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Trevor explores the complicated emotions surrounding the sentencing of Amber Guyger, an ex-police officer who entered the wrong apartment and murdered her neighbor Botham Jean.
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Oct 6, 2019




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Komentarze 8 084
DJ Thickemz
DJ Thickemz 8 godzin temu
Its no joke being a black person America
D.P. Snyder
D.P. Snyder 8 godzin temu
And now Atatiana Jefferson in Fort Worth. Judges have no business passing out Bibles.
brian mailey
brian mailey 8 godzin temu
Oops my bad, defense, worked!!
_ yeetyourking _
_ yeetyourking _ 8 godzin temu
dannnnmmmmmm daniel
KSL SK 8 godzin temu
When you think about the principle All Are Equal Before The Law...
Aida AA
Aida AA 8 godzin temu
Thank You, Trevor. I really like what you are doing there. You are trusting your audience to hear you out and reflect upon their own emotions and thoughts. No need for finger pointing, shaming etc. Just encouraging them to put themselves in our shoes not because they have to but because they want to as human beings.
Terrible Farmer
Terrible Farmer 9 godzin temu
This post has over 1.3k dislikes. Common sense isnt their strong point..
Jeff Pagan
Jeff Pagan 9 godzin temu
I have a stone mat from in front of my house. A West elm table at the entrance. If her place is so generic she should be given 25 for murder and life for bad taste. It's a lie! She saw a black man shot first asked later.
LoveHard FightHarder
LoveHard FightHarder 10 godzin temu
Trevor you hit the nail on the head. Enough said. BIG FACTS 💯💯💯💯💯. I wish you could run for president in this country because you definitely are for the people and your wisdom is extremely more valuable than any other president this country has seen. 😩😩 “Change the rules for Trevor”. Seriously keep giving us the wisdom and objectivity no one else gives. You are a voice that’s rare and extremely necessary for this generation and the generations before. I’m so glad you have this platform. You’re valued. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Austin Gaius
Austin Gaius 10 godzin temu
Allowing the Carson doctrine in this case is stupid! Incompetent judge and flawed process. What a Circus! All this who protest should crowdfund for good legal teams to take down these shits or shut the fuck up!
Willie Means
Willie Means 11 godzin temu
And the main witness got kill. And you know that they won't find the culprit. Cops are "investigating"
Leslie Love
Leslie Love 13 godzin temu
Can we get empathy too!! GD!!!???
Leslie Love
Leslie Love 13 godzin temu
How come no one is talking about the low IQ of most police?
Oskar Kuelz
Oskar Kuelz 15 godzin temu
Thank you Noah. It's good to have poeple in charge of entertainment who use their power responsibly.
Kilp Young
Kilp Young 16 godzin temu
Well said
Yvette Dixon
Yvette Dixon 17 godzin temu
This case has rocked me to my core. Did they pay the judge to do that for optics..???? It's just a question
Joseph Simmons
Joseph Simmons 18 godzin temu
He means well, but that will NEVER happen...
S500 Triumph
S500 Triumph 18 godzin temu
S500 Triumph
S500 Triumph 19 godzin temu
Sandra Johnson
Sandra Johnson 20 godzin temu
Something in the milk ain't clean and the old cow knows about it. We are reliving an era that many believed ,we had over come justifiable killing of people of color. Women Rights, and LGBTQ Rights have surpassed, People of Color Rights agendas. So now, we have an out of the closet white nationalists as president of America occupying the White House, and the privileged Republican party are afraid of the narcissist bully.
mrdzzamn 21 hour ago
Atatiana ......Jeffereson Saying: But there WAS a gun in the home. Is like saying: Nana had milk in the fridge. The MEDIA.....NEEDS TO JUST STOP SHOOOOOOOWING her gun. Tell us HIS NAME....SHOW HIS FACE....
Chosen one
Chosen one 21 hour ago
White judges are giving black men hugs everyday for free in Chicago
Chosen one
Chosen one 21 hour ago
Sympathy for this piece of shit demonic white tramp. I also hope that young man stop being weak.
Candace 22 godzin temu
The young man who hugged her...I hope you live all your days without any more heartache, but I know that's impossible. Such a kind and genuine man to do something like that regardless of what you feel about her. I am amazed by him.
Sugar n Spice Topics
Sugar n Spice Topics 22 godzin temu
I love your show! Youre right people especially black get stacked charges for lesser crine. Did you hear about Atatiana Jefferson, she was just killed in her home yesterday by another white cop in her home by Dallas police
Moe Gillums
Moe Gillums 22 godzin temu
Hello,I hope to see her "ASS"in my plantation when YAHAWASHI, come back!!!!????...
Gottaluvmeme 22 godzin temu
Great narrative
Simone Maduro
Simone Maduro 22 godzin temu
Trever Noah is a true leader. I am so thrilled he is in the position that he is in, for all to hear his messages.
Michael Elbert
Michael Elbert Dzień temu
Calm down Trevor sounds like you need to stop watching the news. myself I try not to form an opinion until I've heard both sides of the story and the whole story and the truth and nothing but the truth otherwise I try not to form an opinion on that . But I do understand where you're coming from Trevor Noah. I mean where you came from. I mean you know what I mean.
Fafa Asamany
Fafa Asamany Dzień temu
Trevor Killed It!!!
root8angel Dzień temu
That was intense.i cried
Jabara Kinchen
Jabara Kinchen Dzień temu
What happened to him is fuck up but at this point it's not bout just him. It's bout police keep getting away with the bs
Channeling Imogene
Channeling Imogene Dzień temu
No actual it’s about where white people we can kill anyone we want laws. The US gov’t says we can that’s exactly what this is.
NG Boeing
NG Boeing Dzień temu
A hug to a crimnal judge is crying giving Bible to her Dame what's going on to ppl And his brother created this shit .That's not his life.she deserve to be way why the judge came out crying .They already favored her giving her the least It's like drama from tambaktoo.
nanpopco nanpopco
nanpopco nanpopco Dzień temu
med Dzień temu
What can I say, "This is Apartheid America at her finest"!!!!!
Shey Dzień temu
I agree 1000%. Right on the ball
welsh branches
welsh branches Dzień temu
If i was living sober, and i walked into my home and smelled weed...IMMEDIATELY i would be like "oh shit this isnt my house". But hey i guess cognition isnt the same for everyone. But the wrong door sure we've all done that, it happens.
Margarita M.
Margarita M. Dzień temu
The whole “what are you doing in my apartment/house?” shit happens all the time in comedies and it ends either with the explanation, “get out or I will call the police” or as in this case - “this is not your apartment, you idiot, get out or *I* will call the police”. Never it ends with a supposedly “scarred petite white damsel” ignoring the option of running out of the apartment to call for help and just shooting an unsuspecting man *in the heart*. That cunt was either mentally sick or on drugs, so that she couldn’t even recognise that it’s not her apartment and decided to entertain herself with homicide. Or she is lying and just went up to her neighbour’s apartment, killed him and used a lazy-ass excuse to get away with it. Bonus: a cute hug in court! Latest news is that now anyone can enter your home and murder you.
Dr. Valleo Daddy Grace REAL TALK TV
Sounds really nice but it will never happen!! They just killed another brown person at their resident just 30 minutes outside of Dallas in Ft Worth!! 🖕🏽😡
BOSS LADY Dzień temu
This is a real shit show, ain't no way i would of eva hugged her... she knew what she was doin!!! Black ppl are brain washed period
Mr Colemore
Mr Colemore Dzień temu
Black people are still 2nd class citizens all over the world including Africa. Another black person was shot by the police in her home in Texas today.
Ms. Kendra brownbutterfly
Whoops gotta admire their compassion Trevor..their ignorance and religion has brainwashed them...Amber's text messages were evil ..the police cover up ..enjoy the BS show complementing hate
sanjuansteve Dzień temu
Murder. Simple. Manslaughter at the least, obviously.
Margaret Opine
Margaret Opine Dzień temu
THE CASE OF THE YOUNG WHITE FEMALE COP who enters A YOUNG BLACK MALE'S APARTMENT & KILLS HIM IMMEDIATELY. (YOUNG, I say.) The victim is a prize-male on another floor from where she lives and within '''the moments of a mistake''' this white female has killed a prized black male. He is dead. He cannot tell us what was said, what was done.....and WHY? Did he denounce her? She claims to have been so out of sorts (tired and confused) that she was not aware she was on the wrong floor. And even more, at no point, after she was in his apartment did she realize that she was not in hers???? I mean, how could that happen and did they take a video of '''her''' apartment and show it to the jury. Women shop. No woman forgets what she buys for her apartment. It should have taken a half of a second to recognize that she was in the wrong apartment and then start her apology. Instead, she drew her gun and shot this valuable male. There is only one thing that needs to be said to your '''white''' audience: '''The police department is to be blamed. This female had no business being a cop if she couldn't handle '''making an apology while she backed out of his apartment.''' He was killed because he was not white...or because he was not interested. *I thought police officers had lockers on the job so that they could change their clothes & kinda change their minds from being a cop. The female judge seems as over-wrought as the female cop. She is in the wrong DEpartment to practice HER religion. And the younger brother hugged the killer-cop in court because he is like eighteen with plans for his future and he fears his future is collapsing before he can start it. *He said that. I AGREE WITH THE YOUNGER SON....I felt he was in his apartment (inside) and there's an intrusion that threatens his whole life before he lives it.
LadyShae Dzień temu
I didn't think of it like he explained it but it makes total sense.
Ken Dzień temu
Why is he equating her with someone that joins a gang and intentionally commits crimes? He's calling her a murderer. The definition of murderer is "to kill (a human being) unlawfully and with premeditated malice". He's trying to equate her with thugs for some reason. I mean, we could all be called victims of circumstance and throw all cases out the window, but there's a difference between intentional and accidental.
Closet talk's
Closet talk's Dzień temu
I really like what trevor had to say.
Mugisha Pascaline
Mugisha Pascaline Dzień temu
But why 10 years?? Should have gotten more
Savon X
Savon X Dzień temu
5 years is a joke and my people are an even bigger joke. Crack addicts do more time in Texas. Keep praying to your fake Jesus black people for white folks sake, after all white people gave him to you
youlando walters
youlando walters Dzień temu
Talk about the witness that got murdered and the lady who video Amber Guyger got fired
KCs Funhouse
KCs Funhouse Dzień temu
That young man is a far bigger person than I could have ever been had my sibling been murdered. But I also understand that you can’t allow hate to eat away at you.
margarita quispilaya
I hope when she is on jail get what she dessert.
kounter Dzień temu
She had the complexion for the protection. She should of got the same punishment, death no mercy, but nope majority of the jury was my people who stupidly had compassion for a evil woman who tried to manipulate her crime and the Dallas PD are in on it and have barely if any sympathy for the man who was murdered. An eye for an eye. Her time will come as well as all her people (and the media) who have done (and is still doing) great evils to the Indigenous and blacks, God's people.
Jl B
Jl B Dzień temu
Black people been forgiving white people for over 400 years..... hug its a joke
Priyanka Niwas
Priyanka Niwas Dzień temu
The judge hugging her is over the top. I can understand the brother needing to forgive and expressing that b
Faisa Ali
Faisa Ali Dzień temu
CaribbeanCutie Dzień temu
Really Trevor? So what do you say now when you learn that the key witness in the case was murdered too and what if you learn that Amber was fucking Botham and they knew each other? And WHAT DO YOU SAY, if I tell you that yesterday another black person, a sista, was killed by the Fort Worth Police, in her house? And what if I think that the police heartlessly orchestrate this killing to take the attention away from the Botham Case? Please tap into all this!!!
Beno bil
Beno bil Dzień temu
The downfall of black People is black People. We forgive and forget so easy.
Electric Lioness
Electric Lioness Dzień temu
10 Years Was An Insult., Theif Was No Excuse
Messing With People. Moody Molavi