Israel Adesanya is staying humble after beating Robert Whittaker | UFC 243 Post Show | ESPN MMA

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New unified UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya joins Jon Anik, Dominick Cruz and Chael Sonnen on the UFC 243 Post Show on ESPN to recap his second-round knockout win vs. Robert Whittaker at Marvel Stadium. “The Last Stylebender” also explains his choreographed walkout with his friends and the beef he has with challenger Paulo Costa. Adesanya also discusses getting fueled by detractors and looks ahead to fighting again in January.
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Oct 6, 2019




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Komentarze 2 934
Andy Winds
Andy Winds 7 godzin temu
Ever since Conor did a post fight interview shirtless all these dudes started doing it too. Enjoy that 15 mins of fame until Costa puts his fists 👊🏻 on you .
Teng Thor
Teng Thor 7 godzin temu
I appreciate all the nods to shonen jump. Lol
JerJerBynx 9 godzin temu
Y'all thought Rob was going to take thru him. Just never know I guess
Johannes Iithete
Johannes Iithete 10 godzin temu
Confidence much love
MOB RAIDED 10 godzin temu
Cool guy
Beth Thomas
Beth Thomas 11 godzin temu
❤️❤️❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Izzy the CHAMP🤴🏾
S.S.L.K 13 godzin temu
Coffee for Chael please!
Johnny Cash007
Johnny Cash007 13 godzin temu
Would be so cool to have Izzy & Khabib on the cover of *EA* *Sport* *UFC* *4* !!!
Deron Williams
Deron Williams 21 hour ago
I need some more bags that's all 😎
Advar07 Sayán
Advar07 Sayán 22 godzin temu
This guy is a Real champ? For me not even wittaker was Real champ... When this guy faces someone with a Real level he will be defeat with no effort.. I beg he fights john jones or marreta
Almighty Haki
Almighty Haki Dzień temu
Proved me wrong .Give this man some bags 🏌️
Qasim Aziz
Qasim Aziz Dzień temu
Humble? LOL
Rawr5649 Dzień temu
Why is he holding two belts?
Owais Islam
Owais Islam Dzień temu
Felling my chakra, haha
Gabe Lopez
Gabe Lopez Dzień temu
Israel's hype seems similar to Conor's hype, good to have the belt but let's hold up to see if he's able to defend it against Yoel and Paulo; before getting in to deep waters with the GOAT...just put a few rubies on that belt before calling yourself the greatest...
Rafeal Jaral
Rafeal Jaral Dzień temu
Jesus. This guy making anime references and movie references. I fucking love it man.
Sir BigHead
Sir BigHead Dzień temu
Bennarie Tumupu
Bennarie Tumupu 2 dni temu
Typical New Zealander always bring the humble card as always all nz fighters are so humble
S D 2 dni temu
He certainly looks humble
divertiti 2 dni temu
"Staying" humble?? He's never been humble
L Baity
L Baity 2 dni temu
Smart business PERSPECTIVE!! Go for the goal! Very smart choice °°
Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips 2 dni temu
Thumbs down because those other guys wouldn't shut up and let uncle chael talk to stylebender. The 2 goats!
L98 Mma
L98 Mma 2 dni temu
Romero would kill this clown
Kirk Niese
Kirk Niese 2 dni temu
"Staying Humble" implies that he was humble at one time in recent history. ESPN MMA: please reference the one instance in his last 31 years when he was humble.
NoFuksGiven 2 dni temu
I'm just wondering how his from Nigeria living in new Zealand with an American accent how that happen lol
Swaggy Swaggy
Swaggy Swaggy 16 godzin temu
That is why he is the style bender
prince moyo
prince moyo 2 dni temu
Self confidence...
Design'y Bits
Design'y Bits 2 dni temu
I hated the new UFC belts when I first saw them.. But now strapped over Iz, they look GREAT!
Peter Whiu
Peter Whiu 3 dni temu
He's going to the top this dude good luck style bender
No Heart Luffy Do
I fuckin like this Guy here
j43w0n 3 dni temu
Rematch is a waste of time, let the man move on to more skilled and interesting opponents. Although he dominated this fight, dude is 30 years old and needs to be further tested.
Dreaming On Melrose Street
Yeah he not dumb. He knows how much ufc is making. I hope that he has a cut of the pay for view from last show. He should be making. Connor money.
Dish Tailor
Dish Tailor 3 dni temu
Israel is always one question away from crying. Bless my bro. Hope you balance your emotions better
George Blizerkerman
lost to alex perira twice.
Bong Rippy
Bong Rippy 3 dni temu
Theres nothing humble about adesanya.
UngKristen 3 dni temu
Oh cmon wearing the interim belt like a second champ belt Guess what youre not the interim champion anymore
J Kennedy
J Kennedy 3 dni temu
Chael don't talk with sperm in your mouth!
Ali jfh
Ali jfh 3 dni temu
Cruz must be the weirdest host out there, between his psychological skit here and the legendary "He's trying to gas Khabib out by taking punches to the face"
LICKMYNYNE 3 dni temu
The death note reference
layzy it
layzy it 3 dni temu
He says he doesn't mind other peoples opinions but his behavior shows otherwise and Cruz sees it
Victor Mushoriwa
Victor Mushoriwa 3 dni temu
We need some more Baggs for real
Ibnu Rizwan
Ibnu Rizwan 3 dni temu
The anime references 😂
Dechymmy Tv
Dechymmy Tv 3 dni temu
If you thumbs down this video ,go check yourself.. adesanya is the man .. that's why 10k people thumbs it up,and only 600people thumbs it down ..losers
James Handley
James Handley 3 dni temu
All hale the double interm champ
Zeafer Jones
Zeafer Jones 3 dni temu
It looks like the middle weight division tried writing "Izzy" in the death note 4 times. The Death Note will be rendered useless if the victim's name is misspelled four times.
reviewfor thetube
Fucking awesome
KUPHSER 3 dni temu
His entrance was so hype
Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page 3 dni temu
Staying humbled? He was never humble lol
Popop Popop
Popop Popop 3 dni temu
Great fighter ? Yes , humble ? No
Interim and unified is double champ now? Spaz
Lol @ staying humble. Humble isnt in this kids dictionary.
Nick Darker
Nick Darker 4 dni temu
Israel thinks people want to cut him down due to tall poppy syndrome.. no mate.. people want to take you down a peg because you are an obnoxious walking contradiction in front of a camera, and you pay way too much attention to trolls on the internet. People dont respect that and you should be above it.
S D Dzień temu
Spot on fella. He'll bring in a new audience though and him and Dana will make a few bob that's why it'll continue. In the process turning the UFC into some WWE type thing.
Rich Blanco
Rich Blanco 4 dni temu
Stylebender got at least 4 different accents
Joe Average
Joe Average 4 dni temu
Ricky martin will smash you, you arrogant skinny little B***. He reminds me of anderson silva (A FAKE HUMBLE GUY) whose career ended in a humiliating way. Khabin Normagamedov, He is humble. Rucky martin is gonna make you one of his backstage hookers.
Nick Darker
Nick Darker 4 dni temu
Israel "be humble" adesanya
DrDem420 4 dni temu
Hard to stay something you never were. This dudes just a Jon Jones wannabe, sure he's talented but he always fights dudes shorter than himself.
J M 4 dni temu
I want Costa before USADA gets him 😂
Fights And Rap Media
Israel Adesanya the type of guy to drink coffee and beer at the same time
len dog
len dog 4 dni temu
The last thing this jerkoff is... is humble. He's proving to be stupid, obnoxious and self-deservant.
noneh havea
noneh havea 4 dni temu
He sounds American mix with kiwi lol shot for representing new Zealand chur ma bro 💙 kiwi hard🇳🇿
zambot264 4 dni temu
Lol all the anime references
Szmitek mix  UCZELNIA

Szmitek mix UCZELNIA

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