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I'm back in Los Angeles and ate at one of the best Korean ox bone soup. And I've always wanted to try Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong but there was always a crazy wait so this time I was able to check it out and it's defiantly one of the best Korean BBQ in LA!
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✧ Han Bat Shul Lung Tang
✧ Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong
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Oct 6, 2019




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Komentarze 726
Black Suited Spider-Man
-Strictly Dumpling u making me hungry haha
Loretta Smith
Loretta Smith 8 godzin temu
Mike looking like Jackie Chan in the thumbnail frfr
just for fun
just for fun 17 godzin temu
visit Nepal 2020
Sasha Yu
Sasha Yu 18 godzin temu
They have the best soup :) no salt needed 🤤
dbsommers1 23 godzin temu
Bit too steep for me, but it looks delicious
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake Dzień temu
I'm so used to Korean Spoons I feel weird using regular spoons.
unjaded2 Dzień temu
My mother used to make oxtail soup for us when we were children. It was delicious.
zoezoe200406 Dzień temu
I kinda miss his beyond science videos:( I love a great food review but... cool facts are cool !! Lol
Lord Nollan
Lord Nollan Dzień temu
Sacrificed a few shirts to the food Gods myself brotha
peachimochi strawberry
I love the song in intro💖
Kikoy Oneone6
Kikoy Oneone6 2 dni temu
Thats too pricey. The more he talks while eating, the more it gets cold
dracokaiser 2 dni temu
dracokaiser 2 dni temu
Chadobagi Kim Sam!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
nedj10 2 dni temu
"It's just American beef" ok its time for Mikey to visit Guga and Angel...
chae 3 dni temu
oh no. That soup is the taste of loneliness. Sulung, so long, solo. It sounds lonely and tastes lonely.
MurasakiBubble 3 dni temu
Can you do best ayce kbbq
Riley Deveau
Riley Deveau 3 dni temu
I’ve been to that restaurant!
Riley Deveau
Riley Deveau 3 dni temu
The Korean soup lol
Tony N.
Tony N. 3 dni temu
where does his second stomach reside?
er e
er e 3 dni temu
$70 for Korean BBQ?!!
Jamaican Joe
Jamaican Joe 3 dni temu
i just tried the ox bone soup this morning, not as good as you are saying. you are exaggerating. 3 out of 5 stars for me.
bangbang 3 dni temu
Dude. Always finish a Korean BBQ session with a bowl of cold noodles.
Denroe Ganancial
Denroe Ganancial 3 dni temu
Im hearing a Blackpink song 'Whistle' played in this restaurant
Gaby Mendoza
Gaby Mendoza 23 godzin temu
They also played a Seventeen song, ChungHa’s Snapping, BP’s Forever Young & EXID’s I Love You (& a few more that I couldn’t pin point lol). I mean it is a kbbq so makes sense lol
Baekjong is good but I'm partial to Quarters across the way in the same plaza
Austacker 4 dni temu
How the hell can you eat that much yet still be so skinny? Teach me master!
Twyn Dino
Twyn Dino 4 dni temu
I’ve loved kanghodong for the longest time and I was so excited to see how much you liked it!
ItsYaBoyCris 4 dni temu
yo mike ! come to chicago and let us know how the ramen is... go to Ban Nai in hoffman estates, IL
aznspice49 4 dni temu
the soup comes with no salt in it at all. it's not that it is underseasoned. it's not seasoned at all. it is tradition for everyone to season it to his or her desired taste
EverBrin 4 dni temu
Mike describes food like how he would describe his girlfriend (if he had one)
Elina Monian
Elina Monian 4 dni temu
I’ve been to Han Bat and totally agree that it’s one of best sul lung tangs I’ve had. You should try Mo Ran Gak korean bbq in Orange County. Not AYCE, but really good, and always a long wait.
Hemat Katuwal
Hemat Katuwal 4 dni temu
Totally hungryyy 😋😋😋
Ground Zero
Ground Zero 4 dni temu
Mike Chen 24/7, "What are my going to eat next?"
Jan Vincent
Jan Vincent 4 dni temu
Oh my. The soup and korean bbq place he went to is just in my neighborhood. Would try this next time.
Rence Olivenza
Rence Olivenza 4 dni temu
How do you eat that ton and maintain your body?
usaki21 4 dni temu
Hi Mike, check out Agassi Gopchang too! 😁
EddiesGun91 4 dni temu
I love it when we get your opinions on all u can eat buffets an we no u love them too
bobby brown
bobby brown 4 dni temu
Jackie Chan likes Korean food
Josh 4 dni temu
Why don’t you try the orochon ramen challenge next time you’re in LA. It combines your 2 favorite things noodles and spiceeeee and plus you’ll have your picture hung up!
Flow Rinse
Flow Rinse 4 dni temu
What is this intro music?🙄🙄☹️
psychedelic Pug
psychedelic Pug 4 dni temu
I wish I was like him. Going to different cities and eating food sounds like heaven. God dang it why do I watch these? They make my mouth water. You get to eat the yummiest food. I am jealous.
Sunny COOKIE Killer*
Do a korean food challenge!!!
raw clood
raw clood 5 dni temu
thats a really small shirt
Yolanda Tiscareño
Come to México 🇲🇽
Armando Ventura
Armando Ventura 5 dni temu
Come to Atlanta we have a lot of Korean bbq places you can try
Quynn L
Quynn L 5 dni temu
I agree with him that Kang Ho-dong is the best Korea BBQ in town, it isn’t an AYCE, but the meat is high quality. It’s a bit more expensive compared to other you get what you pay for.
Tí Teo
Tí Teo 4 dni temu
Quynn L agree!!
General Grievous
General Grievous 5 dni temu
You know the food was good when your clothes are dirty from the aftermath
Andrew Chong
Andrew Chong 5 dni temu
hey mikey chen when will we see you eating up in hokkaido japan?
Andy Au
Andy Au 5 dni temu
That pork look juicy as all hell man, jesus I'm so jealous!
Wen 5 dni temu
heyy u look like jackie chan :D
rolly lumiguen
rolly lumiguen 5 dni temu
Hello jackie chan
맛집뉴스 YummyNews
jmphielle 5 dni temu
Pls be back in PH! You can have it here for 10-12 USD! Unlimited meat! Haha.
chris18228 5 dni temu
$70 and not even enough food to feed one person
chris18228 5 dni temu
Of course it’s gonna be tender it’s still raw
Ashley Steinkamp
Ashley Steinkamp 5 dni temu
I have never heard pancakes called sexy. Lol I love it.
brozors 5 dni temu
For people who live in LA, Baekjeong has been consistently the best KBBQ spot for regular dining. The top of the line is Park's, which can cost you a pretty penny but worth it if you're celebrating a special occasion.
Jonathan Vlogs
Jonathan Vlogs 5 dni temu
Go to Bistro Na’s and try the Crispy Shrimp the Angus Beef is good too. Its a bit expensive. Its at LA temple city
Pahanin 5 dni temu
I'm not convinced this guy knows good food anymore.
kuru 2 dni temu
I hear the kpop song and guessed all of them correct. I'm such a nerd
Marc H
Marc H 5 dni temu
I'm sure it's great and all, but $46.50 for breakfast? No thanks.
LILGUGGIBOY X 6 dni temu
U Making Me Hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!
LILGUGGIBOY X 6 dni temu
I Know That Is Los Angeles But How Many Miles
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