Straight-A vs Flunking Students: Do Good Grades Matter?

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Oct 6, 2019




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Jubilee 8 dni temu
Thanks to CuriosityStream for sponsoring this episode! Go to for unlimited access to the world’s top documentaries and non­fiction series, and for our fans, enter the promo code ‘jubilee’ when prompted during the sign­up process and your membership is completely free for the first 30 days.
Bruh when one of the girls talked about math compared from middle school to HS it’s sooo true, I struggled in middle school because of the way they taught math and got b- and c and now in high school I take math honors and have an A-. I was just really in my head
Harry Spotts
Harry Spotts 6 dni temu
please do this but with college students
CuteintheFace ThickintheWaist
Hey @Jubilee Is there any way you can add Korean captions to this? I teach ESL classes and this video would be greeeat to show them!!!
DistortedV12 7 dni temu
One of my favorite episodes Jubilee. I'm in grad school now and relate more with latter, but this really shows how social factors, or being socially acceptable, influence how kids look at the world..automotive tech, taking care of my parents, parents never did college, mental health but wanting to make parents proud vs. "trying to get out", "working my ass off," "take education for granted", "successful". Really interesting!
George Brown 3
George Brown 3 7 dni temu
Would y'all look at what said,thank you!?@George Brown 3
It's Shaun
It's Shaun 4 godzin temu
"Im in my senior year and I'm also a freshman in college"...huh?
Christian Bishop
Christian Bishop 4 godzin temu
If everyone is smart then no one is smart. Being smart means you have a superior intelligence. If everyone is “smart” that defeats the point of being smart. Not to mention Nadia says she puts 50% into her classes and then complains about the teachers. Work hard to achieve your goals.
"You're bright. You're bright as hell. You're the sun" awwee ❤
PoutineProductions 6 godzin temu
That Cooper kid almost reminds me of Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
Rx_Dncr 81
Rx_Dncr 81 7 godzin temu
College students vs High school students?
RoobehTunes 7 godzin temu
Straight away, I was like "wow I'd never admit to saying grades define how smart I am" so I guess that show's an insecurity more than a theory. Confidence can inform your progress as much as intelligence in any form. a part of using what you have etc.
Jaiden Kreuser
Jaiden Kreuser 7 godzin temu
Millenials vs Baby Boomers would be cool!
Duoble -A- ron
Duoble -A- ron 8 godzin temu
i don't even have course work, for us its 100% exams and its like 15% of it, they don't even tell us on what its about
5xmasterx5 8 godzin temu
Do A-‘s count as straight A’s?
Elly Anne
Elly Anne 9 godzin temu
My best friend just got accepted to Harvard law school and wants me to go with him so badly, but I’m flunking my junior year due to medical problems and the school not being accommodating. He knows I’m failing, he’s seen my grades and he even tutors me, but he still wants me to go with him!!! I feel so bad
AlmightyGlobe 9 godzin temu
I’m just happy I graduated high school 😭😭
Cat Chorney
Cat Chorney 9 godzin temu
I'd love to see this on the uni level. I was in engineering, worked my butt off, yet still struggled.
MrOhehir 11 godzin temu
Tanzy is incredibly beautiful inside and out. Paying homage to your parents is amazing. Enjoy your life whilst learning without that added pressure though.
Dr Log
Dr Log 11 godzin temu
Why wasn’t I called in, I would’ve represented my flunking ppl
billy gyal
billy gyal 11 godzin temu
My grades don’t define how smart I am. Pshhhhtttt
you 12 godzin temu
honestly students who are flunking need to stop being so damn lazy & start studying more and get their grades up or your most likely gonna end up on the streets fucked off of your head. it's nothing to be proud of
ayesha anwar
ayesha anwar 12 godzin temu
* Cooper breathes* Everyone: wow such wisdom!
Shaun Oliver
Shaun Oliver 12 godzin temu
I have found this fascinating. I don’t usually post my comments on 4Strefa but I feel compelled too. I have experienced both ends of the spectrum I have been at the bottom end getting f grades and I’ve been at the top end with putting no work in and getting A grades. The biggest determinant for me was failing in school to going to university and being allowed to be more creative in how I work. I studied to a masters level across two universities and failed one masters degree and smashed the other masters degree. For me it was all down to how flexible the school/university was. Just my 2 pence worth.
Aidman 13 godzin temu
That kid looks like Joji
KALEIDO jess 13 godzin temu
I find them really well spoken, idk how old this group is. I really respect students that don't think they're the smartest but still push themselves to get good grades. It's a good quality. In high school I was kind of just average because tbh I don't think I cared as much about school as some of my pairs. I was more into music, art, psychology, languages. I still went to college.
Christopher McDonald
Christopher McDonald 13 godzin temu
I'm torn. While in many cases I had to put in quite a bit of effort to maintain my grades- for which I have pride. However, it took me until just recently, at 26, to rediscover the joy in learning that I lost somewhere in my K-12 education- for which I have sadness.
I ᗪOᑎT KᑎOᗯ
I ᗪOᑎT KᑎOᗯ 13 godzin temu
16:41 why she have an accent now when she mentioned she was Hispanic
BRAKFAST Cop. 14 godzin temu
Just take private courses with good teachers it’s not hard to find someone good to teach you outside of school
The world is a donut
The world is a donut 14 godzin temu
People be talking about people who say Randy are smart. So ima be talking about people talking about people talking about Randy.
Xsian X Media
Xsian X Media 14 godzin temu
Randy is my identical twin
Lavanya Senthil
Lavanya Senthil 15 godzin temu
10:10 look at who suggested the prompt
Matt 15 godzin temu
why are the comments obsessed with Cooper?
Annabelle Emma
Annabelle Emma 16 godzin temu
I’m straight A but I think grades aren’t that important as having a creative and leader mind set
Abbey Rose
Abbey Rose 18 godzin temu
The straight A kids are going to get a slap in the face when they reach the real world and find that they are no longer the best
Chris'Peaches 19 godzin temu
Some of these kids act like flunking is a personality trait. *cough* randy *cough*
James Giouba
James Giouba 20 godzin temu
HOW MUCH PEOPLE TALKED: 90%Everyone 10%Naema
Bobby Singh R
Bobby Singh R 20 godzin temu
It shouldn’t but it does. School is about passing not learning info is just getting stuffed in our Brian and we throw it up on the test. We know live in a world were our worth is determined by a piece of paper
scoobydoo 20 godzin temu
these flunking students sound like straight A students. they have such good ass grammar and then there’s me. I can’t say a full sentence without stuttering....
Zecory 3
Zecory 3 21 hour ago
my heart
Ryder Siebert
Ryder Siebert 21 hour ago
7:12 yes you’re having fun right now but in 20 years when you are working at McDonalds you are gonna wish that when you were in high school rather than going out and having fun you studied for your test or finished your essay so you could’ve gotten a better grade so you could’ve succeeded more in life
Ralph Katts
Ralph Katts 21 hour ago
Akademiks don't measure intelligence
Ronit N
Ronit N 21 hour ago
I feel like their overall excuse is that they have trouble comprehending subjects. That’s honestly in my opinion a really shallow excuse to not get help. I can also see that some people face issues that hinder them so it’s very double sided.
Dfy 21 hour ago
I was gonna say stuff but I think Cooper said everything I was gonna say bruh
Leo B
Leo B 21 hour ago
Intelligence is subjective and I pity those who don’t understand that
Me Be
Me Be 23 godzin temu
You should make one about middle school students. Or straight A students and flunking students in middle school or something about school and what people think and how they judge you in many ways and more. If I could be in one, I wouldn’t mind being in an episode.
Big Uce
Big Uce 23 godzin temu
Just cuz you gets C’s doesn’t mean your teacher is racist
Tiona Miller
Tiona Miller 23 godzin temu
Cooper sounds like Peter Parker 😭
jasminerox 23 godzin temu
Omg jubilee please do a middle ground of people with High self asteem vs people with Low self asteem
scallywag Dzień temu
Itll matter when ur poor
Auziah Antwine
Auziah Antwine Dzień temu
Honestly this is the group of students that’s should have been on here verses teachers
DBZayan Dzień temu
They definitely matter and indicate a *type* of intelligence, but not every type. For example, priorities, you know that school is very important for your future. It also helps give yourself an idea of how much you understand a topic, but a lot of the time, they're not too accurate, as people spend more time worrying about grades than actual comprehension. I'd say it's more of a way to determine willpower and dedication to school.
Tyrell Lopez
Tyrell Lopez Dzień temu
The most important things I learned in school was not literal information. Working hard in school taught me a lot about myself and what was necessary to succeed in other areas of life.
OptimistHunter Reel
You can't just say your English teacher was racist and not divulge on how you think that or found out.
I’m the flunking student that doesn’t choose to do the work 100%
Coopers voice sets off my fight or fright response and I honestly don’t know why.
Lauren Sabino
Lauren Sabino Dzień temu
To the flunking young man who wants to own an auto/mechanic shop: my father owns one himself and he makes 3 times what all of our successful lawyer friends make! Never, ever turn your eye on the hardworking tradesmen! And this is coming from a student earning a 4.0 in college :)
D.H. Patel
D.H. Patel Dzień temu
As an A student I complete disagree that my grades mean I’m smart or intelligent . Yeah I’ve had Straight A’s for a long time but really school is a game. It’s just a pattern of memorization and reflection rather than individual profound thoughts. I believe my intelligence stems from my use of my knowledge and the creativity of my studies rather than a letter grade that a teacher who gave who really never saw any of my individuality. School smarts really mean nothing in the whole picture
D.H. Patel
D.H. Patel Dzień temu
Well Randy as a straight A student I do to outside, I’m an AP student who also is an athlete(competitive swimmer), do a ton of volunteer work, president of an organization club in my area, a working lifeguard and have a social life outside of school😂but I’m glad you think we’re all people who don’t see the sun🤣 (this was a joke, all respect towards the dude, but everything I said is true)
Brianna Rascoe
Brianna Rascoe Dzień temu
I think randy is just a little irresponsible with his actions (and he knows that, he owns it) but once he gets over that i think he could get better grades
Tarana Downer
Tarana Downer Dzień temu
yo Jublilee, do you know the amount of students procrastinating by watching this video
PuraSepaSaved Dzień temu
kenneth1win Dzień temu
kids like these are the reason I want to be a teacher. I want to help them develop life skills and find what they are passionate about. Grades are too heavily emphasized in our education.
van goathe
van goathe Dzień temu
Cooper cool
Anthony Muldrow
Anthony Muldrow Dzień temu
Girl this that new math 😂😂😂
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