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Two SoulCycle riders (Mikey Day, Ego Nwodim) take a class led by people (David Harbour, Bowen Yang, Heidi Gardner, Kate McKinnon) auditioning to be an instructor.
#SNL #DavidHarbour #CamilaCabello #SNL45
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Oct 13, 2019




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Komentarze 1 188
Mawa 3 dni temu
I can relate to Trix 😭🤣🤣 first world problems
RapidObsessor 3 dni temu
ok but david harbour's arms tho
Hturt Yada
Hturt Yada 4 dni temu
Their skits should be the standard of nowaday ads!!!! I know this is so sponsored but I luv it!
Ka Va
Ka Va 4 dni temu
I don't know why, but somehow "I am going to put a candle in front of the person I think is doing the worst" is the funniest line I've heard in a while.
Trumpet Times
Trumpet Times 4 dni temu
Lovin’ Bowen Yang! He’s fit into the cast of SNL already!
Throwaway Account
“They call me Kyle but I’m a girl” Kate’s voice lmaooo
Joey Skattebo
Joey Skattebo 5 dni temu
Cecily Strong, you are so awesome and so cute!!
Brittany Clark
Brittany Clark 5 dni temu
I love this new guy he's so freaking funny🤣 (The one who said he googled racism)
Leyla Y
Leyla Y 5 dni temu
The Asian guy is hilarious
Leyla Y
Leyla Y 5 dni temu
This skit scares me now from going to a soul cycle class Bc I know it’s pretty much spot on accurate....
annie 6 dni temu
The “my leg grew BACKKK” part killed me 😭
Jordan Hurley
Jordan Hurley 7 dni temu
Are we not gonna talk about how the description says Mikey but that’s clearly Alex???
Anna *****
Anna ***** 7 dni temu
Bowen Yang - the new legend at SNL, the new Bill Murray coming to be.
SeekerMillan 7 dni temu
By believing enough My Leg GREEEW BAAAACK!!!
Catherine Eng
Catherine Eng 7 dni temu
i love bowen yang!! hes hilarious!!
Tr4ns D0n4ld
Tr4ns D0n4ld 8 dni temu
people actually think this shit is funny ?
Zoe Tranter
Zoe Tranter 8 dni temu
feels like Bowen is a vet cast member he is a seamless addition
tassie uddin
tassie uddin 9 dni temu
Glad to see Bowen is shining and being recognized! All of the cast was really good in this one, new fav
tom robbins
tom robbins 9 dni temu
Candle bit got me.
Julia Slovotski
Julia Slovotski 9 dni temu
“But after believing hard enough, my leg grew baaaack!” 😂
Holly Bodaki
Holly Bodaki 10 dni temu
2:31 Billy Idol has arrived...
okashi10 10 dni temu
I thought the first instructor was Ryan Higa at first for some reason
Rick Rose
Rick Rose 10 dni temu
This is dreadful. Aggressively unfunny.
Danilo Stankovic
Danilo Stankovic 10 dni temu
I'm pretty sure this isn't Mikey Day
Ella Livingston
Ella Livingston 10 dni temu
Bowen yang is now my new fave
Mr. Mojo
Mr. Mojo 11 dni temu
That's Alex Moffat on the cycle not Mikey Day SNL show my boy some love!
SimSational Virgo
SimSational Virgo 11 dni temu
Men: Oh so that's where you run off too Every Woman: Pass! I SO felt that 😂😂
Sydney Le
Sydney Le 12 dni temu
Bowen is a blessing to SNL! Literally one of the main reasons to watch SNL now!!
ll cøøl j
ll cøøl j 13 dni temu
The Q Guy
The Q Guy 13 dni temu
"white harlem" I'M YELLING HAHAH
Christy 14 dni temu
Bowen is killing it! 😂😂
LOU GRAND82 14 dni temu
Did Kate say "Fuck the bike"?
murphln 15 dni temu
Bowen Yang -- A Star is Born!
Sage Mode Pikachu
Sage Mode Pikachu 16 dni temu
The black woman was ignorant as fuck. Why she even invite him out. 😁
Fuzzybucket 17 dni temu
This is where John Milhiser went wrong. He played it straight on SNL when he could have stood out if he played the token gay instead.
Rudolf Adler te envita
Bowen Yang's unfunny jokes are always about his gayness and it gets pretty tiring. That would be fine if actually had new material once in a while. SNL should fire him.
Thomas Christensen
Thomas Christensen 17 dni temu
what an ugly creature
IcetricX 17 dni temu
Just noticed the video's description says Mikey Day when it was actually Alex Moffat. Lol
Brittany Pagliarulo
Just saw David Harbour at Disney today he looks incredible! Super in shape
Avril Stacy
Avril Stacy 18 dni temu
OMG!!! LOL, that is so Awesome....
spng157 19 dni temu
Lol does anyone get the Michelle Obama line at 1:33? Did he mean to say JLo?
Roger Edgerton
Roger Edgerton 19 dni temu
nice knockers in the background
Alex Powers
Alex Powers 19 dni temu
I wonder how much the SoulCycle subscription is... better watch out Pelotoon!!!
Joel Lau
Joel Lau 19 dni temu
Bowen yang sounded like Bo Burnhan for a second
kaylin mccullough
kaylin mccullough 19 dni temu
i genuinely laughed wow
The Vman
The Vman 19 dni temu
Welcome to the gun show fair play David 💪🏾💪🏾👌🏾
John Doe
John Doe 19 dni temu
SNL, it's over. Worn out. Old, tired, been done, who cares material.
Your Boss
Your Boss 19 dni temu
“Abraham Lincoln died. It didn’t have to happen. Poor guy! if I would have been there, I would have stopped it, but I wasn’t there. Will you be?? Let’s riiiiiddde!!!!”
Andrea Leon
Andrea Leon 20 dni temu
They nailed this one!!!
Amanda Barry
Amanda Barry 20 dni temu
they just called out tall girl
Batmad28 !!
Batmad28 !! 20 dni temu
Lol! “I Flushed my computer down the toilet, let’s ride!!! How do you accomplish that!
Khaleesi Kimber
Khaleesi Kimber 20 dni temu
Great writing and acting 🤙🏼👏🏼👏🏼
kpictures 20 dni temu
Let’s ride!
Tanya Mei
Tanya Mei 20 dni temu
maaatteeee finally, an asian cast member LIVE, it's been long overdue
Nick Zaytsev
Nick Zaytsev 20 dni temu
2:43 what she said?
Hugh Tahoob
Hugh Tahoob 20 dni temu
Soul Cycle parodies hmm those have never been done pfft lame
PhootPhetishPhilip !
David Harbour will always be the killer kidnapper in that Liam Neeson movie to me
PhootPhetishPhilip !
Kimmy Schmidt kinda did this already with Nick Kroll
Morgan Richardson
David Harbour is so godd*mned fine
Danielle Louis
Danielle Louis 21 day ago
Lol!!! So valid 😂
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