Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Democratic Debate

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Jimmy breaks down the third Democratic Debate with Julian Castro, Cory Booker, Andrew Yang, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Beto O'Rourke, Pete Buttigieg & Amy Klobuchar. Plus, Donald Trump cancels clean water and a special new debate edition of #UnnecessaryCensorship.
Trump Wants to Ban Vaping to Protect Melania's Son 4strefa.pl/video/video-IQQ-hxIwm70.html

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Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Democratic Debate




Sep 13, 2019




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Komentarze 2 328
Tom Coombes
Tom Coombes 7 godzin temu
MATH Make America Think Harder
Tom Coombes
Tom Coombes 7 godzin temu
Yang 2020
Tom Coombes
Tom Coombes 7 godzin temu
Yang gang
Deborah Pedro
Deborah Pedro 9 godzin temu
scott gwozdz
scott gwozdz 10 godzin temu
TRUMP 2020
Pukes Dzień temu
5:50 You can tell this guy is purposely shunning Yang down. He knows he has a lot of minority audience so he's trying to trick them.
Ruoyu Li
Ruoyu Li Dzień temu
fact. no early primary front runner ever wont the election. Andrew yang is right where he needs to be.
Stuart Williamson
At 53:35... Surely a sign of the apocalypse, lol. I know Absolutely Nothing about politics. However , at 57 years of age... That Is the most ignorant, (sub)stupid thing I've heard spoken in many years! Sub stupid meaning, not even intelligent enough to qualify as stupid.
Iollan Odinspire
Iollan Odinspire 13 dni temu
Zeynep Oner
Zeynep Oner 13 dni temu
I love how small trumps fists are in this clip
Scott Nagelberg
Scott Nagelberg 13 dni temu
Let me sum it up for you. The democrats want to give away americae. No borders no walls no USA at all. That is the Democrat platform. That's why, spoiler alert, Trump takes 2020 easily. I see alot of yang gang. Maybe if he actually had polling numbers people would take him serious. But he needs to bribe people for votes.
Quavando Kim
Quavando Kim 14 dni temu
Kimbo 16 dni temu
Wow, lost a lot of respect for this guy. This is embarrassing. Guess you've shown yourself to be just another rich arsehole with zero connection to the working class. Well done Jimmy.
onasisscot 16 dni temu
Anyone else terrified of these Yang 2020 comments? Seems pretty Trump-ish. No one is allowed to make fun of him and we must flood the comments section of anyone who does... coffin, meet nail.
Dallas Hansen
Dallas Hansen 16 dni temu
Who capitalized every letter in the closed captioning?
CLismy DOPE 16 dni temu
Jesse Colton
Jesse Colton 16 dni temu
"If you want to compare dicks, and frankly I'm shocked that you do."
Oddly Wired
Oddly Wired 18 dni temu
What's with the captions? I really hate them, they're so huge. It's distracting.
Prabin Paudel
Prabin Paudel 19 dni temu
Jimmy doesn't know what he's speaking anymore.
Paul Zhuang
Paul Zhuang 20 dni temu
I usually like watching Kimmel’s shows....but him poking fun at Andrew Yang really turns me off. Really.
Ehsaan Ramzan
Ehsaan Ramzan 20 dni temu
All u schmucks need to shuuuush Jimmys a comedian, this is his job
thizzcake 22 dni temu
Corny as jokes. Not funny, barely watchable
Jodie Smith
Jodie Smith 22 dni temu
Can't stomach you any longer Jimbo you child predator.burn in HELL. Why disable comment for your disgraceful Tinder garten vid? Absolutely DISGUSTING and not funny at all. Check it out peeps...think it's funny for 4 and 5 year olds to be exposed to this garbage?
Greg Fletcher
Greg Fletcher 22 dni temu
Jimmy study Chappell
Greg Fletcher
Greg Fletcher 22 dni temu
Trump is great!
Ankit Yadav
Ankit Yadav 23 dni temu
Any one from India
Genadijus Puskinas
Genadijus Puskinas 23 dni temu
why I cannot find when this video was published?
EI7EIV 23 dni temu
"And the rest" Yang is polling higher than Booker in the nationals and is the top fourth candidate in the state of California. Hes beating Kamala in her own state. The polls also target landlines, meaning that they disproportionately target older voters. To write him off so non-nonchalantly is ignorant at best.
TRX Cummins
TRX Cummins 24 dni temu
He said it right when he said group of characters
CYBER TROLL 24 dni temu
Libtards cracking on libtards. The left is a joke and the punchline.
SilverDesignGry 24 dni temu
Yang & Bernie!
James Madison
James Madison 24 dni temu
Yang wants everyone a slave to the man. Welfare IS slavery.
James Madison
James Madison 24 dni temu
Goofy candidates are driving moderates to the right. Most sane folks do not embrace socialist programs. Beto? Pure punk who doesn't believe in your right to self defense. I wish there was a reasonable Democrat....there isn't. Way, way too far left. Jimmy....still deep state stooge.
biga87718 25 dni temu
Trump will eat Warren or Biden. Try better dumbocrats.
Bored im Really Bored
I'd vote for Trump but I would be ok with Yang being democratic leader. God forbid Bernie or Warren🙄
BABYBOYSMASH 25 dni temu
lmao he stip naked and did a fip
Carlos Vardi
Carlos Vardi 25 dni temu
Man this dude is not funny
Cosmetically Corinne
Why is ageism okay in the USA?
coyote kicker
coyote kicker 25 dni temu
And by the way jimmy you act like a member of this party.
coyote kicker
coyote kicker 25 dni temu
It's funny how everyone of you commenting are unaware that your party is already beat. Trump will win 2020 and you will throw a fit for another four years
athlonz2007 25 dni temu
Yang 2020
Julian P
Julian P 26 dni temu
I see u going to push Warren down our throats where have I seen this before?hillary2016 🤔
Julian P
Julian P 26 dni temu
Trashing Bernie this is why I don’t watch your stupid corporate show 👎🏻
ANGEL 26 dni temu
Bernie Sanders or Andrew Yang. Please. No more trump
codnetzroller 26 dni temu
10 clowns🤷‍♂️😂
james nelson
james nelson 26 dni temu
TRUMP 2020
Andi Amador
Andi Amador 26 dni temu
Bernie 2020. He's the one most are copying now to win the primary, but they still have Joe, Amy and Pete to lose the general if they can swing it. That Yang bit was beyond not funny. It's beneath comedy.
James Novo
James Novo 26 dni temu
The disrespect of Yang was frankly unjust.
Classics of Design
Classics of Design 26 dni temu
Yang doing the most Democratic thing ever and literally giving money away.
Christine Stone
Christine Stone 27 dni temu
Trump got a bigger laugh than you 😂 Sorry dude, you are boring.
Mark Tuminello
Mark Tuminello 27 dni temu
Bernie needs to go into a nursing home with his crayons and coloring book and talk to the four walls about his communist socialist agenda because no true American will listen to this.. nut
mChannel 27 dni temu
How is this not racist ? 🤔
ohm star
ohm star 27 dni temu
Is Kimmel bought or just parodying the candidates and seasoning with some bias? Can't tell because all of it is funny, have you ever laughed against your interest?
Bo Magnussen
Bo Magnussen 27 dni temu
Listen YangGang.. Yang's giveaway has no scientific merit. It won't prove whether his idea would work - in order to do that you need a much bigger sample, not just cherry picking 10 people across the country. It will, however, bring people to his website. It's a shameless gimic, so it should absolutely be ridiculed. He might have great policies, but he's the one who chose to act like Oprah, so you can't blame anyone for calling him on it.
Candy Bardot
Candy Bardot 27 dni temu
Trump 2020🇺🇸
Lee DeForest
Lee DeForest 27 dni temu
Corn pop and Fauxcohontas. And even $1,000 a month can’t help Yangster.
Hilary Mason
Hilary Mason 27 dni temu
Do people not understand that this is not a news channel?? It's comedy. Its ment to be so
Tanner DeJong
Tanner DeJong 27 dni temu
You do realize that Jimmy Kimmels job is literally to make jokes. Stop fuckin whining jesus.
loganinkosovo 27 dni temu
The Democrat Dumpster Fire 2020.
Red Luke
Red Luke 27 dni temu
Wow Kimmel not a Democrat by any measurement but you want a Democrat in office there are exactly three candidates that can beat trump Bernie Warren and guess what yang
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