Neil deGrasse Tyson: Finding Extraterrestrial Life Might Unify Earth's Residents

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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America's favorite astrophysicist predicts what might happen if (or when) the people of Earth confirm the existence of life beyond this planet. #Colbert #NeildeGrasseTyson #Interviews
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Oct 8, 2019




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Komentarze 3 236
Joe Rivera
Joe Rivera 10 minut temu
Disgusting that he still has a job. Sexual misconduct is not to be taken lightly- especially when three women came out and said it.
R M 18 minut temu
I very much so wished Stephen would of asked why are we not ready to receive information about life in another planet?? Is it because how it might affect religion? Might it be because discovered a life form more advance than us that we couldn’t defend from (planetary security standpoint)?? I have more questions !
jason voorhees
jason voorhees Godzina temu
He just described project blue beam
BoutiqueBuds Co.
BoutiqueBuds Co. Godzina temu
That’s funny, Elon Musk says he owns Area 59 and there are no aliens, if there was proof, he says he would have seen it already, he says thier is no proof of Aliens
Damon Godzina temu
Neil is going through a period of heavy bombardment #notmetoo
Real Slick
Real Slick Godzina temu
this is literally the plot of watchmen
MisterScrambles Godzina temu
No Stephen, the first thing we'd want to know about life on Mars would be: Can I fug it?
John Patsko
John Patsko 2 godzin temu
Kudos to Colbert for asking tough questions
koen Armstrong
koen Armstrong 2 godzin temu
He just said “you think the government is competent enough to pull it off” THEY DO. And it’s not Donald trumps government but when you have deep state covert ops that 100% have kept all of this from us. Straight up all I have to say is that the human race today has no idea how much has actually happened since Roswell and what’s happened over all of history. We’re lied to by more than just the USA gov but the Vatican and every other country and family and oil company that wants to hide it
WarlockofWordsReturns RB
Only if the aliens were on their way here, and they were clearly armed. Maybe then...
imperial times
imperial times 2 godzin temu
"I learned that it's great to have an immense support network, as well as a loyal devoted group of subjects, when faced with the consequences of overblown sexual confidence/predatory behavior"
David's2Cents 3 godzin temu
so what he is saying is we would put on hold fighting each other to go kill the aliens because they are not us
CharlesManson 3 godzin temu
He’s got his talking point about this issue down to a ‘science’
Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson 3 godzin temu
Once a animal gains cogent thought it can go two ways. One...they can start explaining nature through scientific methods or two, they can start explaining nature with myths that lead to religion. The first stands a slight chance of survival, the second will become a war torn savergy that will destroy itself with stupidity.
YouNeed2FearMe 3 godzin temu
I’d rather align myself with a hostile Alien race ! For centuries whites have tried to dominate Blacks on the basis of race ! The aliens if they encountered this would know it and wisely exploit it . Don’t get your hopes up too high for human cooperation.
breakthrough implosion
The government is competent enough to pull that off. These are what I like to call "plants." If they can pull this gangstalking bullsh_t, as known they're able to keep secrets. I used to like Neil, but really he's not a good person.
Ivan123 5 godzin temu
The difference in demenour here and at Rogan is huge... He came of as really arogant sob there... now imagine how he is when all cameras are off... We think we know these people but its only a distorted persona.
Matthew Coolness
Matthew Coolness 5 godzin temu
Americans in particular are not going to give a shit if NASA finds microbes on Mars 🦠 The NAVY released 3 videos of actual alien craft in our airspace, and nobody cared.
Hx 0
Hx 0 5 godzin temu
I've been holding the like button for minutes, but youtube still won't let me laugh or love react to the "competent"-comment. *insert Sad emoji here*
billybrooks1 7 godzin temu
I don't know if we found life from outside our solar system but we sure have found their spaceships
billybrooks1 7 godzin temu
Believe all women!! Unless you just really like the guy.
Cliff Roberson
Cliff Roberson 8 godzin temu
Finding of life on Mars will not change a thing. People are too stupid (especially Americans) to understand the findings. People get more excited from things like finding the face of Jesus on a Lay's potato chip.
Trace Hefner
Trace Hefner 8 godzin temu
Love you Niel. Keep giving us an opportunity to learn.
Ease V
Ease V 9 godzin temu
The last time I saw a late night host invite someone, he got shot in the head for it
Liubeiwushijiu 9 godzin temu
Might not.
Sourabh 10 godzin temu
humans limited only to scratch their own ass
Michael Haas
Michael Haas 11 godzin temu
Let’s not get carried away
IRsnarf 12 godzin temu
Wait what?! Ma man Neil and sexual mis conduct ?! Who wasn’t happy receiving his star dust ?!
martzisi 12 godzin temu
They are in fact so competent they created you as a shil Neil to make comments like that.
Pedro Baiões
Pedro Baiões 13 godzin temu
Neill Degrass Tyson not mocking extraterrestrial possibility?!? Something changed ...
MBHarsh 13 godzin temu
I love that little smirk Neil does, whenever he drops a profound line.
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt 13 godzin temu
Believe me were here, I mean there here, dont like what's going on, you understand what we are saying, I meant what there saying 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Jason Ballingham
Jason Ballingham 14 godzin temu
We did that shit in 99. I was a senior and high school and they put that shit through the loudspeaker as it was happening. Clinton's speech that day, was featured in the movie "Contact". Went away real quick. Just like North Korea tensions after all those sudden earthquakes and hurricanes. This is not new news. 20/20 episode from late 80's, featured the large antennae array that could "change the weather". Their words. Not mine. I dont give a FK, about conspiracy. Conspiracy theorists can go fk their mothers. All you need is memory of news stories since 1980s.
Marie Carroll
Marie Carroll 14 godzin temu
😹 Neil! hahahahaha No the current administration is not smart enough to hide that from us, 🤔 unless the shadow government didn’t tell anyone in the Trump camp....
NotAnUndercoverCop 14 godzin temu
Skip to 5:00 to actually see what the title says this video is about.
Klin-Klin 15 godzin temu
Wow, extraterrestrial life - now I care about that motherf*cker next door. Apartment building's residents in particular and Earth's residents in general united.
PanthurAlexander 15 godzin temu
What jazz song are they playing as his intro?
American Homesteader
American Homesteader 16 godzin temu
Neil said that mass shootings don't matter much because "people all over the world die every day." I wish his sexual assaults wouldn't overshadow the fact he's a straight up asshole.
slvr chrm
slvr chrm 18 godzin temu
Colbert grounded his A$$ from Space 🚀🛰🛸
slvr chrm
slvr chrm 18 godzin temu
The Worlds biggest Idiot!
Eggert Nielson
Eggert Nielson 19 godzin temu
George Houston
George Houston 20 godzin temu
Neil Tyson is just an actor folks. Everybody in the mainstream media apparatus is just playing a part.
Channel Q
Channel Q 20 godzin temu
Love NDT.. in every one of these interviews they’re trying to make him bow down a bunch of BS and he isn’t having any of it. I love how the only thing he “learned” was who was a real friend
Jake Gannon
Jake Gannon 20 godzin temu
So like the ending to Watchmen (2009)
U J 21 hour ago
Cant look at a women wrong now if you got $$$. They will cry wolf faster than anything
Double Trouble22
Double Trouble22 21 hour ago
Colbert was prompting him to say he was humbled , more conscious of effect of his actions... didn’t happen !
Konstanze Faust
Konstanze Faust 21 hour ago
Wow that started heavier than I imagined it would. I've almost forgotten about that. I almost believe that Dr Tyson did not expect the question either, you can clearly see the drop in his mood/outer image. But I'm glad he's willing to address it as he had done via Twitter.
Will Weichman
Will Weichman 21 hour ago
So my only question is, is Cosmos ever gonna be released? I know the release date was pushed due to the sexual misconduct allegations, but to my knowledge nothing more was ever said of Cosmos being released
Braden Hogan
Braden Hogan 21 hour ago
Laura Nope
Laura Nope 22 godzin temu
Neil Degrassi love you!!!
belia1313 Lastes
belia1313 Lastes 22 godzin temu
Secret handshake lol
jerry chatham
jerry chatham 22 godzin temu
As intelligent as he is on Physics he’s equally ignorant on nutrition
Noobmaster69 Dzień temu
People hate on Neil for interrupting but if I had that much info in my brain I would talk way to much too lmao
Jimmy Brice
Jimmy Brice Dzień temu
i dont think finding microbial life somewhere would change much of anything for anyone
PureUnwindASMR Dzień temu
He did it. It is clear based on his answer. He was like phew I dodged that situation, just like I dodged that question
Aun Ali
Aun Ali Dzień temu
100 for that bring the first question.
Erik Quevedo
Erik Quevedo Dzień temu
I totally forgot he even got accused lol leave him alone damn
Ulthar W/thumbs
Ulthar W/thumbs 48 minut temu
Colbert is a douche.
Aamir Javaid
Aamir Javaid Dzień temu
Can we talk about that groove the band played as he walked in
Sam Beckett
Sam Beckett Dzień temu
Didn't he sexually assault someone?
Michael Holmgaard
Michael Holmgaard Dzień temu
That was a tough first question. You could see how Neil was still greatly affected by the topic. Glad he got cleared of those charges


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my battle..

my battle..

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