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A professor (Matthew Perry) and his class welcome a new student (Ana Gasteyer) to Sarcasm 101. [Season 23, 1998]
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Aug 24, 2019




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Komentarze 2 828
George Johnson
George Johnson 5 godzin temu
I miss the SNL from the mid seventies.......................sooooooooooooo much...........
Fuller Chapman
Fuller Chapman 6 godzin temu
Could Will Ferrell grow his hair any faster?
Ruhab Ahmed
Ruhab Ahmed 11 godzin temu
Ruhab Ahmed
Ruhab Ahmed 11 godzin temu
Radhika Sharma
Radhika Sharma 22 godzin temu
There's like a hair thin difference between Matthew perry and chandler bing. And i forget about it everytime
Miriam Musumeci
Miriam Musumeci Dzień temu
I just love him too much
fueledby BUKOJUICE
Couldn't be more sarcastic
Margo Channing
Margo Channing 3 dni temu
The whole cast of Mean girls
Anannyam athulyam
Raz 3 dni temu
Only class I would want to take
David de Vera
David de Vera 4 dni temu
Anybody notice will ferrels hair change right at the end of the sketch?
Namarie. 4 dni temu
Does he ever take a drink from that cup though?
Poopy Peepod
Poopy Peepod 5 dni temu
dang, matt perry was hot
Robert Rool
Robert Rool 5 dni temu
Hey hey hey... Great one!
HiAveree 5 dni temu
marissa langford. matthew langford perry. name picking doesn't fall far from the tree i see
Pat In The Hat
Pat In The Hat 5 dni temu
Loved this one!
AKSHAY MISHRA 6 dni temu
This couldn't be more perfect
Christopher Jackson
Marissa is 2019 personified.
Alex Cameron
Alex Cameron 7 dni temu
The birth of liberalism...
Johanna _045
Johanna _045 7 dni temu
Whaaatt was this on the show I’m confused??
Sherif Farrag
Sherif Farrag 7 dni temu
Will Ferrell hair changed in the end ????
Christa Fry
Christa Fry 8 dni temu
Look at me, I'm Chandler, could I BE wearing anymore clothes!?
Bluemilk92 8 dni temu
So like... Is that a no on the bath?
Operator: J41M3
Operator: J41M3 8 dni temu
It would’ve been great if “Kevin” was played by the guy who played Ross in friends.
Operator: J41M3
Operator: J41M3 8 dni temu
The one where Chandler gets a job that really fits him.
yee yee
yee yee 9 dni temu
so can i take a bath w marissa or???
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 9 dni temu
Why is no one catching the "could you BE's" from friends. It's such an obvious and amazing reference.
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 9 dni temu
I love how they have the "could you BE's" in there!!!
Ozymandias 10 dni temu
Ok now that just ruined Chandler's sarcasm for me. It was great as it was.
Claire Stanage
Claire Stanage 10 dni temu
So I know that everybody here is super into Friends, but does anyone else think that he looks a bit like Richard Speight Jr?
Sudhir Raghu
Sudhir Raghu 11 dni temu
Who wants to take a bath with me? 1 like = lucky person who gets to soap my sack! Back! I mean back- sorry!
Cody Jumper
Cody Jumper 11 dni temu
The funniest joke in the skit is Norm MacDonald not knowing how to do sarcasm.
Kitten on the Keys
Kitten on the Keys 11 dni temu
I wanna see a 10 hour version of this lol
Shihad Saif
Shihad Saif 11 dni temu
Oh hey it's Will Ferrell!!
AJ Estur
AJ Estur 11 dni temu
I was 6 years old when this came out. I think I already had a crush on Matthew sooner if I watched this.
Bryce Wilcomb
Bryce Wilcomb 12 dni temu
Back when SNL skits were not worried about offending people
Nate Dawg
Nate Dawg 13 dni temu
Sarcasm 101 should've been a real class! I would've taken this if Matthew Perry taught this class
Reghan Lanfear
Reghan Lanfear 13 dni temu
This is so underrated it’s incredible
James Collings
James Collings 13 dni temu
why does will ferrel have a wig on while walking out of the room at the end
Naomi’s World
Naomi’s World 13 dni temu
Imagine if actually had sarcasm lessons at school with Matthew Perry- woww🥰😂
Aesthetic Swift
Aesthetic Swift 13 dni temu
This is now my favorite video 😂
Andy Clark
Andy Clark 13 dni temu
See I thought this was funny but I wish they would just have the goal to finally do political kameni you know right now we're in a situation with Trump and they never do political comedy I wish they would just go back to that but this was great
mercurious 14 dni temu
McKenzie lord
McKenzie lord 14 dni temu
We have the best cake ever. Dick
akshay kumar bagh
akshay kumar bagh 14 dni temu
The grandmaster of sarcasm at his best
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 14 dni temu
This bloke - in regard to sarcasm - is nothing special, at least not in the UK
déjà vu
déjà vu 14 dni temu
Where do I sign up for this class ?
Medhansh Das
Medhansh Das 16 dni temu
Will Ferrell too
TurboDieselDan 16 dni temu
Could their outro have more saxophone...
Megthe egg
Megthe egg 16 dni temu
Ana’s sweater looks like pie
J S 16 dni temu
Chris olagrim
Chris olagrim 16 dni temu
This is terrible
Fredah kanampiu
Fredah kanampiu 17 dni temu
Can i get a series of this..👌👌
thedantegallery 17 dni temu
ferrell switched wigs at the end?
Pinocchio Ravioli
Pinocchio Ravioli 17 dni temu
When did Will Ferrell’s hair change into a wig
Nicholas Stockman
Nicholas Stockman 17 dni temu
The rise of Bing
aaryan mohta
aaryan mohta 17 dni temu
This is like a conference in the bad place
S Mac
S Mac 17 dni temu
Keir Armstrong
Keir Armstrong 17 dni temu
Oh look, sarcastic comments. How unpredictable.
nikhil kumar
nikhil kumar 17 dni temu
Ahh norm norm norm
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