Sergiy Derevyanchenko / The Technician (2018 HD Highlights)

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Sergiy Derevianchenko is a Ukrainian professional boxer. As an amateur, he won the bronze medal at middleweight at the 2007 World Amateur Boxing Championships.
As of October 2017, he is ranked by the IBF as their #1 contender, and by the WBC as their #5 contender. He is also ranked as the seventh best middleweight in the world by the TBRB and Boxrec, and fifth by The Ring Magazine.
His record currently stands at 12 (10KO) - 0 - 0




Mar 16, 2018




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Komentarze 86
Jim Sanchez
Jim Sanchez 8 dni temu
Ahi esta pues canelo rifate puto
A A Month ago
NoTown Izoe
NoTown Izoe 2 miesięcy temu
GGG vs The Technician . GGG Wins
NoTown Izoe
NoTown Izoe Month ago
@Jojo The Great I told you
Jojo The Great
Jojo The Great Month ago
Mitchell Sam
Mitchell Sam 3 miesięcy temu
I don't think this guy has enough to bother Gennady Golovkin. Doesn't seem to punch hard enough. i think hes going down within the distance. We'll see..
Mitchell Sam
Mitchell Sam Month ago
@Jojo The Great Oh cool. I am Ibibio. But it really doesn't matter. Nice to meet you :-)
Jojo The Great
Jojo The Great Month ago
@Mitchell Sam I am Yoruba
Mitchell Sam
Mitchell Sam Month ago
@Jojo The Great No I am not from South Africa. I am Canadian but I was born in Nigeria. Pretty close. Are you?
Jojo The Great
Jojo The Great Month ago
@Mitchell Sam Are you from South Africa?
Mitchell Sam
Mitchell Sam Month ago
@Jojo The Great he definitely did more than I expected. I even think he won that fight. I think a rematch would be appropriate..
aljime23 4 miesięcy temu
tiene los mismos moviemiento de lomachenko pero en un poquito mas lento
SEBASTIAN PASCUAL 5 miesięcy temu
easy smoke for canelo, he look slow canelo is another different monster canelo all the way ?all his opponent i didnt se any of them with good head movement nothig like that canelo smoke his ass for sure?
Luiseduardozepeda22 Zepeda
Se ven muy fuerte creo que le puede ganar a canelo
rockmancruz90 5 miesięcy temu
Ojala que lo masacre ala canela
crayos Rok temu
no mercy , damn bruh, he rocks the hell outta erryone tho!
A A Month ago
Relentless pressure
Rent To Own Rent To Own
Sergiy has fought nothing but bums. Jacobs is a good technician in the ring....but does not have great it will be interesting to see if Jacobs can use his boxing skills to keep Sergiy off of him.
A A Month ago
Proved u wrong! Sergiy can hang with and beat any of the top middleweights
EZDUZIT1980 Rok temu
No wonder ggg ducked him
Toulong Vang
Toulong Vang Rok temu
I predict Jacob lose by tko. This guy will give anyone problem in the middleweight and possibly whoop all their asses. Ggg will never fight this guy. Ggg is just a one punch fighter and this guy will combo ggg to white flag! Jermall charlo and andrade has no chance against this guy. Canelo might exchange a few punches until canelo goes down.
Whoa!!! Sergiy is a beast!
Second-Guess Always
What a beast!
Daimio Cosma
Daimio Cosma Rok temu
J Rok temu
30s30 11 miesięcy temu
EZDUZIT1980 Rok temu
Canelo, Jacobs and Charlo moving up to 168?
sule maan
sule maan Rok temu
Beast From East
Who's daisuke
Who's daisuke Rok temu
Ggg old give canelo a challenge like this not an old timer
I Bishop
I Bishop Rok temu
I will definitely be watching this guy. Worked angles like Tyson or Loma. Full assault mode too. Looks tough as nails. He wasn’t worried about getting counter. Just pitbull tenacity and focus for destruction. Is this the guy GGG mandatory for the IBF?
King Arthur
King Arthur Rok temu
The technician is a problem for everyone
Entre sueños Lapices y papeles
Castaño con 3 peleas de profesional le gano tranquilo....
Ah Fei
Ah Fei Rok temu
haha lol...arrête de la ramener stp
john karford
john karford Rok temu
Hasn't been tested.. looks like he'll beat Charlo and Jacobs ass thou
EZDUZIT1980 Rok temu
He would beat ggg's ass, that's why he ducked him.
J Rok temu
john karford Fa sure i wish he was fighting Charlo instead of Jacobs i think he wouldve smashed Charlo
shmbbrkr Rok temu
This cat is legit. The gyms around always talk about his boxing skills
KCspeaks59 Rok temu
First time seeing this guy. I now see why Golovkin avoiding him. This guy definitely has a good chance of winning against him and even by too.
Avtobus 123
Avtobus 123 2 miesięcy temu
it's happening!
Don Angotti
Don Angotti Rok temu
ggg will eat those slaps for lunch. if ggg were landing those same shots on those bum opponents, they would have been ko'd way faster!!
Water Mccullough
Yikes 😲
Jimmie Martinez
Looks like Canelo. Like to see his defensive skills. Lomachenko has awesome foot work and head movement. GGG hits hard. Everyone looks good until GGG hits them with a stiff jab that feels like a over hand right.
Fraggles Abound
GGG could've fought Sergiy last night, but smartly avoided an ass kicking and picked a bum instead.
AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER
@Fraggles Abound ... GGG won that fight and you know it . Everyone knows it , including the Golden Boy lol .
Fraggles Abound
Sure he would. That's why he ducked him to fight a no-hoper Slappy. GGG couldn't make a dent in blown up Ginger Canelo, how's he going to stop Sergiy?
Apostasia Protestante
GGG beat him twice in the amateurs, he'd do it again no problem
Victoria Venegas
Reminds me of Golovkin's style
dtothez187 11 miesięcy temu
Luis Alberto GGG is Asian, not European
AlphaDraconi Chucky11
No way
Victoria Venegas
Hm I see what you mean
Luis Alberto
Luis Alberto Rok temu
No. Just cause he’s Eastern Europe
Vince Cruize
Vince Cruize Rok temu
Never thought this song could be used on a highlight vid in 2018. Not sure If i should tip my hat or dry heave. Either way. GGG SCARED OF THIS MAN!! G had to pick a smaller weight class guy to fight- like a BITCH
Gary du Plessis
Lemieux sucks? Jacobs isn't elite? You have some pretty high standards dude.
Vince Cruize
Vince Cruize Rok temu
Same was said about G. He looked great-against bad opposition. Started struggling when he finally started facing decent talent.( Lemiuex sucked and currently sucks) Brook exposed G, but he came up 2 weight classes and his face couldn't hold up. Jacobs, arguably, won the fight, But it was close enough to be controversial, and jacobs isn't even elite. And G has diminished ever since.
Gary du Plessis
This guy will never face GGG because he will lose before he gets a shot. He looks good against bad opposition but lacks power. All his stoppages were TKO. I think he would be the perfect style for GGG but we won't get to see it.
martin vegas
martin vegas Rok temu
Nice choice of song bro!
Miguel Rodriguez
big Loma
Keane Enos
Keane Enos Rok temu
Med. loma
Miguel Rodriguez usyk is the big loma lol
ZionAmariTV Rok temu
Damn, it’s like watchin’ Loma at 160, this dude looks promising at MW
Jojo The Great
Jojo The Great Month ago
@A A compubox says Salido landed more powershots though lmao
A A Month ago
@Jojo The Great Go look at the numbers Salido GOT OUTSTRUCK fool not Loma
Jojo The Great
Jojo The Great Month ago
@A A Lol you are so delusional. Salido outlanded Loma early and gassed. The lowblows count if you like it or not. A bum beat Loma. Remember that. No great ever lost to a bum with dozens of losses lol
A A Month ago
@Jojo The Great youre obviously a casual everyone saw he clearly won that fight. Loma literally out struck the man in every category of the fight including connect percentage and punches landed. That was a blatant split decision robbery. Casuals see what the decision was and just repeat it without even watching the fight or even grasping the concept of paid off judges and referee's. Let me guess Mayweather also beat Castillo right??? Despite the fact that Castillo landed 5p more punches and at a higher connect percentage. Ramirez also beat and destroyed Pernell Whitaker right??? Bradley whooped Pac man??? Park Si Hun whooped Roy Jones Jr.? And we all saw Chavez give Whitaker that massive boxing lesson right??? He def won that fight right?
Wero R.
Wero R. Rok temu
This kid isn't ready for GGG, his management team needs to build him up for success not introduction to failure...remember Provodnikov
Keane Enos
Keane Enos Rok temu
Wero R. 390-20 is pretty experience to me
Chris Rok temu
Incorrect Tevin. I can tell you right now with these clips alone Demetrius Andrade beats this guy. Jacobs should as well. He is very green and there are levels at MW. GGG would stop him as well. He is top 5 for sure.
Nicole Kinney
Nicole Kinney Rok temu
Let’s not forget this man is in his prime age.
Nicole Kinney
Nicole Kinney Rok temu
Well, he’s fighting Jacobs October so it’ll be a lot easier to make a prediction. And honestly I see chenko finishing Jacobs. This kid may not be as strong as GGG (damn near) but he’s a lot more consistent and his tank (endurance) seems to hold up with his strength. I got him with a TKO late in the 7th or 8th vs Jacobs
Mr ClassicMetal
I'm not saying anything. I'm just telling you what Derevyanchenko and his handlers said. DiBella is adamant about his fighter being GGG's next opponent and so is the IBF. Derevyanchenko is a grown man and he can make that decision.
Ben Layers
Ben Layers Rok temu
What a technical monster.
Rockstar 1996
Rockstar 1996 Rok temu
Sweet video guy and you can't go wrong with the song choice you get it right every time!!
The Bolt Thrower
Good vid, but it´s weird to listen to Gangsta´s Paradise without the Diaz bros in it.
FIGHTcrowd Rok temu
haha, yeah I see where your coming from, to me I'm a soulja and Ambitionz as a rider remind me of them, no doubt will use them for there highlights in the future. I'm a soulja is perfect for a highlight video.


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