Probably The Coolest Wallet In The World

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The Volterman might be the World's coolest wallet.
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Oct 6, 2019




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Komentarze 3 788
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 8 dni temu
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Electronics Oliver
Electronics Oliver Dzień temu
Hey guys we have a new wireless charging for Popsockets Grip,Maybe you will be interested.I hope you can give us some suggestions.Asin "B07YJK9GD2"
Mike Fujitora
Mike Fujitora 2 dni temu
Oppo reno ace
Rock Steady
Rock Steady 8 godzin temu
If anyone is considering to purchase this thing, you should at least know this: I backed this almost 2 years ago, amongst 18000 others. So far they state that they've shipped around 8000 products out of much more than 20000 (a lot of people pledged for multiple items from the campaign) with an average of 800 items being shipped each month. Let's assume they ever manage to double their output and you order one right now, the earliest you can expect this on your doorstep is by the end of 2020. By then, this hardware will be as old as your iphone 6. So: Do you think you'll be able to efficiently charge your nextgen devices with this wireless charging technology? Do you reckon an extra cheap version of a four year old
Adam Rabah
Adam Rabah 8 godzin temu
Spend $1000 on a wallet...... That's worth more than any cash people carry around.... The moment when the most expensive thing in your wallet... is the wallet itself
ken kramer
ken kramer 10 godzin temu
Backed this wallet on Indiegogo a year ago...still waiting. Others have been waiting for many years
kirk mcclean
kirk mcclean 10 godzin temu
Where can I buy this?
Olivier L-Filippin
Olivier L-Filippin 10 godzin temu
Yo lets take a selfie *open wallet and smiles *
Ajay Singh
Ajay Singh 11 godzin temu
that price tho :(
godofwar786 11 godzin temu
Does it make microtransactions easier?
jesse morales
jesse morales 12 godzin temu
Just a heads up I supported them in indiegogo since December of 2017 and I with thousands of others have yet to receive our wallets .you can read it on there in indiegogo. Seems like a great wallet but they can't keep up with demand. They have been in shipping status since December. Still waiting
sentoza .a
sentoza .a 13 godzin temu
how did will get so fat?
Jean Anon
Jean Anon 15 godzin temu
Alright boys ,steal and open away from your face. Pshh
Kiana del Mar
Kiana del Mar 15 godzin temu
billy khan
billy khan 15 godzin temu
now you need a charger for your wallet also
Roger Staudenbaur
Roger Staudenbaur 15 godzin temu
Can you take it on an airplane though?
Alex Tsc
Alex Tsc 16 godzin temu
So where am I gonna buy this from? The site doesn’t showcase it
Keanon Williams
Keanon Williams 19 godzin temu
Pretty unnecessary no?
F1nley _
F1nley _ 20 godzin temu
You need to try the new Levi’s jacket, they’ve collaborated with google to make a denim smart jacket
Specxy 20 godzin temu
Wait till the thief dumps it into a body of water.
SH Eccentric
SH Eccentric 20 godzin temu
2:07 what if its a woman?
isaelxix_ Jailbreak
isaelxix_ Jailbreak 20 godzin temu
Tthe Future is coming
Jinks Jinx
Jinks Jinx 21 hour ago
*i'm glad i'm not the only person that sniffs new things*
Dennis Vivanco
Dennis Vivanco 21 hour ago
"Photos sent to the app via Wifi" - meaning, you lose your wallet on the street those pictures will never get to you. LOL. Pointless feature.
Dennis Vivanco
Dennis Vivanco 21 hour ago
LMAO! This wallet is pointless in 2019. NFC is the next big thing and no one needs a wallet anymore. All those backers are just outdated old folk. XD
EvilDecoy 21 hour ago
nobody me: Crap my wallet ran out of battery My friend: Hold Up
Jaha Saidov
Jaha Saidov 22 godzin temu
U in Canada? I live in Toronto
ayo 22 godzin temu
lowkey flexing with that amex black card.
Atticus King
Atticus King Dzień temu
If they really wanted effective security for the wallet alarm they should switch to moaning sounds or a woman screaming sound. Folks are desensitized to alarms going off. :)
Jimmie Scott
Jimmie Scott Dzień temu
Not bad, thanks
Diego CustomMarineUpholstery
you think are funny but you are not
Buster Marvell
Buster Marvell Dzień temu
DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Volterman is a sham. I dunno how much they paid you for this but you should do more research before you endorse a product. They took a million times longer to deliver than promised, but that's crowd funding. The real kicker is that when they finally did arrive they work only if you don't plan on using it. 1 week in my pocket and all my functions stopped working. The firmware is also horrible which makes the features barely ever work, the ONLY thing that consistently worked was wirelessly charging, and then that broke a week in. When I tried to chase a refund they ran me in circles until I gave up, they clearly were never going to give me money back. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. This isn't a one time thing, there's a whole community online trying to claim action against this crap company.
Klayperson Dzień temu
1:50 Lew just flexing on us with his Centurion card. now i feel poor
oluwafemidavid osoba
This is the best wallet ever
DiamondGamez Dzień temu
This wallet/purse: *sells really well* Apple: iWallet/iPurse it is.
Jadiaz3399 Dzień temu
Now when I see a Volterman wallet I just open it away from me! Thanks!
This is CJ
This is CJ Dzień temu
Easiest way to get everything stolen Phone charging wallet
hassan tahir
hassan tahir Dzień temu
2016: cars need charging 2019: wallets need charging 2020: wifi needs charging
Exarch Dzień temu
He's high on wallet
Gabriel BAGRATIONI Dzień temu
What "Black Mirror" episode did we wake up in?
Nabeel Robin
Nabeel Robin Dzień temu
Did he say 3 million ?? 😭😭 what
Israel Arenas
Israel Arenas Dzień temu
You should name that section Willie Do or Willie Don't
Jorge Guerrero Jr
Jorge Guerrero Jr Dzień temu
Hope you guys get to review the Luzmag smart bag
Luis De La Rocha
Luis De La Rocha 2 dni temu
That Centurian tho
Amari Shealy TV
Amari Shealy TV 2 dni temu
Hey will you inbox a phone called project gem
Dean Marchetti
Dean Marchetti 2 dni temu
thats realy cool
Quintin Murphy
Quintin Murphy 2 dni temu
Could’ve used this when I left my Louis Vuitton wallet at the movies a girl employee stole it I kept returning & a week later the stuff in my wallet was on a rubber band with out the LV wallet by then I bought a new one and the same girl months later told me I have nice things and you already have a new one 🤨😡🤬
hi syam
hi syam 2 dni temu
So the drawback: 1) not succeptible to water 2) camera only work on the same wifi connected to phone 3) the alarm thingy only works on bluetooth which means need to be in super close proximity 4) gps can turn on but if it hidden under the couch will it be as last known location?
Avengers Forever
Avengers Forever 2 dni temu
future wallet 🤔🤔
Avengers Forever
Avengers Forever 2 dni temu
weed 😶😶🤔
juris1114 2 dni temu
This is the most stupidest thing I've ever seen ...
Avengers Forever
Avengers Forever 2 dni temu
I would bye one 🤔😶😶
jdahmen 2 dni temu
You smelled wallet and went into Nother Universe Mode, i hit the thumbs up.
Villianious Gamer
Leave it outside and see what happens.
Ben W
Ben W 2 dni temu
Samsung pay is the coolest wallet in the world
AngryTom Tom
AngryTom Tom 2 dni temu
Coolest my ass , my ass would get high radiation from that electrical current duh(
Sam SavsG
Sam SavsG 2 dni temu
U should do giveaways?
AR 2 dni temu
where is my wallet me-try missed call
XactoHD 2 dni temu
Is he packing a chew💀
RangerRivet 2 dni temu
Feels like one of those spy gadgets from 2006
Uhh you can see the numbers on the American Express card..
Robert Charlton
Robert Charlton 2 dni temu
I backed this on Indiegogo 2 years ago ... I STILL haven’t received my wallet yet!
jesse morales
jesse morales 12 godzin temu
U And I both
The Ultimate Slim Wallet


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