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AMAZING FISHING CHALLENGE where I had to find all my own bait before I tried to catch fish!!! Found a TON of bait but was SHOCKED to see the variety of fish species I was able to catch!
Check out this MONSTER FISH I Caught from a TINY Canal!!! 4strefa.pl/video/video-4QDh5Jzituc.html
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#fishing #outdoors #adventure #challenge
Rod/Reel/Line/Baits used:
-Natural worms & hellgrammites
-Genie Jar (Holds live bait) amzn.to/2YW6tlX
-Major Craft Benkei 6'4" light/fast travel rod
-Shimano Ci4+ 1000 Spinning Reel
-Suffix 832 braid (6 lbs) amzn.to/297TGzf
-Seaguar Red Label fluorocarbon (6 lbs) amzn.to/2vgwiLj
(Above Links are Amazon Associate Links)
Location: Patapsco River in Maryland
Date: August 9th, 2019
Primary Pattern: Hellgrammites in deep holes
Time Fished (+harvesting bait): 7:00 am - 12:00 pm
Air Temp: High of 88 degrees
Water Temp: 78 degrees
Water Clarity: 24 - 48 inches
Conditions: Partly cloudy with winds from the SW up to 6 mph
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Aug 10, 2019

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Komentarze 1 423
Viper Deuce
Viper Deuce 33 minut temu
6:24 .these mother fuckers grow wings...oh fuck no
The B Bros
The B Bros 2 godzin temu
Is this a new 4Strefa bassy Smith?? Coyote Peterson’s long lost cousin😂😂😂
BeverlyAnn Williams
BeverlyAnn Williams 15 godzin temu
No chub but a fall fish
BeverlyAnn Williams
BeverlyAnn Williams 15 godzin temu
I four I on me sissies phone
Hugo 123
Hugo 123 15 godzin temu
Is this a reupload
Timothy E
Timothy E 16 godzin temu
Lol 1Rod backed this poor father into a corner 5:16 "You wanna try it, *or no?"* He was not having that hellgramite but had to braven up for the kiddo lol
Brad Mcbroom
Brad Mcbroom 17 godzin temu
Rock bass was cracked
Peelin Drag
Peelin Drag 18 godzin temu
That chub was the best bait you can have.
Peelin Drag
Peelin Drag 18 godzin temu
I love how in every fishing video ever all you hear is,"HUGE FISH, HUGE FISH!!" Reels in 7" smallie.....
Tinydanceing Monk
Tinydanceing Monk 19 godzin temu
Idk why I fell like this is a re upload
Rick Bradley
Rick Bradley 20 godzin temu
Those were Fantabulous bait Mike! Looks like U were having some Big Time Fun! ILYSM, PEACE OUT!
ozzybwild 20 godzin temu
yo nightcrawler-ninja.. if you put some holes in the lid of that plastic container those happy worms won't suffer from suffocation..
ozzybwild 20 godzin temu
okay, cut at around 8:30 shows some well needed ventilation cuts, good job ^^
Angus Cawood
Angus Cawood 21 hour ago
What brand of rod do you use
Gannon Phillips
Gannon Phillips 23 godzin temu
Where can I get that jar
مكين مجلس
مكين مجلس Dzień temu
Link to foldable net?
Fortnite Redbeam
Fortnite Redbeam Dzień temu
colinsizzorhandz Dzień temu
Beautiful river, that's my kind of hike. And super cool challenge! When I fished trout streams in the mountains I liked finding and using the local insect life for bait, so I'd love to see more videos like this. I noticed that "something waving on the underbelly" you mentioned of the swimming hellgrammite, and I looked it up. Those are actually little brush-like tufts of gill fibers that trap dissolved oxygen. It's how they breathe and it probably helps with buoyancy too.
KNK K'n'k
KNK K'n'k Dzień temu
Good job! Absolutely insane
SwagNoahXD Dzień temu
possibly orb weaver spider?
Maximilian Ocho
Maximilian Ocho Dzień temu
where is this river is it close to salt water becuz that striper is lost as hell
New York’s Turtleman
New York’s Turtleman Dzień temu
The spider you almost ran into is some variety of orb weaver. They get their name because of their quintessential orb shaped webs that they build. Their venom is not dangerous to humans!
cwalt Derz
cwalt Derz Dzień temu
Such a goober
Lukaas Dzień temu
Love your videos!
Kyler Carpenter
Kyler Carpenter Dzień temu
Always Match the hatch Live Bait? Cheating?
Randy Richardson
Randy Richardson 2 dni temu
Dude calm down you dont have to scream everytime you catch a fish
macronaria 2 dni temu
you should try fishing with some soft plastic hellgrammites
Austin Govey
Austin Govey 2 dni temu
Compression shorts?
Tex as
Tex as 2 dni temu
1Rod: gets bit Coyote: Am I a joke to you?
Caleb Isaacs
Caleb Isaacs 2 dni temu
Where are the brown trout though??
Caleb Isaacs
Caleb Isaacs 2 dni temu
Redbreast sunfish
Captain_Dirt 2 dni temu
Finding your own bait , is a "challenge" to people ???? God help us all !
Bas Mastenbroek
Bas Mastenbroek 2 dni temu
Dee Dee Green
Dee Dee Green 2 dni temu
That was so nice!!! Sharing your bait! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Ethan Skillz
Ethan Skillz 2 dni temu
I actually love watching your vids 👇make this blue if u agree
A1A Adventures
A1A Adventures 2 dni temu
I Saw That NINJA Shizz at 01:50 ! 😲
Automatiq 2 dni temu
I've never seen a Dobsonfly. They're probably all hiding in Area 51. Freakin' ALIENS!
Joe Barbot-Doherty
Joe Barbot-Doherty 2 dni temu
Orb weaver
Shreddedthumb Bassing
Shreddedthumb Bassing 2 dni temu
ITS A GIANT SMALLIE!!!! Pulls up a 12 incher*
LaSean BigDay
LaSean BigDay 3 dni temu
U are my favorite 4Strefar
Dennis Nguyen pham
Dennis Nguyen pham 3 dni temu
Ok ok!
Tony Tomaro
Tony Tomaro 3 dni temu
Orb weaver
owen fink
owen fink 3 dni temu
it's a don't fuckwithme spider
Mohammed Isa Loonat
Mohammed Isa Loonat 3 dni temu
Mofo aka mother fucker
N2K IMPACT ッ 3 dni temu
Now I’m not lit in rocks ever again in da water
Bennylegend12 8
Bennylegend12 8 3 dni temu
Rumors say you inspired @firststatefishing???
Jim Arnold
Jim Arnold 3 dni temu
hellgrammites breathe air.. dont drown them
hitek 3 dni temu
I use one of the Majorcraft benkai rods in UL (BIS644UL) with a stradic 1000 ci4+, it's nifty little creek/back+bikepacking rod for stuff like this and I was thinking of grabbing one of the BIS644ML models to pair with the same reel so I can toss some larger stuff around. Good video, I used to fish like this quite often and spending the time catching bait really adds to your overall knowledge.
Will Lupold
Will Lupold 3 dni temu
11:00 the white puffy looking things on the belly are its gills
Michael Slaughter
Michael Slaughter 3 dni temu
Catches earthworm....”get in the booooat!”
Kamakanaaloha Maly
Kamakanaaloha Maly 3 dni temu
They look like centipedes
Jeff Franco
Jeff Franco 3 dni temu
FVG 3 dni temu
R u reading and hearing comments now, love ur vids btw
FVG 3 dni temu
@1Rod1ReelFishing OMFG YOU RESPONDED!!!!!
1Rod1ReelFishing 3 dni temu
Yes and thanks for watching! 👊
Chuck Budrick
Chuck Budrick 3 dni temu
I'm a huge fan you should try doing the gummy worm fishing challenge
Jeff Wairi
Jeff Wairi 3 dni temu
It'd be cool to do a senko vs craw lure in the next 2rod challenge
lemuel jones
lemuel jones 3 dni temu
The bait actually caught the fish lol
Johnny Outdoorz
Johnny Outdoorz 3 dni temu
have to love using mother natures bounty and catching an assortment of species, awesome video man!!
Andyrockstar 17
Andyrockstar 17 3 dni temu
Great videos onerod!! Can you make a lure video? keep up the awesome videos
Corbin Woodall
Corbin Woodall 3 dni temu
Please try stocking area 11 again. Like if he should
Logan Meadows
Logan Meadows 3 dni temu
One day I want to be a pro fisherman cause of you
Paul Avila
Paul Avila 3 dni temu
Me: Never say mo fo 1 rod 1reel fishing: " mo fo Me: someone learned a new word
R6 gamer Rage also
R6 gamer Rage also 3 dni temu
One good way to get worms is dawn dish soap put it in a empty bucket then fill with water so it gets foamy you can get like 100 worms . I prefer to do it at night
Pixzy 3 dni temu
We call them crab spiders
R1pt1d3 Yeet
R1pt1d3 Yeet 3 dni temu
Coyote pearson 2.0
Evan Frey
Evan Frey 4 dni temu
He could have became spider man but he did not know it 😂
Todd Peterson
Todd Peterson 4 dni temu
Thats the first I have ever seen anybody do that challenge. I was surprised at all the bait you found SO FAST. Good Ecosystem your working in. You make it look easy, Great to watch, Cameras have sharp pictures too. You good at what you do. Thank you again, Todd from Wisconsin.
Nathan Blank
Nathan Blank 4 dni temu
Shoutout? 50 subs B4 his next video?
NBSXMASTER 1 4 dni temu
1rod has made so many videos but this might just be my favorite
stevelwall99 4 dni temu
Ummmm, that's not poison ivy. "Leaves 3, let it be, berries white, fearsome site." Poison ivy is shaped like a mitten.
Martin The Fisherman
Martin The Fisherman 4 dni temu
Fun Time Freddy Super Stars
Fun Time Freddy Super Stars 4 dni temu
That striped bass should've went into area 11.
Ederon Khoo
Ederon Khoo 4 dni temu
Mike i been so happy to see ur fishing and everything u have done... But i today i just hit rock bottom of my life yet i still watch ur video and encourage me to actually move on... I hope i can move on from nothing
Jack King
Jack King 4 dni temu
No poison ivy
Steve 4 dni temu
I got bitten like 10 times the last time i used hellgrammites those things are like mosquitos in caterpillar form
James Huffman
James Huffman 4 dni temu
Is this where your sister caught that trout?
Cripple Creek Boyz
Cripple Creek Boyz 4 dni temu
Bru just grab it behind the head
Todd Peterson
Todd Peterson 4 dni temu
Another cool ass video, great job, thanks.
Abdul-Qaadir Abdul-Khaaliq
Abdul-Qaadir Abdul-Khaaliq 4 dni temu
Eric Crisostomo
Eric Crisostomo 4 dni temu
Orb Weaver 🕷️
Fortnite God
Fortnite God 4 dni temu
Your first (smallie) was a large mouth lol
Aaron Gonzalez
Aaron Gonzalez 4 dni temu
I was fishing and the fish was a bass 7 pounds
Cdub White
Cdub White 4 dni temu
You should do an update on area 11
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