One Liquid That Won't Bleach!

The King of Random
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Today we're taking bleach and dye and seeing which one is stronger. Will dye change the color of bleach, or will bleach overpower and dissolve the color?
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Oct 6, 2019




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Komentarze 2 820
The King of Random
Like this comment if you think we should bleach Nate's hair 😂
Itz just chrischris
Itz just chrischris Godzina temu
The King of Random 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
the artwoolf
the artwoolf 17 godzin temu
@Vex Vesper Fox edit again i dare you 😏
【Graffor Black Studios】
DO IT!!!
ivoshy chan
ivoshy chan Dzień temu
Do it now, 5k is waiting
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Dzień temu
Let do it like if we should get his hair bleached!!
Stephen A
Stephen A 4 godzin temu
Don't you need the powder to activate developer?
Jessica Alexander
Jessica Alexander 8 godzin temu
Clare Blayney
Clare Blayney 13 godzin temu
No I do not think that I have used bleach because I am 9. I do not think I ever will want to either!
Arwen Brimhall
Arwen Brimhall 17 godzin temu
Whose the king now? Prince and princess of random!😂
wallie dizon
wallie dizon 18 godzin temu
He got the bleach from Walmart it's great value bleach
RAMPAGEGAGE 21 hour ago
I'm just gonna say ceiling mop and leave it here
Gacha Berri ʕ•̫͡•ʔ
I have a allergic reaction to bleach :/
Meh Power
Meh Power 22 godzin temu
How strong is slime
Opposers Dismythed/ JW Advisor
Paint pigment is made from minerals, not chemical reactions.
KagE_ DEhR
KagE_ DEhR 23 godzin temu
What happens when you put tattoo ink in bleach?
JMaxima72 Dzień temu
You can’t bleach bleach because it’s already bleached
Mustache Ham
Mustache Ham Dzień temu
Hey Random crew, great video on showing the powers of these chemicals. I have a suggestion for you. Can you use the powers of vinegar and alcohol vs the same paint, fruit, and ink dyes?
youboiYT Dzień temu
Leave like if ur dads name is Nate. 👇
XD Ch33S3y
XD Ch33S3y Dzień temu
Bleach ice cubes? That would be cool for a cup of dye
Stephen Clark
Stephen Clark Dzień temu
You need a glass mixing stick
Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson Dzień temu
slime vs bleach
Sunflower comedy
Sunflower comedy Dzień temu
Try bleach in different sodas
Abby Shed
Abby Shed Dzień temu
What will happen if you freeze dry soda
Emileigh Charlton
Emileigh Charlton Dzień temu
What would happen if you mixed bleach and hydrogen peroxide?
A1-Immortalcloud Dzień temu
PLZ FREZE DRY BUBBLES sorry for yelling
Alpha Gamer Wolf
Alpha Gamer Wolf Dzień temu
The reason the paint and the normal dye stayed on top and the pen ink didnt is because the paint and the normal dye is lighter than bleach and the pen ink is heavier
Llewellyn Medland
Llewellyn Medland Dzień temu
freeze dry bleach and see if it has bleaching abilities after.
Dizzy D
Dizzy D Dzień temu
that cranberry juice will murder a UTI LMAO
Dale Westerlin
Dale Westerlin Dzień temu
Does bleach bleach it self
Brian Totusek
Brian Totusek Dzień temu
bleach his hair!!!
taryn tierney
taryn tierney Dzień temu
How can this be accurate if there is a jar of bleach with two drops of dye? Maybe to make this more reliable if you were to try it again use 1:1 part bleach to dye? Also if you had a jar of dye and dropped two drops of bleach into the dye would you get similar results? 🤔🤔
Henry Cheaz
Henry Cheaz Dzień temu
Pure cranberry sprite
Cornelius Bryson
Cornelius Bryson Dzień temu
why do you keep changing your intro's?
Mia ramirez
Mia ramirez Dzień temu
Roses are red Callies hair is to I will dye nates hair blue So will you
BR White
BR White Dzień temu
you light weights! I could and have chugg that entire bottle of pure cranberry juice.
Aidan Montoya
Aidan Montoya 2 dni temu
15 mins of blank video plz
Riama Peach
Riama Peach 2 dni temu
what about tattoo ink! no hero4this!
Sam N.
Sam N. 2 dni temu
_laughs_ I actually really like 100% unsweetened cranberry juice so your reaction was priceless. Then again, I used it quasi-medicinally as a kid a lot and so it might be an acquired taste.
Ethan Yuan
Ethan Yuan 2 dni temu
Nate looked like a baby about to cry when he drank the cranberry juice
James Murray
James Murray 2 dni temu
“A bloodstain is orange after you wash it Three or four times in a tub, but that's normal, ain't it, Norman?” - Eminem, 2000
Cole Dringenberg
Cole Dringenberg 2 dni temu
What will happen when you mix bleach and color and backing soda
Bill Liu
Bill Liu 2 dni temu
How about bleach all kinds of ink!
Gabriel 2 dni temu
Were did you get the pen kit
Matthew Hathaway
Matthew Hathaway 2 dni temu
So your not mixing bleach and hydrogen peroxide? No deadly gas today?
Skuna 2 dni temu
Will that bleach work on hair?
patrick altomari
patrick altomari 2 dni temu
Liquid cascade dish detergent bleaches things as well just without the yellowing affect... Itll make whites pearly white
Johanna H
Johanna H 2 dni temu
If you pour bleach on a stained cloth but not on the stain and let it dry, can you bleach the stain if you just wash it?
ÒwÓ 2 dni temu
Nat Claws
Nat Claws 2 dni temu
What would happen if you put glow stick ink in bleach???
Andrea Klemenz
Andrea Klemenz 2 dni temu
Hey you guys haven’t hearted any comments lately
fluffy 2 dni temu
But what does the bleached cranberry juice taste like? (note: please don't drink bleach)
Shadow Kiiid
Shadow Kiiid 3 dni temu
Blend cranberries and bleach in blender 🤔🤯🤫🤝
Monica Cha
Monica Cha 3 dni temu
You guys should try drying a white shirt in the washing machine
Mello83420 3 dni temu
Come on guys that juice isnt as bad as your making it out to be. I drink that stuff regularly!!
Giovanni Adame
Giovanni Adame 3 dni temu
Why don’t you do the whip cream in liquid nitrogen and other liquid nitrogen experiments
Charlie Beckwith
Charlie Beckwith 3 dni temu
Although this is gross I feel like you should try blood in bleach or pee
Nathan 3 dni temu
what happens if you mix the 2 chemicals together?
Vinny Cat
Vinny Cat 3 dni temu
No one: Literally nobody: Calli : *drinks unsweetened cranberry juice* WHEEEEEEEEEEE! (Sorry Calli spelled your name wrong)
Rekker Family
Rekker Family 3 dni temu
dear TKOR, can you do experiments to test the indestructibleness of cockroaches
Barts Trey
Barts Trey 3 dni temu
Test the strength of self healing fabric please
Corrupt Hazard
Corrupt Hazard 3 dni temu
Dehydrated bleach mixed with water and then try this experiment again (mixed with hydrogen peroxide)
sera m
sera m 3 dni temu
I love 100% pure unsweetened cranberry juice 😍 it's an acquired taste
Katelynn Peters
Katelynn Peters 3 dni temu
I have a video idea. Have you ever watched sweet home Alabama, where they explain what happens when lightning hits sand? Is that true? And if it is, can you recreate it at your lab/workshop?
Elyse Nichols
Elyse Nichols 3 dni temu
Can you please freeze dry fruit and then try to freeze dry them with salt on some and sugar on the other
One Liquid That Won't Bleach!


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