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Join my wife, Cali (our golden retriever) and I for duck poutine (french fries with homemade bone marrow gravy and duck confit) cooked in the outdoor forest kitchen.
Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement over the past three years, growing the My Self Reliance community to 1 million subscribers this weekend. Thank you so much for your comments and messages - I'm overwhelmed and really appreciate it.
Thanks for watching! New videos every FRIDAY. Please subscribe.
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Oct 6, 2019




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My Self Reliance
My Self Reliance 8 dni temu
I was speechless when I filmed this video, and now, after reading your comments, I’m even more so! I’m not tearing up, I got sawdust in my eyes :) Thank you 🙏
frank 22 godzin temu
Just catching up.. love your videos and congrats you did the work and you earned the subs and all that goes with that !
Kimberly Wilson
Kimberly Wilson Dzień temu
Gearoid O'Daly
Gearoid O'Daly 2 dni temu
An inspirational woodsman! Thanks for allowing us to share the journey.
Jorge¡jejeje! 2 dni temu
greetings from Spain, congratulations for the hard work for a good lifestyle
Eusunt Dac
Eusunt Dac 2 dni temu
You're inspiring Amigo. Cheers!
Jenny May
Jenny May Godzina temu
I am amazed by your many skills. Amoung them I presume the filming, but do you have someone to help with the filming. I find it outstanding, Thank you for your fascinating channel.
sweetdrops45 3 godzin temu
Larry342516 4 godzin temu
Congratulations, and I hope you reach another million. Take care.
kami p
kami p 4 godzin temu
No joke.... that is a lot of "of grid" dishwashing😅Looks delicious 👍
Holly 5 godzin temu
Just found you! I subscribed first video I watched! This is an amazing thing you're doing and I'm happy to see everyone here agrees! Love from the UK
Kirk Wilson
Kirk Wilson 5 godzin temu
It may of started that you werent doing this for the money, but now that the money is flowing in at this really cant quit. The money is just too good.
Alex 5 godzin temu
Is your wife out there with you? Damn I don’t know how she’d let you live out there alone and not want to come.
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez 7 godzin temu
Gordon Ray
Gordon Ray 8 godzin temu
Shawn you make it look so easy. I admire your skills and your confidence. You're a good decent guy. Thank you.
NINEKY TV 8 godzin temu
What you live city
Matt 8 godzin temu
Started watching the channel off and on about 2 years ago. In Jan of this year, I was diagnosed with leukemia. Being someone who loves being outdoors with my boys, this channel helped keep me sane while I was stuck in a hospital for weeks/months. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! On a related note, you are my youngest son's favorite channel. He's 6 and when he gets his limited screen time on the weekends, he asks to watch "The log cabin guy".
Robert Huismans
Robert Huismans 8 godzin temu
Hello from South Africa! Awesome video.
Larry Reagan
Larry Reagan 9 godzin temu
I am working towards this type of life myself, nearing 50 I'm just tired of the hustle and the hassle, you're a real inspiration!
Acoustic M
Acoustic M 9 godzin temu
Watched your channel from the beginning. Now my son and i both watch it! My son bought me a hoodie from your store and i wear it often! Keep up the good life Shawn, and congratulations on a significant milestone. We both would love to visit you sometime but im betting about a million others have the same sentiment! 😁
Darrell Pointing
Darrell Pointing 10 godzin temu
Thank you for the journey , I look forward to hearing about and seeing where it goes !
Nancy Armstrong
Nancy Armstrong 11 godzin temu
Congratulations from Orillia.
Melissa Bobo
Melissa Bobo 11 godzin temu
Happy Thanksgiving Day
Coleen Hudson
Coleen Hudson 13 godzin temu
Hmmmmm, I have the air conditioner on here in Florida, but it's dropped down into the 70s over the past few days. Makes me miss my home state of Maine, but I have been here so long that I'm torn between the two. I've been watching you from the beginning, and I'm here for it. Much love to y'all. ♥🎈♥
Marin Angushev
Marin Angushev 13 godzin temu
french fried taters ?! I reckon Ill have me some of the biggens mmhm
Yogi Smarts
Yogi Smarts 14 godzin temu
Thank you, and you are very welcome!
Nick3an 14 godzin temu
Shawn I also tear up when I'm about to eat pizza, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Joking aside, thanks for these videos! 🙏
fjeinca 20 godzin temu
Your hard and well-conceived process of both building your physical compound and by extension your 4Strefa community is an inspiring collection of wonder. Great family, dude! Go love on them. Thank you for so much inspiration and sharing yr ideas and skills!
MOOSEDOWNUNDER 20 godzin temu
Fantastic effort fella. Lovely version of poutine, very pimped. Congrat's on such a successful channel. You deserve it and the videos are 100% escapism for us.
The Metronome Lab
The Metronome Lab 21 hour ago
Blessings to you. One of my favorite videos was the last holiday season XMAS video. I look forward to seeing more.
Eugene 21 hour ago
I'm a visual artist interested in sustainability. Your videos appeal to me on many different levels, from pure aesthetics to practical survival. Congratulations and thank you!
RWD Hilltop
RWD Hilltop 21 hour ago
Thanks for sharing another great time in nature
Jazmin Ayala
Jazmin Ayala 21 hour ago
I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Man. Or the food - the man - the food... I’m so confused right now.
power moves
power moves 22 godzin temu
that looks delicous congrats on your subscribers you deserve it , your videos are great too watch and i look forward too seeing more so hope you keep uploading
Doug Schnider
Doug Schnider 23 godzin temu
Dude, you are a mad man when it come to cooking. I love it !! I did totally lose what you did with the bone marrow. From the frying pan to boiling pot ? Then what ? I’m definitely doing bone marrow on my next kill.
J Marcure
J Marcure 23 godzin temu
I grew up on mountain of Western MA with no neighbors no electricity,an outdoor privy and hunting dogs living in a homestead my parents built by hand..eventually life changed and we lost all 123 acres.. I miss it everyday..even 40 odd years later Now the land is chopped up and settled in 5 acre lots Im back in area, after retiring but I cant even set foot on my old land... I wish i was younger and as fit as you to do what you are ..and start are very inspiring and ive learned a lot watching you ..You and Dick Proenneke are heroes to me in a sense Thank you for putting the videos on here
Angelina Smith
Angelina Smith 23 godzin temu
If you had a class on how to be like you I would take it! I only wish I could do that.
Willie Dzień temu
Dave Christan
Dave Christan Dzień temu
Thank you - from Sydney Au ....
Peggy Higgins
Peggy Higgins Dzień temu
New sub here from N. Georgia, USA. Your dinner looked so delicious. Now, I'm going to start catching up back videos. Congratulations on your success💚🍀
Buffer 01
Buffer 01 Dzień temu
I can picture myself there! I absolutely love your way of living.. I haven’t watched all of your videos but enough to know this is what I want to do.. do you need company?! Just kidding.. keep doing what you love.
Shanon Kallhoff
Shanon Kallhoff Dzień temu
I still find peace in your videos.
Thomas Spravka
Thomas Spravka Dzień temu
Thanks for taking all of us along on the journey!
Mercedes G
Mercedes G Dzień temu
I really envy you but on a good way!!! I wish you a happy life in the wilderness!!!! I would be very happy if I could visit you there and maybe we could hunting together once but that is just a dreaming.... Keep doing your wonderful videos and let we know how is your life out there!!!! Best regards from a hungarian hunter!
D Ober
D Ober Dzień temu
Wow this video alone got over 360,000 views!
leslie watts
leslie watts Dzień temu
Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you and your wife. I felt as though I should rush off to the Ottawa Heart Instituteto have a couple of stents inserted watching you prepare that dynamite looking poutine. For a second there I thoughthow the hell is Shawn going to eat all of that deep fried food by himself ? ? Yet another reason to give thanks for family and companions like Cali. ENJOY !
D Ober
D Ober Dzień temu
Surprised a lot of animals aren't standing there
Patricia Powell
Patricia Powell Dzień temu
You are a very humble person And good to your Dog,God bless.
Cheryl Holmes
Cheryl Holmes Dzień temu
Your channel is amazing! It shows people what they are actually capable of doing and being. You are a huge inspiration to all of us. Thank you Shawn! Cheers!
TheBeag1 Dzień temu
Have you ever encounter sasquatch
hassan hardtop
hassan hardtop Dzień temu
thank you very much for sharing your amazing experience …. I enjoyed every scene the music your handcrafting almost every thing is amazing …. however being African from Sudan a semidesert country am worried of the amount of wood you burn every time
Allen Peikert
Allen Peikert Dzień temu
Excellent videos, lots of hard work, great info and ideas. I am about to start my projects in Texas with Pecan and Oak and little Elm, what State is this cabin project in
My Self Reliance
My Self Reliance Dzień temu
White Ninja
White Ninja Dzień temu
How did I get here from The Cooking Channel? lol
Antonio Teixeira
Antonio Teixeira Dzień temu
By the way. I am from Brazil. I live outsikrt of Goiânia. Good to see. My daughter lives in Toronto and she has a channel - Learn with Devi.
Evan Melick
Evan Melick Dzień temu
Such an amazing channel! Totally deserve the recognition you've gotten. Have been deployed in Africa for the past six months and your videos have been a regular source of calm and relaxation the whole time. Keep it up!
Roger Faust
Roger Faust Dzień temu
Been watching for sometime now, really enjoy them and how you do things. I’ve lived your lifestyle for a while in Alaska, my brother and I cut our trees and built a log cabin on his 160 acre homestead many moons ago. Now I live in NJ on 5 acres in a log home I built from a kit 41 years ago I cut and heat with firewood in our 2 wood stoves. I guess it gets in your blood. No matter where you end up living. Watching your videos brings my Alaska memories back crystal clear. Thank you for that Roger , from West Milford NJ
Bart O'Sullivan
Bart O'Sullivan Dzień temu
I rarely visit youTube and only saw your first post a week ago. Now i'm the one who is speechless. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful gift.
adymukhris ismail
adymukhris ismail Dzień temu
It's good to cook all together at a time. Save your time
Teddy Nevarez
Teddy Nevarez Dzień temu
Great stuff sir. Your show makes feel I'm actually there. Now for a small glass of single malt Scotch whiskey and relax.
Bearded Squirrel
Bearded Squirrel Dzień temu
You are a very humble man. Congratulations on all that you have achieved on your adventure!!!
Stone Rolling
Stone Rolling Dzień temu
Mike Kotwica
Mike Kotwica Dzień temu
Just wanted to say Thank you. You have become a big part of my life! I look forward to watching your videos every weekend!
Mary Lou Schubert
Mary Lou Schubert Dzień temu
Congrats on a milestone❣️ or 2👋👋👋😍 Enjoy watching , learning and ❤️ your cooking 👍🏻
irisxxxxxx Dzień temu
Love your channel! So real, peaceful and calm 🌲🦌🌳🐾🍁🦆🔥
r3in Dzień temu
Real man. You deserve it and much more. Congrats, Shawn.
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