Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...

Alex Meyers
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Sierra Burgess is a Loser animation
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Sep 18, 2018




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Komentarze 5 835
Holly Robak
Holly Robak 11 godzin temu
No one: Alex: "Back when I was a 21 year old high school student..."
iAteABattery Dzień temu
I feel bad for Veronica and Dan
BooberryCruncho Dzień temu
I love your videos and it perfectly describes how I feel about all these stupid romcoms lmaoo
D. Stephanie Rodriguez Martinez
First It just a movie, and is a re-make of Cyrano de Bergerac, I haven' t read the book or real the movie... but what I been told Jamie do not suppost to that the person who really fall in love which is Sierra and Veronica... Because Cyrano never got the nerve to tell her... Yeah it was a different twist but I think stills respect the main idea.
Braydan Tomlin
Braydan Tomlin 2 dni temu
Speaking of Stranger Things,you ever gonna review it
Zant 41
Zant 41 2 dni temu
The "mean" girl is actually nice than the "good girl" wtf
Andrea Skidmore-Lapuente
I thought this movie was fine when I was younger but now I find it really creepy. Basically the movie is that you should manipulate people to get what you want and if you say "oh I have such a bad life" then you can get away with being creepy. I really don't like sierra anymore.
Mr. E
Mr. E 3 dni temu
Young Margo Robbie...
Laura Jones
Laura Jones 3 dni temu
i go to a catholic school so i am required to take a religion class and it’s basically a history class but the book is the bible and apparently there’s a lot of murder and killing the the early books of the bible so my teacher always says they “went for a walk” when someone is murdered, so it really weird to here it from you lmao
K Trojanova
K Trojanova 3 dni temu
Y’all, is it just me or is this movie based on “Cyrano de Bergerac”, a french theater play..
Sumaiya Hossain
Sumaiya Hossain 3 dni temu
Just because Sierra is a little atypical or portrayed as the underdog, that doesn't mean she has the right to catfish someone and sabotage another girl using petty rumors by hacking into her phone. I'm sorry but that's a very toxic personality and doesn't make you very pretty on the inside.
Mitch Williamson
Mitch Williamson 3 dni temu
The problem with this film is that Sierra is a fucking awful, creepy rapist type.
Jakotsu Reborn
Jakotsu Reborn 4 dni temu
No Veronica looks like Maddie Ziegler and her mom looks like Abby Lee Miller.
Calvino Sinclair
Calvino Sinclair 5 dni temu
She looks like my ex gf
hope heartflia
hope heartflia 5 dni temu
Noah Centieno seems to really just be just a nice dude in all movies And yeah, it would've been better if it was just Sierra and Veronica
Elaina Gilbert
Elaina Gilbert 5 dni temu
There is something endearing about a movie having a cheerleader not be attracted to the quarterback. I mean, this movie is garbage as a whole, but that one detail I thought was interesting.
Tiger Falco
Tiger Falco 6 dni temu
theyre always in groups of 3 because they cant even
Karis Foster
Karis Foster 6 dni temu
Sierra:*googles how to make a guy fall in Love with you* Google:manipulate his feelings through text to make the guy you like think he's talking to the girl he likes then make the girl he likes go on fake dates with him until you muster up the courage to destroy his love life. Rinse and repeat Sierra: yes good plan
Jade Carlton
Jade Carlton 7 dni temu
Oh my god the popular girl is Alaska young she’s totally different
funny eclipse
funny eclipse 8 dni temu
pamdada 8 dni temu
Veronica seems like a way better character Serria is creepy as hell not on looks but her whole character yikes
Pam Zasucha
Pam Zasucha 9 dni temu
I didn't know barb was alive?!
Xehanort10 6 dni temu
Sierra Burgess is who she turned into after she escaped the Upside Down. And as you can see it changed her for the worse.
Cat Devereux
Cat Devereux 9 dni temu
This was a clear rip off of the movie 'The truth about Cats and Dogs'
linkup67 10 dni temu
The movie is a gender swapped modern version of Cyrano de Bergerac.
Rana Safi
Rana Safi 11 dni temu
HAHAHAHA she's exactly his type 😂😂😂
Rana Safi
Rana Safi 11 dni temu
Sierra was a bitch for what she did to Veronica.
Rana Safi
Rana Safi 11 dni temu
I also love the movie but I hated Sierra literally. She forced herself on him with that kiss and fooling him like that. Idk why he is with her at the end tbh
Callum Leigh Montgomery
You've earned a new subscriber, you're fucking hilarious
Jennifer Berry
Jennifer Berry 12 dni temu
Jadit chu
Jadit chu 16 dni temu
In all honesty, I am a fat girl myself, far from attractive and not as amazing as the "popular kids", but people aren't really that fucked up either. I mean, during my entire time in high school, at least one or two times someone insulted me about my weight. Hell, during my last years I was friend with the "cool dudes" and we legit were gaming on Xbox like "nerds". I guess it *may* be luck or somethin' but I really don't get the whole bullying thing? Maybe because it never happened to me during those years, but I always find these movies stupid because of it. Hell, even today in college when I randomly bump into that one dude that was super popular we always say hi to each other with a friendly smile. But anyway, that movie was messed up.
LittleStripe 11
LittleStripe 11 17 dni temu
9:53 I’m gagging
Judith World
Judith World 17 dni temu
Pizza luchabulls are the best and I'm 12
Dhriti Sharma
Dhriti Sharma 17 dni temu
"Back then when I was a 21 year old high school student" Lol 😂😂
Lohn Jennon
Lohn Jennon 18 dni temu
Io9 ain't 9gag homie
Patrick Giangiordano
Xehanort10 9 dni temu
Jamey kissing Veronica is Sierra's karma for pretending to be Veronica in order to get Jamey.
•loli• 18 dni temu
Am I the only one who just realised that sierra (I don't know her real name) also plays Ethyl Muggs in Riverdale? Or am I the only one here that watches Riverdale?
savannah Williams
savannah Williams 18 dni temu
Veronica in this movie is the only one with an actual good character Arc
Suramya Singh
Suramya Singh 19 dni temu
Damn. That girl is psychopath. That boy's type is that?
Isabella D.
Isabella D. 21 day ago
This is such a fucking creepy movie..... so weird, why did netflix make this? They really lie to this boy for so long? And sierra KISSES HIM when he thinks he's kissing someone else? Guess we don't care about consent anymore or something....
Nikki Cullen
Nikki Cullen 21 day ago
The cartoon looks so cool
Grace-full horses
Grace-full horses 22 dni temu
I love marching band so that hurt
Jaenalyn S
Jaenalyn S 22 dni temu
Okay, but have you reviewed F the prom?
Jessica Victoria Carrillo
I wish Shannon Purser had a better movie to lead and that she co-stars with Christina Hendricks as mother and daughter. Honestly the scene where Veronica tries to pluck Sierra's eyebrows is pointless: they didn't even bother to add fake hair.
Ava Santiago
Ava Santiago 23 dni temu
How she have time for all this with a marching band schedule?
Nehan Khan
Nehan Khan 23 dni temu
We re constantly told in such movies that looks don't matter. But shouldn't it go both ways? It should not matter if you're ugly or pretty. Say if Veronica was the one doing the catfishing and lying I have no doubt that she would've suffered the consequences. But since it's Sierra the chubby girl we re automatically going to give her a pass. And the kiss... Was just way too uncomfortable to watch. How.. just how... And why. Sierra wasn't even nice in this.. I mean to get what she wanted she ended up lying and hurting the people who cared about her. This movie more or less showed that even if youre a brat youre gonna get your happy ending....
Xehanort10 13 dni temu
Exactly. Catfishing is wrong no matter the gender or weight so this film going "It's OK Sierra tricked Jamey into dating her because she's fat" is a creepy message.
Jaron Cole
Jaron Cole 24 dni temu
what is that slime on veronicas hand in the crying scene in the hallway?????????????????????
Chandler Burse
Chandler Burse 24 dni temu
You know its bad these days when the best representation of a outcasted kid being bullied is Peter Parker........from the 60s. Speakimg of comics why does Alex sound like one of the TMNT Turtles?
Triple M
Triple M 25 dni temu
Alex from English class, you have our thoughts and prayers
Zyalena 25 dni temu
I used to have a friend like Sierra. She was awful.
Xehanort10 18 dni temu
Did she catfish guys she liked by pretending to be other women too?
Zion butler
Zion butler 25 dni temu
Carlos Meza
Carlos Meza 26 dni temu
They are 3 so the main one can be on the center while keeping the group walking simetrically
tsk 26 dni temu
please tell meaning of bc
I'm a unicorn in hufflepuff
I'm sorry but this is true if they swapped genders every one would be hating on this movie so much I mean if a boy did this to a girl everyone would be so mad that kiss is sexual assault but for some reason girls can do it to boys but boys can't do it to girls
T Bone
T Bone 27 dni temu
Imagine if it was a guy kissing a girl who thought she was someone else... the cops would come over quicker than someone can say "sexual assault"
Dennis Moore
Dennis Moore 28 dni temu
Video was great... except for the sponsor, screw the sponsor
Artixell STX
Artixell STX 28 dni temu
Mean girls is based off of Heathers. The Plastics are supposed to be the Heathers.
Rylee Vogel
Rylee Vogel 28 dni temu
She literally just said "i'm sorry that I suck so much" to her best friend and then he automatically forgave her
Xehanort10 27 dni temu
The whole "I wrote a song for you so me pretending to be the girl you actually had a crush on, getting her to lip sync what I was saying so you'd think I was her, pretending to be deaf just so you wouldn't hear my voice and find out I wasn't her, getting jealous and angry when you kissed her, made you think she was cheating on you with her ex to break you up and admitting it all is A-OK" was stupid. Dodaj do that Sierra putting her hand over Jamey's face before kissing him so he'd think he was kissing Veronica and you've got yourself a stalker.
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson 28 dni temu
You know what really gets me? The only character I actually kind of liked in this movie was Veronica. She’s way more fleshed out and sympathetic than Sierra, and I honestly would have liked to see the movie be about her
Angelic Sings
Angelic Sings 28 dni temu
The rule of three
Shanoriya Robinson
Shanoriya Robinson 28 dni temu
I like it tho
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
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