HIGHLIGHTS | GGG vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko

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Oct 6, 2019




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DAZN USA 8 dni temu
Who do you think won the fight?
Wilson Eusebio777
What a dramatic is the presenter... AWFUL... Steve Rolls was landing better and nore clean shots and was knockedout... GGG isn't hurt... just deffending, even when he miss GGG is close to avoid punches and that's why GGG face was so clean in the end. Hurt Derevuanchenko with that big eye cut, marks and knocked down.
Eddy alvarez
Eddy alvarez 8 dni temu
XCastejon Almendarez
Jbc XCastejon Almendarez bc hhahahaa 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😇😇😇🤡🤡😇🤡🤡😇😇🤡😇🤡🤡😇🤡😇🤡😇🤡😇😇🤡😇🤡🤡😇🤡😇🤡😇🤓
phantomio hernandez
Canelo Alvarez
Bryan O
Bryan O 8 dni temu
I believe it was a tie
Qhuti 5 godzin temu
2:37 ref is rigged
Maui Roque
Maui Roque 6 godzin temu
I'm a fan of GGG but honestly you've lost this fight.
Chavin seneviratne
Chavin seneviratne 6 godzin temu
The only time GGG loses a fight and the judges give him a win. why is boxing like this? I'm GGG fan and im disgusted at the result
Ezekiel Zuniga
Ezekiel Zuniga 6 godzin temu
It honestly could have been a draw. I would have been okay with that. Then set up for a rematch. I dont think GGG got that one completely.
Starkiller1036 7 godzin temu
Johnny NutShot ASMR
Johnny NutShot ASMR 8 godzin temu
Quite a fight.
Danny Welsh
Danny Welsh 18 godzin temu
im not a ggg fan but he won this fight
Mark Medina
Mark Medina 18 godzin temu
GGG to old now
jonathan soto
jonathan soto 21 hour ago
Fue un roboo esta pelea GGG perdio
Cory Sowers
Cory Sowers 21 hour ago
Robbery Cthu unanimous decision!??
Xtc X
Xtc X 22 godzin temu
Y’all realize DAZN is corrupt ?
Mario Caballero
Mario Caballero 23 godzin temu
B&E Events Visual Art
I felt GGG lost this fight or maybe a draw. Its Father Time
slaub Dzień temu
Where were the so called Highlights? Terrible "highlight" video
haitham baloch
haitham baloch Dzień temu
Something is wrong Its either the coach or just the Age . Tough watching GGG fight like this.. the guy never stepped back in a fight (except last fight with canelo because canelo was pushing him throughout the all fight backward) BUT those 2 fights with canelo took something from GGG and also something from Canelo both will never be the same
Pasa Robles
Pasa Robles Dzień temu
This really seems like they want ggg and Canelo 3. No reason for that. Ggg lost again
Jason Mendoza
Jason Mendoza Dzień temu
Triple ggg “long in the tooth 🦷 “
Watch Redlantern
Watch Redlantern Dzień temu
Cant wait to see technicians next fight hope its against a big name
The Groypist
The Groypist Dzień temu
Everyone is upset when its finally GGG's turn to rob a fight.
Richie Dutchin
Richie Dutchin Dzień temu
Boxing is rigged just like all professional sports. The refs have codes to tell fighters to slow down, not so hard, etc. They also break them up if it's not going to plan. Yes it's all deception.
Rob G
Rob G Dzień temu
GGG lost! this one! hands down robbery!!!
Justdissin Dzień temu
Should've kept abel sanchez as your trainer sucka,next fight he will lose for sure
Abky Dzień temu
Casual watchers always say GGG loses but when you see slow mo lots of shots are blocked or partially blocked. Yes he did look hurt and he wasn’t moving away from the angles. 37 is tough age. But let’s not forget GGG was rob in first fight with Canelo. Especially when second fight with Canelo was scored so close. Watch slow mo reels and you will see GGG blocks parties and shoulder rolls more than people give him credit for. His fight is subtle which is why only other fighters see him winning while “fans” don’t. I trust Crawford and Lomachenko when they say he won against Jacobs and Alavarez.
MaD Dzień temu
I'm sorry but ggg lost
Big Boy
Big Boy Dzień temu
*Now I know why Canelo is ducking Derevyanchenko*
ademola apata
ademola apata Dzień temu
I believe those judges didn't feel that D won, they know GGG won the fight.
Playa Tryna Strive
Playa Tryna Strive 5 godzin temu
Even if dev won 7 rounds more clearly, ggg would still get the decision so the canelo rematch would happen $$.
tintman831 Dzień temu
GGG lost that fight
Silva Hernández
Silva Hernández Dzień temu
Con todo respeto pero que putisa le pusieron al GGG-desde que peleó con el canelo ya no es el mismo-hay viene el canelo cabrones
YourWrong951 Dzień temu
Even the ref was bought, how do you justify round 5.
thehunster1 Dzień temu
David Hahn
David Hahn Dzień temu
Very close fight but based on total stats: I had GGG edging Sergiy 7 rounds to 5 with higher accuracy and more total punches landed.
Schäfer G.
Schäfer G. Dzień temu
As a GGG fan i can safely say he lost this fight.
Carlos Galvan
Carlos Galvan Dzień temu
Ggg sorry your past your prime there no way you could win a trilogy with canelo sorry man canelo is getting way better and im sorry to say your getting older
Clay Wilson
Clay Wilson Dzień temu
I like GGG but for a so called inexperienced fighter,...he gave GGG a hard fight,..I say,..unify the title and retire GGG
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos 2 dni temu
GGG spent the entire promotion for this talking about Canelo. Maybe thats why he got so beat up, he should've been focused on his opponent.
miorandmior 2 dni temu
Unless ggg can up his pace in his future fights, he should just retire. He looks like frankenstein in there.
Adrian Ramriez
Adrian Ramriez 2 dni temu
Great action fight to many times in boxing the business and politics get in the way wrong guy one the fight but it's not GGG fault
luis uribe
luis uribe 2 dni temu
Now this is a robbery by the GGG camp. Dude is clearly washed after those Canelo fights. 🤦‍♂️
corto maltes
corto maltes 2 dni temu
He was right to run away from the SOG🤣🤣🤣🤣
KRISPIRACY 2 dni temu
In the fifth round Sergiy had GGG... but the ref stepped in for NOFUCKING REASOn and gave him a couple seconds to recover. Cab anyone explain why he did that other than to give GGG a break?!?
rockyroller13 2 dni temu
I to am a GGG Fan but I think from what I saw on this Vid. Sergiy Derevyanchenko seems to have won the fight
Keith Carey
Keith Carey 2 dni temu
It was close fight
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia 2 dni temu
I legit had triple g winning by one round. It came down to that knock down. That was literally the only difference. Just because a fighter doesn’t fight the same way he always does people are so quick to jump all over it . Judge as if you have no idea who these guys are.
David M.
David M. 2 dni temu
I saw GGG lose this fight. I also saw Canelo Alvarez lose his first fight with GGG and probably had a draw in the second fight, not a win. The gambling industry decides.
CECAR BLANCO 2 dni temu
Now i know why Clenelo avoided this guy Sergey.
Lang Chauvin
Lang Chauvin 2 dni temu
This is a robbery. Sergiy is the winner.
Tombo Slice
Tombo Slice 2 dni temu
I think these highlights favored Derevyanchenko. GGG won but it was very close. The early knockdown also made a big difference in a fight that close. Also, every time there’s a close fight these days, the decision is a ‘robbery’ 🙄🙄 Golovkin didn’t look very impressive but having said that, I would still give him credit. He was pushed to the limit at 37 years old and fought hard for the win but he’ll need a better performance than this to beat Canelo or any of the other top tier middleweights.
Alejandrina Sullón
GGG Landes the clean AND effective punches. This are mostly Derevyachenko's highlighted.
Jose Maldonado
Jose Maldonado 2 dni temu
boo that foo would get rocked by canelo
Urban Neptune
Urban Neptune 2 dni temu
@2:36 outside of being paid off by GGG camp, can someone objectively tell me the "Technical" reason the ref intervened?
pete schultz
pete schultz 2 dni temu
To me Golovkin is indeed highly diminished, I think it's obvious. With that said, why in the world would Canelo concede that? Wouldn't the logic of that concession dictate that GGG must have been on a steady decline, clearly indicating that Canelo got a favorable draw and a tight decision over an already diminished GGG? Who is advising this guy? You have all but admitted that GGG was actually the superior fighter in his prime. Is he trying to get a few more dollars in the eventual trilogy fight? Is he stalling as he did for years to get an even more diminished GGG? Or is he just so scared of feeling that power again, that he is willing to diminish his own legacy?
Don Hrks
Don Hrks 2 dni temu
Cant trust the score cards... we have a better view of the fight then the judges..
= 2 dni temu
It's sad to see but GGG is done.
CECAR BLANCO 2 dni temu
He just beat a top contender that Clenelo avoided. How can he be done? Not the same like 6 years ago but still a top fighter.
The Gulag Archipelago
Well the Knockdown didn't help and the huge cut didn't do any favours! It was pretty close but counting rounds and clean punches it was a win for GGG. MAYBE I'm seeing a different fight to the people commenting on here. Sure was close but it WAS a GGG win!
Kevin Carrera
Kevin Carrera 2 dni temu
Chenco started winning round 5 n up
Lance L
Lance L 2 dni temu
I thought boxing was making a comeback?I guess it still about the odds.
The Sexorcist
The Sexorcist 2 dni temu
Two illegal blows behind the back of the head doesn't count as a knock down. No knockdown in this fight. Ggg lost. Charlo destroys him along with Andrade
SOLJ 2 dni temu
Bro.. robbery


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