Football in Hotel!

Danny Duncan
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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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Oct 14, 2019




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Komentarze 2 966
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 29 dni temu
3 million merch available for a couple days only at
BB Gomez
BB Gomez 20 dni temu
I will be in texas around Dallas in around Chrasmas
Eddie Chavira
Eddie Chavira 22 dni temu
Hunter Schafmayer
Hunter Schafmayer 23 dni temu
Danny, I dare you to cut your hair short.
Tiffany Tipp
Tiffany Tipp 24 dni temu
Danny Duncan going a round saying hey Daddy
Tiffany Tipp
Tiffany Tipp 24 dni temu
Danny Duncan saying hay
Sav Ran
Sav Ran 10 godzin temu
Baby Kodakkk
Baby Kodakkk 19 godzin temu
Dannny Duncan is my favorite 4Strefar bra, & I’ve never had one of those bc truly no 4Strefa but Danny can make me Gshyt laugh, just had a dream he came to my school & I got to meet him 1on1 litterally woke up & rushed to his channel best dream ever
Gus Gus Games
Gus Gus Games Dzień temu
Our school actually allows them lol most of the sweat shirts I have seen at my school say virginity rockas
Cory Steinmetz
Cory Steinmetz 2 dni temu
I wanna hangout to with you so bad for one day 😂😂 your a legend.
MadMitchell Susac
I HAVE MEMES 3 dni temu
Jack Gaspar
Jack Gaspar 3 dni temu
Does this happen to be kian and jc’s old house?
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark 3 dni temu
The end though😂😂😂
clips YT
clips YT 5 dni temu
U know that kids fucking 😂
Steezy Andy
Steezy Andy 5 dni temu
Did anyone catch the iphone x that fell out of someones hand at 0:35 i feel bad for who ever lost that lmaoo
aiden reaction
aiden reaction 5 dni temu
Love from Arizona
Spec-Darnit 6 dni temu
did nobody notice that at 0:33 someone dropped their phone lmao
Jack Fortuna
Jack Fortuna 6 dni temu
That’s jake Paul’s old house 😂😂😂😂
Elliot Bent
Elliot Bent 6 dni temu
When Danny knocked a kids phone out of their hand when he did the first stage jump
Ripped And Dipped
anyone else see the fans phone danny landed on at the start and it launched across the room?
NGUP SHEEP 6 dni temu
8:54 song?
NGUP SHEEP 6 dni temu
8:54 song?
NGUP SHEEP 6 dni temu
8:54 song?
Meam Creater
Meam Creater 7 dni temu
Whatever u do don't sell it to Jake Paul we all know what he is like 😂
Matt Spencer
Matt Spencer 7 dni temu
Roman Hager I see you bro
JB Vlogs
JB Vlogs 8 dni temu
New Mexico gang
brooke langdon
brooke langdon 8 dni temu
the news articleeee
Camron Smith
Camron Smith 8 dni temu
"OH SHIT, I dropped my IPhone I hope it isnt cracked" My Iphone: 11:41
Jules Roussel
Jules Roussel 8 dni temu
0:34 someone Oof is phone
nicholas nassif
nicholas nassif 8 dni temu
Stay in FL
Trevor Strovers
Trevor Strovers 9 dni temu
Rip to who ever phones went flying at the beginning
Tayven Wiseman
Tayven Wiseman 10 dni temu
I got dress coded to
Snorlax 96
Snorlax 96 11 dni temu
I wear the same virginity rocks hoodie at school and teachers actually compliment me 😂
DiRose Family Vlogs
Come visit our channel❤️ love from the DiRoses
Homie Alexx
Homie Alexx 13 dni temu
This guys a dick
Whiteboy Rozrywka
Whiteboy Rozrywka 13 dni temu
Keven Almaraz
Keven Almaraz 14 dni temu
That's crazy
Maksim Eckhart
Maksim Eckhart 14 dni temu
I bought my friend a virginity rocks shirt and he wore it accidentally at a cancer awareness pep rally
Jayce Kastner
Jayce Kastner 14 dni temu
“I was trying to promote abstinence” “something he strongly believes it”😂 I’m dead
Jayce Kastner
Jayce Kastner 14 dni temu
“3 FINAL warnings”😂
Nexz EnVy
Nexz EnVy 15 dni temu
Buy a nice house tear it down and put a mobile home on it 😂
AngelDiaz 15 dni temu
0:34 i feel bad for that phone when it dropped
kesha 15 dni temu
That same thing happened to me at my school
Recticulas 15 dni temu
ellie giulletti
ellie giulletti 16 dni temu
I wish I had money I live in poverty
Austin King
Austin King 14 dni temu
ellie giulletti that makes no sense
Mikiah Reed
Mikiah Reed 16 dni temu
“you’re in Albuquerque bro” 😂
Shizuka Hiruka
Shizuka Hiruka 16 dni temu
I was the person who had to catch him when he jumped. I was the most person who grabbed his dick ;)
pancho 16 dni temu
danny you should go to the roswell festival
Carter Suc
Carter Suc 17 dni temu
Eau Claire, WI news 18, represent!
Carter Munson
Carter Munson 17 dni temu
I live in Roswell NM home to the alines
Evan Keith
Evan Keith 17 dni temu
Yo Danny, I think you should wrestle Kewan, I think it’d be a pretty decent match
Foul Trend
Foul Trend 17 dni temu
I got u Danny ima buy some merch now
Maximusentertainment on youtube check it out boiii
Bless Gillette
Bless Gillette 18 dni temu
Danny is such a goat dude just saved all his tour checks
Aaron Lemus
Aaron Lemus 18 dni temu
Rip the phone the flew when you stage dived
Geoo. 18 dni temu
Lol at 10:16 he was in front of jake Paul’s house
Geoo. 18 dni temu
If u live near jake Paul then you are a disgrace
Tanner Antone
Tanner Antone 18 dni temu
I live in Oregon can I still get tickets?
EnduroBluff 18 dni temu
hi we just had the manager come up to our room then the suitcase down the stairs just to top it all off hahahaha
Esme Batista
Esme Batista 19 dni temu
albuquerque was the worst selling show means he's not coming back😔😔😔
Kwikade K
Kwikade K 19 dni temu seriously seems too good to be true i made $300 my guy
Cami Heis
Cami Heis 19 dni temu
he was looking at kian and jc’s old house 😭
Logan Hollis
Logan Hollis 19 dni temu
@10:30 brooooo im dead😂😂🤣☠☠
TVCH LORD 19 dni temu
i like how danny duncan hides the crowd for his "tour" because hes ashamed its all 12 year olds who you would see at a jake paul show
Domesticated Alien
Domesticated Alien 19 dni temu
Ight danny, i hope you read this. Go visit thorne and his mom man please its something we'd all enjoy seeing im sure. Would make for good content and make this kid's life a dream come true do it for the fans
Domesticated Alien
Domesticated Alien 19 dni temu
or make a new shirt and hoodie even saying "I stand with Thorne" and donate all the money that line makes to him and his mom it would be life changing to them
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