Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...

Alex Meyers
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disney descendants 3 animation
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...
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Aug 13, 2019




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Komentarze 19 447
Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers 3 miesięcy temu
Hey everyone thanks for watching. With recent events still fresh in some people's minds I just want to reiterate that these videos are mainly just for jokes and I have nothing but respect for the cast and crew who made this movie, and every movie or TV show I talk about. It's all just light-hearted fun around here, so I hope you take it that way.
Trenity R
Trenity R 4 dni temu
Jessica Pulley
Jessica Pulley 5 dni temu
ok why are they all naked
Hylla TK
Hylla TK 5 dni temu
Sorry for that comment... but if it's just jokes I don't mind.... I'm a hugeeeee descendants fan
RedRingError 13 dni temu
How many people do I have to R/ yet?
CHLOE MICHALSKI 6 godzin temu
Abigail Orona
Abigail Orona 9 godzin temu
I just discovered your channel and i've already watched all 3 videos on the descendants. This channel is hilariously entertaining. 😂
dreamer 101
dreamer 101 Dzień temu
“But as the finale to a successful movie trilogy it’s just so-“ Ad that autopredicts: *Unpredictable*
kit Dzień temu
im gonna pee myself after relizing the guy who plays hades also playsin american horror story let that sink in...
HolloMoo Dzień temu
It’s confirmed. Ben is a furry
Kayln Downey
Kayln Downey Dzień temu
Does no one realize that Mal is getting married at 18
Crystal Holliday
Crystal Holliday Dzień temu
Descendants killed Ever After High, biggest tragedy that Disney created
Ron Rosenwasser
Ron Rosenwasser Dzień temu
Cecilia Gonze
Cecilia Gonze Dzień temu
You could do the divergent series pleaseeee
fluffycorgu Dzień temu
that's not the type of series that this channel covers D: also, I hated the first book 🤪😂 with a burning passion. the plot was so weird and absurd.
Fayokunmi Adeoye
Fayokunmi Adeoye Dzień temu
The songs explain the story
jasmine toast
jasmine toast Dzień temu
"The real magic was friendship all along" Anyone else getting MLP (My Little Pony) vibes? Just me? okay
AlphaWolfMiner 2 dni temu
Did anyone else realize that Lonnie's not in this movie after setting that whole arc with Jay in the second movie? I'm kind of disappointed that they didn't finish it.
Emma B.
Emma B. 2 dni temu
There are the same amount of songs in D2 and D3 not including the 2 shorter ones in D3
Aysel ENGİN 2 dni temu
the most or maybe only stupid thing about that movie is they are keep laughing about "lets be evil" but then, doing good things then again sing a song about "good to be bad" then trying to save the world like wth -_- other parts, i like it a little, i guess. well at least ending was good "everyone can be good and evil" but still not completely fair though whatever.
Cody Jones
Cody Jones 2 dni temu
And the fact that dizzy already got an invitation to Auradon but got picked anyway
Pinkie Puppet Ze UT Geek
Through this entire movie I had one thought on my mind. And that was: “WHAT STATE IS THE UNDERWORLD IN!?! Say what you will about Disney’s hades, he did his job effectively! Is Persephone (hades wife) ruling the underworld, if so wouldn’t that be eternal winter? If it’s not Persephone than who is!?!”
Melody _Gacha
Melody _Gacha 2 dni temu
*turns out friendship is the real magic* MY LITTLE PONY WANTS TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION
spectre 1920
spectre 1920 2 dni temu
Did he not think to say RIP cameron
Xehanort10 Dzień temu
Can you please shut up? He's dead. Constantly talking about him won't resurrect him.
Slap shot Studios1708
spectre 1920 he did in his D2 video
Maddie Plays
Maddie Plays 2 dni temu
RIP Cameron Boyce we all love you....
CPoverlord 2 dni temu
At least Mal’s hair is back to looking good
PaulC VlogsAndGames
Bish how dare you.
Gerda Tovilaviciute
Actually saw a bunch movies you cretiqued and THEY DO MAKE SENSE, btw stop making a Children’s movie soooo complicated looking.
Slap shot Studios1708
Gerda Tovilaviciute what movie made sense
Yelitza Cortes
Yelitza Cortes 2 dni temu
“Mal, Evie and Uma go off to find Audrey while the guuyys” rock music 😂😂
Sky Reality
Sky Reality 3 dni temu
11:06 Haha you looked
Samiur Kazi
Samiur Kazi 3 dni temu
Rip *Boyce camoran*
UnknownZYYY 3 dni temu
why didnt they just thro the magic Spindel at her and BOOM she asleep U also could jut spawn a gun and ya know oof
Liberty French
Liberty French 4 dni temu
Alex the fourth one come see out this summer I think can you do one fore that?!?! Ehhhhh??? Maybe? No? Okay whelp ;-;
The Mobile Gamer
The Mobile Gamer 4 dni temu
I have questions so yeah a lot like if you I have questions for decdantidents
The Mobile Gamer
The Mobile Gamer 4 dni temu
It’s true that decantidants doesn’t not make senses. But a like decdantidants
Shellion Clarke
Shellion Clarke 4 dni temu
put putra _anaqi
put putra _anaqi 4 dni temu
The Gray Ghost
The Gray Ghost 4 dni temu
They will make a 4th move when her nerdy cousin Hercules shows up at her school.
Nicknight12 5 dni temu
I would like to say I almost felt like there was almost a race undertone in this. Especially at the end with Hades talking to mal when he was brought in
I have a good idea for your next video.......................HOCUS POCUS
Hiiiiii! I'm very hyper and I loveeeeeeeeeee all of your videos!!!!! You are very funny and very good at your 4Strefa channel. Just do you!!!!!!!!!
Sam Christenson
Sam Christenson 5 dni temu
So, a poweful, magical ember gets destroyed by water ...okay
Evelyn Heart
Evelyn Heart 5 dni temu
If Hades Ember is all-powerful than how come it can’t break down the barrier cast by the wand?
Thomasshole Müller
After just watching all 3 vids I have no fucking idea who is who
selly crabbe
selly crabbe 5 dni temu
I really have to agree with this. Its like they basically inserted a song after a breath Uma breaths: song Mal falls : song Evie cries : song Iy was just annoying
Samama Suleman
Samama Suleman 5 dni temu
I was so disappointed in this film I get exactly what you’re saying!!
Taya-B-Poppin 6 dni temu
For the longest time i thought he was gonna mention something about Cameron Boyce
Slap shot Studios1708
Taya-B-Poppin he did in his D2 video
Lily The Unknown
Lily The Unknown 6 dni temu
pause ar 2:14
Bre-ona Prentice-Griffin
So if he would’ve ate the truth gummy he would have to tell the truth forever? Hell nah
Hanna Ward
Hanna Ward 6 dni temu
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller 6 dni temu
- Audrey’s hair is pink and blue because it was an Easter egg to Aurora’s dress colors in the 1950s movie. - I don’t think Audrey cursed Ben. Seeing that Adam, the original Beast, was cursed...there is a small chance that it’s genetic and Ben inherited the gene. Just like Uma inherited Ursula’s ability, and Mal with Maleficent’s. - You glazed over the fact that Mal is *half god*. Mal was already powerful, but with the ember, she’s even stronger. And she didn’t kill Audrey 😒. She’s was in a deep sleep, like her mom. - Small chance Uma and Mal are related, because the ember worked for Uma as well, and whenever she worked with Mal...they were unstoppable.
Slap shot Studios1708
Miranda Miller well the only way that Ben could turn into a beast was if he was cursed
BARBIE LOVE 6 dni temu
Alex is there any movie that actually makes sense? like seriously. 🤣🤣
JRavensaur 128
JRavensaur 128 6 dni temu
Can we just stop and realize that mal is a demigod
Xehanort10 6 dni temu
And she couldn't beat a princess with a staff.
Isaiah Scott
Isaiah Scott 7 dni temu
Ben went through puberty
Itz Nikk
Itz Nikk 7 dni temu
R.I.P Cameron Boyce❤😭
Mikayla Hicks
Mikayla Hicks 7 dni temu
your so funny i liked and subscribed😂
Mr.Bunny _Bear
Mr.Bunny _Bear 7 dni temu
Cause a curse is different from a spell I suppose
sindhii world
sindhii world 7 dni temu
Can you react to lab rats plssssssssssssss
Chocolate Bff
Chocolate Bff 7 dni temu
I dont know why, but I want you to do My Little Pony. Don't ask me why. I'm just curious what'll happen
Uche Adi
Uche Adi 7 dni temu
Its pretty sad after that big music number about giving her the ember then almost destroys it like a minute later
chris crxwn
chris crxwn 7 dni temu
One day there will be a 4Strefar who says "Alex Meyers doesn't make any sense"🙃
Grace 88
Grace 88 7 dni temu
7:52 Ah, the poses!!!😂😂
chris crxwn
chris crxwn 7 dni temu
Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that he is criticizing like everything
Slap shot Studios1708
chris crxwn dang you’re not gonna like cinema sins
So Help Me God
So Help Me God 6 dni temu
It’s called content and everything has a positive and a negative so everything can be criticized. Seen this same comment on so many videos and usually it’s just posted by triggered fans. If u can’t handle it then u might want to check yourself.
Grace 88
Grace 88 7 dni temu
5:16 Pause. Alex's calculations are flawless!👌
Shelore Miller
Shelore Miller 7 dni temu
F**k you
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
Gossip Girl is kinda dumb...
Supergirl is a weird show...
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