Best Joker: Heath Ledger vs. Joaquin Phoenix
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Playing the Joker can take everything out of you, learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the iconic character, right here!:
The Joker... versus the Joker. Heath Ledger... versus Joaquin Phoenix. Two incredible actors … one role. Join WatchMojo as we pit the late, great Heath Ledger against living legend Joaquin Phoenix to see who gave us the superior big screen incarnation of iconic Batman villain, the Joker, from their portrayals in "The Dark Knight" (2008) and "Joker" (2019), respectively. Come along as we evaluate a wide-range of categories to determine which interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime reigns supreme. Which Joker performance is your favorite? Let us know why in the comments below!
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Oct 6, 2019




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Komentarze 9 448 11 dni temu
Learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the Joker, right here!:
Davon Griffin
Davon Griffin 6 godzin temu my favorite joker who is the one from the movie
Kami Sama Loves Me
Kami Sama Loves Me Dzień temu
I recommend you all go watch Film Theory latest video on The Dark Knight Rises
Ayşe Ertekin
Ayşe Ertekin 2 dni temu
@Gerson Aaron Martinez López is it to much to ask for both
Thunder Lake
Thunder Lake 2 dni temu
Jared Leto is the worst jocker
SUPER Spicy Memes
Leto:”When I was a little boy no one thought I could play the joker “ Murray: “you can say that again pal!”
Aidan Hanley
Aidan Hanley Minute ago
*The Laugh* Lego Batman 2 Joker Laugh vibes...
MJ A 24 minut temu
And we're just ignoring Cesar Romero, Mark Hamill and the legendary Jack Nicholson because?
JoshSP2022 31 minute temu
*says Phoenix wore a purple suit, shows the fact he only wore a red one*
Gustavo Campos
Gustavo Campos 49 minut temu
Both awesome, Leto sucks....
Gear1993Head xxx
Gear1993Head xxx 53 minut temu
Two completely different time periods of the joker. If Heath played this period he would have nailed it too. On the other hand I don't think Phoenix could do what health did in the time period health played him in.
Carolyn Nigro
Carolyn Nigro 56 minut temu
Joaquin's performance was supernatural.. Heath died for nothing.
eyes2pearls -
eyes2pearls - 58 minut temu
Joaquin phoenix acting was one of the best in Hollywood history not only as a joker
Jack -X
Jack -X Godzina temu
What is this chick even talking about 🙄🙄 you cant compare them....
Thomas Keenan
Thomas Keenan Godzina temu
Did she say Phoenix had a purple suit?
Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey Godzina temu
If Heath was still alive, hed be giving Joaquin acting tips
Really Sarcastic
Really Sarcastic Godzina temu
Lmao stop this bullshit. It's Heath till the Judgment Day
Christian Haslam
Christian Haslam Godzina temu
joket wins this vid is wrong
Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey Godzina temu
Theres one thing we can all agree on... Suicide Squad Joker was trash.
Cyrus Rogers
Cyrus Rogers Godzina temu
This is an idiotic comparison.
Interstellar Five
Interstellar Five 2 godzin temu
This is like heero yuyi vs sestsuna f seie
Jakepatty69 2 godzin temu
Js these are two types of jokers, not a fare balance win.
Morticia Notrefantez
Morticia Notrefantez 2 godzin temu
Joaquin Phoenix no doubt but R.I.P. Heath Ledger!
Chillee 2 godzin temu
no hate but you had to take the fact at the end of the "joker" movie he puts his blood as a smile.
Hernan 2 godzin temu
What added a lot to the performances, and what makes me like Ledger's Joker more, is the soundtrack. Every time Ledger would go into a nihilistic monologue the unsettling, dissonant music would come in. That added a lot to the character.
The Tea
The Tea 2 godzin temu
Personally I prefer Phoenix’s. I liked watching the slow agonizing downfall of the mentally ill. I really loved his portrayal. It’s just something about watching the mentally ill slowly go crazy that is so interesting. I like them both but for me it’s the 2019 version.
Mark Melendrez
Mark Melendrez 2 godzin temu
Legder da best
Kalem Maples
Kalem Maples 2 godzin temu
I think that Mark Hammil takes the win on the laugh category.
Nel 2 godzin temu
Both were incredible.
Prot Eus
Prot Eus 2 godzin temu
This comparison is like comparing WatchMojo to Half in the Bag, based on how much red there is in their videos. Winner: Half in the bag.
ApLe_Dude 2 godzin temu
Amir Ademi
Amir Ademi 2 godzin temu
Idk why but for me Leto was the best Joker 😶
The Avatar Of Destruction
Heath was The Joker. Joaquin isn't The Joker, but an inspiration to The Joker.
Muntadhar Al Moosawi
Muntadhar Al Moosawi 2 godzin temu
No one can top Ledger
BDKilla-98 3 godzin temu
Imagine not knowing the difference between triangles and fucking diamonds 1:13
Cesar Delgadillo
Cesar Delgadillo 3 godzin temu
Easily Joaquin Phoenix. He was meant to play joker
ali walsh
ali walsh 3 godzin temu
You can't compare same character two completely different roles
Skool Wifi
Skool Wifi 3 godzin temu
Cliche as it is to say, you can't really compare the two. One is avoid the Joker as a villain the other other is about Joker as a person. Not to mention they're entirely differently written characters
Cat's Got My Tongue
Cat's Got My Tongue 3 godzin temu
Comparing the two is like comparing Rick and Morty with SpongeBob SquarePants. The comparison makes no sense as they are both completely different universes.
calvin 3 godzin temu
We would only know who's better if they were plugged in the same role. If Joaquin was put in a Batman movie, and Ledger in his own film, we would know for sure. Unfortunately, that will never happen.
bkr 4 godzin temu
for me phoenix was much more better it was a legendary performance and so deep psychological . its easy for good actor to be the ledger joker , but phoenix did the hard part so perfect.
Karel Huler
Karel Huler 4 godzin temu
LOL a very poor choice of laughs... Listen to the Ledgers laugh when hes falling off the bulding at the end of the movie... That was beyond incredible.
Smokey 105
Smokey 105 4 godzin temu
Yeeeah no Joaquin Phoenix won it for me
AKSHU DHAVALA 4 godzin temu
I think Ledger was the better joker, but Phoenix was the more compelling character
Gabriel 4 godzin temu
Ledger is the joker i knew and grew up for long time,, pyschopath,smart,robber, and he's persona is just, just different from the other versions, it's unique, the voice the accent is just perfect. Don't get me wrong Joaquin Joker was also amazing for sure, but we need to see more of it,, for now it just tells us he's origins. Although both are great Jokers but i Still like lil bit Ledger's Joker. We can all agree that Jared Leto's joker was trash.
the real pepe
the real pepe 4 godzin temu
We can all agree that Jared leto is the worst joker tho...
Rokibul Alam Roktim
Rokibul Alam Roktim 4 godzin temu
Phoenix acted in his own way and it was amazing.In a tragic comedy movie, the movie depends on hero and phoenix did great job. On the other hand,ledger acted as a crime hero that was also a good job at all.But joker touched the heart.
Cliff Burton ın kardeşiyim
It would be absurd to compare Ledger's 'Joker' with Phoenix's.The Dark Knight is a masterpiece, full of epic acting performance. 2019's Joker is a sociopath neither smart nor funny he is just a loser who gone nuts.
puputera hadi
puputera hadi 4 godzin temu
When you compare a supporting role to an main role that mean you doing fantastic.
Anwar Sadath
Anwar Sadath 5 godzin temu
When it comes to the whole story both ledger and phoenix can replace each other but no man can replace Christian bale as bruce wayne ! In my opinion
William Ramos
William Ramos 5 godzin temu
So this video compares a person becoming the joker vs someone been the joker with no origin.
Veni Vidi Vici
Veni Vidi Vici 5 godzin temu
Both were amazing 🙌
Dexter C.
Dexter C. 5 godzin temu
Don't Do This WatchMojo....
Bishop Bingman Tennant
They both were amazing!!!
Necr0 5 godzin temu
This is in bad taste
Nicole Stone
Nicole Stone 5 godzin temu
You can't even compare them. Phoenixs joker is basically a prequel to ledgers. Both are breathtaking
Nicole Stone
Nicole Stone 5 godzin temu
@Will Favale if you look at both story lines yes at all. The joker 2019 is basically background and shows the joker going from depressed to spiraling out of control and heath ledgers joker is the after math when he is comfortable with being crazy and just goes all out. But like thats just my opinion and view on it. Everyone has different opinions and thats okay!! :) I'm in love with both actors portrayals
Will Favale
Will Favale 5 godzin temu
Not at all but ok
Jeffrey F
Jeffrey F 5 godzin temu
These two can’t even compare to the all time best Joker: Jared Leto
Noah Sherwood
Noah Sherwood 6 godzin temu
Joaquin's suit is burgundy, not purple. Also, Joaquin's higher-pitched laugh is his own fake laughter
SZYMON Majchrowicz
SZYMON Majchrowicz 6 godzin temu
Definitly drew russel
Riley Robertson
Riley Robertson 6 godzin temu
*Jared Leto has left the chat*
wietse sinnaeve
wietse sinnaeve 6 godzin temu
Phoenix was great, but overhyped. Nobody touches Ledger
Tyler Hughes
Tyler Hughes 6 godzin temu
Sorry Phoenix, but Hedger wins and always win this battle !
Marla Hill
Marla Hill 6 godzin temu
I love Joaquin Phoenix he's a fabulous actor, but Heath Ledger nailed that role! Heath Ledger made the Joker famous!
Ray Teruel
Ray Teruel 6 godzin temu
Both jokers are the best by far. No comparison
DEMOCRACY! Daily -not anymore-
Phoenix did an amazing job as the joker. But Heath Ledger IS the joker!


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