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Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Geoff Ramsey in episode 558 as they discuss reality TV, Beyond Meat, the heist collaboration, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on August 19, 2019. Sponsored by The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Watch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on August 30th, only on Netflix: Sponsored by MeUndies ( and Squarespace ( Join FIRST to watch episodes early:
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Aug 21, 2019




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Komentarze 469
Mahoneywj 14 dni temu
Gavin's foot at 54:30 is now annoying me
dirty_dna 20 dni temu
17:00 golden balls, hahaa, haven't thought about it in years gav, greater mind games and manipulation than love island
NickB 29 dni temu
Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. What happened to Jack?
Primitive Month ago
look up who owns the Reality TV shows he is touting
Preston Hong
Preston Hong Month ago
that's why you watch terrace house. good meanings and a slow romantic build. it's beautiful. please watch it. we need more people looking at it.
Jaclyn m
Jaclyn m Month ago
I was living for the old men talking about ALL the veggies! loving Geoff being a healthy dude now
Philip Webb
Philip Webb Month ago
Geoffrey isn't popular since Game of Thrones.
Trap Music/Gry
Trap Music/Gry Month ago
Who remembers when they played horse or pig on halo reach
a single white female
Gavin is 100% correct. Gin is simply a juniper and botanical-infused vodka. Both vodka and gin start as a unflavored neutral distillate. Vodka/gin can be initially distilled from corn, wheat, rye, etc. Vodka is quite simply ethanol and water. Gin has flavor added in the form of botanicals.
Lol no
Lol no Month ago
Didn’t they already have a conversation about love island
Leticia A.
Leticia A. Month ago
Gustavo and Barbara are really common names in Brasil
Shradow Month ago
I always hate how American TV has to reality showify everything they adapt from other places. It's like how I love Sasuke but could never get into American Ninja Warrior.
Aaron Rachiele
Aaron Rachiele Month ago
Geoff would love reading this comment section
Robert Brickbealer
hey its the tv dude from the anime fooly cooly
xPokeyyy Month ago
Barbara, Geoff and Gavin look goooooood
FreyReh Month ago
as if i don't watch enough TV, i now have to check out 'the terror' and yeah. I agree, Barb. Vaccinate your kids!
TheNameIsMorg4n Month ago
I love hearing about their plane stories. I swear to God if Geoff talks about Love Island one more time though...
AiErudito __-_-__
Gabe Puratekuta
Gabe Puratekuta Month ago
Geoff on another RT Podcast? Has it been 5 years already?
Darin Lunde
Darin Lunde Month ago
Talking about Trump as if he's unquestionably horrible. Talking about Brexit as if it's unquestionably stupid. Is anyone in Rooster Teeth Conservative at all, or are you all left-wing globalists?
Darin Lunde
Darin Lunde Month ago
Gavin is absolutely correct on the deadlift thing. The way Barbara is describing it is not practical or comfortable. She'd have to be on the roof or something.
Dave Drouin
Dave Drouin Month ago
Texas: where a baton is illegal but a handgun and rifle is fair game.
Dave Drouin
Dave Drouin Month ago
Barbara "juan" her first round.
Dirox Month ago
Trash TV talk and ad skip 08:08 - 21:36
Life Rendered
Life Rendered Month ago
Is that how those mushrooms grew under Geoffs house?
Rusty Shackleford
Who cares, eat the steak
Dave Drouin
Dave Drouin Month ago
I like how they seperated gus's ad read from the podcast so it doesnt really slow down their conversations. Smort. Wicked smort.
Slate Sempai
Slate Sempai Month ago
Isnt most of gavins weight in his nose?
Spazzo Hawk
Spazzo Hawk Month ago
Boris Johnson is not apart of the brexit partie
Andrea's Life
Andrea's Life Month ago
Tube TVs are difficult to dispose of. What if TV guy has a scam where he offers to dispose of TVs for a fee and then deposits them on peoples' doorsteps.
Black1nfern0 Month ago
Few hundred dollars...
Fake Doggo
Fake Doggo Month ago
gus month was for sure better than burnie month
Master C
Master C Month ago
I can’t stop hearing Simmons and griff
Archie Sykes
Archie Sykes Month ago
AY! I went to Henley College ahah
Zombified Gamer
Zombified Gamer Month ago
Please make some RT Podcast shirts!!!
River Haire
River Haire Month ago
This podcast has happened before. I swear it has.
warldworZ Month ago
Next month for AH: Septem-Barb?
Just another Hobbit
@52:53 wait..... Are they talking about Galm? Like Derp crew Galm?
Newt TimesTen
Newt TimesTen Month ago
it is very apparent that my school is next to an airforce base as an osprey laps the campus
yoshikid18 Month ago
what gavin said reminds me of the US show Friend or Foe.
Steve Month ago
I still find it strange to spell Jeff like Geoff like its "GE _ OFF" so weird lol
Joseph Michael
Joseph Michael Month ago
I’m trying to get to henley but for rowing
Kaustik GOW
Kaustik GOW Month ago
Hawks and owls can only lift up to their own weight. Bald eagles can lift a baby deer up to 15 pounds.
TheTapeface Month ago
0:10 Gavin does a quick XYZ, Idk why but my eyes gravitated to him doing this as soon as the vid started.
Magshark Pukas
Magshark Pukas Month ago
Now that Gus doesn't do the whole, "Alright, let me read this ad.." because they're pretaped, his power has deflated.
Bozzy Plays!
Bozzy Plays! Month ago
Those Squarespace websites are not so good to be honest...
Jonas Schwarz
Jonas Schwarz Month ago
If you stop eating meat for an entire year you might equate 0.8tons of greenhouse gases in terms of carbon footprint, and a single round trip transatlantic flight is about 1.6tons
AHoopyFrood Month ago
If all 286 passengers on that single flight (average 787 capacity) stopped eating meat for a year you could fly that route 143 times a year and break even. Obviously just one behaviour change isn't a complete solution but it shows that individual choices can quickly add up.
Abdiel Rojas
Abdiel Rojas Month ago
Geoff stories are the best stories
Porg Month ago
1:13:33 Gavin I like that third member of daft punk joke
Ethan galvan
Ethan galvan Month ago
Please do couples therapy
EmeraldWD Month ago
Whats with the cutaway ads? Really distracting
Ahdeus Villanueva
Question: Do they ever talk about RWBY in their podcasts?
M X Y Z P T L K Month ago
no. they keep that on RWBY Rewind
Matthew North
Matthew North Month ago
The fact you guys think Britain and Brexit is as big of a problem as America and Trump is insane.
j h
j h Month ago
Giannis Antetokounmpo told me that Hulu has live sports.
devon wojcik
devon wojcik Month ago
Take that environment 😂😂😂
SJ L'étrange
SJ L'étrange Month ago
Okay, but in the Family don't they talk about waiting for 'the Chosen One' to arrive? Didn't Trump start calling himself the chosen one?
Colin Laybourn
Colin Laybourn Month ago
I really like Geoff... But what happened between him and Griffon? They seemed perfect for each other!!
Rose Jackson
Rose Jackson Month ago
They just both decided that they didn't want to be married anymore. It was apparently really amicable between the two of them.
Dudeboy Month ago
Gavin forgot to include how that Golden Balls story ended. The guy saying he was definitely going to steal the money, and give the other guy half the money after the show actually picked to share, not steal, in the end. He basically forced his opponent to pick share so he could also pick to share safely.
Doge Meat
Doge Meat Month ago
I'd love to see Geoff's show idea. Call it. "Couples Console-ing"
Eddie Fusco
Eddie Fusco Month ago
Achievement Hunter should do Septem-Barb
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