The 8-Year Long Worst Traffic Jam in Historia

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The story of the Yellow Fleet, a convoy of 15 ships that became trapped in the Suez Canal for 8 entire years because of war.
Animations courtesy of Lili Pereira. Check out her channel here!
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Oct 7, 2019




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Phil Verhey
Phil Verhey 8 godzin temu
FUN FACT: Iran sent Grace 1 south around all of Africa to hide it's destination ... They're desperate to sell their oil illegally for blood money.
goldmine on the web
goldmine on the web 9 godzin temu
Sailor says to wife, I'm going to get some Indian milk,
Kim Jong Spoon
Kim Jong Spoon 10 godzin temu
they should make this into a movie
John Burville
John Burville 10 godzin temu
Can you please take out that dreadful music! I am trying to follow what you say, but it is hard when taht music is so annoying.
NRGpony 10 godzin temu
6:25 our greatest ally at it again
Tea Burn
Tea Burn 10 godzin temu
Damn, and I thought my morning commute during rush hour was bad.
Althea Gray
Althea Gray 11 godzin temu
Interesting story but found the background music very distracting
Patrick Asselin
Patrick Asselin 11 godzin temu
I wonder what the cargo was.
Reddblue 12 godzin temu
This is probably the excuse for my long-awaited amazon product to arrive
Kay Mann
Kay Mann 14 godzin temu
I dont understand why Israel would be worried by the US. Israel is the only country on earth that can take billions in 'aid' from the US but can also bully it if it likes - The way Netanyahu talks to US Presidents is so funny/scarey! I do applaude BN as he must be in the most paranoid position in the entire world. Keeping Israel safe while a lot of his neighbours want(ed) to wipe it off the map must be an incredibley difficult, stressful and massive job.
LotsOfS 14 godzin temu
Ok, but what was on the ships and did it ever make it to its destination?
PRIDE OG 17 godzin temu
CREW MATE : leaves family to be back in the next 2 days 8 years later..... Also CREW MATE : returns with 7 Egyptian wives and an Olympic medal
Mr Gunslinger
Mr Gunslinger 18 godzin temu
Sheet they pretty much trapped the wrong nations. No wonder they didn't dare to harm them. Their country would end up flattened out if those nations were to retaliate.
Kristi Marie
Kristi Marie 18 godzin temu
How is that in anyway a traffic jam? That's like having the road in front and behind you disappear from a landslide, the saying you are stuck in a traffic jam.
Tullius Agrippa
Tullius Agrippa 19 godzin temu
Hahahaha!! “A Suezcide mission” Hahahaha !!
Storolf 19 godzin temu
I'm sure that 'stray' israeli rocket just happening to sink the american ship was just as much an 'accident' as their assault on the USS Liberty...
Chakat Silvertail
Chakat Silvertail 21 hour ago
that isnt the first time they sank one of our ships, and dammit israel can you stop trying to mimic us already? you dont have the manpower to pick fights like we do, one of these days we are gonna step back and just leave you to your own devices and not save you when you pick the wrong fight
Rainy Jane
Rainy Jane Dzień temu
This just sounds like a typical morning on the 405 and 101 freeways in LA.
llexade S.
llexade S. Dzień temu
Tracy Gamboa
Tracy Gamboa Dzień temu
*crap. We are not after sea traffic idiot.*
jake c
jake c Dzień temu
If only the Egyptians and Israelis had visited Skillshare
pecker wood
pecker wood Dzień temu
Ahhh,you might want to let that red,white and blue flag on that ship go!!!
Tarion Marsden
Tarion Marsden Dzień temu
There should be a youtube video about how israel won a war in 6 days!
Ben Winstanley
Ben Winstanley Dzień temu
What happened to the cargo ?
Sir Billa SA
Sir Billa SA Dzień temu
Quick question: Why, after all this time did they not just go the other way? we're on a Globe are we not??
Saddam Butt
Saddam Butt Dzień temu
You did not mention USSR actually made peace between Egypt and Israel. Also UK and France did the bullshit attack. UK was stripped off the superpower title in this crises by getting badly kicked by the Egyptian
Allan Peda
Allan Peda Dzień temu
Almost a million mines. Whoa!
billyjoejimbob75 Dzień temu
Could you crank up the music volume a little more during the talking? I couldn't quite hear it.
Sergio Pérez
Sergio Pérez Dzień temu
Now I understand what that one We Didn't Start the Fire lyric meant
frankpinmtl Dzień temu
Shipping company: So, we have this container full of clothes Client: Yah - those went out of style like, a decade ago...
Mr. Atlantist02
Mr. Atlantist02 Dzień temu
They should've just use Skillshare to learn how to avoid those mines
Tiqerboy Dzień temu
From 1967 to 1975 Sudan and South Sudan were one and simply Sudan.
zachary thompson
zachary thompson Dzień temu
Why dont we just get rid of africa? Just a thought, But i think it would help out alot.
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor Dzień temu
It's not really a traffic jam. It just stuck ships.
Abdullah AL HOMSI
Abdullah AL HOMSI Dzień temu
It's called Palestine for your information!
Jaxon B.
Jaxon B. Dzień temu
USS Liberty incident was not a "stray" missile. It was an intentional attack by Israel.
SuperSMT Dzień temu
What's up with the crazy music through the _entire_ video?
TheGhostGamer Dzień temu
*alternate israel missile hits US Ship* US: ._. Israel: oh fuck. US: prepares the troops.
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan Dzień temu
Glory to the brave Israeli soldiers
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan Dzień temu
Israel does not conquer Israel, holding on to victory or death
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan Dzień temu
The mighty and mighty state of Israel crushed Egypt glory to Israel with Jerusalem as its capital
Sai Seelam
Sai Seelam Dzień temu
Brady Walton
Brady Walton Dzień temu
So that’s why my dads taking so long to get milk
Blizzard Wizzard
Blizzard Wizzard Dzień temu
cough cough superior engineering cough cough :)
BlackTigerAce Dzień temu
sabaton need make a song from this history event
Call me Daddy
Call me Daddy Dzień temu
LA: We got hella traffic Egypt: hold my beer
corey boyd
corey boyd Dzień temu
What happened to the other ships that couldn't leave?
Kage 影
Kage 影 Dzień temu
I wouldn't consider that a 'traffic jam' but more of a war halt smh
Flowxing Dzień temu
After 8 years of Standy by only the german ships were capable of leaving - Thats german engineering!
funkyleah Dzień temu
This traffic jam is half my life. Wow
yfelwulf Dzień temu
Russia's Northern Route has rendered the Suez and Panama canals obsolete poor America.
Trospher Dzień temu
Of course only the Germans ships returned, fuckin Germans and their build to last crap
AtothEJ Dzień temu
Tee Grizzely saying “driving German engineering” makes a lot more sense now
ꯀꯁꯂ ꯃꯄꯅ
What happened to the toothbrush at home
Putra Juliana
Putra Juliana Dzień temu
I hate 8
Yee boi juice
Yee boi juice Dzień temu
I ordered Iphone 1 but it came when Iphone 10 released
nave conterosso
nave conterosso Dzień temu
2 things: - the canal was built thanks to white European engineers and sklls - muslims aimed to destroy Israel. But jews are more clever and stronger and have balls
jdelaguardia09 Dzień temu
Pilot, we're out of Marlboros.
dforscher Dzień temu
moral story: only buy German's product hahahaha
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