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An Italian grandmother (David Harbour) and grandfather (Kate McKinnon) get into heated arguments about a sauce.
#SNL #DavidHarbour #CamilaCabello #SNL45
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Oct 13, 2019




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Komentarze 1 139
Margarita M.
Margarita M. 2 dni temu
3:05 when she rests her head between his boobs 😂
FloraNB 2 dni temu
This entire thing seemed improvised and I love it.
Tasunke 2 dni temu
I only saw old Justin Bieber in Kate 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣
Tyler Walter
Tyler Walter 3 dni temu
“You like a da juice eh?”
Natalia Mitiaev
Natalia Mitiaev 4 dni temu
It looks like the kitchen from That 70s Show
Destiny Her
Destiny Her 6 dni temu
“It doesnt work anymore”😂😂
jenn lemmelin
jenn lemmelin 6 dni temu
I was listening to the sketch and then when I looked and saw that it was Kate playing the grandpa I laughed so hard and just got so much funnier
Dyl Seidel
Dyl Seidel 7 dni temu
This feels like old SNL and I’m not mad
LycanLink 8 dni temu
My proudest fap.
Olivia Nicoloff
Olivia Nicoloff 8 dni temu
“The sauce it’s a like Hawaiian Punch” “ DONT YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY SAUCE LIKE THAT”
Marlee Ebbert
Marlee Ebbert 8 dni temu
David Harbour as an old Italian woman XD
Shae 9 dni temu
Anyone know what Kate is saying at 3:41? Hilarious.
Memphis Brown
Memphis Brown 9 dni temu
david and kate were challenging each other the entire time. that is the true test of an actor.
Russofilmsltd 9 dni temu
Too much sauce
Emma Dube
Emma Dube 9 dni temu
Honestly, disturbing
NESherv 10 dni temu
Somehow, the sight of David Harbour dressed as an Italian grandmother, with one leg on the table, moaning "OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHH!" loudly while looking offstage at his cue cards, never gets old for me.
TexasTrojanPony 10 dni temu
Uncomfortably unfunny
multifandom 10 dni temu
Can Kate McKinnon be my grandfather?
Victoria Renzi
Victoria Renzi 12 dni temu
As an Italian, this is pretty accurate lol.
Eli Cates
Eli Cates 13 dni temu
Is this supposed to be funny? This seems like a sketch making fun of SNL, a sketch designed to be as unfunny as possible. I have a hard time believing the people writing this sketch actually thought it was funny. This might be the worst sketch in the history of SNL, so in a way that's kind of impressive.
Miguel Salami
Miguel Salami 14 dni temu
Lucky Jenn
Lucky Jenn 14 dni temu
QueenBeastie 15 dni temu
that was horrifying
Jonathan Fesmire, Steampunk Author
Was anyone else just waiting for them to kiss? LOL.
That nigga bush from around the corner
Hahaha! I've been watching SNL every Saturday since 1986. The Eddie Murphy , Chris Farley , Gilda Radner , Phil Hartman , John Lovitz , Dan Ackroyd , Martin Short , Mike Myers , Dana Carvey , Billy Crystal , Dennis Miller era. I don't watch it at all now but thinking I'm going to pick my favorite childhood comedy show back up again.😂😂😂😂
Karla IsABookworm
Karla IsABookworm 17 dni temu
Me: This makes me physically uncomfortable! Also Me: Plays it again and again and again...
DeViiLzZ 17 dni temu
David's accent at times reminded me of Marcus from Borderlands
Zoe Manj
Zoe Manj 17 dni temu
Welcome to the gayest place in the USA/Hollywood
Good Guy
Good Guy 18 dni temu
They got another Guy movie star to dress as a girl. Hmmm. The pattern is real.
JAH7885 18 dni temu
Picturing David Spade as the grandpa, Adam Sandler or the late great Chris Farley as Nona.😇 #snlclassic, kids.
Edna Lauren Wisdom
Edna Lauren Wisdom 18 dni temu
Kate McKinnon is a legend.
James McCracken
James McCracken 18 dni temu
How do they know my friend Marco?
Johnny David Sanchez
You know if kate Actually played her own gender role for the part, and the man played the man, it wouldnt be funny. It would be creepy. Lol they change around the genders to trick the mind into accepting perverse narrative. Old illuminati trick to keep the masses asleep with their own desires over a clear moral mindset. The ones we are born with. Most of our initial opinions that we hold so dear to, our political ideology.....everything we think, has been planted in our brain using entertainment (waves) to guide what we choose to believe is right and wrong. Turn off the tv, you are being controlled. Please look up google patent US6506148B2. World leaders and those in positions of control have known for years how to control masses of people, with the invention of the television set they can now distribute their power in every home. Now computers are being integrated directly into your brain, using artificial intelligence technology. Slowly but surely our technology and progression has been leading to a more civilized society, in theory, by enforcing a hive mind of sorts into our reality. These people believe that being an individual is over rated. Even dangerous! Ever watch "bee movie"? Terrible i know, but the hive mind... they all worked with each other, the lack of individual thought was all integrated into their society in what they all thought was right. The years of the human are over. We will now be like the ants. Another form of slavery. Very funny skit, indeed.
niceice silva
niceice silva 18 dni temu
Screaming lmaooooooo
Eleanor Hargrove
Eleanor Hargrove 19 dni temu
Marco gets pegged
Ahmed Sabbir Shadman
Some part of me really doesn't want this to be a part of the script, and the others were genuinely surprised
Josh Ellison
Josh Ellison 19 dni temu
Kate McKinnon actually convinced me she was an old grandpa. She's amazing.
Franceska 19 dni temu
I never found my name more awkward ...
SoCal Unrated
SoCal Unrated 19 dni temu
Why does SNL always suggest that we Italians are some sex craved maniacs?
Swimmin Wit Da Fishies
Seems to me like the SNL writers are either sex starved or sex addicted. Every skit either implies it, infers it, or openly displays it. This is why I stopped watching SNL. It's not entertainment. It's desperate!!
Jay Andrew
Jay Andrew 19 dni temu
Insensitive to transgenders. REPORTED.
samwich2019 19 dni temu
I'm on board with all the other comments saying this reminded them of the older sketches. The funniest thing I've seen on SNL in a while! Kate McKinnon is hilarious. 💛
marina lopez
marina lopez 20 dni temu
Kate is hilarious!!!
jjames05 20 dni temu
Lena Dunham as the funny
TRIFECTA 20 dni temu
This entire episode was amazing!
Caroline Carst
Caroline Carst 20 dni temu
We found hopper. He is not dead it's worse
Morgan Richardson
Kate broke David. That was amazing
SirCraigius 21 day ago
3:54: Why does it feel like this moment was improvised? XD
Mari Bakaric
Mari Bakaric 21 day ago
How is no one talking about how much fun it must of been for Kate to be swung around like a human bat.
genderbenderlexa 21 day ago
Wow , what the fuck ! This was not funny .
dario quatrini
dario quatrini 21 day ago
As an Italian, I am truly offended by this skit: you should NEVER, NEVER put Parmigiano in the sauce...
Ursula Kavanagh
Ursula Kavanagh 21 day ago
worth 22 dni temu
lol snl u never disappoint. comment fam i got the sauce on beats on my channel hmu 😻😻
T222 22 dni temu
Looks like the houses in Bayridge at the end. I miss living in NY
Ivanperez 128
Ivanperez 128 22 dni temu
Guy dresses as woman it was funny the last 100 times
Nate Hamann
Nate Hamann 22 dni temu
Remember when SNL was good? Pepperidge Farm Remembers
Miscellaneous Videos
My grandparents thankfully never argued about sauce or tried to make whoopie in front of anyone.
Hazard 777
Hazard 777 22 dni temu
Wow. I clicked on this bc of Harbour in drag and I was not disappointed 😂
Bryan McClellan
Bryan McClellan 22 dni temu
"Sauce"? Italian grandmoms in the NYC area would say gravy.
JennX 22 dni temu
What color did the stage crew paint on those light green cabinets?! Ima bout to redo my kitchen.
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