Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...

Alex Meyers
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
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Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
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Jul 9, 2019




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Komentarze 11 251
Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers 4 miesięcy temu
hey everybody, so yeah the timing on this video couldn't be worse. But, I did include a little piece about Cameron at the end, like I did with Luke Perry in my Riverdale videos. Obviously these videos are just for fun and light-hearted jokes so I hope you all watch it with that mindset. Jokes aside, I have nothing but respect for Cameron and all the actors and crew that make these movies possible.
Gabriel Rogers
Gabriel Rogers 4 dni temu
Rokusānu 13 dni temu
Alex, can you do one with Teen beach Movie 1 and 2 PLEASE
Amy Grulle
Amy Grulle 14 dni temu
I kind of agree I'm videos got worse and worse and he just kept going I don't like it I hate him his videos I've basically watched all this is what they make tear up. Put on kid I'm 8 so I guess that's it. And I will never subscribe.
KristinaVidz 23 dni temu
Alex Meyers rip camerom boyce
Angelina Sharma
Angelina Sharma Month ago
If this is a joke it's ok
Garou Godzina temu
That thumbnail looks cursed.
The Schultz's
The Schultz's 10 godzin temu
We all love Cameron and the movie will never be the same without him but he will always be in our hearts even though we cannot see him and we will always miss him and he will always be there.
Mecharnie Dobbs
Mecharnie Dobbs Dzień temu
8:44 Magic doesn't work on The Island of the Lost. But in his last video he said that the daughter of The Fairy God Mother, cast a spell to release magic on The Island.
Simone Merritt
Simone Merritt 2 dni temu
R I p
Gerda Tovilaviciute
Actually saw a bunch movies you cretiqued and THEY DO MAKE SENSE, btw stop making a Children’s movie soooo complicated looking.
Cheyenne Weston
Cheyenne Weston 2 dni temu
9:40 nope the talking dog is much, much worse
lpichardo1106 3 dni temu
2:46 pause and read the caption
PotatoPandaWolf_Shay_YT 370 degrees
Uhhhhhh you're a peanut butter jelly SaNdWiCh?
Wolfsquad 1234
Wolfsquad 1234 4 dni temu
At 5:17 “island of the everyone has leather pants”
Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase 4 dni temu
I lost it at Uma, Harry and all that eyeliner
Future Fox
Future Fox 4 dni temu
The whole talking dog scene gets stuck in my head so damn often (3:03-3:13)
McKenzie Winn
McKenzie Winn 4 dni temu
Ok so the wand is like the override code. It’s a default work! Nothing overrides it or suppresses it
Sophie Schroer
Sophie Schroer 4 dni temu
I just wanna know who Ursula’s baby daddy is.
NONE 5 dni temu
Despicable Me - Kingdom Hearts = Descendants
Uma Rukat
Uma Rukat 5 dni temu
Well.. uhh... my name is Uma and it was a *little* cringe to hear my name the whole time...😅
Hanna Ward
Hanna Ward 6 dni temu
Maayan Dror
Maayan Dror 6 dni temu
9:39 it-- it's really not...
Tai J Plays Roblox, Minecraft and Pokémon
You know how he said if they had brought the real wand it would nothing. Well I came up with a theory and I thinks it’s that the wand might work because well I don’t know if it’s true but the wand probably made the barrier so it probably works in the isle
The Doughnut Factory
Mals like “gRRR” And uma’s like “bluUbleUhbLeh
LunarWolf50 6 dni temu
“Cause one day you might just go to sleep and never wake up again” Me: yea ok now I won’t sleep tonight, thanks
Xehanort10 6 dni temu
Especially if you're a kid in the Nightmare on Elm Street films and live in Springwood.
Isaiah Scott
Isaiah Scott 7 dni temu
Does that mean uma is the child of a ship and a pansexual octopus rooming the sea for. Love
Shakilla Shaq
Shakilla Shaq 7 dni temu
is it just me who gets 2 unskippable adds every time watching a video now on youtube?😒 just me? okay
Xehanort10 4 dni temu
Get Adblock.
Brenda Hernandez
Brenda Hernandez 8 dni temu
The part where he was like "And ben realized his mom forgot to buy more poptarts" ben: ROAR Me:DIEING OF LAUGHTER,HAHAHAHHAHAACGCCAA
Bianca Saradetch
Bianca Saradetch 9 dni temu
The wand may be usable on The Isle bc the wand did create the barrier rite?
aidan masse
aidan masse 9 dni temu
When you nut but she keeps sucking 12:30
RJ´s Quest
RJ´s Quest 9 dni temu
Descendencemon, Uma, is the final battle. She is the champion of the Cotillion 4 and will have a level 67 Shiny Doug with his mega evolution of Talking Dog
Matthew White
Matthew White 9 dni temu
Uma looks more like Davy Jones' daughter than Ursula's
Xehanort10 6 dni temu
So Jones finally got to bang Calypso?
MadameSomnambule 9 dni temu
Man, love your review style and animation. In a world full of talking heads ranting about movies, you took it a step farther with the visuals. Subskrybujd! 😊
kaitlyn soh
kaitlyn soh 9 dni temu
Why did I get a Disney ad while watching this???
shonnah strong
shonnah strong 9 dni temu
i ❤️your videos you make can you please make a good new 1
Sapphire wolf
Sapphire wolf 10 dni temu
I've always looked like Dora
Valentina Santander
Did anyone notice that on the first movie mal’s mom said”I am backkk” and then mal said the same thing when she see’s uma in the restaurant 🤔🤔
Slay A Forever
Slay A Forever 10 dni temu
I will somehow convince myself that they purposely make tge first movie worse and make the 2nd movie better
Autumn Kirby
Autumn Kirby 10 dni temu
R.I.P. Cameron Boyce
Jessica Godwin
Jessica Godwin 10 dni temu
These videos crack me up
Anne 11 dni temu
But Gaston can’t have a son he died I’m so confused
Anne 3 dni temu
Oh that makes more sense thanks
Vanessa Godoy
Vanessa Godoy 5 dni temu
I can't remember if the movie said something about it. But in the book it says that the villains were resurrected to be putted on the island (As cruel as that is. It also says that they eat Auradon trash)
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez 7 dni temu
Well maleficent also died, same With The evil Queen, yafar, Ursula and basically every villain
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 11 dni temu
Mals fake cry made me want to kill myself
Slytherin wolfy
Slytherin wolfy 11 dni temu
*oh I can change my hair colour and make food appear out of nowhere-* Actually never mind that sound *awsome*
Slytherin wolfy
Slytherin wolfy 11 dni temu
I cried with laughter
Caramel_Delight 11 dni temu
Tells everyone not to fight because "friendship is MAGIC"
Julian Barnard
Julian Barnard 11 dni temu
'why are you holding him, he's gonna attack you!!' :..( rip cameron boyce
Lauren Wilson
Lauren Wilson 13 dni temu
Actually only evil magic dont work there
Lauren Wilson
Lauren Wilson 11 dni temu
@Xehanort10 yeah I knew that
Xehanort10 11 dni temu
That's bad writing and way too convenient. Wouldn't they stop all kinds of magic being used on the island not just evil magic?
descendants fan
descendants fan 13 dni temu
RIP CAMERON:(😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😢😢😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😢
Jess 13 dni temu
Didn't you realize Audrey was not in D3!
Hania PlayzRoblox
Hania PlayzRoblox 11 dni temu
Yes she was she wasn't in D2
blue Gry
blue Gry 13 dni temu
Wow 1:12 2:00 2:06 2:30 4:34 5:00 7:45 11:30 12:28
The Fabulous Watermelon
Ya know, I just got Imma go eat Junior Mints and watch The Little Mermaid (Sing Along Edition)
Hania PlayzRoblox
Hania PlayzRoblox 14 dni temu
Btw Its actually July 22nd but moved it to August 5th due to Cameron Boyce's death/passing
Hania PlayzRoblox
Hania PlayzRoblox 14 dni temu
Double ads:EXIST! Spanish Ads:EXIST!
Hania PlayzRoblox
Hania PlayzRoblox 14 dni temu
Okay the reason she hates Mal cause before they came out with a movies about their lives in auradon they came out books about it and they talk about their pasts and Mal and Uma used to be friends when they were little until Mal did something Uma could never forget Uma knew Mal cant swim so she pranked Uma by jumping in the water and Uma saved Mal until i don't know if it was Mal or her friends but they dumped a bucket of cold shrimp on her head and Mal called Uma Shrimpy and Uma tried to get the shrimp smell out of her hair but it never came out but Uma promised revenge and they stop being friends. Btw R.I.P Cameron Boyce 1999-2019 you will be missed 🙏
Hania PlayzRoblox
Hania PlayzRoblox 14 dni temu
"Emo music is just a marketing play to get money from angsty teens." Lol so true
Amy Grulle
Amy Grulle 14 dni temu
Your videos are stupid you are stupid I mean you can be saying things wrong about kids movies. I mean they're meant for kids they're not really meant for adults why are you just like making me stupid videos guess watch all your videos that I see are getting a thumbs down. So if you really want to make the best videos shouldn't be seeing things that I like you don't get this and then you don't get descendants 2 or you don't get the time to 3 or you don't get Halloween Town. Because they're meant for kids are not men I mean they could Because they're meant for kids are not men I mean there not meant for adults I mean there might be some of those by me you still shouldn't be making me stupid videos and I may get people to agree with me as your videos are stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid you know I might not get good, but that's the answer all I do right now you have a kid talking to you I am 8 you want to play with me. I'm like a tiger and I won't stop till all your videos get a thumbs down.
Hania PlayzRoblox
Hania PlayzRoblox 11 dni temu
Shut up all your gonna get is a lot of hate until you cry! Its his opinion if he likes it or not im just saying
Hania PlayzRoblox
Hania PlayzRoblox 11 dni temu
@Xehanort10 Exactly
Xehanort10 11 dni temu
Defending bad kid's films by saying they're for kids is quite disrespectful. There are plenty of great kid's films that even adults like. Bad kids films suck because they're bad films not because they're aimed at kids. Calling him stupid for not liking a film you like shows you have a lot of growing up to do.
kyndrajones 15 dni temu
the fucking bangs comment was toooo real
Almighty Yamcha
Almighty Yamcha 15 dni temu
Daughter of Ursula? Ight who took one for the team?
agg ddfg
agg ddfg 15 dni temu
Nae Kita
Nae Kita 16 dni temu
looooooool just discovered this channel and yeooooo youre giving me all the laughs
sparke storys
sparke storys 16 dni temu
What it's so good
Slushie Dolphin
Slushie Dolphin 16 dni temu
“Time to save Ben for Uma, Harry and ALL this eyeliner”
this is me UHHHHH a penut butter sandwich
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