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Sierra Canyon's first game with the entire team together! Bronny James, Zaire Wade, Ziaire Williams, Amari Bailey and Brandon Boston and Terren Frank.
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Oct 6, 2019




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Komentarze 974
ThaGiftTv 6 godzin temu
troy murphy jr 😲
Big Ern
Big Ern 6 godzin temu
35 blue would be tough to guard if someone would teach him (or convince him) to post up... all the time... call for the ball and bang. He's thick, got good fee and touch too... get a little turnaround baby working... gotta want that smoke though. All these kids would be way to light in the shorts to stop it if he was that guy... Kid's going up soft half the time and doesn't need to. Different game these days I guess... I'm outdated.
Brian P
Brian P 7 godzin temu
Z wade needs more improvement, bronny gonna be nice. I think they picked the wrong school to attend
Brian P
Brian P 7 godzin temu
So neither of them starts?...
el chapo guzman
el chapo guzman 8 godzin temu
Dwayne wade: and remember bronny if you ever lose leave your team, your dad did the same to me and look how he turned out
Tyshun1 8 godzin temu
Starting to like Zaire's game
Cameron 8 godzin temu
Mikey Williams should join this team
Eric Tolbert
Eric Tolbert 8 godzin temu
Uncle Wade dropping gems.
El Campionscriptos
El Campionscriptos 9 godzin temu
When did it get wild or did I miss something
JFFILMS 10 godzin temu
Ball is life y’all just schemin off they name man ... that’s all... just schemin y’all lookin bad with this shit.. that’s why ion really watch them no more.. I wanted to see how well they played together to. But they look dead ass average playin with other comp
Joseph Coughlin
Joseph Coughlin 10 godzin temu
Did anyone actually see Bronny score
Sergio Verduzco
Sergio Verduzco 10 godzin temu
Tommy Louvon Jr
Tommy Louvon Jr 10 godzin temu
Aaron Gilliam
Aaron Gilliam 10 godzin temu
Jesus Christ was that Gabriel Union I'm so tired of these black whores wearing fake hair 😂😂👏👏🤪🤪 white women 99% of black women wear another race hair in their head because they're not happy with their own DNA
TheOfficialStealz 11 godzin temu
Bronny going to switch schools after the season watch lol
CrownedBy Rocky
CrownedBy Rocky 12 godzin temu
4:30 Clamps team defense on point
Datnigga Ant
Datnigga Ant 14 godzin temu
I Always Liked Z Wade But When Lil Bron Grow n Get Better High School Teams Are Going To B in Trouble
cassandra lewis
cassandra lewis 15 godzin temu
Zaire did more than bronny
OhShekno.E YouTube Channel
They not even the best on they team but Zaire is Nice! 💯🗣
Keekz Duncombe
Keekz Duncombe 16 godzin temu
LeBron son didn't do shit
Tyler Estevez
Tyler Estevez 21 hour ago
5:23 Bronny balance is crazy
Joyce Williams
Joyce Williams 21 hour ago
Emoni Bates
yu Dzień temu
the nigga with the lag face is kinda nice
bo edwards
bo edwards Dzień temu
These schools def don’t teach rebounding or defense.
Dj Vielot
Dj Vielot Dzień temu
5:23 imagine if he snatched back on Bronny
Best beats Gmm
Best beats Gmm Dzień temu
Brony is trash he even score 2 points
RdoubleD - Hardcore Drama&Controversy
Bronny seems to be developing a pretty dominant athleticism 👀
Elijah Diamond
Elijah Diamond Dzień temu
I don’t understand why they think they have to put that dwade is watching in the title😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Jason Gallant
Jason Gallant Dzień temu
Herbie Lou Moscoso
Herbie Lou Moscoso Dzień temu
maxisnice is in the building!!!! yoow
Dee Wright
Dee Wright Dzień temu
Get off thesse lil niggas dick and invest in your own kids i bet half of yall dont compliment your own children like this
Richi News
Richi News Dzień temu
did bronny scored atleast one field goal in this game?
Jeremiah Bright
Jeremiah Bright Dzień temu
Bronny and Zaire don’t even start? 😂😭
george santana
george santana Dzień temu
Zaire is just average
Ant Boogie
Ant Boogie Dzień temu
Bruh if them two gonna be in the title show they damn highlights
Michael Ulberg
Michael Ulberg Dzień temu
Number 28 be rocking the Patrick’s
Justin Kong-Rin
Justin Kong-Rin Dzień temu
Sierra canyon gassin bronny nd zaire clickbait af 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
Jc L
Jc L Dzień temu
These kids are just getting clout from there dad's
Brightmo Tone
Brightmo Tone Dzień temu
They weak
kevin hart
kevin hart Dzień temu
Lebrons son trash,only reason hes winning,its bcus hes playing with 5 star player,i dont see him as a superstar in nba
Dual_Mcownage Dzień temu
Definition of overrated, them two boys got carried.
Mark Claros
Mark Claros 2 dni temu
Where was bronny tho. Overrated??
Carl Jesse Austria
Is that cash at 6:23🤣
uhjeditrixter 2 dni temu
No cap two kittens playing has more highlights than this game
Stephen R
Stephen R 2 dni temu
5:49 He thought he was so cool throwing D-Wade a pass. Reminds me of when you see ppl try to take a chill jumper, while the game is on the other side of the court.
J2x Dzień temu
Nigga had to warm his hands and all lol
AR Chery
AR Chery 2 dni temu
That’s the second time that zaire Play LeBron James Junior they played in China together
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 2 dni temu
Bron son need to be running the point his iq is very high given his age but hey Lebron is his dad lol
Bryan Graciano
Bryan Graciano 2 dni temu
What’s up with these fachat ads bro😴lmaoo weirdo ass shit
Delton Williams
Delton Williams 2 dni temu
D wade should be a coach
Tjay Javier
Tjay Javier 2 dni temu
This time wade is better than james
Munchino H Hill
Munchino H Hill 2 dni temu
#24 blue team
Howard Harris
Howard Harris 2 dni temu
Nothing was wild about this shit smh
Nevin Sneed
Nevin Sneed 2 dni temu
Brony didnt play enough
Taco Tuesday
Taco Tuesday 2 dni temu
That guy with the crooked eyes is on this team too nice
Captain appletits
Aquille Carr still has the best high school highlights
King Leo
King Leo 14 godzin temu
If he was 6'0 he'd be in the nba
Patricia Hastings
there not even trying and they suck
Mmay3544 Melomay
Mmay3544 Melomay 2 dni temu
So who’s 10 & 28 ???? Y’all only put Bronny & Zaire like they’re the best of the team c’mon now we all know they can ball but they’re not the best in the team
Toni Doroteo
Toni Doroteo 2 dni temu
Wow bronny will be taller than dwade for sure.
tif 2 dni temu
Is none gonna talk about bronny's ankles
tif 2 dni temu
The only one that gone wild was number 24 tbh