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Watch all of these titles and more on Disney , the ultimate streaming destination for entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Disney will launch in the U.S. on November 12, 2019 for $6.99 per month. Visit DisneyPlus.com to learn more.
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Aug 23, 2019




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Komentarze 8 636
certaindiaster59 14 godzin temu
I’m scared to wonder what these people are gonna do to the Marvel brand... It was amazing while it lasted, I guess!😔
Rick Maldoo
Rick Maldoo 21 hour ago
No thank you
Michael Triay
Michael Triay 21 hour ago
This trailer is pure wish fulfillment and I love it. A spectacular Disney hall of fame montage.
David Ruiz
David Ruiz 22 godzin temu
anyone happen to know what song they used?
Andrew McCall
Andrew McCall 23 godzin temu
I just hope that they eventually add some stuff from fox
Species6079 Dzień temu
I'm really enjoying Disney+ since it started on September 12th in my country! The first two months it's for free until the worldwide release on November 12th. So proud that the Netherlands were chosen to test the new channel!
Bridget Mistry
Bridget Mistry Dzień temu
Is (WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (-1988) gonna be on Disney+
GloboxHamburg Dzień temu
Germany 🇩🇪
Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan
Just signed up
Beau Ner
Beau Ner Dzień temu
Should win academy award for Best Score on a trailer
R2M Dzień temu
u win
Brick Vision
Brick Vision Dzień temu
Fortunately, I am mighty
Kingdom hearts gamer
50 days
Dax Anderson
Dax Anderson 2 dni temu
Hold up, Disney owns the Simpsons?
Dax Anderson
Dax Anderson 2 dni temu
@Casey C-ManCoolMan Pitt didn't know that. Thanks for the info
Casey C-ManCoolMan Pitt
They bought Fox earlier this year.
Matthew Cambridge Beckwith
Well now I’m confused the Simpson’s are on Disney plus but disenchantment is made by the creator of Simpson’s so what does that mean for disenchantment on Netflix
Matthew Forstner
Matthew Forstner 2 dni temu
Keeping Netflix for The Peaky Blinders but Disney has basically everything else.
Brian Jensen
Brian Jensen 2 dni temu
What’s the name of the movie with the guy wearing the jersey walking up the wall?
SHĐØW蒙 N1NJ4 2 dni temu
Netflix: we will be the best streaming platform in the world Disney+: hold my milk 🍼 No bear because it's disney .For kids
Scarletts Bae
Scarletts Bae Dzień temu
@Casey C-ManCoolMan Pitt in age of ultron also all the avengers drink beer
Casey C-ManCoolMan Pitt
But Disney has Thor, who drinks a lot of beer.
Ting Hui Tan
Ting Hui Tan 2 dni temu
Disney owns Hollywood and then some, Disney is the real deal and Netflix's death watch is on countdown.
Rico Suave
Rico Suave 2 dni temu
Wait...their promo for Disney Plus starts with Muppets...but didn't they just pull the plug on their new Muppets project?
wiinix !
wiinix ! 3 dni temu
Disney plus is already out in the Netherlands and it's amazing
Phill Simmer
Phill Simmer 3 dni temu
No Disney. I'm not interested in another streaming service. Especially if it has your label on it.
Micro Gamer
Micro Gamer 4 dni temu
Remember when the simpsons made fun of Disney world
Casey C-ManCoolMan Pitt
I guess Disney wanted revenge.
D.M. Worthen
D.M. Worthen 4 dni temu
Releasing lady and the tramp on streaming only is a HUGE mistake!!
Alex Farnum
Alex Farnum 4 dni temu
Phineas and ferb
Nochicken 4u
Nochicken 4u 4 dni temu
Im only here for Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Frostfire 4 dni temu
People who don't know Disney owns everything: What about everyone else? They'll beat you! Disney: Kid! I own everyone else!
vijin vr
vijin vr 4 dni temu
How many languages
Hannilovesyou Too
This is insane
Harry Pretzel
Harry Pretzel 4 dni temu
They really need to not hype Captain Marvel at all if they expect me to pony up any money.
Dana Hoxie
Dana Hoxie 4 dni temu
Since when did Disney buy Simpsons?
Casey C-ManCoolMan Pitt
Since they bought Fox this year.
MrSunny Plays
MrSunny Plays 4 dni temu
Disney, Fox, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic, Star Wars, Universal: Am I a joke to you?
HeyItsNick 4 dni temu
Can they play this before every movie you watch on Disney Plus like the montage they used to play on the old DVDs.
Josesito Comunica
It feels so weeird w seeing the simpsons with disney
Joseph Perera
Joseph Perera 5 dni temu
Anyone know the song playing in the background by chance?
NickT 5 dni temu
There is only one company I keep in my retirement portfolio and constantly buying. That is Walt Disney Co.
Tommy Jackman
Tommy Jackman 5 dni temu
1:22 Why did they have to use that scene? It doesn't really fit in with the others because it's not in HD
Juan Sebastian Basso Davila
It would have been perfect if they used Scar singing "A shining new era, is tiptoeing near" I love villains, and I know how much hate i'll be getting for it.
Jamie Higgs 19382010
Who thinks Disney should give back THE MUPPETS to the jim henson company?
Anime Saber
Anime Saber 5 dni temu
When you realize they show cancelled moveis too ;o HI TRON :)
pc1231 6 dni temu
MASCOX14 6 dni temu
0:37 That is Netflix being snapped out of existence
Rich Desare
Rich Desare 6 dni temu
Cool flex
Eric Bywaters
Eric Bywaters 6 dni temu
Kl the frog
Saket Sharma
Saket Sharma 7 dni temu
Make something original Disney
Renzo Guardiola
Renzo Guardiola 7 dni temu
Will the punisher be??????
Ben Hur
Ben Hur 7 dni temu
What you want disney !! I want the world ...the world .
vineuro vin
vineuro vin 7 dni temu
Dylan Winder
Dylan Winder 7 dni temu
Disney I understand that you and sony are disagreeing about spiderman but please keep him in the mcu in my opinion you and sony make good spiderman films but I don't want a disagreement where someone is taken out of the mcu. I speak for all the spiderman fans when I say we don't want this to happen. Pleas disney.
Dylan Winder
Dylan Winder 7 dni temu
I meant please.
Logan Ator
Logan Ator 7 dni temu
Hey what about 20 century fox
Ezebro 6002
Ezebro 6002 7 dni temu
Hope you saw Endgame
Fan Van
Fan Van 7 dni temu
I Can see Disney plus on Holland
Red Star Utopia
Red Star Utopia 7 dni temu
I'm only going to buy Disney plus to watch Star Wars the Clone Wars and then no more
Metroid Other M
Metroid Other M 8 dni temu
OMG so excited Like: Disney+ Comment: every other streaming service ever
Idk _
Idk _ 8 dni temu
Omg Wandaaaaaa
Wayfaring Stranger
I think this service is great. Only a couple of bucks a month and Disney has phenomenal content. Especially if you have kids
Zen State of Mind
The Simpsons!
Ayoub Taoussi
Ayoub Taoussi 8 dni temu
Disney plus, more like Disney Kids
Casey C-ManCoolMan Pitt
Maybe, they might be adding Deadpool to D+, because they own him now. But I heard it's only PG 13 content for now.
emperor palpatine
Star wars and mcu : am I joke to you
taiwo olagunju
taiwo olagunju 8 dni temu
we are here to remind u we own these things
Adi Burgos
Adi Burgos 8 dni temu
This made me so happy and estates for some reason!!! All my favorites sewn together into one amazing video. It just gave me this feeling!!


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