Evander Holyfield on Fighting Mike Tyson "I Wanted to Bite Him Back!!" | Joe Rogan

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Taken from JRE #80 w/Evander Holyfield:



Oct 8, 2019




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Komentarze 4 159
acoustic230 8 godzin temu
Evander "Waterboy" Holyfield
Drog .NDTrax
Drog .NDTrax 8 godzin temu
Does anybody ever talk about Holyfield's very apparent brain damage? I appreciate that he may just not be very intelligent, but he has very clear problems processing basic questions and concepts as well as forming simple sentences. Really depressing that we treat a person who has been mentally obliterated like this in a combat sport entertainment context as if they are heroic legends instead of the unfortunate examples of our cultural failures that they are. We are obviously just not ready to progress yet.
BB Wolf
BB Wolf 9 godzin temu
I feel for these guys, almost 100 percent risking brain damage.
Kawhi Jenner
Kawhi Jenner 9 godzin temu
Named my son after him because I wanted greatness
Kasun Chathuranga
Kasun Chathuranga 9 godzin temu
He was on steroids. Fact💉💉💉
Cnd11211 758
Cnd11211 758 13 godzin temu
Unbelievable human being!
Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers 14 godzin temu
Evander still missing that ear 😂💩but if you didn't keep head butting in the fight you would still ear me man
Nick Johansen
Nick Johansen 14 godzin temu
Holyfield is one of the dirtiest fighters ever. He snuck in a bunch of head butts against Tyson. Cheating scumbag.
mel b
mel b 15 godzin temu
sounding like the damn waterboy
Thouxanband Swavy
Thouxanband Swavy 16 godzin temu
Evander “My momma told me” Holyfield
Ray c
Ray c 16 godzin temu
no mention if headbutting or dirty boxing? watch his fights on 4Strefa he was a terribly dirty fighter and is well remembered for it
Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva 22 godzin temu
Cte 101
Gabriel Rivera sanchez
Gabriel Rivera sanchez 23 godzin temu
I want a "you know " counter For this video
Tom Martin
Tom Martin Dzień temu
He really is the real deal. Holyfield fought everyone and he never backed down.
Imonduul Dzień temu
Evander just all around seems like a guy everyone should want to hang out with atleast once
0311scout Dzień temu
Aries Spears imitation of him is the best.
AniMaL Dzień temu
You can tell this man has been hit in the head alot
Chris Jonson
Chris Jonson Dzień temu
I like Holyfield he's hard as nails one of the best chins in the biz.But he's punch drunk as fuck my god it shows.
Tommy Dowling
Tommy Dowling Dzień temu
Mans momma never shut the fuck up.
Paul Katsanos
Paul Katsanos Dzień temu
My man here is so humble.
ShadowCraft //SHC
ShadowCraft //SHC Dzień temu
they both speak the same
Justice Carter
Justice Carter Dzień temu
Should of bit him back lol bit his sick off hahahaha
Aaron A. Lopez
Aaron A. Lopez Dzień temu
Just the name Evander Holyfield sounds like a heavy weight boxing Champion. He really is such an inspiration.
Easy Grin
Easy Grin Dzień temu
Joe you brought the fight to him.... Yes Joe Evander is a infighter they fight their fights by taking it to the other fighters
Easy Grin
Easy Grin Dzień temu
Love Evander he is always trashtalked by Tyson fanboys..... dont get me wrong i love Mike too. Dont get why both cant be respected equally.
Easy Grin
Easy Grin Dzień temu
Joe..... tells a simular version of this story to Lewis and Tyson and now to Evander while he is trash talking the other 2... lucky for Joe none off them ever listen to his show.
Lukas Belinski
Lukas Belinski Dzień temu
great guy GOD bless
Dylan's Profile
Dylan's Profile Dzień temu
Enaah the Great
Enaah the Great Dzień temu
Wasn't it Holyfield who gave Rahman that big ass welt on his eye cuz of him head butting him, like Mike Tyson was saying when he bit Evander?
Andre Boyd
Andre Boyd Dzień temu
Holyfield fought EVERYONE. Gladiator
Marc O'Brien
Marc O'Brien Dzień temu
Bless him his head’s been proper smashed in over time. Still a legend.
The Commenter
The Commenter Dzień temu
MAN! this guy is so punch drunk you can tell he put EVERYTHING he was into his boxing. You can call it a waste or tell him he was stupid, but something tells me this man does not regret much, and ain't no one gonna forget him.
Coralie Fontes De Aguiar
Thank you ! 4strefa.pl/video/video-rDXpEVBy83s.html
i vdub
i vdub Dzień temu
Ya Know
Wise Man
Wise Man Dzień temu
Evander was a dirty fighter. He knew Mike would knock him out if he fights a clean fight. So he chooses to headbutt multiple times.
Daniel Grigg
Daniel Grigg Dzień temu
I'd argue Holyfield's "mean face" in the ring was scarier than Tyson's.
boxing guy
boxing guy Dzień temu
You came for 10:30
Will Nailer
Will Nailer Dzień temu
My mama always said......
rearfangkeeper 1
rearfangkeeper 1 Dzień temu
Class act 100%
ASSman Dzień temu
Hey one of yall tyson dick riders should upload a compilation of holyfield headbutting. Either yall or lying or we arent watching the same fights?
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia 2 dni temu
Wise wise mama
Lionel Hutz
Lionel Hutz 2 dni temu
Take a shot every time Holyfield says "Y'know" .....I'll send your widow some flowers
PowStrokeYz 2 dni temu
dude is shot. Sucks to see a inspirational model deteriorate before his own eyes.
jimijackson 2 dni temu
I don't know man...Tyson would have fought dirty if Evander tried biting back lol Tyson would have tore his nuts off
Cliff da Silva
Cliff da Silva 2 dni temu
Mike wasn't in his prime so whatever
Mr. LJ
Mr. LJ 2 dni temu
Full of shit. 12 kids. This dude is a whore monger. No better than Tyson. Tyson now has money and people know. HF washed up and retarded. Oh and broke.
Gazza 2 dni temu
Brilliant fighter who pulled out one of the biggest upsets in boxing history
JasSinghGrewal 2 dni temu
Respect to Holyfield.
Pedro Blake
Pedro Blake 2 dni temu
How did joe not ask him Evan Fields
GeneralMC 2 dni temu
what about waterboy!!! momma said my momma said.....once again class mommas wrong!!!!
John Caudill
John Caudill 2 dni temu
Great one
John Caudill
John Caudill 2 dni temu
Profit n face area his going to do something to your face it's boxing lol
John Caudill
John Caudill 2 dni temu
My momma my momma momma said lol
John Caudill
John Caudill 2 dni temu
Tyson great heel
Always Be Booked Cruise Podcast
Evander is a VERY solid and great man, but he sure did use that head as weapon in his fights. Not excusing Tyson's actions but his frustrations came from those head buts
BigTone 2 dni temu
What’s the big deal!! I got my ear pierced once...didn’t hurt that bad. Me thinks Evander exaggerates a little much 😋
FaktFitness 2 dni temu
Maybe he wouldn’t have bit you if you didn’t headbutt him and everybody else you ever boxed. Ass hole
jval733 2 dni temu
Holyfield was cheating F that he was head butting and never got penalized for it so mike Tyson said enough MFer and bit his ass, he should have never won that way with all those illegal head butts
checkHook93 2 dni temu
Amazing man
Wall-e 2 dni temu
Seem to remember Evander head-butting Tyson a few times.
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