SNL Trivia: Finish That Famous Line

Saturday Night Live
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Are you an SNL superfan? Test your knowledge of some of the most famous lines in SNL history.
Two Wild and Crazy Guys: Double Date -
Weekend Update: Roseanne Roseannadanna On Smoking -
Church Chat: Joe Montana and Walter Payton -
Pumpin' Up with Hans & Franz -
Bill Swerski’s Superfans: Bears vs. Giants -
Daily Affirmation II - Saturday Night Live -
Hub's Gyros -
Matt Foley: Van Down By The River -
Get Off the Shed: New Friends -
Mary Katherine Gallagher -
Nadeen at Wilson’s -
More Cowbell with Will Ferrell -
Brian Fellow's Safari Planet -
The Californians: Stuart's Dad -
Weekend Update: Stefon on Halloween's Hottest Tips -
What Up With That? -
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Sep 20, 2019




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Komentarze 179
RaymondHng 9 dni temu
"That's so funny, ________________________!"
RaymondHng 9 dni temu
"Save the ____________!"
Tianaz Bryant
Tianaz Bryant 16 dni temu
Graziella Spirito
This is so awesome, pretty proud that I knew them all 😂
keepdancingmaria 22 dni temu
Well, I got one of them. I guess I'm too recently a fan to know these famous lines. Enjoyed this collection very much.
Jon Groubert
Jon Groubert 22 dni temu
These are impossible. These are completely out of context. This quiz ___ go _____ itself.
Kit Coffey
Kit Coffey 22 dni temu
Hire me, SNL, I'm funnier than McGillis (but so are most cardboard boxes)...
Golfer Girl
Golfer Girl 22 dni temu
I only missed 2 of them
Real Intensity
Real Intensity 23 dni temu
who is the most UNFUNNY SNL castmember, ever??? obviously it is WILL FERRELL... HE SUCKS
Keithkmarshman 23 dni temu
They forgot the ‘s on the What’s up with that? Get the quote right.
Kit Coffey
Kit Coffey 22 dni temu
And to make "hottest club" two blanks. Yeah... Struggle's real.
david forte
david forte 23 dni temu
Fuck this show, gotta ruin a man's life because of a joke or different opinion. Sjw idiots ruining our chances of getting trump out.
Shawn McLaughlin
Shawn McLaughlin 23 dni temu
No surprise I only missed "You Like-a da juice" because of Rob Schneider, whom, once "makin' copies" became one-note in pretty short order, became completely forgettable to me.
Princess Kenny
Princess Kenny 23 dni temu
I’m embarrassed that I didn’t get the Stefano lines.. and I *JUST* watched those skits. So I was only able to get “what up with that?”
ParallelUniversity 23 dni temu
I knew all but 3 of them. I need to catch up on early 00's SNL
Freddy Richards
Freddy Richards 23 dni temu
Dammit, I messed up on five. One for Mary Katherine Galliger, two for Stefan, one on The Californians, and, strange that I never heard of this one officially until now, SINMMMAH DOWN NAW!
C Will121
C Will121 23 dni temu
“WHAT a “FREAK SHOW” SNL …. …. PLease like and SUBSCRIBE to this “NEW VIBE MUSIC” artist… if you love great music… “TOP LIFE to you AAAALLLLLLLL” !!
2006glg 23 dni temu
I forgot about "Simma down na." 😂😂😂
funkmike 23 dni temu
Steve Martin was a 'wild and crazy g...blank' What is a wild and crazy gal? Well, Steve Martin is a man, so wouldn't be known as a gal How about 'a wild and crazy man!' Can we accept that, Gelman? Ok!
mott knil
mott knil 23 dni temu
funkmike : I said wild and crazy me on that one.
JoMo's Dipped in Chocolate
"____ ! from ___ ____! It's _______ ______!
Petra J.
Petra J. 23 dni temu
"Oh by the way, it's official..."
RaymondHng 9 dni temu
"...I can't have children!"
Sumbul being Thoughtfull
TheGooglyminotaur 23 dni temu
Hader years!
superfisher28 23 dni temu
I'm grad de fired Shane girris. He not that funny he rook rike a rear asshorle.
Charles Philip Adams
That "juice" catchphrase wasn't one that really caught on very much. "Makin' copies" did better.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 24 dni temu
David Spade was cracking 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Shadowile 24 dni temu
We need a part 2
April Simnel
April Simnel 24 dni temu
Not one clip with Eddie Murphy? You could've done something from Mister Robinson's Neighborhood, or Buckwheat. What up with that?
Holli Ann
Holli Ann 24 dni temu
Luv this show still to this day. Im so happy theyve come back.! ✨✨✨💞🇺🇸🛐☮️... Peacenlove.! ☮️
Holli Ann
Holli Ann 24 dni temu
"Superstar" 💞✨✨✨🛐☮️
International Harvester
*"Super Star!"*
John Nycto
John Nycto 24 dni temu
You can-ta have-a-da-Mango!
John Nycto
John Nycto 24 dni temu
Wait, they are Czech and from Bratislava?
No Body
No Body 24 dni temu
D*** in a ____! Anyone?
RaymondHng 9 dni temu
Live, from New York, it's SNOWFLAKE Night!!!!
Kymber Furtado-Galloway
So funny!! /more Cowbell lmao
Joe Maggi
Joe Maggi 24 dni temu
As the video started the first famous SNL quote to pop in my head was “we are 2 wild and crazy guys” and then the first quote is.....
Emmy Boo
Emmy Boo 24 dni temu
With the new season, and maybe kate, i expect more wiskers r we cause that shiz is funny asf
Ken Hidaka
Ken Hidaka 21 day ago
@Emmy Boo I think you mean Kristen Bell, the star of NBC's hit tv show "The Good Place" ,who, btw, is the star of the Veronica Mars reboot. I can picture Kristen Bell's SNL promo right now.
Emmy Boo
Emmy Boo 21 day ago
Ken Hidaka i really hope kristen comes for this season too!!
Ken Hidaka
Ken Hidaka 24 dni temu
I've been waiting three seasons for SNL to get Kristen Bell as one of their guest hosts, only to be disappointed and heartbroken, and I anticipate this to finally be the season we see Kristen Bell host Saturday Night Live, because she's due and I'm anxious to see how well she'll perform with this year's cast on SNL. this season.
Jim B.
Jim B. 24 dni temu
*Where's the scoring chart?! I wanna know how I did!*
Kate Gosling
Kate Gosling 24 dni temu
11:45 Saoirse Ronan is in the audience!!
IzyaschnyPopakrut 24 dni temu
Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription is... JOHN CENA!!!
Sunshine Day
Sunshine Day 24 dni temu
Finish this, "Matt straight up _______!"
RaymondHng 9 dni temu
Lolli 24 dni temu
Im just kidding
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy 24 dni temu
Da Bears are so dominating they’re running up the score to 74, but they’re giving up a safety?
Daϻή Daήΐ
Daϻή Daήΐ 24 dni temu
Classic moments that in a few years more will have forgot about and move on to some useless shit...
You're Welcome
You're Welcome 25 dni temu
I remember when SNL was funny. This was great to watch!
Joan Snow
Joan Snow 25 dni temu
I do like Al Franken, miss him Wish he hadn’t left congress, he had guts and could hold people accountable
PositiveLastAction 25 dni temu
A good reminder of how lame SNL was even when it first aired.
CMC 123
CMC 123 24 dni temu
*rolls eyes*
Gene Burnett
Gene Burnett 25 dni temu
Most laughs with least words in SNL history? My vote would be Jason Sudeikis as tracksuit guy.
ObamaisnextLincoln 25 dni temu
*Welcome to your childhood.*
chinookvalley 25 dni temu
Not bad. I miss the old days. sigh
Gruk’Nar Orcish War-yer, here to sue
I like-ah da juice... I like it very much.
John Bonini
John Bonini 25 dni temu
5:03 Still the greatest!
Yeonhee Ahn
Yeonhee Ahn 25 dni temu
this was great but missing "cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger, coke? no coke. pepsi! cheeseburger..."
J is Scoobysmom
J is Scoobysmom 25 dni temu
So many favorite moments that I've seen throughout my life, either live or on reruns, videos, etc., my husband and I have so many private jokes about "you likea da juice" & "that's the biggest dog I've ever seen", etc., people complain about the show but there's always at least one part in every episode that really cracks you up, and some last a lifetime.
slayer 1
slayer 1 25 dni temu
This was a good idea but the editor is out of touch they don't say whaaaat are you doing here it's more like wwwwwhatrudoinhere there are some other issues also but it's a pretty good idea
Sam Peebles
Sam Peebles 25 dni temu
Jane, you ignorant.......
Davey51 25 dni temu
Excellent video great work thank you so much 👍
randal gibbons
randal gibbons 25 dni temu
Makin' _______.
OldSkoolPixels com
OldSkoolPixels com 25 dni temu
Chris Farley: genius. That is all.
OldSkoolPixels com
OldSkoolPixels com 23 dni temu
@mott knil Sadly, yes.
mott knil
mott knil 23 dni temu
OldSkoolPixels com : isn’t he dead?
skinoff89 25 dni temu
Ughh, i missed like 4, this was really fun!!
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