New York Jets Acquire WR Demaryius Thomas

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Sep 11, 2019




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Komentarze 172
Bruno barz
Bruno barz 10 dni temu
Bellichick is using chemical warfare now ..sendi g us weapons of mass destruction..think about it..the patriots and the jets are the last 2 teams that would ever do a trade together . As a matter of fact it hasn't been done under the bellichick regime and that's going on 20 years. Now all of a sudden they trade us D. Thomas for virtually nothing. THEN a day later Sam darnold comes down with mono ..HMMMMM🤔🤔 bellichick sending his highly contagious players to the jets to destroy the locker room. ..this b astard has started a nuclear war
Dan Capson
Dan Capson 10 dni temu
Late? you are in outerspace late... And provide no value... What are you saying that has not been said? Dude... Really?
Charles Summers
Charles Summers 10 dni temu
You can tell how much further along the Bill's are then the jets
James Spinaris
James Spinaris 10 dni temu
Its the first time New England is trading with us in like forever.. there’s no way he gonna produce that much. Think he will be more of a filler or depth unless he really come back to old form.
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds 10 dni temu
I disagree with your assessment of how "rare" it is to find a top WR early in year. Jets got Santonio and Braylon who may not be top 5 but each were top WRs in beginning of season. I feel like WR is one position teams are quick to move on from
Roneale Moodie
Roneale Moodie 11 dni temu
My only concern is in Miami the guys that Case reunited with it never planned out.Hes making the same mistake he made in Miami fingerprinting .He lost the locker room when he gave Tannehil a pass for his shortcomings.Darnold missed Robby Anderson twice for game winners.That offensive line said it themselves they need to play together better.
Joe HD
Joe HD 11 dni temu
I think the jets did a good job in trading for Demetrius Thomas. Let's face Quincy hasn't done anything in three years. He's been getting by on how much potential he has. Very overrated in my opinion. And it's time to move on.
John Lane
John Lane 11 dni temu
Kicker situation? News...
inucha5 11 dni temu
I’m huge fan of Thomas really happy for this and I’m sorry I was at the game yes Sam had some fault but the line was ridiculous and the wideouts are 100% to blame. Robbie gave up 3 times and a few missed there marks they need to not quit half way.. they seemed sluggish at times
Vibz shop
Vibz shop 11 dni temu
Thomas WHO?? This guy hasn't been productive since PEYTON retired. Gase play calling SUCKED sunday and hey GASE take the blame when YOU win or lose💣
Marty Lee
Marty Lee 11 dni temu
With Enunwa out for the season ..they already knew
blackbusiness7 11 dni temu
Lmao; "goes to Houston, wasn't the same player". Seriously?! DT tore his Achilles tendon (for the second time) in Houston and was placed on IR, then released before joining NE. I don't think your videos were ever quality, but this is downright lazy. Do a modicum of homework before posting drivel. You don't need to post for postings sake. You should be offering some value to your followers. I'm looking forward to you getting better at this 4Strefa game. #FanEmyNumberOne #Fanemies #Gibberish
TJazzJR 11 dni temu
i hope he is better than robbie
VertigoFlow 11 dni temu
Quincy is out for the rest of the year with a neck injury
MGTOW-Balance 11 dni temu
extra, extra, read all about it!! jets' quincy enunwa out for the year with ANOTHER neck injury #JoeKleckoHallOfFame
Marist Old Boys
Marist Old Boys 11 dni temu
DT showed off his wares in the preaseason game. If healthy he could be as good as Braylon Edwards was in Green & White. I expect the offensive line to start gelling as the season unfolds. Having Herndon back will provide quality targets for Sam at all 3 levels and he, Leveon and DT will be lethal in the red zone.
Billy Mark
Billy Mark 11 dni temu
Looks like they did it bc Quincy is out for the year.
Harrison Weaver
Harrison Weaver 11 dni temu
Good move because we just lost Enunwa for the season
Mike Pelligrino
Mike Pelligrino 11 dni temu
Biggest need is a new HC.
Poppy ChuloDostito
Poppy ChuloDostito 11 dni temu
Mike Green
Mike Green 11 dni temu
You have to be stupid to think the pats would give the Jets a weapon that could beat them. This is not news or in anyway will it help the team. The Pats know how to draft players, know how to win and want to win so the Jets just gave them another chance to draft another Brady. It can't hurt? Man I can't even count on both hands all the draft busts the Jets had! They need every pick to gamble with to get lucky.
Colin Bowen
Colin Bowen 11 dni temu
It’s a great move. Veteran leadership. Remember when we brought in Marshall and Decker. Offense was scoring
Omar Singh
Omar Singh 11 dni temu
I truely believe Greg needs to use Marcus and Jamal at corner for some times in games this year
Patrick Carroll
Patrick Carroll 11 dni temu
Pats always get rid of valuable players. Always
BK allday
BK allday 11 dni temu
If he can stay healthy he will help us. He’s automatically our second best receiver and if he’s healthy he may be our best one. Yes he past his prime so the 100 catch, 1300 yard and 10 plus td years are behind him. But if he can give us 50-60 catches, 600-700 yards and 7-10 tds, then that is a huge help. I think it is very reasonable to think he can give us this.
Luis Atiles
Luis Atiles 11 dni temu
I have to say Jet fans.. I’m excited about this 1. We add another bigger WR to be a blocker on the outside to help Bell once he gets runs outside and on screens plays. 2. I think he still is a respected WR2 and even at 31 still can offer some great snaps as a possession receiver across from Anderson. Lastly and I think the most important is it allows Quincy to get back into that TE WR roll we all love so much.. it’s no secret he does not do amazing on the outside but in the middle of the field and on slant route against LBs and safety’s is where you want to see him, not taking a bubble screen behind the line of scrimmage or trying to outrun CBS over the top. Let’s face it crowder was great in the slot but if we let him do that every week he will not last long. I like that move a lot and once Herndon comes back I think we will be very successful moving the ball so where our D doesn’t Have to kill to keep us in games!!
william harmon
william harmon 11 dni temu
Gase never takes the blame
Robert Killian
Robert Killian 11 dni temu
I think he can help us. Still doesn't fix the problem at left tackle or both tackles really.
Bear 7453
Bear 7453 11 dni temu
Kelvin Beachum had #1 pass blocking efficiency of all left tackles on Sunday.
MegaJetsfan1 11 dni temu
I like this move, but of course I am skeptical of it because we traded with NE. As for Gase, I see this guy unraveling real soon!
Walt Bonczek
Walt Bonczek 11 dni temu
Hey it can't hurt... Now the Pats can deal with AB's diva stuff and the new Rape allegations that have just been announced...
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 11 dni temu
the dolphin players HATED Gase and now u see why when he threw the WRs under the bus. get him outta here
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 2 dni temu
alright... ima just take a guess and say ur gonna not take this next game into consideration either
R Thompson
R Thompson 3 dni temu
@Carl Johnson yes I still like gase. U think I'm going to change my mind based off 2 teams 1 the kicker lost and the 2nd game half their starting 22 nd starting qb nd backup qbs out? Goh
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 5 dni temu
R Thompson u still like Gase now? lol what a joke
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 11 dni temu
lets see if you love the guy at the end of the season
R Thompson
R Thompson 11 dni temu
Stfu. Gase isn't going anywhere. Finally a HTC who makes players accountable
Daniel Pinske
Daniel Pinske 11 dni temu
I Think the biggest reason for the terrible offense against thr bills was the protection of Sam. The O line have to do a better job or send an TE or RB in pass protection. Greetz from germany
Matias Morales
Matias Morales 11 dni temu
I really like this move. A low risk, low reward trade ✈️
Andrew Bruticimus
Andrew Bruticimus 11 dni temu
Thomas is hurt right now...why?
gms inlandempire
gms inlandempire 11 dni temu
Xavier Howard
Rafik Baines
Rafik Baines 11 dni temu
31 coming off a acl tear....smh, not feelin it
Bear 7453
Bear 7453 11 dni temu
Thought he tore his achilles?
red star
red star 11 dni temu
Rafik Baines Thomas was thrown away to the... JUNKYARD JETS!
Daquan Drones
Daquan Drones 11 dni temu
😩😴 man I said they shoulda did this last year
Rich Rise
Rich Rise 11 dni temu
Love the pickup. But if I'm not mistaken, I believe the Pats cut Thomas, so we could've signed him for nothing (unless he didn't want to come). I could be mistaken, but it's a lost pick when you consider we could've had him without trading a pick, and I was hoping we'd pick him up when the Pats let him lose. Still, can't complain, solid vet to add for a sixth.
Valentin Outlaw
Valentin Outlaw 11 dni temu
Something's up why did they trade him to us there our rivals🤔🤔🤔but im happy
Russell Moore
Russell Moore 11 dni temu
Love the videos, keep it up. Start a podcast!!
966apex 11 dni temu
Lol he did blame the CB's quite heavily
R Thompson
R Thompson 11 dni temu
Nd rightfully so. Did u watch the game on sund as y? U seen the sorry perform as ncevby the cbs?
Gmoney Anthony
Gmoney Anthony 11 dni temu
Now we need cbs. I think demaryius can bring us Brandon Marshall vibes if he's our wr1. He wasn't good in Houston because he was like a wr4. Houston had Hopkins and Fuller. Now Sam darnold have no excuse. He have bell, crowder, Robby as his deep threat, and now Thomas. The oline is going to redeem themselves so I'm not really worry about them unless they get injured during practice
Gmoney Anthony
Gmoney Anthony 11 dni temu
@Bear 7453 but again the jets was going against 1 of the best defense in football
Bear 7453
Bear 7453 11 dni temu
I like how you think. If I were a player on the jets offense I would be pissed and disgusted at the performance this past Sunday. Now they’re gonna be in the spotlight on Monday night football and they better not (but probably will) lay an egg.... again lmao.
killabees1 11 dni temu
Why didn’t they sign him after New England cut him???
James Spinaris
James Spinaris 10 dni temu
killabees1 because we had enuwa still
Austin Keyser
Austin Keyser 11 dni temu
Douglas fleeced the patriots. Brown bouta go to jail they only gunna have Edelman left
Juan Alcivar
Juan Alcivar 11 dni temu
Bet he drops game winning TD VS pats. Calling it. Then winks at bill B
mike honcho
mike honcho 11 dni temu
Jets suck mega dink.why yall so optimistic? They just lost to the bills................buffalo Bill's. God yall are terrible.....go Pat's
Garkis Bloodlust
Garkis Bloodlust 11 dni temu
I agree with you I do not like Gase throwing our players under the bus. If the WR group did mess up a lot that is something he should call them out for in that WR room, not to the press. Gase should take all the blame for not preparing them in front of the press and call the players out indoors. That stuff should be kept within the team. That is just my opinion anyways.
Garkis Bloodlust
Garkis Bloodlust 11 dni temu
Bear 7453 it’s called being professional bro
Bear 7453
Bear 7453 11 dni temu
So if you’re a coach you shouldn’t be “mean” or throw players under the bus? It’s the NFL! They’re grown men! It should piss them off and make them wanna play better. Every coach is different in how they talk, motivate, discipline players.
KissTheFin 11 dni temu
As a dolphin fan dont trust in gase hes a snake ... Jay cutler work for adam gase to lmaoo he will put this team you guys love in a full rebuild if you trust in him
Divonte Davis
Divonte Davis 11 dni temu
I feel where yall coming from but since rex ryan we have been let down so much i want to hope that we finally got this right and can bring a winning season to Jets Drive #GangGreen #TakeFlight
Bear 7453
Bear 7453 11 dni temu
It’s only week 1! He was disappointed in how the offense played because he knows the potential the players have especially Sam. I think gase beat himself and just tried too hard on Sunday. I don’t think he will make the same mistakes again, but I’m probably wrong.
Antonio Fondacaro
Antonio Fondacaro 11 dni temu
I meeeean somehow he was able to scratch a 7-9 record last year with your pitiful roster soo I think with this better roster once the jets get the hang of his scehme we could be in business
Divonte Davis
Divonte Davis 11 dni temu
Ive been saying this. He didn't take responsibility for his actions, blamed it on the players, and then said im the head coach i do what i want. This is why the players in Miami hated him and didnt want to play for him. We got a star in leveon bell theres no reason Sam shouldve thrown 41 times and Bell has 67 rushing yards. Trust me i already see it
Rich Ovejero, CPA
Rich Ovejero, CPA 11 dni temu
The Jets very rarely pick up picks. They usually give them up. Lets try the Patriots method and move back and pick up picks. I can't remember anytime that the Jets did that. Its always trading a player for future draft picks. Did D. Thomas even play last Sunday?
Geo Gil
Geo Gil 11 dni temu
Its actually a great move, get another WR before Enunwa gets hurt.
GOD SON 11 dni temu
Enunwa is done for the season
MGTOW-Balance 11 dni temu
are you psychic or what???????
- TTMTBWF 11 dni temu
Thank god. He should be able to take all of Quincy’s snaps
Rich Ovejero, CPA
Rich Ovejero, CPA 11 dni temu
Gase is mad at the wide receivers because as a group they're not the sharpest tools in the shed. Robby Anderson should know where to run to when a defender falls down. Maybe getting a long time veteran will compensate for the lack thereof. "Kids the clay I brought today is not of good quality, so your going to have to work with it." Gase is tired of working with some of the poor clay.
Edward Elric
Edward Elric 11 dni temu
Best case scenario DT is our number 1 WR.
Mercenary 1914
Mercenary 1914 11 dni temu
We need DBs.
Jeremy Handsman
Jeremy Handsman 11 dni temu
Jets central be like back with some breaking breaking beeaking news
courteo 11 dni temu
Gase gonna pick his brain for that pats playbook to get a edge.
SAYwhatIwant 9 dni temu
He wasn't their long enough to get how complex that offensive playbook is! It's always changing. #GoPats
Dennis Garcia
Dennis Garcia 11 dni temu
i think its actually 2021 6th rounder . I wanna see him come and push quincy either up or out
S H 11 dni temu
It’s a great move bcuz Quincy Enunwa had 1 catch for a -4 yards 😂! He can come in and make plays while we are both for Chris Herndon to come backv
Mo Brooklyn
Mo Brooklyn 11 dni temu
Maybe it's because Quincy Enunwa is done for the season! Neck again smh :(
uJustGotScoredOn 11 dni temu
S H except that's not Enunwas fault. That was Gases horrible play calling.
Caleb Stickler
Caleb Stickler 11 dni temu
I think its a 2021 6th rounder. But yeah, a good point that he won't have to completely learn a new playbook (even though they haven't been together since 2014) so he can contribute right away at least on a limited basis. Aaron Colvin just got cut tonight by Houston, might be worth a low risk high reward signing because he had like an $8.5M dead money hit. Granted he had an awful game against NO but still
Joe Reyes
Joe Reyes 11 dni temu
Our wide receivers suck we all know it. We don’t have a true number one. We got a bunch of role players for receivers. We need someone with chutzpah and route running excellence.
Gmoney Anthony
Gmoney Anthony 11 dni temu
Our wr doesn't suck. We just needed a number one wr.
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