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Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, and special guest Luke Tipple in episode 555 as they discuss sharks, pizza sphere, Australia, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on July 29, 2019, sponsored by 23andMe (, Experian (, and Honey (
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Jul 31, 2019




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Komentarze 632
tobiojr 16 dni temu
Anyone that went to high school in Australia would remember Pizza roundas that's what they made
Chikorita2Chante 16 dni temu
When Barbara dropped that pepperoni at 23 ish minutes... I swear that is the most Liza Koshy moment I've ever seen coming from someone that isn't Liza Koshy.
Keenan Guthrie
Keenan Guthrie 22 dni temu
Australian Joseph Gordon Levitt
Corruptor 789
Corruptor 789 27 dni temu
be dumb to think people wouldn't buy tickets to a tour. like what kinda question is that eric
Miles Morrow
Miles Morrow 29 dni temu
It sounds like Gavin wanted a sphere shaped pizza cake???
emmy4mattie Month ago
this episode made me order a pizza :/
Bifftop Johnny
Bifftop Johnny Month ago
Luke was a phenomenal guest. Hopefully he finds time in his super busy schedule to come back on the podcast!!
jordan999fire Month ago
Eric, last episode: A hot pocket isn't a pizza sphere because it doesn't have pizza all the way around. It is surrounded by the crust. Eric makes pizza sphere which has crust all the way around.
BraniusBalki Month ago
If you spend a heap of time with sharks they are going to bite you.
Eunmi Strange
Eunmi Strange Month ago
Luke looks like the main guy on Deep Blue Sea😅
AiErudito __-_-__
It's incredible that you guys manage to get Australian Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the Podcast!
AiErudito __-_-__
Chubomik Z
Chubomik Z Month ago
What is with Eric's nonsense about his dumb invention here "finally making pizza being portable". Pizza is already quite portable as it is, is he that proud of himself for making this
Jacob Creazzo
Jacob Creazzo Month ago
me: I'll make myself some food the podcast: time to about vomit
Gabino Ramirez
Gabino Ramirez Month ago
That's definitely not a pizza-sphere. That's literally a stuffed hot Pocket. I want toppings all around the outside like a deathstar pizza like Blaine said
Jamie Lunn
Jamie Lunn Month ago
22:25 Barbra reminds me of Zach Anner
Joey K
Joey K Month ago
God I hate Eric
John Sander
John Sander Month ago
Luke is awesome. Great guest on the show!
Tristan Bellman-Greenwood
Pizza sphere recipe?
RDeathmark Month ago
I look for jolly ranchers in vaginas
Ryan Long
Ryan Long 2 miesięcy temu
Podcast 415, 1 hour and 9 minutes is the original description of pizza sphere by Gavin
Meera Sathyadas
Meera Sathyadas 2 miesięcy temu
I knew I recognized this guy from somewhere. He was the host of Opposite World, the worst, most cursed reality tv show in the world.
TTilford 2 miesięcy temu
As soon as I heard Luke Tipple my brain had a flashback to Jenny Nicholson's video "The Worst Reality Show of All Time " and its the same guy!
Space Jelly
Space Jelly 2 miesięcy temu
trash you just sold me trash on your podcast love the podcast tho hahaha
Alex Marinich
Alex Marinich 2 miesięcy temu
Eric could have just watched the binging with babish episode on how to make a pizza ball
Amara Moore
Amara Moore 2 miesięcy temu
I love when a guest fits right in like this, like he caught the vibe and worked with it right away
Arlo 2 miesięcy temu
Pizza sphere is just a oversized pizza pocket.
Still_Overthinking 2 miesięcy temu
Anyone knows if there is a way that people who doesn't live in the US or UK can watch the shark immersion they did?
XK9Un1T 96
XK9Un1T 96 2 miesięcy temu
Everyone on this podcast is from a different country..... Woah
Ryan Peck
Ryan Peck 2 miesięcy temu
I need Barbra clipped sayin the dough is really good
Slate Sempai
Slate Sempai 2 miesięcy temu
Thats a deep fried calzones.
zach joyce
zach joyce 2 miesięcy temu
I’d see y’all in bend, OR on tour!
Carlosspicyweinerish 2 miesięcy temu
I want to eat pizza sphere
Jacob Castleman
Jacob Castleman 2 miesięcy temu
Isn't a pizza sphere just two bagel bites out together?
Jester 2 miesięcy temu
By god.. My life is a lie. The Podcast number.. was in the description.. for how long?... too long.
Jester 2 miesięcy temu
Make this easier and highlight my Podcast numberings, thx.
Jester 2 miesięcy temu
Podcast #555.
Scotch German
Scotch German 2 miesięcy temu
It sure is a good thing that they started talking about the vomit story as I was in the middle of my dinner.
Scotch German
Scotch German 2 miesięcy temu
And I’m so glad they are continuing to tell vomit stories. Guess I’ll just not eat.
kjb0313 2 miesięcy temu
If you came to St. Louis or Kansas City I would 100% go to a tour.
RMR 2 miesięcy temu
Jesse Kincel
Jesse Kincel 2 miesięcy temu
People in Reno like to take those scooters and even moreso the bicycles, and toss them in the Truckee river...
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 2 miesięcy temu
Pizza spheres at 20:34 You’re welcome
mattew0113 2 miesięcy temu
Not pizza sphere, what a huge let down
CannibalHippo / L0B0D14BL0
But can I get a boneless pizza sphere, that's the question.
VermillonWhatever 2 miesięcy temu
Is luke's shirt backwards?
Bobby Avitia
Bobby Avitia 2 miesięcy temu
Please make recipe video for pizza sphere.
Azninja 2 miesięcy temu
wheres the recipe for pizza ball?
Margidda 2 miesięcy temu
Luke Tipple is Australia’s Joseph Gordon Levitt
ModernGryXBL 2 miesięcy temu
So basically a kolache with pizza filling
Casey 2 miesięcy temu
14:22 Pretty small if you have to look for it.
Aaron 2 miesięcy temu
I love that Luke remains unphased throughout every single vomit story.
Tiny J
Tiny J 2 miesięcy temu
He's Australian.
Tomas Huerta
Tomas Huerta 2 miesięcy temu
Pizza sphere already exists look up on 4Strefa pizza ball binding with babish
Ellis McKennon
Ellis McKennon 2 miesięcy temu
@Tomas Huerta Close? Uh no. Eric just bunched up some pizzas. Gavin wanted pizzas of varying sizes with the smallest pizzas on the top and bottom and the middle of the sphere being the largest pizza.
Ellis McKennon
Ellis McKennon 2 miesięcy temu
That's not a pizza sphere.
Hank Anderson
Hank Anderson 2 miesięcy temu
There are quite a few things that scare me, but for some reason jellyfish when I’m snorkeling hitting my facemask is up there.
ClockworkAvatar 2 miesięcy temu
pizza sphere recipe?
David Segundo
David Segundo 2 miesięcy temu
This is now my most favorite Gus quote 14:23 😂
Daniel Hawkins
Daniel Hawkins 2 miesięcy temu
1:05 Gillette at it again
Evan Castro
Evan Castro 2 miesięcy temu
barbara looks beautiful without make up
Clinton Mohr
Clinton Mohr 2 miesięcy temu
Can anybody help me find the name of the shark he was talking about the he said people just walk out of the water still stuck to them?
IT WOULD BE NICE IF they put Tags of The parts you cant see when your listening audio version, like i always come to see The videos they talk about or random craziness or yea
squirreltastic 2 miesięcy temu
Opt out of over draft protection that way you will just have your card denied instead of incurring over draft fees
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