
Being number drafted doesn't mean you are not overrated. Does Jamarcus Russell ring a bell?
Joseph Reyes
Joseph Reyes 4 dni temu
Noooooo...he's not a scrub!...he's an overrated scrub!! To be more exact
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 4 dni temu
Odell will request a trade very, very soon.........
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 5 dni temu
"They were who we thought they were!" Lol
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 dni temu
Stephen A. looking good today. I mean looking fine and sexy!! OK, carry on with your regularly scheduled program. :)
Ruben Trevino
Ruben Trevino 5 dni temu
Fire Jason Garrett!! Make Kellen Moore the offense coordinator!! Let him Fly!! Or Die !!
delta tango
delta tango 5 dni temu
They were'nt saying Baker needs to be humble last season when he dissed Hue Jackson. They called it youthful exuberance. Hypocrites!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 4 dni temu
Browns still going to the playoffs
Asmr Addicted
Asmr Addicted 5 dni temu
Camera a little high today eh Stephen a?
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 5 dni temu
Ive said he is overrsated since he was picked #1 overall in 2018! Nothing in 2019 has made me change my mind!
Michael Gianni
Michael Gianni 5 dni temu
Yall are waking the beast.
Trevor Gittens
Trevor Gittens 5 dni temu
Of course, Baker is not scrub, he is a SLICE OF TOAST !!
james addie
james addie 5 dni temu
No oline any qb is going to look bad. The oline is the most inportant postion on the field. No oline no wins .
afutla qian
afutla qian 5 dni temu
Baker Mayfield got competition with Johnny Manziel for being the most overhyped qb in nfl history.
Ron Hollins
Ron Hollins 5 dni temu
Mayfield is a 2nd year QB. The Browns are 2nd in their division behind the Ravens, a team they already beat. We lost to a great team in the 49ers.... I think we'll be ok and make the playoffs.
jokersquinn 5 dni temu
afutla qian
afutla qian 5 dni temu
First Take, you are losing grounds, FS1 is in my oppinion one step ahead of you, my main man Shay Shay got y'all on A HUNDO! Get Molly a job behind the camera pleaaaaa
Bennett Franklin
Bennett Franklin 5 dni temu
I would like to see any quarterback stand strong in the pocket with that offensive line.San Fran,had them incapable of either run or pass blocking! As a consequence,the defense gets tired,because they are on the field to long and,then the whole thing just snowball's. But to say it was bakers fault,is just not logical. If I were the browns front office,I may be looking for some free agent offensive linemen or perhaps some trade possibilities.DEFINITELY DRAFTING THE BEST LINEMEN I COULD NEXT DRAFT. The o line,changed that game Monday night.Baker was not blocking anyone !
brian green
brian green 5 dni temu
Jacoby brissett is better than baker
Tater Tot
Tater Tot 5 dni temu
I'm betting Baker won't get it an eventually he'll get one under the chin legally or illegally cause after all its just a 15 yrd penalty maybe a 15k fine. Then after he takes a couple of those he'll start to get it.
The Real Matt Haley
"As A Barber, Mayfield Icecream Overrated"
AAA 5 dni temu
Max, bro, stick to boxing. You left out the part of how many of those teams Baker looked so good against were sub .500. And let's have this said, most NFL QB power rankings rated Baker over Watson. Watsons stats are better than Baker's (last years stats) except for the sacks. It seems when you reverse the sacks, Watson's stats improve, and Baker's are no existent. If I'm not mistaken Max, YOU were one of the people saying Baker was better than Watson.
N S 5 dni temu
Stephen A. looking good today. I mean looking fine and sexy!! OK, carry on with your regularly scheduled program. :)
Toriano Bobbitt
Toriano Bobbitt 5 dni temu
He shook his hand, there’s a video
Challenger 5 dni temu
Browns still going to the playoffs
Jack 5 dni temu
Ive said he is overrsated since he was picked #1 overall in 2018! Nothing in 2019 has made me change my mind!
TeeMurk 5 dni temu
Jesus Christ 31-3 imagine them playing the patriots...
Daniel Marantz
Daniel Marantz 5 dni temu
KillaCsonAttack 5 dni temu
He was held back under jackson and was good under kitchens. Now kitchens is over his head supposedly. Ok
Ryan Rucker
Ryan Rucker 5 dni temu
You’re going to sit up here and say Freddie hasn’t called a bad game, he literally has no idea what’s going on, you know you don’t have a line that can hold a pass block to save your life, but you constantly call long developing routes and don’t lean on your run game which is your strongest element. He’s in over his head the scheme isn’t there, that makes me think he was running Haley’s offense last year when he took over.
mwm5942 5 dni temu
lol shut up 80% of you browns haters are just bitter baltimore and new york fans jealous that baker is still better than darnold and jones.
jay W
jay W 5 dni temu
All I got to say is let the hype train continue on the Brown's. I bet against them every week and double up each time except for one week. So, therefore, Baker is the best QB in the WORLD!
predator Predator
First Take, you are losing grounds, FS1 is in my oppinion one step ahead of you, my main man Shay Shay got y'all on A HUNDO! Get Molly a job behind the camera pleaaaaase!
Kevin Pierre
Kevin Pierre 5 dni temu
Baker is the reason why they’re losing.... he controls the game , coaches stay on the side and players play
jay W
jay W 5 dni temu
Baker one of those QBs that shined because players around him were very good.
NeoNitty 5 dni temu
Random thought, but having watched all these first take videos and episodes throughout these past years, I think Max has done a great job replacing skip and has ushered in the new era of first take graciously. I like the guy and I give him a lot of credit and I also think he doesn’tGet the credit he deserves.
Henry Biggs
Henry Biggs 5 dni temu
I'll accept this one Stephen A... These demons are just soulless in the comments... The nfl has adjusted to Baker's strengths in his sophomore season... But he definitely will re-adjust... As far as overrated, no... It was all media hype, not him or the team's hype... These comments clearly shows the fans of football compared to the fans of wicked trolling...💯💯💯
Jayare 5 dni temu
If baker could get some touch on his passes like drew brees and Wilson, he’d be so much better! He trying to throw bullets like kap used too, he not kap tho 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jayare 5 dni temu
The browns coaching is trash! Baker is playing like trash! He look uncomfortable asf in the pocket this year. Stephan A just be talking to talk sometimes .
iTzZTCxD - Random Games -
Isn’t this title Like this He’s a good player but not so good either 🤔
ssacra22 5 dni temu
Funny, I think Stephen A Smith is WAYYYY overrated. In fact, I think he's awful for sports journalism.
EDGARxB00TS 5 dni temu
Tame Katbi
Tame Katbi 5 dni temu
just another Tim Tebow. the guy is a bust
Lips 1878
Lips 1878 5 dni temu
Daniel Kozma
Daniel Kozma 5 dni temu
I said these exact words last night to my friend
Alex Mccutchan
Alex Mccutchan 5 dni temu
I gathered it from context but still had to look up "loquacious"... Pass me my dunce cap
x rated
x rated 5 dni temu
Breaking news Baker mayfield is overrated and a scrub
RaiXVortex 5 dni temu
Its only week 5. Lets relax
snakedog 5 dni temu
Baker is NOT overrated!! He SUCKS!!!!!
Dawson Garret
Dawson Garret 5 dni temu
Terrell was and we will always be the only Muhammad Ali of the NFL. He had a mouth but he ALWAYS backed it up
SmithN' Wesson
SmithN' Wesson 5 dni temu
Bakers problem is he still acts like this is college football. These men aren't fucking around this is their lively hood and talking about how great your going to be is only going to make you that much bigger of a target
Hold This L
Hold This L 5 dni temu
he most certainly is a scrub
Frederick King
Frederick King 5 dni temu
Unpopular opinion : Gardner Minshew is who Baker Mayfield tries to be
John Nabers
John Nabers 5 dni temu
Chris Thurber
Chris Thurber 5 dni temu
Skip you address me as allpro Stanford graduate
M0NSTERPR0 5 dni temu
People who still watch espn or first take for sports lets be honest only thing people watch espn for is scores and to check your bets
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