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The cast of Always Open talks about being in love and gets motivated to find Yssa her true love. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:
Audio from: Always Open # 84
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Animated by: Abby Duel
Directed by: Andrew Lhotsky
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The animated shenanigans of the Rooster Teeth staff. Audio taken from various Rooster Teeth podcasts.
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Aug 5, 2019




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Komentarze 291
Cristiana Estima
Cristiana Estima 27 dni temu
Make this bachelorette PLSSSS
IG Myht1c
IG Myht1c Month ago
why does Yssa's hair colour flip every time she looks a different direction?
Beerbottles123 Month ago
D'aww… Yssa is still wearing her 'I ❤ soft bois' shirt
Amazing Gry520
Amazing Gry520 Month ago
420 and 69 nice
T Stormer
T Stormer Month ago
I'm thoroughly attracted to whoever that was at the end of the video. never seen them before in my life as far as rooster teeth goes.
Richard Avelino
Richard Avelino Month ago
Aaaaaa that would be awesome!!
Chris McGee
Chris McGee Month ago
Wow this was an absolute waste of an RTAA. I remember when these used to be funny
BogusMojo Month ago
No way Marial would be so bad with money to get evicted
Evan Davis
Evan Davis Month ago
Why does Max look like Dorian from Dragon Age inquisition?
charl X
charl X Month ago
10GaugeManiac Month ago
'Like' is such a strong word. Can't we just be friends?
Zach Kinkead
Zach Kinkead Month ago
I wish I loved anything as much as Barb loves puns.
spaceman221 Month ago
"Save the company money" boy that's quite an amusing line considering their current position with FIRST and stuff 😂
Cartoon Critique
Love is just chemicals in the brain.
ChrisHasVideos Month ago
The best part of RT Batchelorette is watching Chris strike out.
Do some more halo seasons 14-20 plz they where good vids
K, Jetix's Successor
I have an entire philosophy about love and goodness/light in life, but it would be way too long to explain it. So the short version is: Love is bulls**t and evil; Hope is the true light of life.
Anonymous_dragon666 T
1:04 lol ema ema gaad
Carly Mara
Carly Mara Month ago
I support any type of love...especially when there's babies involved :3
Nevermind Month ago
1:48 ah yes, the ultimate RT ship maggie x maggie
Cregar Back
Cregar Back Month ago
omg i love all of them lol
AgentRedhead Month ago
Mariel, who hurt you to not believe in love?
wess0177 /
wess0177 / Month ago
Room 420 ok ok I see good going
OptimusShr Month ago
You could find someone there easily enough. I mean Geoff is dreamy...
Mr. G
Mr. G Month ago
So roosterteeth are you going to do something about shannon McCormick doxxing thatumbrillaguy or not.
Noah Dean
Noah Dean Month ago
It's like the Hunger Games but there can only be one
Noah Dean
Noah Dean Month ago
@Cartoon Critique yes
Cartoon Critique
Isn't that also the tagline from "The Highlander"?
BluePaw Month ago
Surprised to not see Jeremy or Ryan in that list... saw the rest of AH but not once Jeremy, or Ryan. What gives? :P
SwiftBlade4 Month ago
Is this the first animated episode where Barbra is animated old?
Daniel Garlin
Daniel Garlin Month ago
My marriage is at that stage where my wife says she's too old to start training someone else, so that's why she won't divorce me.
Kat Month ago
Idk why but I really like the detail of salt & pepper being on the table.
pinkham4corgis Month ago
Can someone please tell me what Issa'a shirt says? She ♡s small ______?
kurokaze511 Month ago
So the only one out of the group that's actually married think love is fake? Yeah that sounds about right.
JAMCastillo1 Month ago
So the the show Yssa go? 😅
J S Month ago
some knight in shining nerd armour please swoop in and how you doin', Yssa.
Steven Kelly
Steven Kelly Month ago
And once you breakup with a coworker, they will completely disappear from a majority of RT content.
Kabir Kumar
Kabir Kumar Month ago
Who did that happen to?
Paul Rocha
Paul Rocha Month ago
Think of the rt babies lol
pyro main
pyro main Month ago
Whens rvb season 18
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb Month ago
OK, that sign-off made me feel kind of weird.
Zai the water demon hedgewolf
Mariel: it’s fake, ITS NOT REAL YSSA!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nathan Month ago
It's been a while since we've seen Matt in a rtaa
*G R E E N L I G H T*
Eric Stroud
Eric Stroud Month ago
Runetato Month ago
Anyone ever wonder if Barb is good at Barbaraques?
Lauren W.
Lauren W. Month ago
*Mariel is literally me when it comes to love* 😂
RiotontheRadio Month ago
Barbara is all about dating dudes she works with. Kyle, Aaron, trevor. Now that I think about it. She def has a type.
Steven Kelly
Steven Kelly Month ago
@RiotontheRadio no hate either, just a observation I noticed
RiotontheRadio Month ago
@Steven Kelly well it's been nice knowing Trevor. She is def the maneater of RT. Btw this isnt hate. I adore her but this is just what happens.
RiotontheRadio Month ago
@gisselle4529 I havent seen this Kyle in years. I dont know if he works for RT anymore.
gisselle4529 Month ago
She dated Kyle??! Isn’t he still playing video games with Miles on backwards compatible on the RT website?
Steven Kelly
Steven Kelly Month ago
RiotontheRadio she will also make sure to be partnered up with said BF in any content and if they breakup, the BF will disappear from everything
Kathleen Adams
Kathleen Adams Month ago
who hurt Muriel.. 😂
Faustino Cinco
Faustino Cinco Month ago
I loved the old animated adventures, those msde me laugh. It doesn't have the same charm it had before
Marty McFuckFace
Me @ Google: Who is Yssa? Google: Did you mean: Micah Burton replacement because Always Open is extremely transparent?
Irritide Streams
Rooster teeth dating game show, id totally be down to watching that! Lol also, need contestants? 😂😂
likenem Month ago
Jesus Christ, who hurt you
Eric Hansen
Eric Hansen Month ago
What determines who get's shiny eyes and who get's dull eyes
Krystian Morales
Why are you asking us for more money
ManiacsWorld Month ago
Platonic love is best love.
Ki Karl Tilander
I love the room 420 thing
Shadow Watcher
Shadow Watcher Month ago
Yssa’s real love would be noctis voice actor
HotLaMon Month ago
I love Mariel.
Jayden Reid
Jayden Reid Month ago
Imagine teachers pronouncing Yssa’s name in school
Nicolas Charron
Nicolas Charron Month ago
The company WOULD need the money...
shuboy05 Month ago
What is love?
Porg Month ago
Sth happened between Laura and Mariel?


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