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Star Trek: Picard premieres January 23, only on CBS All Access.
Watch the NYCC Trailer, debuted during the Star Trek: Universe panel at New York Comic Con.
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Oct 5, 2019




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Komentarze 4 850
Poppy Kneegrow
Poppy Kneegrow 7 godzin temu
I grew up on Picard, but i will never unsee him as Oldman Xavier in Logan. The first few moments of the trailer I kept waiting for Logan to show up🤦‍♂️ #whenworldscollide 🤯
Chris 8 godzin temu
Why would there be a pit bull in the 24th century with docked ears? Wouldn't the human race have moved past doing that to dogs by then?
Julian Johnson
Julian Johnson 8 godzin temu
They had me at 7 of 9.
What Memories
What Memories 9 godzin temu
Pick up after deep space nine and put it on real television
What Memories
What Memories 9 godzin temu
Fuck Picard! Just pick up after deep space nine!
Tom Dotson
Tom Dotson 9 godzin temu
Im 46 next generation came on when I was a teenager and I'm super duper excited about this
Tom Dotson
Tom Dotson 9 godzin temu
Wth is with datas hair
Holly G
Holly G 9 godzin temu
fanorama1 10 godzin temu
looks incredible!!!
LounySchwarzbier 10 godzin temu
Nostalgia-bating at its peak. Looks like more mediocre trash from Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman.
Sanguinary Dan
Sanguinary Dan 11 godzin temu
Much as I love Star Trek there isn’t a chance in hell I’m paying for a streaming service just to watch this show.
phantumgrey 13 godzin temu
I absolutely love that last scene with Riker and Picard!!! This whole trailer hit you right in the feels!
Brian Francis
Brian Francis 14 godzin temu
I for one, will pay for a subscription just for this series!!!
Brian Francis
Brian Francis 14 godzin temu
When I saw Will Riker and Diana, and when Captain Picard patted his first officer's hand, I got choked up.
Tim Forest
Tim Forest 14 godzin temu
This is going to be epic! Riker, Data, Troi and Seven. Where's Geordi and Dr. Crusher?
Andrew Elder
Andrew Elder 16 godzin temu
PLEASE let there be a little Q!!
Slam 420
Slam 420 17 godzin temu
They will ruin it with politics won’t last 1 season and people will stop watching
Joshua Roberts
Joshua Roberts 18 godzin temu
CBS admits they have no new ideas.
Joshua Roberts
Joshua Roberts 18 godzin temu
When this turns out to suck ass, I will still be here, laughing at all of you newbs.
The Truth
The Truth 19 godzin temu
The Federation: "We have a problem." Picard: "Hold my tea."
The Truth
The Truth 19 godzin temu
7 of 9, still hot.
malfunctious 19 godzin temu
Please, Please, PLEASE find a reason to bring back Tom Hardy to a significant guest role in the new Picard series! He made such a stunning debut in his first major film role in Star Trek: Nemesis that, even given that the film was not broadly considered a success, the work he did in partnership with Patrick Stewart really was something to behold. And now that Hardy is quite a seasoned, mature actor in his own right, how interesting would it be to see him work beside Sir Patrick Stewart again on what may turn out to be the great Jean-Luc Picard’s final adventures in protecting his beloved Federation and safe-guarding the future of the entire universe for us all! Here’s hoping…
KeithDameo 19 godzin temu
I'm really looking forward to this.
AF 22 godzin temu
What happened to Thomas Riker!? I'm sure he's not busy
Thomas Is In Space Thomas Is In Space
if i was at STC would be playing Hero on Atari 2600.. "thomas.." :))
arnold oliver
arnold oliver 23 godzin temu
I'm SOLD !
Sandy Hileman
Sandy Hileman 23 godzin temu
you people at CBS realize that you lose viewers by only putting shows exclusively on your streaming platform? at least put it on Netflix or Hulu when you release the DVD
Manuel Yi Donoy
Manuel Yi Donoy 23 godzin temu
Welcome back old friend! We missed you very much.
Marchant2 Dzień temu
This actually made me teary eyed seeing these wonderful characters being brought back to life. THIS is what J J should’ve done when he re-launched Star Trek instead of the action-packed, federation-free Star Wars version he created.
Chris Peplinski
Chris Peplinski Dzień temu
I am looking forward to this
Chris Fontaine
Chris Fontaine Dzień temu
2:04 you had me at 10 of 10.... I mean 7 of 9...
T T Dzień temu
So they FINALLY built skyscrapers in Marin County (which means they got rid of all the racists who live there in 2019).
T T Dzień temu
They FINALLY show us what Earth cities look like in 2400. The TV shows steered clear of that, and even VOY just provided a tiny bit.
chas w
chas w Dzień temu
I love Brent spiner and could never hold aging while playing an ageless character against him, but he could definitely use some digital de-aging to sell his character. It just looks so wierd as shown.
Vue Lee
Vue Lee Dzień temu
Doesnt look good. Too many old people and robots. Does all hollywood scifi movies fx shop from the same Tony stark fx store?
Implications Software
I'm not crying YOU'RE CRYING!!!
TheBigbossjack Dzień temu
seven of nine!
John's Chess Channel
There is Nothing like Star Trek I loved STNG
Pagrator Tersot
Pagrator Tersot Dzień temu
7 of 9 too? This outta be great. Wonder who else, maybe from Voyager in this one.
Victor Orozco
Victor Orozco Dzień temu
So sad, for a moment I thought it was B-4, but yep it was Data in a sad dream. Cool seeing 7 of 9 back and finally Deanna and Will.
mastrtonberry2 Dzień temu
I would LOVE to see some DS9 cameos too. Garak preferably!
Matthew Palmerchuck
I hope CBS doesn't screw this up.
Valve Timing
Valve Timing Dzień temu
Data got fat woo
Brian Dzień temu
Ooooof Right In The Feels! :*)
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia Dzień temu
Aw man... When I saw Charles I thought cool another x men movie! Lol
LarryParamedic1 Dzień temu
Is Picard's dog a Pit? The crop of the ear looks like it but I'm not sure.
Sophia L
Sophia L Dzień temu
OMG! This looks so good! I cant be the only one who got chills from this trailer lol.
southron spirit
southron spirit Dzień temu
so how do we watch this ? is this like net flix ?
Diane Harris
Diane Harris Dzień temu
"dad" daughter with no name but In some books Riker and Troi have a daughter named Tasha, but per imdb, there is a character named Kestra.... "what!" "come out here" "stop yelling" "It's Jean Luc Picard" Riker looks up "!!!!!!!!"
Sour Cream
Sour Cream Dzień temu
This looks amazing! Data and Jean Luke WOW!
Sean Newhouse
Sean Newhouse Dzień temu
yes abuse sexual desire etcetera and often times they all go hand-in-hand and yet everything's just gone to the wind these days nobody even cares you just do your own thing I don't have to be the babysitter of Humanity what the f*** do I care. It's da people persons yeah see I told you you have all the same stuff that I do
Sean Newhouse
Sean Newhouse Dzień temu
I've experienced all the same things from celebrities that celebrities claim about other people you got to watch it with people man they're not playthings far from it but I don't sit here and make a huge issue about it if that's if that's what you want to know
Elmnopen Dzień temu
this would make a great movie, but a show? I'm afraid it will flop bigtime.
Dragon Rex
Dragon Rex Dzień temu
Did Brent Spiner have a digital facelift?
Scupple Dzień temu
Please don't The Last Jedi this. Please don't The Last Jedi this.
Sean Newhouse
Sean Newhouse Dzień temu
You're were haughty even in the late 1980s that's a pattern with you it's already how you are as a person sure I'll enjoy the series inasmuch. In case you haven't noticed that's already been the liberal way smug, Etc and that's your problem not mine
BrittainDix Dzień temu
Oh, it looks great, but I have had enough of all the Pay to watch B.S. I can take in this lifetime. I feel certain it will do well, but without me paying for yet another channel to watch yet another show that I fear will start falling down once the first season concludes and CBS does their normal B.S. and starts changing everything. I am still far to burnt with paying to watch STD (Discovery) on all access, so you're going to have to do more than show some pretty trailers if you even hope I am going to pay to watch this show now. I'll let you know after the first full season reviews are in on if you're going to get any more money out of me.
Langolier Dzień temu
Instead of making the Axanar they made another movie with Patrick Stewart and another new characters which the network wants to feed. They don't want Star Trek to continue they want the money from trekkies to destroy the Star Trek
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 2 dni temu
THIS looks good! It looks a movie.
Maiter420 2 dni temu
Not saying it wont be good.. But I really hope they dont fuck the borg... Like.. The borg are easily one of the scariest and strongest enemies in star trek. Make it so..


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