Hairdresser Reacts To Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening

Brad Mondo
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Hi Beautiful! Straightening treatments are super helpful to those of you with extremely frizzy hair that just want to wake up and have your hair look perfect. But there's also some down sides to doing these treatments...




Oct 6, 2019




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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo 8 dni temu
Ever thought about getting your hair permanently straightened?
sunnytea 4 dni temu
sunnytea 4 dni temu
sunnytea 4 dni temu
sunnytea 4 dni temu
Imma keep replying until there’s 500
Sophi Woods
Sophi Woods 4 dni temu
I've done it before. 3 times. One time at home and twice at a beauty salon. I have hella curly kinky hair so I wasted so much money because all it did was make it CURLIER. I had curl locks instead of my normal tiny squiggle locks. I was out here looking from the Victorian age. I was so mad.
Four.Star. Rini
Four.Star. Rini 7 godzin temu
When you only watch for Rachel
Trista Stephens
Trista Stephens 7 godzin temu
Hermione and Lydia had a baby
Lashania 7 godzin temu
Matthews ES
Matthews ES 8 godzin temu
I saw Rachel. I clicked. I watched. I am satisfied.
Dummy Thicc Chan
Dummy Thicc Chan 8 godzin temu
I get relaxers every few months and my hair grows so fast
I love Rachel!
Kadi Mchorse
Kadi Mchorse 9 godzin temu
Love this video! So you have always to not wash your hair everyday, could you possibly do a tutorial with a mannequin with suuuuuper oily hair, maybe put oil in it and show different ways to conceal/cover the oil and how to style it when it has so much dry shampoo in it?
nnemfk H
nnemfk H 11 godzin temu
I got my hair straightened with the Japanese treatment and I love it
Rae M.
Rae M. 12 godzin temu
I have been getting permanent straightening treatments for almost 9yrs now. My hair is still good lol
stay salty
stay salty 14 godzin temu
The real question is... Why do they have permanent hair straightening in Japan? They naturally all have straight hair since birth
DefinitelyNot AShark
DefinitelyNot AShark 15 godzin temu
My friend got her hair straightened in Japan. I feel like even if it does some damage, weighing that up against having to use tons of products and manually straightening it every day probably isn't that bad. If the straightening means you can just rinse and go... Yeah go for it. Idk. This is assuming your hair isn't completely messed up before.
Kimber Bauer
Kimber Bauer 15 godzin temu
keratin treatments are dangerous! they contain formaldehyde!
MyOhMyiah 16 godzin temu
I think Rachel said on Instagram that she hasn’t gotten the treatment done since and her hair is still straight, even during the hot and humid summers in Japan.
Alex Darum
Alex Darum 17 godzin temu
Cassy Sida
Cassy Sida 18 godzin temu
I wish perms were more popular so Brad could do like a perm do's and don'ts or how to make them last longer
Cassy Sida
Cassy Sida 18 godzin temu
I'm never too worried about parts but i've gotten my hair permed a couple times and yeah I remember the first time I think the hairdresser cut my hair in the middle then put it back in my side part except it was a lil more further away from the centre and my hair kept trying to like fight it. The second time she parted my hair perfectly fine up until the back of my head where she rolled one of rollers on the opposite side so it always would stick up when I tried to put it on the correct side, I thought it was kinda hilarious though
Cassy Sida
Cassy Sida 18 godzin temu
Brad talks about how damaging the process can be and then a girl with hair that's not even all that curly comes in like yesss straighten herrrrr
Tia 18 godzin temu
Me with my curly/kinky 4b/c hair.. ngl I want it
Lava Yuki
Lava Yuki 19 godzin temu
I heard this is really damaging, I used to live in Japan and it was advertised everywhere. I have straight hair but am curious about it. Ive just done Nanokeratin so far, which is good enough to straighten mine but only lasts 4 months. One of my friends has super girly frizzy hair and always gets the Yuko Japanese straightening treatment to have her hair poker straight, and looking at this it looks amazing! Pity can't get it as I keep my black hair dyed blonde
meghandawn12 19 godzin temu
I have curly hair and "permanently" straightened it before. It was nice, but I couldn't stand the awkward growing out phase.
Aleah Reed
Aleah Reed 21 hour ago
I love Rachel and jun
Jakabii 22 godzin temu
Got mine done over a year ago and have maintained it and gone to get it redone twice since then. (because of roots) it's expensive but it's so worth it for me. I used to straighten my hair daily and it was getting so damaged. Now since I don't straighten my hair everyday my hair has repaired and is much healthier :) because my hair is long it weighs the roots down so the curl isn't very noticeable but for shorter hair I'm sure it's a different story.
Monica Donovan
Monica Donovan 22 godzin temu
Living in Japan during the summer is so insanely humid. Other areas of Asia are worse, but I can never stop sweating during summer. Like, sweat is drenching my hair and dripping from my face. I want to get this process done myself, but it’s expensive. However, it would really tame my hair during the summer. No matter what I do to my hair, no matter what I put in it, I’m a frizzy mess here.
Kaitlyn 22 godzin temu
the 2nd girl's hair looked like it was from a pantene commercial lol
Kaitlyn 22 godzin temu
her hair was so cute curly thooo as soon as i saw her hair i was like noo pls dont straighten it
Milagro Almendarez
Milagro Almendarez 23 godzin temu
Hey brad can you plz do another video like this but with keratin treatment💕
Marie Camacho
Marie Camacho 23 godzin temu
I saw Rachel in the thumbnail
Alyssa Parziale
Alyssa Parziale 23 godzin temu
I’ve gotten the keratin treatment twice now and it hasn’t don’t anything for me 🙁🙁at first it did for the first 5 days but then it was back to a frizzy mess
AngelDRose 23 godzin temu
New video idea : “I instruct my brother on how to do Japanese straightening”
Gi Gi
Gi Gi Dzień temu
Hate that any form of curly hair is considered a “mess” or something that needs to be changed. Especially the first girl.... how.... is that even a “mess.”
Jisoo Sim
Jisoo Sim Dzień temu
I got my hair permanently straightened once in middle school and once in high school. Each one left my hair in such a better condition than before and lasted me years. Now ive kind of grown out of my curls so just slightly wavy hair but definitely dont regret getting the treatments.
Yeet Bois
Yeet Bois Dzień temu
5:39 can we just take the time to appreciate where he paused in the video
x_x doodles
x_x doodles Dzień temu
this perm is called "magic" in korea and it makes your hair really silky and smooth but it lies really flat on you head (according to my cousin) and people born with straight hair also get it done in asian countries to get that silky hair effect, but its an old trend and not many people get it done anymore. I was about to get that done when i went to korea over the summer but decided to get a perm for wavy hair which is the trend these days!! you should do a review on korean trending perms bc theyre so pretty and well done and the service is amazingg.
Ching Loh
Ching Loh Dzień temu
Is this new? I'm confused. Is this different from "Rebonding"? The procedures are very similar from that.
Khatelyn Carter
Khatelyn Carter Dzień temu
The first girl reminds me of Anne Frank
lillian Dzień temu
Colorlessie Dzień temu
0:02 Steven Universe fans are shook "My diamond"
Jessie Bruno
Jessie Bruno Dzień temu
What is up with her bangs 🤢🤮
Ana Ramos
Ana Ramos Dzień temu
Finally someone had proper discussion on hair straightening treatments 😭 this is so helpful
Nessa Dawn
Nessa Dawn Dzień temu
I love Rachel and Juan’s channel! ❤️
Tori Jonason
Tori Jonason Dzień temu
I love how you showed two of my favorite youtubers
Zamkuma Dzień temu
Auxlley Dzień temu
I love that short moment where you and the fly just make eye contact before you go in for the attack lol
一ノ瀬Sakura Dzień temu
I only came because of Rachel. Rachel and Jun squad, where yah at?
Sofia Capellen
Sofia Capellen Dzień temu
omg mikan!!!!
Asia Parker
Asia Parker Dzień temu
Mikan! yay
Lenny Dzień temu
Omg I actually watch her and she's just amazing, 11:40
Alex GERRITY Dzień temu
I used to get Japanese straightening done years back and would repeat as needed about every six months UNTIL the hairdresser noticed a huge patch of BREAKAGE. Never again. If the processes overlap at ALL, it can break off. Keratin only now...and I can have waves if I want them.
eli Dzień temu
just came for Rachel
Soumadi Berthier
Soumadi Berthier Dzień temu
I have had a keratin straightening which was supposed to be a Brazilian straightening but it ended up permanent and very very straight... And my natural hair is really curly/frizzy so I have to touch up the roots quite often but other than that I love it. The product I use is from a Brazilian brand and it's formol free, I do it myself because my former hairdresser totally messed it up (ended up with neat curls on one size which is what I wanted, and beach waves with straight ends on the other side...). I don't suffer from any damages and my hair is very soft, I won't go back to curly any time soon ^^
lexa 4
lexa 4 Dzień temu
Violet Pace
Violet Pace Dzień temu
evangelina villa
evangelina villa Dzień temu
The first gurl sounds like hermione granger
Mingaile Dzezulskyte
I got this treatment done 1.5 years ago and still loving the results. My hair is super long, so I had to cut it a few times since then, but in general, it looks healthy and beautiful. My hair was pretty straight, to begin with, but it would get frizzy and wouldn't dry nicely naturally. So I wanted an easy solution that wouldn't require me using a blow dryer and straightener every time I wash my hair. That saves up a lot of time and energy. If I ever want to straighten it a little bit more the next day or after wearing it in a ponytail, I just apply some water and brush it. Works every time. My roots were straight, to begin with, so I’m not worried about it growing out for the next few years. Which is definitely worth the money. I would even say that it looks better after a year because it makes it look more natural. I feel like because Brad doesn't have to struggle with super long frizzy hair, he doesn't get how amazing this treatment can be for many people. And the benefits (at least for me) definitely outweigh the ”potential negatives” that I still don't notice. I like Brad and he ”promotes” a lot of things for your hair like dying and bleaching it all the time because he enjoys the results, so he should be more open to other treatments for the potential of making them happier too.
Kiwi Nevrean
Kiwi Nevrean Dzień temu
Love Rachel and Jun’s channel
Mother of Ghosts
Mother of Ghosts Dzień temu
The weather / humidity in japan and some other areas in Asia makes fine hair quite frizzy so most people who’s hair looks fine in the us/Europe have strange texture in Asia. I guess that’s a big reason these girls did it
Ava Moomoo
Ava Moomoo Dzień temu
She looks like Dora the explorer
Molly Express
Molly Express Dzień temu
Please please pleeeeease do a reaction to people using Sun-In!
namnamjams Dzień temu
I got a perm I didnt think it was japanese but it lasted almost a full year and it didnt go away until it grew out and I always had to touch it up at the roots when it grew out.
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