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This holiday season, discover the unlikely friendship that launched a legend. Watch Klaus on #Netflix November 15th, 2019. #KlausNetflix
When Jesper (Jason Schwartzman) distinguishes himself as the postal academy’s worst student, he is stationed on a frozen island above the Arctic Circle, where the feuding locals hardly exchange words let alone letters. Jesper is about to give up when he finds an ally in local teacher Alva (Rashida Jones), and discovers Klaus (Oscar® winner J.K. Simmons), a mysterious carpenter who lives alone in a cabin full of handmade toys. These unlikely friendships return laughter to Smeerensburg, forging a new legacy of generous neighbors, magical lore and stockings hung by the chimney with care. An animated holiday comedy directed by Despicable Me co-creator Sergio Pablos, KLAUS co-stars Joan Cusack, Will Sasso and Norm Macdonald.
#Netflix #Klaus #Christmas
Watch Klaus, only on Netflix:www.netflix.com/title/80183187
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Klaus | Official Trailer | Netflix
A young postman and a reclusive toymaker become unlikely friends in "Klaus," an animated Santa Claus origin story by the co-creator of "Despicable Me."




Oct 7, 2019




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Komentarze 1 919
Dogquack 7 godzin temu
looks kinda promising, but i wont hold ,y breathe and neither should you
Nicholas Waldrop
Nicholas Waldrop 7 godzin temu
A beginning of greatest legend of winter night
adrian rossell ruiz
adrian rossell ruiz 10 godzin temu
this 2d animation is mind blowing
Iron Vlogger
Iron Vlogger 11 godzin temu
At long last 2d animation at its finest. HAD TO HAVE HIIIIIIIGH HOPES!
Brad Lee
Brad Lee 13 godzin temu
Jacob Rucquoi
Jacob Rucquoi 13 godzin temu
Why the hell would an unhappy town want to stay unhappy? I've heard of being stuck in your ways but what the actual crap?
Pyromite 14 godzin temu
The Animation looks awesome! The style of the postman reminds me a bit of the dr. form treasure planet, or milo from Atlantis. The setting reminds me a lot of the santa-claus origin story "Joulutarina" or "Wonder of a winternight", a Finnish christmas-movie that is pretty brilliant, and that I would encourage everyone to watch. I will definately watch this one.
Anne Cometa
Anne Cometa 15 godzin temu
I remember seeing clips of this years back, oh my goodness it looks stunning
Pasquale Dorsi
Pasquale Dorsi 15 godzin temu
Did anyone thought this was related to rise of the guardians
BRUHuSmellLikeSCAT 15 godzin temu
I feel like this is a remake of some older movie. I think it was Finnish. I'm pretty sure. There was a boy and a mean old man who gave away presents. Can anyone please tell me the name?
Moon Corona
Moon Corona 16 godzin temu
2D animation?! This is gonna be a Christmas treat!! cannot wait!
VirtualRealityTurtle ฅ'ω'ฅ
Finally a good Netflix animated movie
Gabrielle Winterleaf
Gabrielle Winterleaf 19 godzin temu
I want 2D movies to make a comeback so darn much! 3D movies don't do it enough for me! DX
I’m NOT a block head
I’m NOT a block head 19 godzin temu
This is gonna debut 2 days before my birthday
Gabrielle Winterleaf
Gabrielle Winterleaf 19 godzin temu
Klaus looks so much like Santa Claus from Dreamwork's Rise of the Guardians.
Linus Kalajoki
Linus Kalajoki 19 godzin temu
Two reasons why I want to watch this movie then it comes out: no. 1 Another lovely story about how Christmas was made and no. 2 J.K. Simmons is the voice for Santa claus.
Theron Langhorne
Theron Langhorne 19 godzin temu
Glorious character design!!! I love it!
Gintoki San
Gintoki San 19 godzin temu
People now a days are confused of 2D and 3D animation. . Once the animators used 3D as basis or as a reference for the animation and add 2D layer of drawings and filters it already becomes 2D. . Remember rotoscoping?? Then if it is Pixars or Dream Works like animation it is 3D. 2.5D on the other hand if you mashed them together like "Who framed Roger Rabbit?" But the live action aesthetics are in 3D.
Emotional Gamer
Emotional Gamer 19 godzin temu
Cute but still waiting on the witcher
dungeonmaster16 19 godzin temu
interesting side note: the charaacter designer for this film is sergio pablos who did character designs for disneys hunchback of notre dame and tarzan.
Yunie TheThird
Yunie TheThird 21 hour ago
So is this supposed be based on that other Santa Christmas special claymation?
WonderPyxel 21 hour ago
FINALLY A 2D ANIMATED MOVIE? *starts tearing up* It’s a Christmas Miracle...!
Boris Turk
Boris Turk 23 godzin temu
Can I get one lemon joke in this movie
Purebattle 317
Purebattle 317 Dzień temu
Bob Igers Disney: “lets keep making 3D animation with politics and live action remakes still with politics. No one can stop us”! Netflix: “Hold my 2D”!
Heaux Dzień temu
One of the key animators from Treasure Planet, you can tell he looks like Delbert
Isaiah Miranda
Isaiah Miranda Dzień temu
HMMM... Something that's different...? *F I N A L L Y*
Jlinus Dzień temu
2d animation I think I might have died and gone to heaven
grays0ul Dzień temu
The animation on this is crazy.
pinetree Dzień temu
Oh this looks excellent! I hope it comes to the U.K. Netflix as well because I would totally love to watch this!
Marques Tenisbol
Marques Tenisbol Dzień temu
audio for old lady is a tad off. in case you didn't know
Nigle Trollster
Nigle Trollster Dzień temu
2d animation what we all need
iiJason124 Dzień temu
The Joker's backstory? nah *Santa's backstory? F*** YEAH
Nymphe Echo
Nymphe Echo Dzień temu
They achieved a beautiful new 2D look- like living gouache paintings. They said, they wanted to bring 2D forward - and they did it. Couldn't believe, this was truly 2D lineart animation and not some toonboom animation like _La reine de soleil_ . I checked it out- and it's actually lineart animation - done frame by frame. The clever shading and lightning brings in the depth 2D could never deliver bevore
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook Dzień temu
OMGoodness this reminds me of the old Christmas special "Santa Clause is coming to town" this town is just a realy good (or much worse?) version of Sombertown! And Santa has always been cutest with a beard... CAN"T WAIT!
Dragoner Productions
Everyone is gangsta until klaus steps in with his axe.
Olek My
Olek My Dzień temu
The music choice could have been better.
ViciousBane 56
ViciousBane 56 Dzień temu
Love the animation and looks great, the Christmas chronicles was a great Christmas movie and I expected to be bad but it wasn’t. I was thinking it should be a theatrical release but with the success of the Christmas chronicles and love, death and robot.
AIKIDOJRA Dzień temu
all I see is Netflix telling kids Santa isn't real
Anthony Demar
Anthony Demar Dzień temu
This looks good but it feels to similar to the stop motion movie from rakin bass I thought this was supposed to be different but it’s fine and forgivable because it’s a 2d movie......for once
Brook 03
Brook 03 Dzień temu
Everyone please support and watch 2D films so they can get the recognition they deserve. If everyone begins to watch these amazing films we may get classical animation back!
Honeybee !
Honeybee ! Dzień temu
The animation looks amazing, well not even that, I should say stunning. But, I wanna say that the plot for the movie just looks like a lot of fun, and I really am excited for this movie!
Gergen The Pickle Person
It's happening!!!!
Atreides22222 Dzień temu
Damn, Santa Claus looking like a bara daddy. 10/10, daddy bf material.
xMaNrEbOrN78 Dzień temu
This...actually looks good. I'm intrigued...
Dung Bui
Dung Bui Dzień temu
So Tenzin retired as an master Aibender to Santa Claus for this movie? I'm in.
felipe costa
felipe costa Dzień temu
As someone who was watching the progression shots for some days, this is making me happy as f*ck
tjacobr Dzień temu
Sooooooo.... klaus is santa??
Imperialx Warlord
Imperialx Warlord Dzień temu
Looks pretty good.
deepak limbu
deepak limbu Dzień temu
yes bring back the 2D animation.
Emeneld Ray Rolando
Rise of the Guardians nostalgia.
ManyStandAlone Dzień temu
Disney: original 2D animation? No no no, we only do remakes now. Netflix: hold my eggnog
Heath Crabtree
Heath Crabtree Dzień temu
Man the town makes Detroit look like Disney land. Not by drugs or guns, more like the unhappiest please on the planet. But a postman and a toy maker comes in and makes things better.
sean barron
sean barron Dzień temu
I want to know the song used in the trailer.
Black Cat
Black Cat Dzień temu
Beautiful animation
I am an animator and I am so proud that the director and the studio that made this movie are spanish. Always the coolest animations are from other countries (Specially America and France) so and I am so proud that little by little my country starts to make amazing things too :D
Kimberly Berggren
Kimberly Berggren Dzień temu
Warning: Just so you know, if you complain about High Hopes the Panic! At The Disco/ Brendon Urie fandom will slaughter you.
Wan Nur Dalila Wan Zainuddin
What does the high hopes song from patd have to do with Christmas?
Ryan Blaney
Ryan Blaney Dzień temu
Hoped this was an adaptation of Grant Morrison's Klaus
density fluctuation
Wow 2d animation, and pretty good style, i love this!
ethanarc Dzień temu
Okay. So a christmas movie I'm ACTUALLY looking forward to
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