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Netflix introduces its new shows for 2019, including Saved by The Crown, a spin-off featuring Claire Foy.
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Dec 2, 2018




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Komentarze 2 174
trufiend138 Dzień temu
For real. Netflix is 99% garbage. A whole lot of garbage.
aakshii_ srivastav
Scrolling through netflix gives me anxiety ngl
Czech Warrior
Czech Warrior 3 dni temu
The endless scroll!!!! I felt that!
B Verh
B Verh 4 dni temu
I would rather watch Leslie Jones getting batteries
J M 5 dni temu
Yeah poor us.
Sarah D
Sarah D 6 dni temu
There should be a section called “interesting for the first twenty minutes and then gets boring” you know perfect for Netflix and chillin
Kevin Mikhael
Kevin Mikhael 6 dni temu
So anyone else realize at 1:14 all the movies are repeated multiple times? I mean Troy is literally right next to Troy
Kylo Ren?
Kylo Ren? 7 dni temu
As a filmmaker, I would love if Netflix gave me money to make whatever I want
Li 7 dni temu
And I still can't find something to watch.
AnitaRook 9 dni temu
Even then you wouldn't find anything to watch
A Gay Autie
A Gay Autie 9 dni temu
All those shows and it doesn’t have any of the things I want to watch. At least it has CW stuff.
Comfy DinoRat
Comfy DinoRat 9 dni temu
I technically watched all of them and I hate the other ones bc there boring
ToyCarCollection 9 dni temu
And along comes Disney - lmao
Sweettooth187 10 dni temu
This ad was paid for by Netflix.
Anna 12 dni temu
Then why don't they ever have any of the things I search for?
Anton Kiss
Anton Kiss 12 dni temu
Are you lazy? why have you uploud real netflix ad?
queenstixxzz 12 dni temu
I hate that they ruined Sabrina.... for realz..
That Kid Kameron
That Kid Kameron 13 dni temu
And then we cancel them
Joy Choe
Joy Choe 14 dni temu
Isn’t Netflix deep in debt?
BIG DADDY peach 14 dni temu
1:37 that sure does look like him LMFAO
Josie Shearer
Josie Shearer 14 dni temu
I’d watch Leslie Jones in a van getting batteries.
crazysingingchick 19 godzin temu
D_Chatz 83 I think she’s hilarious and so do a lot of people 🤷🏻‍♀️
D_Chatz 83
D_Chatz 83 4 dni temu
Do you think she's funny? I mean, really, be honest. Do you actually find her to be funny or a talented, competent actor. Think about it.
Dee Lee
Dee Lee 14 dni temu
And thus, the singularity will be achieved 😆
hoshimota ningeyu
hoshimota ningeyu 15 dni temu
u really think a guy like that would drink redbull?
Aiden The Rocker
Aiden The Rocker 15 dni temu
I kinda wanna watch Leslie Jones in a van getting batteries
James Edward Owen Strachan
I'd watch saved by the crown to be fair.
B.Roberts 15 dni temu
In a few years time this wont be a joke 🤣
delivrex 16 dni temu
The singularity lol
Aaron8679 16 dni temu
Netflix is garbage. No good movies on there and it’s all shitty original shows.
Saif Chishty
Saif Chishty 16 dni temu
Lydia Knotts
Lydia Knotts 16 dni temu
I'd watch 5 seasons and a movie of 'Leslie Jones in a Van'
Teddy Betts
Teddy Betts 17 dni temu
1:21 I love how the guy is fuckin' tweaked on red bull.😆
Jrod Jrod
Jrod Jrod 18 dni temu
Hello. I’m Ruth...
Spydercat D
Spydercat D 18 dni temu
I think that Prime with the movie subscriptions is the way to go. I feel that Neflix is geared more toward teenagers and young adults.;)
FreshGirl 3000
FreshGirl 3000 19 dni temu
That last sentence is so true though. I'm honestly terrified at how much (good) content there is in form of movies, tv shows, series, podcasts, video games, books, audiobooks, random 4Strefa videos, memes, Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat that just keeps on coming..... and there's still a real life out there you definitely should enjoy. It's endless. I don't even think the feeling of boredom exists for anyone with a decent salary and/or Wifi connection anymore. It's more likely to feel so overwhelmed by the crazy amount and pressured into watching and consuming literally all of it that you're just gonna end up feeling completely empty inside without anything to distract you from that. I think I'm already starting to feel this way. Yay.
Panchunath Adhikary
0:52 Can you tell me the name of the actress? Thanks in advance!
CasPoe 17 dni temu
Panchunath Adhikary Claire Foy
fireflygaming 20 dni temu
Anthony Grant 2.0
Anthony Grant 2.0 20 dni temu
America is great at manufacturing trash ..#kuwtk #netflix
I'd watch that Leslie Jones show!
harlin min
harlin min 21 day ago
Netflix is like a malignancy. SCREEN TUMOR
richard murphy
richard murphy 23 dni temu
Yes the man who shot Hitler and killed big foot I thought it was about dimentia but no it was was wtf talk about throwing money how did that pitch meeting go down
INEEDMONEY 23 dni temu
Well, I m 33 and I watched everything that is decent on Netflix. Casa de Papel overrated !
Kurdo Bakur
Kurdo Bakur 23 dni temu
Netflix original movies are the worst. Shamelessly void, incredibly dull.
El PERRO 23 dni temu
netflix are cutting scenes from movies. if you watch "harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay" when the movie starts Harold is taking a shower and kumar is taking a shit and they cut the part where KUmar says " dude this thing is huge. i think it still has cheese on it" . Netflix cut the part. i noticed this because this was the second time i watch the movie. thats not the only movie there many other too. now whenever i watch a movie from netflix i wonder myself if i'm watching the whole movie or netflix cut a scene from the movie.
IndieGirl10100 24 dni temu
And they still cancelled One Day at a Time
it's me corrine
it's me corrine 22 dni temu
Indian women athome
I just opened the comment box and stared at the blinking curser for minutes, realising that everything and anything I feel about Netflix has been covered in the video... Then I wanted to write that I click on Netflix and after browsing, I come on 4Strefa... Even that's written by someone below... My life is so boring!!!!😰😵😵
Stylomagic 25 dni temu
In the last 2 years I couldn't move for 8 months, because I got my knee joint broken and after its healed I got a disease called ulcerative colitis. I've see everything on Netflix. Twice. They are far away from infinity XD
lmao 25 dni temu
what i hate about some streaming services like netflix is that they always have the movies that are related to/similar to a specific movie you want to watch, but never the movie you actually want to watch
The Ultimate Reductionist
BINGO! This ain't by accident.
micosan 26 dni temu
In my country Netflix has like 3 seasons of shows that have 16 seasons... And like 3 movies from the 80's.. Thats why I'll never pay for Netflix again. AND NETFLIX IF YOU SEE THIS BRING MORE SEASONS OF POPULAR SHOWS TO FINLAND, PLEASE!!!! :D
Holy Atheist
Holy Atheist 26 dni temu
And yet they cancelled The OA after only two amazing seasons...
Holy Atheist
Holy Atheist 12 dni temu
Dynaman21 No you suck...penises.
Dynaman21 22 dni temu
The OA sucks.
my tube
my tube 27 dni temu
Why is so many of Netflix movies that actually look good in other languages?
Forfo B
Forfo B 27 dni temu
Me five minut temu: there’s nothing to watch on Netflix so let’s see what’s on 4Strefa!
pearl squared
pearl squared 28 dni temu
why does that dude look like slowthai
Ophelia Champon
Ophelia Champon 28 dni temu
i wish this was true tho :(
micklooney 28 dni temu
USA neflix getting like 10K shows, while Asian netflix getting only few hundreds shows. Not fair.
codjh9 Month ago
The truest part: "12 of which you want to watch".
Justin Jones
Justin Jones Month ago
I just left a comment did u see it
Line123462 Month ago
watches from Denmark where we only got access to half. meanwhile its more expensive here
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson Month ago
Who wants to bet that this is what triggered all these other networks buying back their content and making their own streaming services?
Tatertot Month ago
I actually want officer Winslow to be a show.
Capri Suns
Capri Suns Month ago
I miss when White Chicks was on Netflix 😂


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