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Gus decides to mix things up with his Amazon shipment. Little does he know the convenience he seeks is further than he expected. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:
Audio from: Rooster Teeth Podcast #525
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Starting: Gus Sorola & Andrew Lhotsky
Directed by: Jordan Battle, Jordan, Cwierz, Andrew Lhotsky
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The animated shenanigans of the Rooster Teeth staff. Audio taken from various Rooster Teeth podcasts.
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Sep 16, 2019




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Komentarze 696
Noah Ravelo
Noah Ravelo Dzień temu
Ryan looks a bit weird...he get a haircut or something?
Mackin Cheez
Mackin Cheez 4 dni temu
Thus was cool.. Y'all should make more
Commander Blue Blurr/BB
I Hates FNDM So Much.
Commander Blue Blurr/BB
I Hates RWBY Fandom So Much
Blake Nightshade
Blake Nightshade 10 dni temu
I guess animation got hit by the cuts
Destiny Francis
Destiny Francis 13 dni temu
When Animation budgets drop. You just improvise.
Timothy Rodowicz
Timothy Rodowicz 13 dni temu
This isn't animated...
Forever_ Goo
Forever_ Goo 14 dni temu
This was all just an excuse for gus to flex on us with his Tesla
your face
your face 15 dni temu
Do more like this!!!
Metruzanca 15 dni temu
wolf870626 19 dni temu
Thank God for the new Amazon Kohl's returns
MrPotatoes97 19 dni temu
Dude I love these real rtaa’s
AlexanderVastros 21 day ago
Had to throw a like for the effort.
The Internet Helpdesk
Cool jacket bro
Tommygod55 21 day ago
Wow that 50 employee cut really took a toll huh.
Dark Alice
Dark Alice 22 dni temu
Fully animated is better imo
George Fares
George Fares 22 dni temu
0:23 I can see at least 3 parking spots lol
Chewbacca 22 dni temu
Mung Daal "We're out of money! No money means no animation."
Chad Elliott
Chad Elliott 22 dni temu
This was great. Love to see more like this lol
fireaza 22 dni temu
"Rooster Teeth Semi-Animated Adventures"
Dean Vine
Dean Vine 23 dni temu
Woah, animation really improved
NyxErebus 23 dni temu
This was brilliant 😆
Terminal Sarcasm
Terminal Sarcasm 23 dni temu
I didn't even notice this was an RTAA. Oof.
Okami Jones
Okami Jones 23 dni temu
Rtaa irl, way to step up y’all game fellas
Courtney Kramer
Courtney Kramer 23 dni temu
This is why A&M is the best🤷🏻‍♀️. Love you guys but....... saw em' off!!! 👍🏻
Khy-Rhett Tyler
Khy-Rhett Tyler 24 dni temu
What a fun and refreshing way of doing vids
Brandon Magana
Brandon Magana 24 dni temu
Gus is the best
JarnGarmr 24 dni temu
4077Disc 24 dni temu
1:21 Mike, Lee, and Herminio all standing around doing nothing. G.D. Lazy Landscapers
IntoxiGamer 25 dni temu
Shame on you, RT community. This comment section is the same two jokes, repeated over and over. RT raised us to be better than this.
Scott Holmes
Scott Holmes 25 dni temu
Liked for you standing outside in the sun in a jacket.. in Texas.
theSkyman15 26 dni temu
Nah don't like this one bit
Deadlylies 26 dni temu
I dont blame ya gus so stupid they make 2 headquarters and cant be asked to make a another one not on a campus.
MrQuacky Gry YT
MrQuacky Gry YT 26 dni temu
Don't know how I feel about how they combined irl with the RT animation, takes away some of the RTAA feel but somehow gives it more comedy
Growth and Vore 2
Growth and Vore 2 26 dni temu
I can see D. Simmons trying to get his box to the unsc because that voice.
Shadow Hawke
Shadow Hawke 26 dni temu
first it was the postal service, now it’s Amazon Gus can’t get a break can he
Jennifer Kibble
Jennifer Kibble 26 dni temu
Poor Gus. Zero luck with Amazon. Not sure if you have this in your area, but you can take returned Amazon packages to Kohl's.
Sabrina Stone
Sabrina Stone 26 dni temu
I love this! 🤣 I love all of this!!
kklondikke 26 dni temu
I love the rtaas that are just about Gus or someone else being mad about stupid adult stuff
Daniel Kuhlmeyer
Daniel Kuhlmeyer 26 dni temu
I think it's funny that the commercial immediately after this for me was for Amazon Prime.
The More You Know
The More You Know 27 dni temu
This story is the spiritual embodiment of every task I complete
Alex Palko
Alex Palko 27 dni temu
This reminds me of Drunk Historia
Mark-Edward 27 dni temu
This wasn’t animation.
Elliot Triplett
Elliot Triplett 27 dni temu
I lived downtown Austin. If it's a return, they have those lockers all over the place. Not that that helps with parking because good luck finding parking downtown, but there are like 10 lockers in a 1 mile radius of 1st and Congress.
LobodeAqua 27 dni temu
Wow the animators really stepped up their game on this one!!!
Warlord Gear head
Warlord Gear head 27 dni temu
Wow the animation look so good
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis 27 dni temu
I would watch the skits over animation
Laura Bolt
Laura Bolt 27 dni temu
A- story B- graphics
Tina Xu
Tina Xu 27 dni temu
Welp it really isn’t that hard to find... my freshman year I found it pretty easily but that’s probably because they had a sign outside. Also I’m pretty sure the Amazon books at Domain also does returns
geine102 27 dni temu
Love this concept, so funny 🤣
liztaehyung 27 dni temu
This is by far the best animation I've seen to date. Pixar who?
The0neR1ng 27 dni temu
Do people really not have that Bell clicked? 😂 😂 😂
Ellis McKennon
Ellis McKennon 27 dni temu
Gus hated filming every minute of this.
Matthew SuperNova
Matthew SuperNova 27 dni temu
"Animated Adventure?!?" That really was awesome though! X-D Seriously funny. Loved the shots that were included. Angles and all of the little signs and everything. Really Funny. Plus the orange beard as a fill in person! haha so good
FTO: NERD TALK 27 dni temu
253k views . Wow
Zane Frohn
Zane Frohn 27 dni temu
You should Have hired me cause even though I’m from Illinois I am fine with wearing a hoodie in summer in Florida and I’m fine with that
Olivele 27 dni temu
Honestly yeah I know his pain. I live next to an amazon bookstore and yet my options are 1) go to a kohl’s... 2) go to west campus to return my package. Idiotic this is Austin TX.
shaggy 27 dni temu
The post office near me is like this... No parking near it and when you do arrive to send a parcel, they look at you and go, yeah we can't send that try our head depo, the head depo is 65 miles away also with no parking.
Rush Jayz
Rush Jayz 28 dni temu
I loooooove this. Great concept RT xD
Sam F
Sam F 28 dni temu
Yeah Gus the animation on this one was AMAZING!!!! my god
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