Painting On Thriftstore Paintings

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Arin and Dan give Thomas Kinkade a run for his money. Painter of Light move over, it's Grump time now!
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Edited by Ben/Tucker ►twitter.com/penisbailey
Muzyka from Stevia Sphere ► www.steviasphere.bandcamp.com
Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Aug 12, 2019




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Komentarze 2 966
Derek Hahn
Derek Hahn 11 godzin temu
Should auction off these paintings. I would empty my savings for the World War Gull one.
80eez 12 godzin temu
i genuinely love that hat painting its hilarious and surreal ahahah
Aggrofire1233 12 godzin temu
wow i love that my moms name is melissa not upsetting at all
Turslay 12 godzin temu
i hope these are copies and not people's hard work
golden strawberry
golden strawberry 12 godzin temu
did.. did he actually drink his pee?
this_name_might_change 13 godzin temu
I did this once in middle school and those assholes sent me to therapy Great Episode!
dumb name
dumb name 14 godzin temu
Actually disrespectful
Rebecca Schultz
Rebecca Schultz 15 godzin temu
I legit snorted at 2 am about Arby's : Eat Fresh
Adarius Kilgore
Adarius Kilgore 17 godzin temu
He's constantly saying he's fat in past videos, but does Arin workout? his triceps are starting to look a little square (you know when you see those really ripped guys at the gym and they've got THOSE arms).
Heartfeltsong 17 godzin temu
Things I’ve learned, always wear a hat, and Birds the movie is real
Camile Alvarez
Camile Alvarez 17 godzin temu
Why does this episode make me feel like I’m stoned when I’m not?
Chrisought 17 godzin temu
M ighty S good G soup Yup Arin that’s what it stands for
Solomon McKay
Solomon McKay 18 godzin temu
Imagine being in the 17th or 18th century making this painting of a scene you thought was awesome and perfect just to have it turned into a story about dinosaurs summoning acid rain so people need big hats to stop it...
Joseph Omega
Joseph Omega 20 godzin temu
Thank you for the khonjin house reference dan. Didn't know you were a fellow fan.
Sadie mae
Sadie mae 21 hour ago
Dan became papyrus 😂
And Bordi
And Bordi 21 hour ago
Jason Todd
Jason Todd Dzień temu
i want these paintings
Jacob Papp
Jacob Papp Dzień temu
I wish they framed the spaghetti with it so there would be a giant mush of pasta
Gillian G
Gillian G Dzień temu
Dan losing it after every single ‘pnk!’
Darkriver Farmer
Darkriver Farmer Dzień temu
my name is Doug...i feel attacked
Emma Salmon
Emma Salmon Dzień temu
You should just rename this video 'Dan and Arin draw hats on everything'
Daniel Woo
Daniel Woo Dzień temu
MSG = Mighty Good Soup?
Blooper Jam
Blooper Jam Dzień temu
Maybe you guys should do 3D printing, Clay sculpting, Finish my Sentance and or the Seven second challenge.
Dustan Carlson
Dustan Carlson Dzień temu
I don't know what scared Dan so much at 4:32
Jimin's pinky
Jimin's pinky Dzień temu
If only I was as talented as these dino nugget boys
shlirby Dzień temu
Otamatones for the power hour
BigChunguz Dzień temu
So you’re telling me Danny and Arnold defaced actual art in this episode... very cool
Phan On fire
Phan On fire Dzień temu
Put a hat on 'em
Ben Toenjes
Ben Toenjes Dzień temu
You know what this video needs? A biiiiiiig hat.
VampireCat Productions
VampireCat Productions Dzień temu
I want them to reframe that painting with the spaghetti and seal the whole frame right so it never smells unless it breaks
Swagemmett Dzień temu
Just realized your ship name is "Darin" thanks to this vid, that's adoreble. I also feel like getting a hat.
lucoa dragon
lucoa dragon Dzień temu
Toothy Dzień temu
*hi what was in the cup that arin drank. i know they said carbonated but he smelled it and flinched and made a face of disgust when he drank it what was it. it cant be piss please tell me it actually isnt piss*
elephant man
elephant man Dzień temu
Where did supermega get that sweater from? kinda wanna cop one
Joe D.oreo
Joe D.oreo Dzień temu
Holy Hat'n HELL! 1 of Game Grumps best vids of all time. The 1st painting was straight improv gold. Please Upload Full Unedited version. Or PLEASE DO MORE THRIFT PAINTS!
Jax Funkhauser
Jax Funkhauser Dzień temu
Kasey golden did a video like this and I cant tell who did it better
Jordan Grace
Jordan Grace Dzień temu
I've never had an unpleasant experience from Arby's.
Alyss Bradford
Alyss Bradford Dzień temu
The hats have taken over
RhythmGrizz Dzień temu
Arin used to be an animator. Doesn't it show?
RhythmGrizz Dzień temu
MSG M-ighty S-good G-soup - Arin Hanson
Jonah Hagin
Jonah Hagin Dzień temu
Anyone else own that painting?
Jocachaval C.
Jocachaval C. Dzień temu
I think "Im gonna make the horse into a stegosaurus" is the most Dan thing that Dan has ever said.
miyoza4 Dzień temu
I love Arin's new shirt. I hope they sell that on the merch store. It's sooo cute ;~;
faroshscale Dzień temu
Damn, almost got bingo!
Stare Wyatt
Stare Wyatt Dzień temu
Woo!◝(•o• )ง
Schluben No
Schluben No Dzień temu
Here to drown out the sounds of my life-ruining fear of rejection.
HeadHunterX Dzień temu
Super disappointed they didn't call it a Seahawkalypse
Katsuo Dzień temu
A little bit of jessica here I am
Goremongerlives Dzień temu
This has all become so weird without cursing
Hans Anitiser
Hans Anitiser Dzień temu
12:46 "The *'N'* is fighting with all the other airgulls" I dont think I like the way you said *the N*
Tate Nelson
Tate Nelson Dzień temu
Wow.... I decided to watch this.... as an arbys manager.... on my break... indeed at arbys 😂😂😂
Kretchfoop 72
Kretchfoop 72 Dzień temu
As long as we all have hats, the acid rain can’s stop all of us. STORM THE ACID RAIN CLOUDS 2019!!!
Ellie Gray
Ellie Gray Dzień temu
I am imagining the Grumps before the episode, discussing the spaghetti joke like "should we actually do that on the show?". I'm so glad you did, and Dan I respect your noble sacrifice of having to grab a gross handful of cold spaghetti for a good cause.
TheTarkKnight Dzień temu
What does dan have against people named Doug
Whoopi Zoidbeg
Whoopi Zoidbeg Dzień temu
We need more of this stuff along with you guys doing more stuff that has you improvising like you did in this video. Like if you agree.
Max Out Of Ten
Max Out Of Ten Dzień temu
13:26 Arin's face just screams "Yes. Arby's spaghetti. I hate that it's real too."
WheelieWitch Dzień temu
Dan: "I don't want to do this." That's a 2019 mood right there
Wishing Whale
Wishing Whale Dzień temu
I have a copy of paper Mario for the 64. If you don't have it, and Dan would like to start a series playing it like he did TTYD, let me know. I'll send it to you guys
Andrew Pappas
Andrew Pappas Dzień temu
I've learned two things from this video: 1. The best way to save yourself from acid rain is to wear a tiny hat 2. Arin thinking that MSG stood for "Might Good Soup" reminded me of when he said TEC stood for "Terribly Excellent Machine" from _Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door_
Grollag TheGreater
Grollag TheGreater Dzień temu
Ravioli ravioli, what's in the pocketoli.
WOW! Shout outs to Andres! Fellow venezuelan homie! Cheers mi pana!
Elda M. Díaz L.
Elda M. Díaz L. Dzień temu
Damn, Villainous trailer looks amazing. Every time they added a new hat I laught so hard
Shish Dzień temu
1:40 Best part of the entire video. "Mmm..mmm...I don't wanna do this."
Sangrie Minat
Sangrie Minat 2 dni temu
**Tucker starts rolling** *Outstanding move*
Sarah Gross
Sarah Gross 2 dni temu
Long story short? "PiNgK"
Elizabeth Geoffrey
Elizabeth Geoffrey 2 dni temu
They have single handedly increased that painting’s value by 8,000%
Andrew Shea
Andrew Shea 2 dni temu
Has anyone forgotten that Arin is an actual artist?
JohnMHdz. 2158
JohnMHdz. 2158 2 dni temu
Julia Raymer
Julia Raymer 2 dni temu
The Aries is strong here
Alexis 2 dni temu
me: dan should add a giant seagu- dan: 10:46
JirB 2 dni temu
I know it most likely isn't but... Please tell me that wasn't actually pee in that cup. Arin. Please.
WaterWalker98 2 dni temu
Patrick Huertas
Patrick Huertas 2 dni temu
💦 🎩
rightsam20 2 dni temu
put the fuckin tiger in the tank
Brooklyn Smith
Brooklyn Smith 2 dni temu
i love mario odyssey
Autastic Guitar Spud
Autastic Guitar Spud 2 dni temu
Some dude from the 1800s: my painting is a most excellent depiction of simplistic Romanticism, showing the exquisite charm in the most mundane parts of our modern society. Surely a piece that will remain infamous and untouched for many centuries... Arin: OH GOD THERES ACID RAIN EVERYWHERE Dan: EVERYTHING NEEDS A HAT. Arin: *plink.*
92chocoholic 2 dni temu
put a tiger in your tank put a tiger in your tank put a tiger in your tank
Doppity 2 dni temu
These paintings are now worth more than they ever were
fictionmeister 2 dni temu
Arin drinking the "pee" made me shout "OH... ARIN!!" and my roommate thought something was wrong
Sean Belbin
Sean Belbin 2 dni temu
I thought the landgulls were the seagulls' allies. So did the seagulls.
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