Irish People Try Jack Daniel's Whiskey

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Irish people sippin' on some Jack Daniel's whiskey! MERCH MADNESS:
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Jack Daniel's Whiskey is a brand of Tennessee whiskey and because it is the top-selling American whiskey in the world, we thought we'd get a selection of the various types of JD and see what our TRYers had to say about it!
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Apr 19, 2019




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Komentarze 7 117
Rachel Larrabee
Rachel Larrabee Godzina temu
When Irish people can say Wisconsin better than Americans outside of Wisco...
Cheryl Bailey
Cheryl Bailey 18 godzin temu
Dermot happy? Who would have imagined?
Deborah Fauvor
Deborah Fauvor 20 godzin temu
My daddy, God rest his soul and throat, would have lllloooovvvveeeedddd the rye 🍼.
Blits Riderfield
Blits Riderfield 22 godzin temu
it's called rye because it's made from rye grass.
ted norberto
ted norberto Dzień temu
Ciara guzzles that whiskey like my Jeep.
Utah Bob
Utah Bob Dzień temu
Never saw so many people get through an evening so fast. 🤪
TheWilyTrout ESQ
TheWilyTrout ESQ Dzień temu
I think they found the way to Martin's skeptical heart.
17 76
17 76 Dzień temu
Mary Claire...Mmmm😉
Bijou123g Dzień temu
Id be drink off one drink lol they sure hold it funny
Steven Legere
Steven Legere Dzień temu
My God Irish women must be the hottest in the world...
ChippXelNaga Dzień temu
I would love to have to have Irish people try spirits from my area, I think they would love it.
callme kAdy
callme kAdy Dzień temu
shmoke and a pancake
RogueViator Dzień temu
If you could have a crush on Whiskey, Martin had it with Gentleman Jack. My theory about Whiskey: it tastes bad on purpose; when it starts to taste good you're drunk.
August235 2 dni temu
I can’t get over how whenever they do any accent they just happen to sound slightly more American 😂
Donald Delaon
Donald Delaon 2 dni temu
Dermot seems like a nightmare to drink with
Donald Delaon
Donald Delaon 20 godzin temu
@Deborah Fauvor yes, that would be an adventure haha
Deborah Fauvor
Deborah Fauvor 20 godzin temu
Yet, I would 💘 to at least try to drink him under the table.
AugDawg 2 dni temu
Ciara is just an actual angel.
Melissa Shipley
Melissa Shipley 2 dni temu
I am a 6th generation Floridian (we aren't all retired snowbirds, just saying) . So here's the thing, I heard one of y'alls fellas say dont shoot Jack whiskey. That's not accurate, down here in Florida we do shoot whiskey but we follow it with a Coke-a-Cola (as in the name brand Coke - NOT PEPSI - I repeat NOT PEPSI!) as a chaser. It's the thing down here. Just a thought to try for y'all when you decide to try Jack again. Also, side note, Jack and Coke (again NOT PEPSI) is a tried and true drink. Guaranteed to mess you a good way, lol. Love y'alls videos, just wanted to add my 2 cents since this is a drink that we know and love.
rally618 2 dni temu
I tried JD Fire after watching and its very good.
John B
John B 2 dni temu
They must be best of friends man nice
Mark Aguon
Mark Aguon 2 dni temu
"With my mouth"
ThunderKat 0903
ThunderKat 0903 2 dni temu
Mix Tennessee Fire with a splash of cream soda. Tastes like a fresh, warm, cinnamon roll.
Maia 2 dni temu
was she quoting austin powers
Janae Washington
Janae Washington 3 dni temu
I think they should do crown royal next!
snaz76 3 dni temu
Love this video, just wanna join in :D
Aaron Rasey
Aaron Rasey 3 dni temu
What about Jack Daniels Tennessee honey lol
User5228 3 dni temu
You don't sip jack daniels you throw that shit back because it's gross as shit. Yikes.
Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore 3 dni temu
As a man from Tennessee, I must say you needed to do Honey Jack as well.
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 3 dni temu
I would trade my soul for a threesome with MC and Justine. I would die a happy man. Hell, you could even throw Martin in for good measure.
Eric brett
Eric brett 3 dni temu
At a bar called Eli's in Portland Oregon they had Jack Daniels night where each shot cost just 1 dollar. That was the best 20 dollars I spent.
Shatema Batton
Shatema Batton 2 dni temu
Eric brett $20!.🤭
Eric brett
Eric brett 3 dni temu
I would laugh if Dermot and Lolsy got married
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 3 dni temu
Should also try honey jack
Calcifer Howl
Calcifer Howl 3 dni temu
“I feel like you’re my child opening presents on Christmas.” 😄 Also love the glasses on Diarmot.
Greasy Steve
Greasy Steve 4 dni temu
"ooh let's go steal a sign!!" Yup
Wes Sparkmon
Wes Sparkmon 4 dni temu
Just for anyone wanting to get a good drink out of JD, mix Tennessee Fire and Tennessee Honey. They call it a "beesting" in Lynchburg. It's dangerously tasty
Bryan Almazan
Bryan Almazan 4 dni temu
They should have tried Jack Honey!
TJ Nugent
TJ Nugent 4 dni temu
For MC the party was over before it even started... Buuuuurrrp
TJ Nugent
TJ Nugent 4 dni temu
Ciara can drink them all under the table.
Kamara Pierre
Kamara Pierre 4 dni temu
Jack Daniels Honey is reeaalllyy good! I'm not usually a whisky drinker but I like that one
Ghostly jester
Ghostly jester 4 dni temu
I put this in my coffee
initial faust
initial faust 4 dni temu
clara and leather jacket guy seem like they would be a blast to party with.
Adam Meyer
Adam Meyer 4 dni temu
Ciara, if you're looking for US citizenship -- I will marry you.
Deborah Fauvor
Deborah Fauvor 4 dni temu
Try drinking rye wiskey while listening to the rye wiskey song.
Izzie 4 dni temu
Okay but Ciara is perfection
Maga Male
Maga Male 5 dni temu
If y’all Irish want a fun cinnamon jack drink, mix it half half with Spiked apple cider beer
tRiLoGy184 5 dni temu
Dermot’s reaction when he saw the Gentleman Jack will become immortal
Dylan Levy
Dylan Levy 5 dni temu
I kinda like Irish women
Paula Laye
Paula Laye 5 dni temu
Ffffffflipping heck I'm sooo in love with cIara and her mate, great partnership and loving the tune too paula xx
Parker Hall
Parker Hall 5 dni temu
Every American cringed when they pulled out the Jack Fire as everyone has a Bad experience with it 😂
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 5 dni temu
Can I borrow every woman in this video? I want to do good Christian things with them... like make babies
acs197 5 dni temu
Gentleman Jack is the shit.
austin akin
austin akin 5 dni temu
The girl in the poke a dot shirt is my kinda girl she threw that Jack back fuck yeah I’d marry her in a heartbeat
Tanya Powell
Tanya Powell 5 dni temu
U all need to try Crown Royal flavors. I recently discovered the green apple flavor. And I’m in love
TJ Ellis
TJ Ellis 5 dni temu
Sign Stealn Whiskey and Hug anda Cup Whiskey....Dis Guy Fuks ....trademarked yet?....No?....Im on it.
Edward Villa
Edward Villa 5 dni temu
They forgot single barrel jack
Jerry B
Jerry B 5 dni temu
I need to be on a show like this even tho am under age but we all know when we all started drinking
Juan 122
Juan 122 5 dni temu
No Jack honey? That’s the best one you’ve got to include that
Angela Rainey
Angela Rainey 5 dni temu
The "fireball" Jack Daniel is actually really dangerous
Island Vybz
Island Vybz 6 dni temu
mysticCrunch 6 dni temu
LOL we used to drink JACK by the pint every night !!
MONEY_ MAN2434 6 dni temu
Man Ciara is beautiful
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