Lori Loughlin's Anxiety Is 'Through the Roof' Amid College Admissions Scandal

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A source tells ET that the scandal has been the 'biggest challenge' of Lori's life.
Exclusives from #ETonline :




Oct 3, 2019




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Komentarze 775
Aaron Valdes
Aaron Valdes 14 godzin temu
Criminal mindset :(
valerie rodriguez
valerie rodriguez 20 godzin temu
I actually feel bad for her. She wanted better for her daughters. Her daughters are brats.
Patrick Isles
Patrick Isles 23 godzin temu
Seeing these privileged people getting justice is so, so delicious. Keep crying.
John Brown
John Brown Dzień temu
She wanted her daughters to have a college experience, not a college education 🤣🤣🤣
Troy Dzień temu
I take it your Sunday is your trolling day.
En1gmatic1 Dzień temu
Who else ended up here after going down the rabbit hole from 4Strefa recommending the fullhouse pilot where danny tanner wasnt played by bob saget?
Adrian riv
Adrian riv Dzień temu
She thinks her daughters are too stupid to get into college on they're own lmfao
Troy Dzień temu
I guess Lori's daughter they don't have the brain cells a genius like you has LOL.
Bill Dzień temu
Her daughter asked her, " Does this mean I don't get to go to kaledge"?
uly roth
uly roth 2 dni temu
fanofmany71 2 dni temu
This is not about being a good or bad person. Good and bad people make mistakes, intentionally or otherwise. It's about owning it and taking responsibility for your wrong doing, and owning the consequences. I have so much more respect for Felicity than Lori - I was going to say, the longer this drags on, the more excuses she makes, and the more attempts to get out of the consequences, the worse it is for her... but I think it's too late. Again, many celebrities and non-celebrities make mistakes, but you have more respect (comparatively) for those who just own it.
Keke*from* Shh-cago
She just did what they all do she just got caught they all lie cheat and steal and then lecture us on who we should vote for and how we should feel buncha drug addicts, rapist liars and cheats and you all bow to them and athletes like gods, shame on you
Valon Martinez
Valon Martinez 2 dni temu
Lock up this CORRUPT THIEF
Jane Door
Jane Door 2 dni temu
Didn't know she was breaking the law?? Are you kidding me with this GARBAGE. This says a lot about her that she's STILL trying to lie and scheme to get out of taking responsibility. Aunt Becky can't stop being entitled. She's use to getting her way and having money to buy her way out of things.
Masked Masko
Masked Masko 2 dni temu
I’m so confused, I don’t really pay attention to all these type of stuff, can someone tell me what’s going on with Lori and why everyone is hating on her?
TKJ Fl 2 dni temu
Darren McKnight
Darren McKnight 2 dni temu
Snooty witch throw her in jail and throw away the key 😆😆😆👍
Ruth Sharp
Ruth Sharp 3 dni temu
She wasn’t anxious when she paid to get her daughters into USC! She’s just sorry she got caught. No prison time for her entitled a$$z
Sara Restivo
Sara Restivo 3 dni temu
I Can Not STAND A ` LIAR " . She knew what she was DOING !!!!!!
starsmoon0216 3 dni temu
Jail time for lying Lori Loughlin and her lying husband!!!!!
DeeCee 3 dni temu
We are a nice " normal" family. We dont have a sense of entitlement at all 🤣🤣🤣
Alex Jensen
Alex Jensen 3 dni temu
In many instances no payment, bribe, or money is required for admission into select schools. All it takes is contacts within the school to bypass the admissions process. Again, no federal crimes need be committed to sidestep the admissions process if the correct strings are pulled.
im bored so i watch vids
everybody hates you... and youre going to jail...
cyril vallantin
cyril vallantin 3 dni temu
How about her whiteness will surely be coming into play in court she most likely will be fine, and her anxiety is of little importance if this was a black woman we’d be looking at a mugshot and describe in detail what a monster she is.
KWAME ROSS 3 dni temu
She has enough money to buy a private cell. What’s the issue?
Carolyn Rohman
Carolyn Rohman 3 dni temu
Wow, her true evil face reflects in the thumbnail!
marambaron 3 dni temu
It's so much right to be white. I really think i am the wrong color. Oh, well. Next life.
DMR1826 4 dni temu
good wait till she goes to prison, her anxiety will triple lol
LaLa C
LaLa C 4 dni temu
She's white and rich...she'll get a slap on the wrist
Melissa Prather
Melissa Prather 4 dni temu
She needs to go to jail. What she did was illegal. If I break the law I go to jail. That's why I don't break the law Lori's trying to play the oh God I'm too stupid to know that was against the law. That just makes her look dumber and she already is. I have no pity for Miss Laughlin or her children because the kids were in on it. I think her and that idiot husband hurt deserve at least a 15 year sentence. They hurt more than just themselves they hurt people who really worked very hard to try and get in but with Miss Laughlin oh God I'm Lori so I can do whatever I want well guess what this is America if you break the law you go to jail and it don't make a damn Who You Are
Jordan Rider
Jordan Rider 4 dni temu
Maybe you shouldn’t have paid for your entitled daughters to fail out of college????? We don’t feel bad.
Elena Cartagena
Elena Cartagena 4 dni temu
Cat Rice
Cat Rice 4 dni temu
She is not.innocent probably done worse stuff..it will.be made public if she does.not take a plea deal
Sophie 4 dni temu
I’d be surprised if her anxiety wasn’t through the roof 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Robert Sikorski
Robert Sikorski 4 dni temu
Prison is going to be her biggest challenge.
starhit 4 dni temu
I hope she goes to prison
ChewwwBeccca 4 dni temu
I can’t believe she had the nerve to plead not guilty, so disgusting
Stonie Wake
Stonie Wake 4 dni temu
Oh yeah, so it was for charity? Mkay. Oh yeah, kindness is what she was so busy teaching them...Ummm, humph... Me thinks she doth protests way toooo much. I mean whatever she thinks she was teaching her daughters, it wasn’t fuckin kindness and it was and is way wrong. Not only does their seem to be a lack of understanding for the meaning of kindness but rather the mother seems to only show her kids how to be insanely arrogant and a liar. As for what the children have learned... I guess vanity comes to mind but that’s about it. And if vanity wasnt the only thing ya noticed about the daughters, if vanity wasn’t crystal clear (in the old video footage show) then ya need some motherfuckin glasses. Yikes yikes yikes. So... To clarify, it was going to Charity? Sure sure - yeah we know you semi-rich people always love parting with 1/2 a million, especially to1 lone charity. Bull-hockey-myauntfanny.
Charles Crisefi
Charles Crisefi 4 dni temu
She was calm when she wrote the check !!!
Cyn Rod
Cyn Rod 4 dni temu
Going to jail are ya Laurie!!!
AnthMore 4 dni temu
charity???? she thinks it was for charity???? gtfoh!!! how do u not know ur getting ur daughter into a school that she not smart enough for,, she said she doesnt like school!! and they put her in a rowing team but shes never rowed in her life!!! and took soeone elses chance to be in that school!!! now she pissing me off because shes trying to say she thought the money was going to charity??? smh dont u guys buy that!
Mark B
Mark B 4 dni temu
Wow. Her parents lied, cheated and risked their reputations all for a vapid brat that "doesn't really care about school?" What a waste of humanity that entire family turned out to be.
Lisa DiConti
Lisa DiConti 4 dni temu
Whatever...it irritates me when they quote "a source". Why should I believe anything "a source" says?
Erin 4 dni temu
Lied and cheated and then lied to cover up the lies and cheating. Doubtful these qualities are limited to just this aspect of her life.
Deborah Reaves
Deborah Reaves 4 dni temu
I can respect someone who simply says that they did this period and does not look to make excuses. This is the attitude of a privileged white person/ celebrity who needs to learn to own her transgressions. At least Felicity Huffman did own her crime. I hate it when any person tries to make excuses for why they wronged someone. Time to grow up, Lori and time to do the time!
SassyBratt1 4 dni temu
Toss her in the clink! She thought it was a big joke how she swindled her kid past the line and mocked the law.....SO ...show her what happens when you think you're above the law! And if I were her I wouldn't eat in a restaurant again..because the staff will likely spit in her food and not tell her.
K it
K it 5 dni temu
She looks evil
Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith 5 dni temu
Oh gawd, cry me a fucking river
xpradaGx 5 dni temu
she will play the victim just like Amber Guyger. calling it now.
Mka Cook
Mka Cook 5 dni temu
Good.... the bitch destroyed students that actually deserved it!!!!
Rachel Bittick
Rachel Bittick 5 dni temu
Spoiled rich people get away with everthing they have no shame just my opinion, i will never watch anything with L L in it
micker001 5 dni temu
Send her to jail and kick out the kids from USC.
Judith Ryle
Judith Ryle 5 dni temu
She and hubby both look like stuck up snobs
Judith Ryle
Judith Ryle 5 dni temu
Good. She needs to be punished
Brooke Davis
Brooke Davis 5 dni temu
Meagan Brenner
Meagan Brenner 5 dni temu
Her anxiety should be through the roof, she committed a crime and got caught!
Brittany YoungStrickland
All she needs is Jesus Christ, call in him Lori. He hears you and will heal You and forgive you. Jesus Loves you girl. God Bless 😇😇😇😇🥰
Sharon Novak
Sharon Novak 41 minute temu
You can pray to Jesus behind bars good luck Aunt Becky take your Bible.
Claire Sadlowski
Claire Sadlowski 5 dni temu
Who the fuck cares about her...I sure as hell don’t. I don’t feel sorry for her, she’s already ruined her life
Jackie Leon
Jackie Leon 5 dni temu
Damn shes aged 10 years from all this
Dirty Muzzie
Dirty Muzzie 5 dni temu
I hope Lori dies a slow painful death from cancer of the vagina.
True Blue 92
True Blue 92 5 dni temu
Oh Aunt Becky, how could you?
Donna Misko
Donna Misko 5 dni temu
I remember trying to be so strong and supportive everytime a denial letter from college would come in the mail for my children. My kids busted their butts to get accepted. My children all had a level of a learning disability which made it all the more hard. I was a single mom holding down 3 jobs, saving to buy all learning materials to help them score as high as they can. The whole family struggled one way or another but I can't even explain the heartache and the feeling of devastation that comes with it. My daughter graduated at the top of her class in high school and her counselor at school told her not to reach for anything above community colleges because we were a low income family. She had the grades but I didn't have the standing. The pain your child feels when they can't understand the injustice. Lori was cocky from day 1 thinking she can buy her way out of it like she bought her daughters way in really gets under my skin. She never once showed any remorse, I hope she gets at least a good solid year, preferably a lot more but at least enough to make her humble to the world around hers. Felicity was at least sincere from day 1, I have no ill will towards her.
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