Irish People Try Polish Alcohol

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"Jaysus, the Polish really know how to make vodka!"
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Polish alcohol is actually quite popular here in Ireland - but not everyone drinks it! We decided to get a number of standard alcohol drinks from Poland and see what some of our resident Irish People thought. Sure why not!
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Sep 7, 2018




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Komentarze 2 769
Michał 9
Michał 9 2 dni temu
Jakby spróbowali bimbra somsiada to by się zesrali
drakedakes 3 dni temu
You should try craft beers from really small breweries, not some crap that is really part of large companies...
PhatKid68 3 dni temu
Polish men are manlier than Irish men......says the gay guy.
Bolt Design Studio
those are not man.
Phoenix Trades
Phoenix Trades 6 dni temu
Eh? Polish drinks and no Warka?
killer clowns
killer clowns 7 dni temu
Ta satysfakcja że ktoś jednak poza polską pije nasz alkohol.
Kamil DŻEM 1999
Kamil DŻEM 1999 7 dni temu
Little Beau Poop The Wonder Dog **IMPEACH TRUMP**
I want to see an episode where they try alcohol AND they do it with their Moms or Dads. Like take your Dad and Mom to work day, and make them try American shots with obscene sexual names. Slippery Nipple, Sex on the beach etc. Hey Ma, how did you like that blowjob? PLEASE! We need to meet the people who spawned our favs. Does leather jacket's dad have a beard or does he take after his Mom? BECAUSE his mother has very fair skin! Shame on you all if you thought his Mom has a beard!
Tim Thibeau
Tim Thibeau 11 dni temu
You should try spiritus polish vodka 76%
Domino Games
Domino Games 11 dni temu
2:56 kurwa jeżeli dascie im soplice to nie dziwcie się że się prawie zesrali to jest najgorszy śmieć jaki mogliście kupić. Kupilibyście żóbróweczke albo husarię to byłoby sikalafą i huj xD
Alexis Morrell
Alexis Morrell 11 dni temu
Hell yeah Rehobeth Beach DE! Haha You should try Delaware beers - Dogfishhead, Dewey Beach Beer co. Evolve...
Suzy Dauscher
Suzy Dauscher 12 dni temu
A. Cheers in Polish is Na Zdrowie (naz-drov-ee-ah) B. Zywiec is the BEST Polish lager and it really bums me out that you guys are drinking IPAs
Wannysek 13 dni temu
Poland is not a drinking nation?CO KURWA?! And I'm not even Polish....they are my brothers from the north...but....CO KURWA?!
Jeremioza 14 dni temu
Our the best vodka try Żubrówka
[ChevyRacer99 Gry]
[ChevyRacer99 Gry] 16 dni temu
guy with beard at 4:25 looks like Daithi De Nogla
Littlebit31 17 dni temu
Poor Irish Jesus... don’t think about it just swallow!
Ian Laver
Ian Laver 19 dni temu
The pronunciations of the names are bad... And they say English people can't pronounce Irish words. 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭🥃🤘
Jonathan Matear
Jonathan Matear 19 dni temu
Looks like you got the Polish upset with this video judging by the comments. I don’t think they get that this is show isn’t just a rivalry about who is the biggest alcoholic, but also about having fun and enjoying Irish ‘craic’ with a variety of personalities. I am from Ireland and was drinking Smirnoff from the bottle at age 8. FYI , I don’t put that on my resume!! 😉
MsBizzyGurl 20 dni temu
Poles make great pilsner beer.
Jim Davies
Jim Davies 25 dni temu
Polish beer is fucking lovely give it a try!!!
NWTexas Veggies
NWTexas Veggies 25 dni temu
Drink it like a real champ lasses and lads... Don't be
Wolferon 28 dni temu
O kurwa turpat
Doug Bagby
Doug Bagby Month ago
Where are the ladies?
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
Do you have pregnant men in your production?
Kalvin Labuik
Kalvin Labuik Month ago
yeah vodka might make you cry if there is girls around drinking that stuff girls are friggin nut jobs after vodka good job you don't have the fair lassies there now lol
Anna Pascucci
Anna Pascucci Month ago
Matthew Cote
Matthew Cote Month ago
40% is normal IDK what that dude is getting his panties in a bunch for hahaha
Brenden Brotherson
Why is tom orange?
Guldahl Month ago
tommy conlin
tommy conlin Month ago
2:06 "the fuck do you have to worry about your taking princess sips" im dead XDDD
Simon O'Neill
Simon O'Neill Month ago
Hopefully these cans are cold, I've always wondered, nothing worse than drinking warm beer
Fucking Loser
Fucking Loser Month ago
Princess sips 😂😂😂😂
Frank Bruner
Frank Bruner Month ago
I'm not even drinking and I threw up a little when he said swallow like a gay man.
Kacper Sieradzki
That long hair homless man pisses me
Caleigh Dickson
Caleigh Dickson Month ago
Is Irish Jesus high? 😂
Michael Giovinazzi
No Polish jokes were harmed in the making of this video.
Big Ern Mahkracken
So is the beard guy the SLING TV commercial man? And did Jaime appear in the movie Skin?
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith Month ago
Ah wes love ta watch use fookers drink da alchols ya weee doo
Matt Gemzala
Matt Gemzala Month ago
Well the polish did invent Vodka after all 😉
Liam Craig
Liam Craig Month ago
It's a shot of vodka you fanny stop crying and swallow it
Tabletop Sport Delaware
Rehoboth Beach Delawhere? Awesome!
NORFIE123456 Month ago
Tyskie...absolute god tier beer if you ask me!
FlexDB Month ago
With Lech, Grasovka and Zubrowka i survived a month in poland.
Anja Month ago
Is "Lech" a beer ? Why dont they get a decent (beer) glass for it ...
brandon c
brandon c Month ago
Guy with long hair is wearing a rehoboth beach shirt, way to represent my hometown beach :)
Damen Jackson
Damen Jackson Month ago
Valeria Hristova
Audio Editor needs to do a better job, my arm hurts from adjusting the volume cause screams can be painful
DAS PeeNuT 2 miesięcy temu
I'm from Germany and tyskie is one of my favorite beers
Matt Kusluski
Matt Kusluski 2 miesięcy temu
How come no Polish mead?
S Kiker
S Kiker 2 miesięcy temu
James, Jesus and Brian! Three of the manliest men in all of Ireland 🇮🇪. 🍀 💚 “You keep saying head?” LMAO Jesus. Man up honey. 💙
FRAQ 2 miesięcy temu
Guy who prepared list of these tasty beverages from poland must be just some kind of mentally retarded or he was borned special. Like seriously these 3 beers they gave to try here,are nothing compared to polish assortment of alcoholic beverages. Same with vodka, they could at least afford something like Belvedere or idk Wyborowa. These here are usually drinked by homeless people if not worse, or people who want to get wasted cheap and fast.
douglas carpenter
douglas carpenter 2 miesięcy temu
The hollow victory for a gay man out drinking Jesus.
R KxIxKxExR 2 miesięcy temu
Your taking princess sips! Wtf do you have to worry about!
wcwindom56 2 miesięcy temu
you couldnt get any of the girls today?
Guru Jeff
Guru Jeff 2 miesięcy temu
0:52 "Budweiser is urine" YES!! Even the Irish know that Bud is piss
Sharon Conway
Sharon Conway 2 miesięcy temu
James owned this video ...... Dying laughing here 😂😂😂
Jmvars 2 miesięcy temu
It can't possibly be that hard to down 40%? Just seems insulting to humans.
droopy841ify 2 miesięcy temu
Take the hippie guy out of the line up! Hes cringy AF
Priarios HD
Priarios HD 2 miesięcy temu
"Poland isn't a drinking nation" how fucking high are you. We could easily out drink you
Ahchi Cappleman
Ahchi Cappleman 2 miesięcy temu
Should have tried "Pure Polish Spirits" it's only 120 proof
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