Everything Wrong With Friends "The One With Ross's Wedding"

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We continue our 25th anniversery celebration of Friends by taking a look at the sins involved in one of the biggest TV Weddings of all time! Enjoy!
Next we everyone will find out which episode we're sinning when it posts (or maybe before).
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Oct 9, 2019




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Komentarze 643
MarkDaBomb 64
MarkDaBomb 64 16 godzin temu
You add sins when you make bad jokes or explain something. Like the Fergie scene. Pointless
lauraafjs 3 dni temu
As a Brit, I 10000% agree about the 'trousers' bit .
Jillian 6 dni temu
Here's a sin that was overlooked....remember the "wedding dress episode"? Monica picked up Emily's dress for her and spent all day wearing it. But it's not the gown that Emily actually wore on her wedding day.
IronFistApe 6 dni temu
Now you have to sin Euphoria
Rav FLEX 8 dni temu
Half of the things he said was just annoying, like just enjoy the show and stop pointing out the tiniest things
Agathe Piccolo
Agathe Piccolo 9 dni temu
hello, stop fetishizing wlw plz, goodbye
Steven Baldi
Steven Baldi 9 dni temu
Simon(Bill Paxton RIP) from True Lies at the end. LOL
Eddie G
Eddie G 10 dni temu
It would’ve been more sin worthy, if they all took separate flights tbh.
aundrea hodges
aundrea hodges 10 dni temu
If you look at the show more closely, Rachel and Ross deserve each other because they're both horrible people. We just overlook it because they're hot. If they were unattractive we won't let what they do slide.
Ollie Remington
Ollie Remington 10 dni temu
Westminster flabby 😂😂😂
Dannie's Daze
Dannie's Daze 12 dni temu
Emily must be the only british person who doesn't know that ross meant time out.
Rupkatha Banerjee
Rupkatha Banerjee 13 dni temu
The Downton Abbey theme awww
Renato Corvaro
Renato Corvaro 17 dni temu
Speaking of things no human being would ever do, Ross getting his wife-to-be's name mixed up with someone else when he just heard the right name half a second ago.
connor payne
connor payne 17 dni temu
Lived in London for 20 years, would love to know we’re that 109 bus go’s 😂
kookie monster
kookie monster 18 dni temu
Theres nothing wrong with friends
MasterOf4Elements 19 dni temu
Chandlers about to get a lot more of Monica when they get to London
DisKorruptd 21 day ago
1:29 no, they cant, they can however, fit Matt LeBlanc's head through, but only one way
Ms.Chuckyfan101 22 dni temu
Best abbey I've ever seen. Shows Downton Abbey.
Megan Marie
Megan Marie 22 dni temu
6:24 a few seasons later, Ross dates one of his students haha
Numfar 3
Numfar 3 22 dni temu
"I'm assuming this show might as well have been called 'the one with the famous british actors americans only know in 1998 if they watched PBS" me, a 15 year old: oh my god Hugh Laurie!!! I didn't know he was in this! Wait, are you being served? I love that show!
fluffy alex
fluffy alex 23 dni temu
To be fair, the laughing "track" only appears when they filmed on location. Otherwise there was a real audience
Michele Bastione
Michele Bastione 24 dni temu
This episode, especially the finale, irritated me to the pointis it became the reason I stopped watching Friends
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 25 dni temu
I commend you on your knowledge of Britishness
Dopy 25 dni temu
Monica and Ross are the fucking worst...
Sparkle NZ
Sparkle NZ 26 dni temu
I dunno, I am a millennial and I was 21 years old when the Black Eyed Peas released Elephunk in 2003... Trust me, I'd known who Fergie the Duchess of York was long before Stacy Ferguson was on the scene! Sorry, It just bugs me when people don't realise that some millennials are 37, we are an entitled bunch after all!
Bayougirl78 26 dni temu
Yes, you're right. They don't all HAVE to go together. It would have made much more sense for them to all schedule different trans-continental flights at different times, for the same event they were all going to, instead of coordinating together on the travel plans. That one was a bit of a reach, lol!
SLT. 26 dni temu
i am angered.
KStephenson 26 dni temu
What, you chose a Stuart Little reference over a Jeeves and Wooster reference?? That's worth a sin in and of itself Jeremy
Drew Peisner
Drew Peisner 26 dni temu
Anyone else just see the Flaming Lips at Desert Daze? God, what a fucking show!
Arsenal 15
Arsenal 15 26 dni temu
Hugh Laurie was the best part about this episode
WickedLovely121 26 dni temu
Yeah. I've always thought of that with where they were getting married. Didn't they need permission or something? If they had permission then it shouldn't have been torn down ahead of schedule.
Martyn Drabik-Hamshare
That is not Big Ben. One Sin for you. Big Ben is the bell.
emmaroberts38 27 dni temu
i’ll never understand how emily and her step mum look so alike ??? STEP mum....
Kerry H
Kerry H 27 dni temu
good point about little Ben
cristincik91 27 dni temu
Most of the sins are so ridiculous...like they are pals but they don't have to go together. This is like saying, Ross is at the coffee house, he wants to see us all but we don't have to go together there, even if we're friends and neighbors who have a break in the same time...
Bayougirl78 26 dni temu
Not to mention... It's a flight overseas. To travel to an event they are all going to. Why wouldn't they coordinate their travel plans?
chirag Sethi
chirag Sethi 28 dni temu
Why did they not take different flights and went together several several miles away? Man you must have a really really boring life 😂
Angie B
Angie B 28 dni temu
Ross is a jerk
Wanda Borowy
Wanda Borowy 28 dni temu
Yesh and they all could afford to go to london.
Danny 28 dni temu
Big Ben is the nickname given to the BELL within Elizabeth's tower. SOOO, There isn't a single shot of Big Ben in this episode.
Lilia Sahanova
Lilia Sahanova 28 dni temu
You have missed the sin at 08:02. The phone Joey holds is clearly fucking turned off.
Pedro Mateus
Pedro Mateus 28 dni temu
Next The One were they say the word "know" six thousand times
Najla 28 dni temu
I just don't get ittt!!! a lot of these "sins" I don't get, what is this??? there are some things I got though like: why were they kissing each other on the mouth? that was weird to me since I first watched this episode. Why little Ben wasn't at the wedding? Ross being aggressive to Emily. Why did they not know that the building was going to be torn down? 🤷‍♀️and like 6 more obvious ones and that's it
Not Funny Didn't Laugh.
If you're gonna do cartoons, please please please do the original Invader Zim!
Piotr Bolacki
Piotr Bolacki 28 dni temu
Escare Plan 3 Money King Bolt
Iris Waldenburger
Iris Waldenburger 28 dni temu
Shame on you CS, no sin for the CLEARLY not functioning or switched on mobile phone during the altar scene with Joey and Ross
Rory Hook
Rory Hook 28 dni temu
Hahahahahaha I'll sin myself out
Rory Hook
Rory Hook 28 dni temu
Nice you mention the kissing in the lips. There's the episode where Monica and Chandler are hiding their relationship where they make a big deal about the kissing in the lips and.... Ok you already know where I'm going, and I know the narrator pretends to not have seen the next episodes, but it's a pitty that you couldn't squeeze a "Lipskissingshadowing" sin.
SlakZ 29 dni temu
Can you please do final space or futur man
Stuart Leckie
Stuart Leckie 29 dni temu
June Whitfield is indeed a national treasure. Well done 👍🏻
Agatha Tavares
Agatha Tavares 29 dni temu
Please please please please please PLEASE do Jane the Virgin and Crazy ex girlfriend
jjwp 1988
jjwp 1988 29 dni temu
*Sin* "Elizabeth Tower" its called. Big Ben is the bell at the top.
Ty Marcellus
Ty Marcellus 29 dni temu
Beatles_ Queenie
Beatles_ Queenie 29 dni temu
The tower isn’t called Big Ben That’s the bell
Bilal 27 dni temu
noctos kanan
noctos kanan 29 dni temu
ok i guess you like friends but im sure more show could use a second ep. or not it's your channel. thanks been watching since your start
Marcel Bittencourt
Marcel Bittencourt 29 dni temu
I mean nobody would ever mistake one's fiance at the fuckin altar, no matter how in love one is with someone else. This is the worst plot point of the show.
keiran fenton
keiran fenton 29 dni temu
Can’t wait for Batwoman sins
Cassuttus Tshirt
Cassuttus Tshirt 29 dni temu
I hate....HATE this show. not even sure why I'm watching the sins. I hate this show so bad it actually hurts me.
sunny squid
sunny squid Month ago
Please Do the good doctor
Mat Ringo
Mat Ringo Month ago
No one: Absolutely No one: Emily:Don’t point you’re pants at me Me:~laughing out loud~ My family: That’s not funny you are worse than the laugh track!
Keithkmarshman Month ago
Do one the modern chat shows. I noticed they give a standing ovation for every - single - guest, no matter how minor or banal.