Keith Eats $500 Of Gourmet Cheese

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There's no food quite as goud-as cheese! Watch Keith eat his way through $500 worth of gourmet cheese! 🧀
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Jason Louis, Cheesemonger @cheese2meatU
Kelsey Darragh: @kelseydarragh
Becky Habersberger: @becksmecks2
Lauren Hill: @lauren.a.hill
Grace Helbig: @gracehelbig
Special thanks to Bon Vivant for providing the cheese!
You can visit them at:
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Aug 10, 2019

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Komentarze 9 455
Saratheawsome 6 godzin temu
He should do the cheese sketch.
stainless steel pan
stainless steel pan 7 godzin temu
Hahaha “Oh my gosh, thank goodness I’m not pregnant!” And also “Now it’s time to get semi-hard!” And “Sex cheese!”
shreyasi jana
shreyasi jana 7 godzin temu
I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Ana May
Ana May 7 godzin temu
Keith eats every item from a sushi bar. Could be fun, it´s rather sharable and not that fatty.
Mary Atkins
Mary Atkins 9 godzin temu
This is the only video that Keith hasn’t been food drunk when he does these
Chris Robare
Chris Robare 9 godzin temu
Eat the Menu-Buffalo Wild Wings(since they mentioned it in the video)
ThatWeirdoKeisha 9 godzin temu
As a person he absolutely loves cheese I was triggered when Keith only had a fingertip worth of some of the cheeses. Strong or not I’m eating loads. Screw my stomach
lily.flower.s 10 godzin temu
This video gets more and more chaotic after a certain point.
nerdymariner 11 godzin temu
oh Keith XD i hope you weren't too miserable after all of this
Shegran shakespeare
Shegran shakespeare 11 godzin temu
I am from Italy and I eat really good cheese there, but something that makes it 20 times better is adding pepper jam to it
IAmCat Animations
IAmCat Animations 12 godzin temu
always when he said “cheeses” i heard “jesus”
austin sanchez
austin sanchez 12 godzin temu
It’s supper healthy so for once give your body a break form junk food
Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant
Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant 13 godzin temu
4Strefa recommended this video to me because it knows I love cheese...but it still has a lot to learn about me, because other than the cheese WTF?! That is a level of obnoxious that puts Richard Simmons to shame...
Maria Tellez
Maria Tellez 13 godzin temu
Lucky bastard
big earl
big earl 14 godzin temu
Keith looks like he clogs the toilet alot
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack 14 godzin temu
Doesn’t grace sound a but like Rosanna Pansino
Virgil W
Virgil W 14 godzin temu
Cheese watch 2k somthin
ThatJustHappin 14 godzin temu
Now I wanna watch snowdonia...
Jazmin Allysssa
Jazmin Allysssa 16 godzin temu
Y'all notice at 15:34 there's a hair on the cheese
Ana Cabell
Ana Cabell 16 godzin temu
Philip Zimny
Philip Zimny 16 godzin temu
Casein overdose.
Grace Castillo
Grace Castillo 16 godzin temu
Why does Keith remind me of the rat from ratatouille
Shannon Hughes
Shannon Hughes 16 godzin temu
oh man this is like vegan torture i miss fancy cheese so much....
Elioker 16 godzin temu
why am i watching a guy critique cheese at 1 in the morning..?
YouTube SpotIight
YouTube SpotIight 16 godzin temu
There's nothing as Gouda S cheese
Juliana Rios
Juliana Rios 16 godzin temu
Juice from a cow and vomit from a bee.. boy you crack me up 😂
Jordyn Weaver
Jordyn Weaver 16 godzin temu
keith completely deteriorated throughout this whole video
cerezsis 17 godzin temu
this video made me SO hungry
Berlyn Tirbaniesingh
Berlyn Tirbaniesingh 17 godzin temu
she said cool whip like StEwIe GrIfFIn
BioYuGi 17 godzin temu
Honestly, this was really well-described. Keith had a real knack for describing all these cheeses in very relatable, visceral ways.
Kacie Morgan
Kacie Morgan 17 godzin temu
Do a eat everything at Five Guys, or like CostCo or Sam's Club
tikifiki 17 godzin temu
SamSamSamSam Sam
SamSamSamSam Sam 17 godzin temu
That pun was very cheesy
Jordan White
Jordan White 18 godzin temu
This guy’s face makes me mad
Le Funk
Le Funk 18 godzin temu
I really wish the lot of you would stop saying you’re having anxiety attacks when you’re not. It’s extremely insensitive, just a constructive criticism from a fan who would otherwise continue watching the video.
sawyerfan01 18 godzin temu
I knew it wouldn't be featured but I am sad there was no Gjetost or Brunost cheese! It's so interesting with its color and texture! I had it once at an info session about a study abroad in Norway (which I sadly could not do) and once when I randomly found it at a grocery store and was super excited because I never find it ANYWHERE.....including that grocery store. Never saw it there before or after. So sad.
Annie Shustock
Annie Shustock 18 godzin temu
I wanted cheese so bad watching this so I went to the fridge and am now eating cream cheese straight from the container...not the same
Ally Q
Ally Q 18 godzin temu
I would have to destroy a toilet halfway through filming this if I was Keith lmaoooo
Moonlight_ Wolf
Moonlight_ Wolf 18 godzin temu
Keith: knows a lot about cheeses and describes them very well Me: yes indeed that *is* cheese
Dave Shuck
Dave Shuck 18 godzin temu
Everyone on the video is ridiculous. I loved seeing the cheeses. I want to do a cheese party.
Emalee Hagen
Emalee Hagen 18 godzin temu
Death via cheese
GeoEmpress 19 godzin temu
cured meats
Jar-Jax Binks
Jar-Jax Binks 19 godzin temu
get these slack jawed yokels off my homepage utube!! dislike earned
Sarah S Alpizar
Sarah S Alpizar 19 godzin temu
Love how Keith is soooo exited when he starts and dying at the end
Zoe Annette
Zoe Annette 20 godzin temu
I relate to cheese Keith on a spiritual level
Daniel's Daily Vlogs
Daniel's Daily Vlogs 20 godzin temu
his smile is gorgeous
KON 20 godzin temu
You didn't try original Greek feta cheese...man it's my favorite! If you know how to choose one.
Lil5150dcm /Damien
Lil5150dcm /Damien 21 hour ago
At 6:18 Keith just died and learned the meaning of life
Demetrie Alger
Demetrie Alger 21 hour ago
Yet they don’t even donate normal food for the homeless
Lohan 21 hour ago
Seeing keith so happy made me happy
Jennifer Greene
Jennifer Greene 21 hour ago
Keith eats the iHop menu!
retroxlove 21 hour ago
Anyone else writing down the cheeses they liked? I might go cheese shopping this weekend 🧀✨
Grace Choi
Grace Choi 22 godzin temu
omfg poor keith and his stOMAch yikes but I live for this
Johannes De Ruig
Johannes De Ruig 22 godzin temu
It's The Netherlands, not Holland. ~a concerned Dutch citizen from one of the Hollands living outside of the Hollands
austin sanchez
austin sanchez 22 godzin temu
Eat the menu at under the bodhi tree
Normann Finne
Normann Finne 22 godzin temu
Try gays...
Mr Happy
Mr Happy 23 godzin temu
“Juice from a cow, vomit from a bee.” Beautiful
Mr Happy
Mr Happy 23 godzin temu
I also really love cheese. So much
Kelly Phan
Kelly Phan 23 godzin temu
Someone please list the names of the cheeses he ate!!
deadlyNightshade789 23 godzin temu
AndreaComa 7575
AndreaComa 7575 23 godzin temu
Besides the blue cheese, it would be my dream to try all those cheeses 🥺❣️
Joanna 23 godzin temu
I really want to try that bread cause when Keith bites into it with the cheese and fruit, it's so crunchy.
Bria F
Bria F Dzień temu
I love the point in these videos when Keith first starts to go a little crazy and the mood starts changing 😂😂
Valerie Bueno
Valerie Bueno Dzień temu
you should eat everything at red lobster
Johannah Haugen
Johannah Haugen Dzień temu
Juice from a cow and puke from a bee!😂😂😂 I laughed so loud my neighbors yelled to keep it down 😂😂😂
Aki Dzień temu
It's not yugioh it's duel monster (Love the video and might have ordered 11 cheeses after watching this.)
taylor g
taylor g Dzień temu
“all of my guests are going to be women” cheese loving lesbians rise up
Zoe Martin
Zoe Martin Dzień temu
The editing on this video is hilarious
SkyeSalindar Dzień temu
By far my favorite of Keith eats
Ashley Miller
Ashley Miller Dzień temu
i want to have this job!
devinmarieb Dzień temu
The lack of manchego was disappointing.
Sick Brain
Sick Brain Dzień temu
I really love kelsey. Can she have more guestings?
maria fernanda perez mendivil
maria fernanda perez mendivil Dzień temu
wow Kelsey really loves cheese
Angela Gomez
Angela Gomez Dzień temu
I'M UNSUBSCRIBING...GIVE THIS TO THE TRY GUYS.....I'm getting bored, Keith. You wolfing down food and you chew with your mouth open which to watch is not fun or appetizing. You don't cook with it you just eat it and it just looks like you waste it. Which annoys me because those were expensive cheeses. In fact, they stopped putting the block in front of you and your germy hands. You kept double dipping and touching your tongue with your fingers, use proper hygiene ok. Nothing is done with elegance and pa-nache, take a flaming class (for the next six months) on how to have some class and breeding from someone who can teach you etiquette and worldly elegance. Just don't sit there and slam down cheese or fast food because it is just go gross to watch you eat. I am unsubscribing.until you guys do a play, or a musical dance (like Gene did), give us something better, ok. You four have enough talent to do better than this stuff, trust me, what is going on that you just do a half a--ed job. Do a song video that is really good or have Zack write a play or Gene choreograph something good or have Ned and you guys climb a mountain take some para-military something. Just stop this eating until you have more class and then teach people how to make their lives better. I feel so bad for the guy who provided the cheeses and I hope he charged you for them double, you saw he wore gloves. Geez, you are making me upset. You four need me to help you out. I might call you later and give you my info.
E Co.
E Co. Dzień temu
This video came out the day I moved in to my college dorm (year 2 bitches!) and idk how I managed to not notice it until a week later
Sophia Jackson
Sophia Jackson Dzień temu
Uncommon fruits
Regan Costa
Regan Costa Dzień temu
I was waiting for Sao George cheese during the hard cheeses but it never came and now I'm sad
TheXGamer Dzień temu
You know what, he should try gourmet wines, it’s really good for his digestive system. Also, no cows and lactose intolerance people are harmed during the making of this video.
Kate Suddell
Kate Suddell Dzień temu
Would love to see you do a vegan/vegetarian restaurant eat the menu :)
Sophia Garrett
Sophia Garrett Dzień temu
#1 is my dad's absolute favorite cheese ever
Amy Cruz
Amy Cruz Dzień temu
my favorite episode of eat the menu
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