Lori Loughlin Back In Court In College Admissions Scandal | TODAY

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Actress Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli will return Tuesday to a Boston courthouse where they’re expected to acknowledge and wave any potential conflicts of interest in their college admissions case. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports, and NBC News legal analyst Danny Cevallos weighs in.
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Lori Loughlin Back In Court In College Admissions Scandal | TODAY



Aug 27, 2019




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Komentarze 394
RUSTYNAILS7444 5 dni temu
Throw the book at them..if not more will come
Ryan Palermo
Ryan Palermo 6 dni temu
If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
wade Catt
wade Catt 6 dni temu
Worse than what she did is still claiming she's innocent.
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod 8 dni temu
this proves that MONEY DOES buy you anything in the USA
william youngworth
william youngworth 15 dni temu
Hey Danny Savalez...you going to clean up your statement now that your WRONG??? Glad you never had a chance to to throw me under the bus in a courtroom. Pinhead
Shanna Rossi
Shanna Rossi 21 day ago
Apparently she needs a bigger drug test
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 23 dni temu
Smiling, signing autographs as she enters the court room? She thinks she can get away with it. I hope she doesn’t but money talks.
Crank I. T. C. Paranormal Special ghost person
I guess at this point just throw yourself on the Mercy of the courts ,they are so screwed, the only thing they are sorry for is getting caught, watch this ,they aren't going to get off!
ahoward 26 dni temu
Looks like she is happy with herself. What a joke of a human being
moon Tran
moon Tran 26 dni temu
My roommate was talking about how to play a role on when call the heart as a mayor and she leader and don't like bad people. In real life is so different she play the victim. She good at acting.
Ander Ander
Ander Ander 27 dni temu
Taking bribes in a public university gets you one day in jail?? ..... My brother-in-law got a week in jail for running a stop sign and not having his insurance card with him....
ROY FR 27 dni temu
Wouldn't even be recognized her ein Mexico all private school run on parents money....grades are bought
Henrique Iglesias
Henrique Iglesias 28 dni temu
I hate the stupid, smug smile on her face.
emily schwellenbach
I hardly regard Jade as an influencer of anything , give me a break. She has nothing to offer me. Can her mom pay for my grandbabies college, that would be great
Abi L
Abi L 29 dni temu
I might get attacked but.. I hope lori gets off I love her so much she was my childhood just i hope she gets through this.
Abi L
Abi L 16 dni temu
Maddy Hayes i respect your oppinion,but i have to stand with mine sorry❤️
Maddy Hayes
Maddy Hayes 17 dni temu
Dan W.
Dan W. 29 dni temu
If she didn't have such dumb kids, she would'nt be in this mess...
jacquline Samad
jacquline Samad 29 dni temu
Something about rich people choosing to commit crime rubs me the wrong way more than the poor or underpriviledged individuals going in that route?
Jared Hanamaikai
I have no respect for any of them.
E P Month ago
Wonder if Lori and her husband will bribe St Peter at the Pearly Gates when their time is up. Lucifer will take them
Stephanie Coates
I wish people would stop referring to Olivia Jade as an “influencer.” I think seeing Lori and Missimo’s child giving news outlets obscene gestures is very indicative of their guilt raising children to believe they are entitled to slate others for their own gain. As a mother I do not want that child influencing my daughters to have zero class and treat others like they are inferior to opportunity. Go ahead and “stick up” for your parents, Olivia, but you don’t have to use your fingers.
E P Month ago
Felicity Huffman received 14 days imprisonment for the USC college scandal. Bet she will get out in less than a week because some beaurcrat will let her out early stating overcrowding in the prison. And the same with the good catholic girl Lori, who cheated and lied and her good catholic daughters who were also involved the the lies and dishonesty. And they go to church ⛪ every Sunday. Hey Lori, have you and your thieving husband been going to confession every week.
Maddy Hayes
Maddy Hayes 17 dni temu
Well said.
doug plein
doug plein Month ago
Lori not aging very well.
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah Month ago
Why does her husband look like her brother?
marty toledo
marty toledo Month ago
That smirk your going down
marty toledo
marty toledo Month ago
Its trumps fault
Lou Wiz
Lou Wiz Month ago
The KIDS signed the college contract . Mommy and daddy DO NOT sign it. Doesn't matter where the money came from. The KIDS are the guilty ones. They should be on trial and facing jail.. They are adults now..
Rainbow Azumarill
I died in the intro!!! The shade though 😂😂😂
Ready Now
Ready Now Month ago
Okay, you’re putting Trump in this too! Why even mention his name?!
Ru Lz
Ru Lz Month ago
Biggest College Scandal and I can't even find updates on it...
honey milk
honey milk Month ago
Lori Lori Lori Lori Lori Lori pay for my college tuition
Lauren Ferrell
Lauren Ferrell Month ago
Lori needs the lawyer of that guy who spent only one day in jail!
elphie from oz
elphie from oz Month ago
Imagine being so dumb that your mom has to buy way into college.. than flip off media outlets who dare cover your moms actions 💀🤡
l An
l An Month ago
Incredible what money can get you. Women are serving prison for much less, and this undeniably proves the justice system bends if you have the means. Outrageous
Sara Brown
Sara Brown Month ago
The daughter throwing out her middle fingers to the whole world says it all, she needs to go to the school of bright promise because her IQ is minus zero. Why anyone would back up this girl of stupidity when their are more gorgeous girls out their in the USA WITH IQ’S that are ten times more smarter is beyond me. She dumber then a box of rocks!!L just saying! I will now ask the lord to forgive me for judging, he’s the only one who has that right.! Amen.
Skie M
Skie M Month ago
I think Lori's daughters should go to jail and get kicked out college, for what they did...
Sara Brown
Sara Brown Month ago
Sara Brown
Sara Brown Month ago
I think the judge should know how the whole world feels unless he or she is paid off! Another OJ SIMPSON,! Only Hollywood!! Rest of the world lives in reality! Lori husband daughters well!! What can I say that we have not already thought!! Money paves the way!!
Sara Brown
Sara Brown Month ago
I think u have a beautiful family, but have u paid off the judge an jury now maybe 1million or 2 million. Guilty is guilty, I have more respect for everyone before u both who showed remorse. Just saying. Keeping smiling that fake smile Lori, don’t show any remorse, or guilt, no your not Lilly white! Quite thinking u are. Say goodbye to hallmark and anyone who wants to back up your daughters. I’d have more respect and so would the whole world if u just could say I f--ked up!! Just saying!
Sara Brown
Sara Brown Month ago
Is the judge and jury being paid off next??
David Adams
David Adams Month ago
Entitlement, and she knows it! Got the money and the Hollywood name and you can do anything and walk. Waste of taxpayer money to prosecute!! So sad... Justice served!
Jslayallday92 S
Jslayallday92 S Month ago
Pronouncing “fight” in the most awkward of ways.
Today show do this story everyday
This story has gone by wayside if this was trumps kid be on all channels 24/7 even this story is old washed in the money one month won't even see this again ever $$$$$$$$$
Jail like all people break the law make them pay millions and jail money go to every student in school during first day of her kid till the end all of them so they can have zero student loan for those who worked to get there
B Mills
B Mills Month ago
The courts should hang them both out to dry. If not for the crime than just for being horrible parents. What a thing to teach your children. If you have have enough money than you can LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL your way through life. Not only are they teaching this to their children, but if they get away with it, than they are teaching this lesson to every kid watching this case. So all the teens watching this, if the courts allow them to buy their way out of this mess will learn that this is what you should do. This is how you should live your lives...go out into the world and LIE, CHEAT, and STEAl your way through life. This will make your life better. DISGUSTING HUMAN BEINGS!!!
Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.
If tons of parents did it, how is it so bad. This isn't unusual. Money buys what money can buy.
kimmy cuthbert
kimmy cuthbert Month ago
What is there to smile about?
elenavaso Month ago
It’s amazing the impact a television show can have on people. I think people trust people on childhood shows and it’s a shock when we find out horrible things they have done but I guess sometimes they aren’t how they portray.
Sone Blink
Sone Blink Month ago
Ugly disgusting family.
Stephanie Kao
Stephanie Kao Month ago
Unattractive faces.
Lisa Fuller
Lisa Fuller Month ago
One day In jail for the staff? That’s not taking accountability.
Kaylene Opperman
So your talking about her potential conviction but you had to through POTUS Trump in there regarding an example of making a deal? Can’t you just talk about the story your presenting? This is why no one watches television “news shows” any longer.
Jordan Ricks
Jordan Ricks Month ago
I am glad they are coming after the rich Seeing that a lot of people are now going to jail for this tells you that the justice system is no longer allowing the rich to get away with stuff
E a
E a Month ago
She need to do time,but not 40 years.maybe 5 years.
Flagger 75
Flagger 75 Month ago
Someone should tell Lori the general public wants her drawn and quartet ( a Henry XIII torture before being beheaded).
Susan Weber
Susan Weber Month ago
People have been making “donations” to colleges/universities for their kids to get accepted for years and years. That won’t stop. Ok, using college athletics obviously backfired. Once the kid is in school parents still pay full tuition. Colleges and universities don’t seem to be getting their hands slapped. I also don’t think these “donations” are that many, not allowing kids with the test scores to be accepted.
Roger Freeberg
Roger Freeberg Month ago
Huffman as others , wasn't as arrogant as O'laughlin and her husband who believed that they were above the law and no doubt priveledged and would not be charged are going to pay the price as they should. THE ARROGANCE , SIGNING THE AUTOGRAPHS ETC. ETC IS A BIT TO MUCH FOR A PERSON LIKE ME WHO CAN'T BRIBE SOMEONE , DEDUCTING IT ON MY INCOME TAX AND BLOW IT OFF. They should pay the price like any other citizen would face for bribing officials to get their spoiled children into a school considered by some to be above average. And then the spoiled kids following the parents lead laugh about it and just want to party.... The gall of these people is alarming , all of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lynn Mealy
Lynn Mealy Month ago
And no money from the movie !!!!
Lynn Mealy
Lynn Mealy Month ago
Prison , prison, prison
Anthony McGlinch
"As both face years of prison time". Let's be honest: Sadly, they won't spend a day in jail for this.
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