Phoenix (ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza) | Worlds 2019 - League of Legends

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Destroy your doubt, face the future.
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Featured artists: Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza
Written by: Alex Seaver of Mako, Riot Music Team and Stevie Aiello
Produced by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako
Additional production by: Scott "Noisecastle III" Bruzenak
Verses mixed by: Eric J
Chorus and bridge mixed by: Tony Maserati
Additional mixing on chorus and bridge by: Alex Seaver of Mako
Mastered by: Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman
Vocals performed by: Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza
Cello solo performed by: Tina Guo
Video created in collaboration with:
Chrissy Costanza appears courtesy of Fueled By Ramen
What are you willing to lose?
You cover your wounds, but underneath them
A million voices in your head that whisper, "Stop, now"
Another twist of the knife, turn of the screws
It's all in your mind and it's fighting you
Arm yourself, a storm is coming
Well, kid...
What you gonna do now?
It's your reflection looking back to pull you down
So are you gonna die today or make it out alive?
You gotta conquer the monster in your head and then you'll fly
Fly, Phoenix, fly
It's time for a new empire
Go bury your demons then tear down the ceiling
Phoenix, fly
And now you're playing with matches, come out of the ashes
Underneath you, a million voices in the crowd they're screaming, "Stop, now"
Well let 'em swallow their pride, you're turning the tide to true believers
Got them in the palm of your hand, you're playing God now
What you gonna do now?
It's your reflection looking back to pull you down
So are you gonna die today or make it out alive?
You gotta conquer the monster in your head and then you'll fly
Fly, Phoenix, fly
It's time for a new empire
Go bury your demons then tear down the ceiling
Phoenix, fly




Oct 8, 2019




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Komentarze 36 357
Liron Haviv
Liron Haviv 9 godzin temu
I'm not kidding riot actually make the best song in my playlist every year well done!
Kirill Poltevsky
Kirill Poltevsky 9 godzin temu
Now I do understand how hard it is to make such clips. I just made one of my own, and added 117 effects to just 2,5 minutes video. And it took hundreds of hours of work on my old laptop. And your video has, I think, thousand effects! And it would take thousand hours to make! You are Brilliant! Just great, awesome and excellent. I praise your work!
Vinh Vũ
Vinh Vũ 9 godzin temu
Ai việt nam ở đây k
Zamion 9 godzin temu
Next year only Yordle as Chars in Video? XD
giorgos andreatos
giorgos andreatos 9 godzin temu
1) listens to the song 2) gets hyped to play league 3) plays vs reworked garen with a trolling jungle 4) uninstalls league
JoゴゴJo 9 godzin temu
Riot:You gonna die today? Fortnite: Yep.
miha zupančič
miha zupančič 9 godzin temu
It feels like riot is already saying who will play in final this year like wtf riot you realy think other teams have no chanse?
Lagoserver 9 godzin temu
Legal, mas nada comparado a Rise e Legends Never Die. Comparado a essas duas, ficou beeeeem genérica essa música. Mas ficou boa como todas.
Matheus Leal
Matheus Leal 9 godzin temu
Riot devia fazer um anime slc esses clipes são loucos demais mano plmdds!
Barrosy 10 godzin temu
Now this is next level cringe 🤣
mihal cyfeku
mihal cyfeku 10 godzin temu
I'm the only one who likes this song ? I think its a great song and I don't know why people complain ..
sky_walker GR
sky_walker GR 10 godzin temu
Pathetic compared the last songs
Nathan Craft
Nathan Craft 10 godzin temu
"You're playing God now" shows faker on screen. Yep sounds about right.
Shitstosita 10 godzin temu
Joni Blaze
Joni Blaze 10 godzin temu
Слабовато, RISE и Awaken поставили планку, вряд ли перепрыгнут теперь
Mashiro A
Mashiro A 10 godzin temu
J'en ai eu des frissons tellement c'est beau
Lady Roxan
Lady Roxan 10 godzin temu
하냐 10 godzin temu
멜론에도 좀 등록해주세여 ㅠㅠㅠ
Tiểu Tam
Tiểu Tam 10 godzin temu
GAM LEESIN ❤️ 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
stavgraff 10 godzin temu
perfecto !!!
bill lumperopoulos
bill lumperopoulos 10 godzin temu
This isnt a hype song but it has its place and although its not my favorite i respect it quite a bit.Would love tho another pentakill album tbh
Joshi Reinard
Joshi Reinard 10 godzin temu
1. 2014 2. 2019 3. 2017 4. 2015 5. 2016 6. 2018
Rjasbert Strongman
Rjasbert Strongman 10 godzin temu
Is it weird that there's so much I wanna say that it left me speechless.. and about to cry too because it's just so great and awesome at every way I see it.. every season has its own charm because of the memories in those season but even if I stopped playing since last season, this music video just ignited that league spirit deep within.. welp, thank you for this awesome video rito, very nice (y)
Thewing2001 10 godzin temu
surprised i didnt see 2 Shens
Ryse 10 godzin temu
Check my latest vid!!
R18虎 10 godzin temu
Sheila Y
Sheila Y 10 godzin temu
ahhh I still remembered when Faker cried and my heart broke 😢
Justa Nguyễn
Justa Nguyễn 10 godzin temu
So you gonna die today? Everyone: legends never die S: yes, i'm not the legend, i'm just a little girl who under a lot of pressure and too tired with a horrible world. And today is a good day though 14/10/19 Miss you
Alex Super-V
Alex Super-V 10 godzin temu
Best song ever! Imao
山海城 11 godzin temu
Nazly Mckee
Nazly Mckee 11 godzin temu
Maybe they recycled K/DA scenes...
Edward Ender
Edward Ender 11 godzin temu
1:03 When you throw your pet bird named Phoenix into the air to make him fly.
NOTHING_BUT_ MUSIC 11 godzin temu
If all animated movies looked like this I don’t think live actions would exist
Popstar Karma
Popstar Karma 11 godzin temu
Nerf Karma for what ?
이다나는 11 godzin temu
소름만6번돋았네 ㄸ 잘만든다
Đoàn Minh Shen
Đoàn Minh Shen 11 godzin temu
From Vietnam
Knight W4lker
Knight W4lker 11 godzin temu
animation - reallife
이두현 11 godzin temu
너무 슬프다... 나만 슬프냐
Donát Szabó
Donát Szabó 11 godzin temu
My favorite animation and music is rise. Second is legends never die. But now i have a new second place :D
Văn Vayne
Văn Vayne 11 godzin temu
Cái này mà rmx lên thì hay
Mạc Nhiên
Mạc Nhiên 11 godzin temu
Faker : i'm back. God Faker
Люба Синицина
соре, но серьезные лица азиатов у меня вызывают смех
Wendell Rodrigo
Wendell Rodrigo 11 godzin temu
eu amo essa musicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hunhow Pyke
Hunhow Pyke 11 godzin temu
when a new character arrive ?
No ser lo Lhama
No ser lo Lhama 11 godzin temu
Another Ryze remake teaser? Cool.
Nhathuc Le
Nhathuc Le 11 godzin temu
Lovee league of legends ...
Heloisa Lima
Heloisa Lima 11 godzin temu
a karma vitoriosa vem
Flashback 1337
Flashback 1337 11 godzin temu
RISE LND Warriors Worlds collide Phoenix Ignite
Lol Playz
Lol Playz 11 godzin temu
Şarkı muhteşem türkler -1leyin
Алексей Концедайло
Специально пересмотрел пятилетней давности гимн в исполнении Имэджинов, чтобы ощутить всю пропасть между этими произведениями. Там с первых нот - ощущение мурашек по коже... И, если честно, слегка даже гордость за то, что причастен к эторй вселенной. А после прослушивания и просмотра этого "чуда" - стыд ( Вот честно, как есть, не хочу никого обидеть. Ни исполнителей, ни продюсеров, ни художников.
Hassan Zia
Hassan Zia 11 godzin temu
Eternal Decency
Eternal Decency 11 godzin temu
A wise gamer once said: Shhh
suyash motee
suyash motee 12 godzin temu
Bro wtf Lmaoo how does this video have 12 million views in 5 days?? I do not even think pewdiepie has much this in a few days lol
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 12 godzin temu
HAHA very nice So when's KDA come back
Андрей Мороз
музыка норм а игроки какието пофигистически выглядящие обидно даже
Younes Toufouti
Younes Toufouti 12 godzin temu
Riot : fly Phoenix fly Rammus : OK
jambon :3
jambon :3 12 godzin temu
RYZE RYZE ! oh fail
khiem ngo
khiem ngo 12 godzin temu
very good
Asser Amr Gabr
Asser Amr Gabr 12 godzin temu
Riot, You never let us down with your music & their videos ....and NOT with the gameplay improvement.
BanTX萬賢 12 godzin temu
Faker fighting Pls win the world championship i want to buy new skt t1 skin
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