Joe Rogan Experience #1364 - Brian Redban

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Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also look for him on “Kill Tony” available on Apple Podcasts & 4Strefa:



Oct 10, 2019




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Mit Eneanrum
Mit Eneanrum 23 godzin temu
I get that high allday helps with arthritis
Emita Juanita
Emita Juanita Dzień temu
Are they doing a sober October recap podcast???
Aerochalklate 2 dni temu
yoga is meditation and you aren’t doing it right if you think the other guy in the room (even if he is) is staring at you
Aerochalklate 2 dni temu
joe holds the cigar like a cig. only alphas can do that
Kayotik96 3 dni temu
Did Joe Rogan just say that turbos don't sound good? TF is wrong with this old fuck.
dan ashworth
dan ashworth 3 dni temu
So Phil Hartman what actually happened to him ? As internet says homicide first then says suicide ?Phil Hartman - Wikipedia › wiki › Phil_HartmanCachedSimilarPhilip Edward Hartmann (September 24, 1948 - May 28, 1998) was a Canadian-American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and graphic artist. Born in Brantford, Ontario, Hartman and his family moved to the United States in 1958.Cause of death‎: ‎Homicide by gunshot wounds ??????Nationality‎: ‎Canadian; AmericanYears active‎: ‎1969-1998Education‎: ‎Westchester High School‎Troy McClure · ‎Andy Dick · ‎Jon Lovitz · ‎Jan HooksPeople also askHow did Phil Hartman Die?HomicidePhil Hartman/Cause of deathSearch for: How did Phil Hartman Die?What happened to actor Phil Hartman?On May 28, 1998, Brynn shot and killed Hartman while he slept in their Encino, Los Angeles home, then died by suicide.????? In the weeks following his death, Hartman was celebrated in a wave of tributes.
Slowest Drummer
Slowest Drummer 3 dni temu
Those water vapor things were on kickstarter before and they were kind of shown to be a hoax
redrobot001 3 dni temu
Joe does a good Stallone impression.
3zer05 4 dni temu
Joe believes in climate change now I know why he won't have Mark Dice on his show
Pepijn Kwakkelaar
Joe 'I sent Elon a picture of a truck' Rogan
Apoch49 5 dni temu
Any episode that brings up Alex Jones in any way is a great episode.
Papa Frak
Papa Frak 5 dni temu
Stanley Philipose
Jamie and Redban have the same voice.
Phriswithaph 6 dni temu
Jamie "I gave it to Nikki Galser" Vernon
josiff explosiff
josiff explosiff 7 dni temu
There was a couple times when Joe Rogan hit that cigar and look like it was his first time doing so. He looks funny as f***
Live Your Life
Live Your Life 7 dni temu
Thanks Redban. The "Historia of The Internet" on the Mintcast podcast was great!!
Karl Wolfgramm
Karl Wolfgramm 7 dni temu
Holy fuck they make out like Android is actually shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂 wut
Preston Martinez
Preston Martinez 7 dni temu
Ha ha No JRE for china lol
Aesop70 8 dni temu
Not sure what Joe is on about, but you look up any reviews of the latest Iphone and Galazy, and the Galazy is much better xD
Matthew Bishop
Matthew Bishop 8 dni temu
Joe “ I did a lot of my own bike riding” Rogan.
Pizz Uff
Pizz Uff 8 dni temu
hey joe it is a fucking phone you dial a number and someone answers you anything else is just a fucking waste of space buy a fucking tablet with cell capability
Pizz Uff
Pizz Uff 9 dni temu
wtf does aikido have to do with the fucking food you eat ???
Ron Hollow
Ron Hollow 9 dni temu
3:04 The only racist fruit
Let It Reign’s e46 drop
Y’all need to smoke more... it should not be that difficult to smoke that much weed. Alcohol is WAY more dangerous
Melvin Gonzales
Melvin Gonzales 9 dni temu
Joe sounds like a poser stoner. Everyone's tolerance is different. I have a natural high tolerance.
Wynand Becker
Wynand Becker 7 dni temu
Melvin Gonzales natural high ha
Randy A
Randy A 9 dni temu
the jetsons was set in 2062
Brainfryde 9 dni temu
So cannot pull water from the air efficiently in any place that doesn't already have a giant amount of water. Desalination plants can be configured to use a solar or temperature differential power system, and you end up with a system that creates a LOT more potable water for the same time and space. Pulling water from the air is like using lemons to create electricity. As for the solar saves the world, they have HUGE maintenance issues when scaled up. I would never knock someone who has money and a single family home, but how are you going to deal with an apartment building? After a year, you are replacing elements due to deterioration of the panels, the tracking motors, batteries, etc. If you really want to get angry though, find out if your city is allowed to put it's excess solar electricity into the power grid. In many regions, things like solar powered street lights have to bleed their electricity to ground, as their batteries are full, and the "free" electricity is considered unfair competition to companies that sell power. So many problems, and it isn't smart people who are needed to fix them. Engaged people a little more worried about their local region instead of who used which word on some celebrity freak show would work miracles.
Brainfryde 9 dni temu
Silly Joe, the keyboard is better for single letter select on Apple, but then there is Swype on Samsung. That isn't an Android keyboard on a Samsung phone :p The reality is, both phones do 10x more than any user needs, and arguing which is better is like arguing Stick v. Automatic. Very few people will like both, but no argument can be made for either device that is either deceptively misinformed or subjective preference.
new_zealnd Gry
new_zealnd Gry 10 dni temu
Hey is there a way to watch these podcasts live?
Sam Kilgore
Sam Kilgore 10 dni temu
Jamie, keep the video on screen.
Justin Sisson
Justin Sisson 10 dni temu
Why does Redbann think everything should "Be the LAW"?
Jayden Alvira
Jayden Alvira 11 dni temu
What does Jamie look like?
Russ Penman
Russ Penman 11 dni temu
If your car is going to drive you home , you have to sit in the back
Jason Lu
Jason Lu 11 dni temu
Well actually from many sources and the newest Top Gear comparison the Porsche is the faster and better performance car
kush Kush
kush Kush 12 dni temu
San Francisco doesn’t give a fuckkk. And raise the prices huh Cali. walking thru the tinderloin 10 years ago when younger and a weird lady talking to us hella nice, crackheads just blasted gone. Ridiculous gentrification
Dean 12 dni temu
something about the way joe opens that cigar box is slightly funny nicotine and caffiene baby
Jay George
Jay George 12 dni temu
Joe seems....high
Jesus SavesUS
Jesus SavesUS 12 dni temu
space men oddcast
jeywas_here 12 dni temu
This is the first time i'm not immediately annoyed by Redban.
Chad 12 dni temu
Speaking of Demolition Man, compare the Taco Bell in that movie to the new design now. Same purple and white! LOL conspiracy....
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas 12 dni temu
bannana is a racist food
LSB 13 dni temu
What’s with the space suits ? Have I missed the joke ?
McSpiderMan 5 dni temu
When he has his good friends on they sometimes dress up. Think previous redban episodes or Duncan trussell episodes
Andrew Griffith
Andrew Griffith 13 dni temu
Hope Brian works "Olive Garden" into the podcast like the old days
David Lowrimore
David Lowrimore 13 dni temu
Jamie "You can't past tense the first part of a compound word"
Courtney White
Courtney White 13 dni temu
Joe has no idea what he's talking about. "Swipe" is a superior input method to a standard hunt-and-find keyboard @50:40
Mc Griddle
Mc Griddle 11 dni temu
Ew no
Is anyone knows some others Good podcast on YT like J.Rogan ? Thks
Teemu Kanon
Teemu Kanon 14 dni temu
Jamie sounds so much like Shroud.
Snowman374th 14 dni temu
"You're not the Boss of me" = Joe Nailed it
Snowman374th 12 dni temu
@kush Kush What's that have to do with what I said
kush Kush
kush Kush 12 dni temu
Snowman374th life is unfair
MAGICIAN33 14 dni temu
white horse
white horse 14 dni temu
Man if your phone is making your hands cramp then you are on it too much
white horse
white horse 14 dni temu
Joe the iphone keyboard sucks. You dont even have the numbers and letters present at the same time. Ive had both phones and my wife still has the new iPhone.
chris meeks
chris meeks 14 dni temu
Did Brian just hand Mike Tyson blunt to Jamie?!?!? Atta boy young Jamie
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 14 dni temu
Yes... let's just pull all the water out of the air. Rain is over-rated.
MrDanroberts09 14 dni temu
As a first aider, Joe is talking shit about don't do anything. The worst thing is do nothing. However talking to the person is the one thing he did that was right.
Balls to the wall
Balls to the wall 14 dni temu
David Icke!!!
George Feb
George Feb 14 dni temu
Live PD, Joe, I want officer Garo Brown on the podcast, long overdue!
jack meoff
jack meoff 14 dni temu
Turbos dont make your car quieter lmao ur dumb joe
TheBradGry 15 dni temu
My bikes front wheel fell off. Luckily that BJJ and wrestling taught me how to roll with it
Senura Rajapathirana
When the guy at pizzahut asked if he wants coke he meant coca cola
Antonio Paulino
Antonio Paulino 16 dni temu
Joe You broke the rules, Now You have to fight inside the octagon vs Brock Lesnar and You have to comment the match at he same time!
Antonio Paulino
Antonio Paulino 16 dni temu
And on the Main Event: Slept vs Walking, Simple Future vs Present Continuous. Fuck we digress...
schafter - bigos (feat. Taco Hemingway)
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Why I've never had a boyfriend

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